Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (9)

My newest obsession: Baby Groot! No, I’m still waiting to go watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2! Meanwhile, rewatching groot dancing. Do you think we would get Hormonal Teenage Groot in movie 3? Lol!

=======> ♦ Happy Camp Episode 201 with guests Zhang Ruo Yun, Sandra Ma, Lu Han, and Gulnazar. I find it funny that Lu Han is associated with both Uyghur beauties. heh!

=======> ♦ 72 Floors of Mystery Episode 2 with William Chan and Alan Yu Meng Long.

=======> ♦ Divas Hit The Road Episode 3.

=======> ♦ I Want To Meet You Episode 3.

=======> ♦ Keep Running Episode 6 with guests Jing Tian, Jia Ling, and Jackson Wang. Poor Jing Tian is so confused during the puzzle game, allowing Jackson to score for their team! The Wolf Mud Game is hilarious. Wolf Deng Chao totally misses Jackson on the side (honestly, I did too!) Dilraba is so fast even in the water! She covers half the pool even before the sheeps react.

=======> ♦ Shi Shi and Ming Dao’s modern drama Happiness of An Angel came out yesterday! Who’s watching? I need to find time to tune in! Two songs below and Episode 1 for those interested!

Episode 1.

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    Hi. I’m watching “Happiness of An Angel” and “Ode Joy II”. I like them both so far. Ming Dao sang two of the theme songs for HOAA. I like one of them, but the 2nd one is awful.

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    I love baby groot too!!!!! When the trailer first came out I fell in love with that scene of him running and screaming cutely hahaha and that bomb scene too lmao! Absolutely adorable 🙂 I can’t find anyone interested in Marvel movies to watch with me sigh, couldn’t resist the temptation and went to watch online but the quality was so bad that I quit haha!

    Divas Hit the Road is getting more interesting for me, Gulinazar is so likeable and cute in it and Bolin’s personality is so charismatic!
    Running Brothers became so so so boring again after the episode with all the girls. Even Dilraba couldn’t make me finish it…

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      Aww peach! I have my brothers, I watched Guardian 1 with the youngest last week so we’re prepared to watch part 2 together some time this month. Lol.

      I skipped around Keep Running to find my favorite water games. HAHAHA. Forward button FTW!

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    Hehe funny I was waiting for happiness of an Angel because I wanted to see Kelsey Lv and Ming Dao reunite, I love them together in Beauty World hehe, small screen time together, but they were cute! I watch a little of Keep Running, but I find the episodes seem to drag and they pushing and teasing of Lu Han and Delibra is a little too much, they are so cute but like siblings lol. I will probably watch next week episode because my leading lady Liu Tao will be one of the guest stars! Wong Cho Lam and Liu Tao would probably have some good screen time together since they both like to joke around so much!

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    I’m also watching “Happiness of an angel” and to be honest I only checked it out because I was rather bored today, but I find myself hooked after the first episode. It’s a straight up adaption of the korean drama and following that storyline pretty faithfully, so I thought it would be rather boring knowing the whole plot already. I sure wasn’t counting on getting hooked at all 😛 I really sympathized with the girlfriend who died, in the korean drama you don’t really get to know her because she was only a plot driver but in this drama they managed to flesh her out properly. Also, I’m loving the mother and daughter relationship! The daughter is so precious and their little family is so awwww-inducing! Btw, I have forgotten how well MIng Dao can smolder on screen~ The way he treats his ladylove is equal intense and caring 😛 I must say I’m relieved that chemistry between the leads is definitely there and I can’t wait for them to fall in love! It’s probably a good thing the drama is following a original storyline, so they they can’t mess it up with a horrible ending like in most chinese shows. I’m also surprised that the editing has been really decent so far, it’s the the horrible choppy editing that seems to be the standard in chinese dramas nowadays (or used to, I’ve been avoiding chinese dramas since Nirvana in Fire).

    Anyway, this show is definitely worth a watch for anyone who is thinking of checking it out 🙂 Otherwise I’m pretty much drowning in all the new korean dramas that just premiered. I instantly took to Suspcious Partner and it remains my favourite show so far while I’m saving Ruler: Master of the Mask for a later binge watching session. Circle also seems super interesting considering the unusual premise and I’m also intrigued by Lookout. Finally time to get out of the recent drama slump!

