Drama Updates: Mao Xiao Tong’s Delicious Destiny, Zhang Han’s Saker Falco, Bolin Chen’s The King of Blaze

Sometimes Cdramas have the weirdest titles to fool you, what’s with Delicious Destiny when it’s all sour angst, then a species under the falcon family too. Lol. I can’t even argue that it’s memorable!

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=======> ♦ Modern food drama, Delicious Destiny, stars Mao Xiao Tong and Thai Actor Mike D. Angelo will premiere on September 11th. New stills and old trailers below. The first trailer makes my soul dark and twisty every time I watch it. The stills are so bright and lovely but the trailer…

 photo deli-8.5.jpg

 photo deli-4.jpg

 photo deli-1.jpg

 photo deli-10.jpg

 photo deli-18.jpg

 photo deli-11.jpg

 photo 837e8e8b-2a59-4aee-9739-71806f894559.jpg

 photo deli-7.jpg

 photo deli-6.jpg

 photo deli-3.jpg

 photo deli-2.jpg

 photo deli-9.jpg

=======> ♦ New character posters for Bolin Chen and Jing Tian‘s ancient drama, The King of Blaze.

 photo blaze-1.jpg

 photo blaze-7.jpg

 photo blaze-8.jpg

 photo blaze-6.jpg

 photo blaze-9.jpg

 photo blaze-10.jpg

Sun Shao Long.

 photo blaze-2.jpg

Du Jun Ze.

 photo blaze-3.jpg

Lai Yu Meng.

 photo blaze-4.jpg

Zhang Yi Jie.

 photo blaze-5.jpg

=======> ♦ Having wrapped up last week, Brave to Love, with Li Yi Tong and Chen Jian Bin releases more couple stills.

 photo lovee 1.jpg

 photo lovee-2.jpg

 photo lovee-11.jpg

 photo lovee 4.jpg

 photo lovee-10.jpg

 photo lovee-7.jpg

 photo lovee-3.jpg

Now this is not a pleasant sight to remember. Lol.

 photo lovee-5.jpg

 photo lovee 8.jpg

 photo lovee-12.jpg

=======> ♦ More stills for modern fashion drama, Return the World To You, with Yang Shuo and Gulnazar. Let’s just stick with the English title. Lol.

 photo return-7.jpg

 photo return-1.jpg

 photo return-2.jpg

 photo return-3.jpg

 photo return-4.jpg

 photo return-5.jpg

 photo return-6.jpg

=======> ♦ Chen Xiao‘s mustache look for his new movie Like A Heart (如影随心) with Fashion Model Du Juan. You like?

 photo chenx-1.jpg

 photo chenx-2.jpg

 photo chenx-3.jpg

 photo chenx-4.jpg

=======> ♦ Modern drama Dear Prince with Zhang Yu Xi and Melvin Sia held a press conference today. Long trailer before its airing date in a week!

 photo prince 1.jpg

 photo prince 2.jpg

 photo prince 3.jpg

 photo prince 5.jpg

 photo prince 4.jpg

=======> ♦ Republican drama Saker Falco with three Zhangs – Zhang Han, Zhang Li, and Zhang Meng. LOL. Fancam trailer at the press conference on 8/22 is uploaded to vimeo. What is going on with drama titles in cdramaland….

 photo saker-7.jpg

 photo saker-5.jpg

 photo saker-11.jpg

 photo saker-6.jpg

 photo saker 13.jpg

 photo saker-8.jpg

 photo saker-10.jpg

 photo saker-1.jpg

 photo saker-4.jpg

 photo saker-3.jpg

 photo saker-9.jpg

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Drama Updates: Mao Xiao Tong’s Delicious Destiny, Zhang Han’s Saker Falco, Bolin Chen’s The King of Blaze

    Mao Xiao Tong doesn’t look flattering in that poster, her expression is too stiff. After reading what you said about the trailer, I didn’t even bother watching, lol. Enough with all these modern Chinese shows that overcompensate for the life-and-death stakes of ancient/period shows with unnecessary drama. Skip.

    Brave to Love stills are uncomfortable to see. He looks like he can pass off as her father…

    Chen Xiao looks unrecognisable in the first photo! But not in a bad way. I think it suits him, makes him look more mature and sexy, even? It’s a patented Chen Bolin look (and after writing this, I literally scrolled up to see if he still had his ‘stache and am so sad it’s gone, lol).

  2. 2 thoughts on “Drama Updates: Mao Xiao Tong’s Delicious Destiny, Zhang Han’s Saker Falco, Bolin Chen’s The King of Blaze

    Delicious Destiny seems like the typical angst-filled rom-com drama but I wanna watch it anyway haha.

    Will check out Dear Prince too since I liked the first one that also starred Zhang Yu Xi.

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