Love Is All with Zhang Ruo Nan and Zhang Hao Wei to air

Love Is All (师爷请自重) is an ancient romcom based on the novel written by a familiar name in Jiu Xiao Qi (My Mr. Mermaid, Skate Into Love) starring Zhang Ruo Nan (Cry Me a Sad River) and Zhang Hao Wei (Joy Of Life). She is a quirky, wealthy miss who frequently quarrels with the county magistrate, our main guy. Using their brains, the two team up to solve cases. Hmm, that is the shortest baidu synopsis I have seen in a while. The author has written quite a lot of light-hearted comedies which mostly translated well onscreen with positive reception. Hoping this is the same!

Airing on 4/25!

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Victoria Song Qian and Huang Jing Yu for fantasy drama His Excellency’s First Love

There’s no official English name yet so I’m just gonna call it His Excellency’s First Love (结爱·千岁大人的初恋). The fantasy modern drama is based on the novel written by Shi Ding Rou, which apparently has sequels (!!) so what’s in store for us might be multiple seasons if allowed since book 1 ends on a open note. They have cast Victoria Song Qian and Johnny Huang Jing Yu as the leads and first set of character posters are out for the main and supporting actors.

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