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      It’s NOT the horrible choppy editing I mean….

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      YES! Ming Dao started smoldering my screen since Prince Turned To Frog. *___*

      Thanks for the quick impression visesten! I’ll try to catch it one way or another!

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    Yes to hormonal teen Groot! It would be a hoot. 😛
    I hope they make some barky puns 😀
    I’ve been holding off c-dramas til late June. Been watching Korean dramas Suspicious Partner and Fight My Way ~ Pushing off the nitty gritty dramas til July lol.

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      Oh! Both dramas were on my radar! I just marathoned first episodes of Mask. Oh so heavy.

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    Guardians 2 is good Kap! Baby Groot is so adorable!

    You should definitely go see it.

    As for dramas, I’ve been too busy to catch up. Oddly I’m only watching Gotham. lol

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    I’ve been catching up and am currently watching Dr. Qin Medical Examiner. You guys were right…it’s pretty freaking fantastic. Super entertaining and tastefully (gruesomely) done. Kind of busy lately, so actually not watching season 2 of Fox Summer yet (leaving that for later in the summer). I also have Ode to Joy II in my to-watch list as well as the rest of Dragon Pearl. I had marathoned Dragon Pearl up to like ep 20-something last week and now that they updated for this week, I wanna leave it for later. Lately all I’ve been doing is intensive almost 24/7 math except for sleep. Also been keeping with Fighter Destiny on the side. It’s entertaining but I’m not too invested so I’m not afraid I’ll get too sucked in.

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    I just came off a binge watch of Lom Sorn Ruk (2015) with Nadech Kugimiya playing a twin role of Pranon | Pran and Taew as heroine. I’m not actually a big Nadech fan but the romance/mystery plot was very good. Until the last episode – ugh, almost like there was a different writer. I think Chicago Typewriterwill be my next marathon.

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      Chicago typewriter for me too! Yoo Ah In. <3!

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    I literally have a lot of dramas on my plate.

    Cdrama: ode to joy, then i need to finish Dr. Qin, and one or two dramas that i havent finished due to engsub.

    Kdramas: chicago typewriter, suspicious partner, ruler master of the mask, secret romance, mystery queen, tunnel, whisper (which the last two get on hold until weekend), well… Some new dramas haha

    Jdorama: crisis (shun oguri is sooo damn hawt)

    Thai lakorn: princess hours thai version (not so into it, but it’s not bad).

    Twdrama: perfect match.

    Aaannnddd, some variety shows, but of course, only watched everything with YG family (bigbanh etc)

    See, i do have a lot of dramas hehe…

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      Is that drama with Oguri Shun good? I love that guy ever since Hana Yori Dango, great actor and he is hot too hahaha!!!

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      wow how do u manage? im falling behind in some of my dramas.
      I was thkin whether to watch Thai Princess drama.. how was the chemistry and acting of male and female lead?

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        @peach i like it. Thriller crime detective genre but… He’s too hot. I just couldnt say no. Lols

        @sharreb well, watching drama is my hobby, we always have time for ‘hobby’ lols
        Ph thai, hmm.. Im not sure with their acting. Awkward. But the chemistry isnt bad. I just dont understand some characters seems different from the original. Plus, the 2nd prince’s mom is acting so bitc*. It doesnt impress me, it’s about time i quit watching it.

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    Ode to Joy 2 is going pretty well for me. It’s shedding some much needed light on haughty Chinese mother-in-laws who are probably very accurate portrayals of how actual MILs are like in China. It really shows the vast distance between traditional and modern ways of thinking that can present a huge problem when marriage is in the question.

    I watched the first episode of Happiness of an Angel yesterday and episodes 2 & 3 were also up but I had to sleep early. I have to say that with this being an idol drama, I can see every cliche just by watching the intro and I will probably be able to predict almost everything that can and will happen. I’m really over dramas like this but Shi Shi and Ming Dao are my faves so I’m willing to endure it all for their chemistry lol.

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    I’m still watching *Surgeons, despite Jin Dong’s character being a bit too preachy and Gary Stu like. I prefer Surgeons to Dr Qin. I fast forwarded DQ some. DQ is less realistic, more idol-y, but I like Jiao Jun Yan. I prefer Jin Dong, Bai Baihe, Lan Ying ying, etc’s acting to Zhang Ruo Yun’s. I also find the writer inflated ZRY’s character a bit much. His character doesn’t feel that natural. Both dramas have much better plots than dramas like “Because of Meeting You”. BoMY was lucky to have the hopelessly cute child actress and a number of other actors on its cast.

