Cdrama/Movie: Just One Smile Is Very Alluring (Love O2O) OST

Here to deliver more crack-related goods! Amazing how this drama is drawing out many lurkers. Lol. I’m not sure whether to be happy or not! You guys will batch leave when it’s over? *pouts*

Tracklist for the Drama Version:

01. Alluring Smile – Silence Wang
02. Just One Smile Is Very Alluring – Yang Yang
03. One More Second – Diamond Zhang Bi Chen
04. Alluring Smile – Ryan Zhang He, Vin Zhang Bin Bin, Kyle Cui, Zheng Ye Cheng, Johnny Bai Yu
05. Wei Wei
06. A Smile
07. Allure
08. Meeting You is Very Amazing
09. If Time Could Stop

(Thanks ChocolateCosmos for the translated title names!)


EXTRA Songs for the Drama Version:

♦ A Bit of Sweetness – Silence Wang ft By2 [Download] (Borrow Ur Love Themesong.

♦ Love at Lanruo (Instrumental) [Download]

♦ Wishing to Meet Someone – Teresa Zeng [Download]

♦ Dan Qing Ke (丹青客) (Instrumental) [Download]

♦ A Night of Possibilities – Yico Zeng [Download]

Please respect my work and do not copy and paste! Redirect! If you know of more songs, let me know. ;D

Songs from the Movie Version:

♦ Don’t Be Lonely – Lala Hsu [Download, 320K]

♦ The Original Dream – Boran Jing [Download, 128K]

Kap: I like the songs from the movie more. They come off with more emotions. I will share the movie once a good HQ file comes around. 🙂


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  1. hohliu

    I love the drama. Just unexpected alluring. I was never a fan of Zheng Shuang. But she looks very lovely in this drama. This couple has good chemistry.

  2. frea

    yea, the drama songs are forgettable and not sung by real singers hence very weak in performance too…. doesn’t stick. lols.

    im in the minority of not feeling them click emotionally. they do look pretty together.

    thanks for the ost alice, my cracks provider! LOL.

    1. lenje

      I’m with you in the minority group. I just watched the movie’s bootleg version and IMO Angelababy and Jing Boran have way more chemistry. Having seen both versions, I think I’m leaning towards the movie. Granted, the author also wrote (or co-wrote?) the drama’s script, so it should be more faithful to the original source than the movie. I think the movie setting is more realistic to me, and I don’t have to see too many product placement LOL. But on the other hand the drama provides us the side arcs (the leads’ friends etc) that I love, though they may drag the drama a little.

      1. Yui

        Hi, any idea where to watch the movie version with engsub? im desperately looking for it and still havent found it yet. Thank you

        1. lenje

          Try this link, Yui 🙂 https://moviehdkh.com/movies/2547

        2. Yui

          Thank you lenje. Will try watching it tomorrow ☺

  3. Marchair

    I am not going to leave because I love all your posts. I really like the dramas and Internet stories from China and I hope they keep getting subbed and translated. I like how often you post and I was thrilled to hear about Just One Smile…. Because I had read the translated novel. I think they are doing a good job and it is great the author is involved because it is keeping the quality up. Thank you for all you share I look forward to more of your interesting observations and current news!

    1. Kappy

      Thank-you dear! It’s amazing how many novel fans are enjoying this adaptation, unlike other dramas. Lol.

  4. hohliu

    Those who have not seen Yang Yang dancing professionally. Really needs to do so. He is trained by one of China toughest dance school, highly rated and tough to be selected. . He is a amazing dancer. Great contemporary dancer and traditional ballet too. You can search in Youtube!!

    1. chasingpolaris

      Yang Yang’s dancing is very, very pretty to watch. I’ve watched quite of his performances on Youtube and I think the Chinese b-site.

      1. Anon

        who knew dancing was on Da Shen’s list of impressiveness lol

        1. hohliu

          Yap, not cooking but dancing…Lol.

    2. Kappy

      I think I posted these before, maybe during his Tornado Girl days. He should do a dancing drama next!

