Princess Agents: Episode 6 – 8 Recap “The Hidden Enemy.”

Xing Er proves she’s a female warrior through and through – it’s not just her skill but also her righteous heart and loyalty to her people. Even when the world is against her, as it often is, she stands her ground and is never the one to break gaze with her enemies.

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Princess Agents: Episodes 3 – 5 Recap “The Protector.”

Please welcome guest writers Candora and Maymay! Thanks to the ladies, I can rest my eyeballs for a little bit. One ship is raising its flag and ready for sail!

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Princess Agents: Episodes 1 & 2 Recap “Survival.”

Hellloooooo! Agent 1106 Kappy reporting to recapping duty. We go from one extreme to another with our double premiere episodes on Monday, from the depths of inhumanity to the glimpses and scattered pieces of hope and kindness. Strong performances all around, all the people I love playing all sorts of shady characters that I will come to love passionately and dislike with a raging pitchfork, praying for their deaths.

Wait, am I too early?

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