    Looked at some trailers for Ode to Joy2. Looks ok. SPOILERS ______: I hear from teaser video that Guan Guan (Guan Ju Er) will turn evil and nearly drive An Di to insanity, cause Qu Xiaoxiao’s parents’ to divorce and get bankrupt in her attempt to steal Dr Zhao (Wang Kai) away from Qu Xiaoxiao. That part intrigues me. From episodic trailers, seems like we are nowhere close to that point yet.

    Saw the first few minutes of Ep1 of Undercover. The actual episode looked worse than the trailer. In the Name of the People had a much better episode 1. Has anyone seen Undercover? At a glance, the production quality doesn’t look too great.

    My interest is a bit waning on Dragon Pearl after ep 30. 90 eps will likely be too long. I do like most of the actors.

    I’m about to check out 花间提壶方大厨 due to the high douban ratings.
    I was browsing c drama titles the past week and was surprised to see there’s a tv drama version of Infernal Affairs? Has anyone seen it? I forgot which platform it’s on. Maybe iqiyi VIP. There’s also a light drama with Zhao liying and idol actors (li yi feng, chen xue dong… I am allergic to LYF) called 7 first kisses? 假如我有超能力 has English subs, but I’m not sure how good it is. King’s Avatar is not bad.

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      I’m glad to see someone talking about Surgeons! I just finished it a few days ago and have been watching a few of my favourite scenes on repeat. I find it more authentic than many of the more “idol” type shows. There’s nothing better than a slow building romance in my opinion versus all those love at first sight stuff that just seems way less realistic to me. Surgeons, Grow Up and Battle of Changsha all have a similar feel to me and I’m in serious need of another drama that has a similar type of feel but there doesn’t seem to be any ah 🙁

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        I love “Surgeons”. I’m also rewatching many of my favorite parts. I hope to see Jin Dong & Bai Bai Ha in more dramas together.

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          I adore Bai Baihe’s acting and just her look in general.

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        Yesss Battle of Changsha! It popped up in my youtube subscriptions the other day so might be sucked into rewatching it for the nth time XP The romance and character development was so good T_T

        Surgeons is another quality drama. Agree with u dramas4me, I wanna see them two work together again.

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          @ tokkita

          Have you watched “The Disguiser”? If not, you must watch it. Jin Dong was sooooo good in it.

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      eeek no Guan Guan gonna turn evill.. pls no.. i liked her in ode to joy1; if shes turning evil i thk i would really prefer not to start season2.
      Thanks for the headsup

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      7 first kisses? is that like a remake of Lotte’s 7 first kisses- where 7 hunks appeared (Ji Chang wook, Lee Min Ho, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Joon Gi, Park Hae Jin, Exo Kai, 2pm Taecyeon)

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        Highly possible. They sound similar. Other cast members were Yang Yang, William Chan, Lay.

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      Heh? Guan guan? I thought she’ll get her own bf? Omonaaa…
      I got hooked after ep 8, so i dont want it to be like other dramas with evil character who will betray her friends just for a man. When that man isnt really outstanding, sigh.

      Yaasss, surgeons is really really good drama. BBH is such a great actress.

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        From the teaser vid I saw, Guan guan does date Deng Lun for a while (forgot his character’s name. Something with “Tong”?) But GG has always kept an interest in Dr Zhao. I’m not clear on all details on GG going for Dr Zhao. Maybe GG broke up w Deng Lun and then decided to go all out for Dr Zhao? Deng Lun’s character is only starting to appear around ep 24.
        I think we’re supposed to think that Dr Zhao is a really great catch for many types of ladies. (Wang Kai is good looking, but not my cup of tea)

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      I am watching season 2 of 花间提壶方大厨 right now! Love the main couple and the male lead’s parents. Both couples are so sweet and funny. And the food is to die for! Everything she cooks is a visual feast. Do not watch this show if you are hungry =P.

      Some of the cases can be slow (but there’s always the FF button =P), but the story is good and not cliched with senseless misunderstandings and conflict.