      1. le_fei

        What is this gracefulness Kap?! *and now I’m back to lurking mode

      2. hohliu

        I am waiting for that too. The way his body moves to the music, the muscles that are tone and very stretchable. He’s movement is very fluid.
        Such a joy to watch.

    3. lenje

      I’ve seen those videos! His fans are quite a force — they even got the video of him at 12, IIRC (so cute). I can’t wait for the 3 Lives movie! I hope there will be plenty of wuxia scenes, making use of his graceful dancer skills! Isn’t Liu Yi Fei a trained dancer too?

  5. chasingpolaris

    I wish they had used the supporting cast’s version of Alluring Smile instead of Silence Wang’s. Their voices are more pleasing than Silence’s, though he’s a good composer.

    Diamond Zhang Bi Chen’s “The Next Second” is a typical ballad, very easy to remember. I can pretty much hum the whole thing now lol.

    My favorite song from the drama isn’t listed here. It’s an old song by Yico Zeng called 有可能的夜晚. They’ve placed it in the most appropriate moments in the drama (ep24 anyone?)

    Have yet to listen to the movie’s OST. I’m not going to lie, the more I watch the drama, the less interested I am in the movie. We’ll see when I actually get to the movie, HQ or bootleg. =P

    1. Adia

      Omg I was searching for the song since last night..

  6. kiwi

    I am absolutely in love with the drama, it’s exactly as I imagined the book to be! The OST isn’t the best, but I really like Yang Yang’s song… or maybe it’s just because it’s Yang Yang haha

  7. xxidpeace

    Gu Man always does well in making sure her adaptations from novel to drama stay true and keep fans happy ^.^

    Out of all the adaptations, I think the casting of YY was probably the only one I would say was 100% accurate to the character itself.

  8. tokkita

    Thanks for sharing the OST!

    I like the opening song (cute and happy haha), but not the singer’s voice. Similar thoughts about the ending theme by Yang Yang lol.

    My fav song from the drama is 丹青客 by HITA and Xiao Qu Er (from the actual game)

    1. chasingpolaris

      As much as I like 小曲兒, I think 吾恩’s version is better. HITA is too nasal in it.

      相愛蘭若 is also very beautiful too. They play it often during the game scenes.

  9. Kappy

    Thanks chasingpolaris and tokkita for the additional songs! The official OST rarely contains those nice add-ons and instrumentals. I will try to upload them.

  10. ChocolateCosmos

    03 下一秒 One Second More

    06.一笑 A Smile
    07. 傾城 Allure …if we go more technical I would say (beauty that) overturns cities…
    08.遇見你 · 多好 Meeting you is very amazing? … Meeting you · Much greatness/goodness?
    09. 如果時間能靜止 If time could stop / If time can be still

    All four are instrumental… bg music..

    Other music that might have been in the drama? I’m not sure. Going with what some people online said.

    有点甜 A Bit of Sweetness – Silence Wang ft By2
    想遇见一个人Wishing to Meet Someone -曾咏熙 Zeng Yong Xi (Teresa) … uhm sometimes they translate it as To Encounter?
    有可能的夜晚 (A) Night of Possibilities – Zeng Yi Ke 曾轶可

    相愛蘭若 If you love orchid? Lol, I don’t know anymore.


    A very high chance that I’m wrong 😛

    1. chasingpolaris

      相愛蘭若 could be translated into Love at Lanruo (also Lanre) Temple. This was the ghost temple in the movie A Chinese Ghost Story that was adapted from Pu Songling’s stories.

      丹青客 is a harder title to translate. The only 丹青客 I know are portraits of heroes in ancient history, which have nothing to do with the story or game, lol.

      1. ChocolateCosmos

        Thank you for the correction chasingpolaris 🙂 I knew 相愛蘭若 was familiar 😆 My brain didn’t register that one image of Nie Xiaoquan on the side ~
        丹青客 … yeah I have no idea, lol.

    2. Kappy

      Thanks ChocolateCosmos! A Bit of Sweetness is the themesong for Taiwanese drama, Borrow Your Love, so I have that song! It’s a cute one!

