Princess Agents: Episodes 1 & 2 Recap “Survival.”

Hellloooooo! Agent 1106 Kappy reporting to recapping duty. We go from one extreme to another with our double premiere episodes on Monday, from the depths of inhumanity to the glimpses and scattered pieces of hope and kindness. Strong performances all around, all the people I love playing all sorts of shady characters that I will come to love passionately and dislike with a raging pitchfork, praying for their deaths.

Wait, am I too early?

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Princess Agents Discussion Post Week 1: Episodes 1 – 8

Trying out something new! A weekly discussion post! Kicking it off with the first hot drama of the summer, Princess Agents (楚乔传). This is a post for everyone to rave, rant, post BTS, new stills, previews, streaming links etc for the said week’s episodes, before the recaps are posted. We are trying our best with recaps since everyone has work, school, and/or a life! If you would like to join the recapping team, please shoot me an email!

Squee away!

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G.E.M sings ending themesong for Princess Agents

The leaked version of the ending theme is out! Waiting for full MV in a few hours. This song will take a few listens for me to like it.

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Princess Agents Opening Themesong by Zhao Li Ying and Zhang Bi Chen

HOT OUT OF THE OVEN! I ripped it off the web like the Hulk! The opening themesong for Princess Agents has been revealed! A duet by Zhang Bi Chen and Zhao Li Ying. I love the instruments they used at the beginning and the fact that it’s by two ladies = awesome.

NOTE: Princess Agents will hold a press conference is in a few hours. I will update this post with pictures and hopefully, new promos they might release. So excited, I don’t want to go to sleep. =/

UPDATE: Added photos + clips from the press conference. Everybody SLAYS TODAY!! YESHHH!!

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