Sweet Romcom Make My Heart Smile with Luo Zheng and Ji Mei Han

Make My Heart Smile (扑通扑通喜欢你) is a sweet and fluffy romcom set in college starring Luo Zheng and Ji Mei Han as the main OTP. A group of college students striving for their dreams and finding love in the process.

Airing 2/6~

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Love Is All with Zhang Ruo Nan and Zhang Hao Wei to air

Love Is All (师爷请自重) is an ancient romcom based on the novel written by a familiar name in Jiu Xiao Qi (My Mr. Mermaid, Skate Into Love) starring Zhang Ruo Nan (Cry Me a Sad River) and Zhang Hao Wei (Joy Of Life). She is a quirky, wealthy miss who frequently quarrels with the county magistrate, our main guy. Using their brains, the two team up to solve cases. Hmm, that is the shortest baidu synopsis I have seen in a while. The author has written quite a lot of light-hearted comedies which mostly translated well onscreen with positive reception. Hoping this is the same!

Airing on 4/25!

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Kiss Love and Taste with Lu Yi, Aaron Yan, and Amber Kuo

Kiss Love and Taste (亲·爱的味道), a modern drama about food! Lu Yi plays a famous chef who lost his ability to taste after an accident and Amber Kuo enters his life with the intention of learning about his family traditional recipe. Third wheeler in Aaron Yan comes along hoping to help our MALE lead gain back his sense of taste with his knowledge in psychology. Did I read that wrong? LOL. But aww, bromance! The best line is this, while our chef is a cold person, he can’t help but cracks a smile naturally at the supposed psychologist’s youthful energy. HAHAHA. Yea, I would too, after seeing his sweet, puppy face. Check out the press conference stills and the trailers!

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