      Now I will hunt the rest that you and Polaris mentioned. Heh.

  11. Tusu

    Thanks, Kap! I quite like the opening song 😀

  12. pinky

    Professional lurker here. Just wanna say thank you thank you and thank you! Love the series! Not to worry, will definitely not leave you. Enjoyed all your posts!

  13. frea

    omg, the extra songs are much better than the drama official songs! LOL!!

    thanks kappy! *winks

  14. polls

    I gave this drama a chance and I expected to be blown away by Yang Yang’s acting because of how people go on and on about his ‘skill’ around here but gosh, talk about overrated. He’s pretty bad.

    1. chasingpolaris

      Lol I’m pretty sure we were gushing over his character and his looks more than anything else 😜

    2. tokkita

      I don’t mind YY’s acting for this drama cos he’s exactly like how Da Shen is in the novel XD The role requires minimal acting haha.

  15. Irene

    Hi, thanks so much for posting this. I loved the drama but am also dying to see the film version. From what I’ve found out, it looks like it still hasn’t been released in the states. That might be why it’s hard to find hq eng sub versions. AMC theatres has some specific theatres where they show limited run Asian Pacific films. They have the specific theatres for this listed on their site. They listed a release day of 9/2 for Love O2O but i think they must have pushed it back for some reason. I’m trying to keep an eye on it b/c I don’t want to miss it in case it’s only released for 1 week. I think you will find an HQ version just before or right after its release in the states.
    Thanks again!!

    1. Kappy

      I keep missing the short period of releases for international films at the theaters. I don’t mind waiting for the HQ version of the film but it would be amazing to see at the big screen. Ahhhhhh!!!

  16. Myscatonia

    Can you get the BGM for the mini movie they made? I think its the login mysic for the mobile game of a chinese ghost story too.

  17. Angela Huang

    Why i can’t download ?? :(((

  18. Veronica

    Does anyone know the song that plays every time the boys in the drama does something stupid? Or when something funny or idiotic is about to happen? The one that starts with “yeah!” And is super hilarious? Pleeeease tell me I wanna know~

    1. dlynlsk

      I’m also trying to find out the title of that background music, were you able to find out the title? Thank you! 🙂

  19. Kiki

    Hi i just found WEBRip HD version Love O2O film. here the link
    it is a Google video, so, i think you should download it and put on your prefer DL website.

    1. Kiki

      i’m sorry this one have bahasa subs. new link in next comment [chi/eng hardsubbed].

  20. Kiki

    Hi this is WEBRip version for the movie (I think..LoL) here the link…
    u can convert it to smaller size maybe. or upload it on your prefer dl site. i already watch. CGI is better than drama but the plot is seem like too rush, maybe director cut it to fit in the movie and btw they have a lot of game & fight scene. I prefer drama’s plot cuz its very detail on what happen in certain part. but the film i still good & fun.

  21. Sakura90

    Hello there.
    This drama is really nice. Love the chemistry between Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang.
    I have some questions. hope u guys can help me.
    Do u know the song that singer is male and female ?
    i’m sure that’s is one of soundtrack for the drama. i dunno what title for that song.
    Since i’ve known nothing with mandarin, so i can’t searching in google.

  22. Searching For a Dream

    Anyone know where to get the instrumental only version of Dan Qing Ke (丹青客)?

    Thanks in advance

  23. Clara


  24. Yuichi

    hay, I’m LOVE O2O fans from Indonesia. Thank you for your posting of Love O2O ost. Both of drama and OST are amazing!!! I can’t stop watching it again and again!! The OST is so sweet and really love it. And finally I found it in your web. Arigatou ne~

  25. RedComet

    Dear admin,

    I’ve been looking for this OST for weeks.. I really felt blessed to have it now..
    Can you please let me know the list of song in this OST?

    Thank you very much for sharing.. Have a great life ahead ^,^

  26. CyberMama

    Thank you so much for the OSTs. Love Yang Yang’s song.

  27. Yang Guo

    Do you have the background music for drama version where they meet for first time on bridge in game and propose

    1. Kappy

      No official version that I know of. Sorry!

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