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    I finished watching “Because of Meeting You”. I like the main couple, the child actress, but the plot is weak. There were so many times I wanted to stop watching it, but I wanted to know the ending. I’m not the type that skips episodes. I have never watched a drama with a character so wicked, evil and got away with so many things. The plot made the good people look so dumb. One support role person has too much screen time. NOT RECOMMENDED!

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      I agree. A lot of eps are spent on 3 evil women taking turns to lie to others. There are many plot loopholes. The logic is poor. Lu Sichen often talks up how he will reveal the past evidence to stop future evil deeds, but he always does half-baked jobs like giving some hard-earned “evidence”/pics to some random hotel guy so that the evidence can be easily intercepted. It looked as if they have to have 55 eps and didn’t have enough story to tell. I didn’t see why they wanted to remake this k-drama.

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        I agree with you also. The rating for it on Viki.com is so high that was the reason I decided to watch BOMU. It doesn’t deserve that high rating.

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          I can only watch a few of C dramas with high Viki ratings. You have to watch out for these: K-remakes, and dramas with popular K, or K-related actors may have inflated ratings. Ruby Lin’s Mary Sue dramas where Ruby eventually gets to be an Empress like Singing All Along are also often v popular (Many of these dramas are almost the same. Similar to Tang Yan and Fan Bingbing’s Princess & Empress dramas).
          God of War Zhao Zilong, My Amazing Boyfriend, Li Hui Zhen, Tornado Girl 2, Far Away Love, Classic of Mountains and Seas, have, or have had average rating scores in the mid 9’s. So if you’re not in love with these dramas, a high Viki rating score may not do too much for you.
          I didn’t like most of these dramas. Often the lead girl is either a superficial Mary Sue or a sweet door mat girl, which will come with a baggage full of shrewy characters and the formulaic lineup of handsome bachelor suitors.

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    i need to go see baby groot soon. i saw his toy dancing figurine and had to stop myself from buying it- just too cute.
    My current watch list is Suspicious Partner (the otp is really growing on me and the episodes this week is so happy squee worthy), Lookout (daughter death is heart breaking but im liking vigilante team idea and hope to see more backstory of each team member) and Happy Camp (it was an entertaining episode- did Sandra Ma gained weight? shes pretty but the outfit of Belle/Beauty doesnt suit her). i said i wanted to watch 72floors of mystery but has yet to start.

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    Taking my time to finish Surgeons. It’s good but not great. I think working in the healthcare field for so long makes me cringe when patient information is leaked so easily like that and heavily discussed in certain public areas. But then they’re in China and I’m in the US so perhaps patient confidentiality laws are different over there.

    Also kind of miffed that we don’t see the actual surgical procedures. What can I say, I live for these types of scenes. =P But the acting is impressive from the main characters down to the minor roles. As expected from this production company and director.

    Still working my way through season 2 of Fox. I tend to take breaks when I know we’re going to get some angst.

    Binged the latest 12 episodes of Dragon on Sunday. The episodes are only 30 minutes long so it’s easy to binge.

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      US patient confidentiality is likely still not as protected as it should be despite HIPAA and other laws https://www.bloomberg.com/…/when-the-patient-is-a-gold-mine-the-trouble-with-rare.. Among other things, yesterday’s news revealed that company X’s sales rep argued over patient’s treatment plan with doctor. The doc (Kerry Owens) was surprised over the patient details that sales rep(s) acquired.

      Like you, I’m slow at making progress with Surgeons too, but we like some of the same points.
      It’s probably too easy to show gross mistakes in the drama if you try to show surgical procedures. It’s already tricky when they show non-musically trained actors playing musical instruments. It’s expensive to hire real surgeons to advise the details.

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        That whole company sounds unethical and a toxic place to work in.

        I don’t know how it is in other states/hospitals but my workplace is extremely strict and anal with patient confidential data. My current position doesn’t deal with it now but as a former data gatekeeper, I’ve already seen many reasons for job termination in this drama if it took place in the US. Lol. But I get that this is all for dramatic effect so I’m been trying to prime myself mentally to stop thinking about my workplace at home. =P

        You’re right about it being expensive to hire doctors to teach. But there’s always one or two actors out there who take their careers so seriously that they’re willing learn the knickknacks. Musical instruments, martial arts, etc.

        But I’m just asking too much, anon! Lol.

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          I wish that firm had been “exceptional”, but whenever I do jury duty and chat with fellows near me, I often run into some sort of research scientist who had bosses who pressured them into fabricating data for job promotions and bonuses. Corp sales departments are even worse. Corporate misdeeds are rampant these days. Until more of these crooks get caught and do time in prison, they will not stop.
          Often, an organization is only as good as its weakest link. A lot of crucial data is just one computer hack away. The US gov lost boat-loads of extensive employee data when the OPM got hacked. It’s so easy to get your personal data in the wrong hands these days. A couple of mistakes in computer programs from 1 programmer may be all it takes to lose lots of data.

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    I’m currently watching Divas Hit The Road 3 and I find the show very interesting! Makes me want to travel a lot as well. Guli Nazha is so cute and she’s such a derp xD I’ve always loved Chen Bolin, very adventurous. Tony Yang is caring and daring. Zhang Ruo Yun’s laugh is contagious! Song Zu Er is independent for her age 🙂

    The group seems to get along very well, different personalities but harmonious 😀

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    The first couple of eps for Ode to Joy 2 were a struggle to watch. Love the cast but find the drama quite boring. Just keeping up with the plot thru news and promos. Guan Guan and Xie Tong’s story seems idol-drama-like, could be interesting haha.

    Watching Happiness of an angel. It reminds me of the older classic TW idol dramas (Prince Turned To Frog and Autumn’s Concerto, etc).

    花间提壶方大厨 is a pleasant watch so far. Female lead is cute and not a Mary Sue. The male lead’s quite different too. Love the food and cooking hehe.

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      I guess web dramas are never on “our” AVV monthly drama broadcast calendar? I never thought about it before and just noticed 花间提壶方大厨 is not on the list.

      花间提壶方大厨 is ok for a drama with no big names. I prefer the female to the male lead. I guess he’s supposed to be increasingly more likeable as the drama progresses. I will need to acquire more patience before I can watch more of him.

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        There have been a few webdramas posted in the broadcast calendar. The ones that I got a wind of. Lol. China just produces so many dramas per year (100+), those with no big stars lack official pictures and sometimes are hard to find updates of. I try to cover as much as I can but my man power is limited to real life and work. T____T

        Hence, the creation of this thread so you guys can chime in with your latest findings! =) I welcome any from of help! One-time first impression works in this case!

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          Kappy, Many thanks for your diligence in finding and posting all C-ent news. I considered helping, but there are just too many actors, cheesy dramas with superficial plots that I’ve grown tired of. So it’s hard to help, or I’ll end up going on rants about how I dislike a long list of things. Even with the highly popular ZLY, LSS, TY, YM, CQE, HXM, Deng Chao, Ady An. I liked them better 6-10 yrs ago. Then there are LYF, FSF, AB, ZS, Rainie Yang, William Chan, Peter Sheng, M Memet, Bea Hayden, Evonne Hsieh, Guo jingming, Kenneth Ma, Vivian Sung, Hero Tai.(The complete list is long. And they are in many dramas & films.) I don’t enjoy watching their work. So it’s hard to want to write about them and their work. There are also lots of Mary Sue plots I avoid. I mentally bite my nails quite often, trying not to gush out with negative comments when I read your posts that relate to the actors above. Don’t want to ruin reader’s drama experience too much. It takes longer to write about new actors. It takes many hours to form an opinion.

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    I’ve been watching The Perfect Match, the beginning was a bit slow, and got me constantly clicking the skip button LOL, but it’s gotten so good! It makes me look forward to the next episode, and ughhh the whole one ep a week is killing me.
    I’ve also been rewatching past episodes of The Return of Superman, the babies are sooo adorable!
    I want to start on Fighters of Destiny, but have been putting it off, because there’s so many episodes. Maybe it’ll be a summer thing for me, try to finish it over the long break.
    I recently just finished watching The Liar and His Lover, it was an okay drama for me. Joy was pretty cute and all, but I don’t think I will want to rewatch it again. It was very lovely though.
    After finishing a lot, I had to start more LOL. Ruler : Master of the Mask is amazing, and Kim So Hyun is so pretty. I can’t wait for more eps.
    Well, that’s all for now. Nice post Aunt Kap 😀

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