My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

Janice might be my new favorite thing. Oh, who am I kidding, she has stolen most of our hearts in My Sunshine. But in here, she’s allowed to shine as the main lead and she does take up center stage without hesitation. And I love the ongoing metas throughout the episode, describing her character as second-lead material when she’s the lead of her own series. Ha! If everyone sees their life story as such, maybe we would have less heartbreaks in this world.

My Amazing Boyfriend (我的奇妙男友) Episode 1 Recap:

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The bright moon overlooks yet another car accident. The operator apprises the police of a car accident on Cheng Xi road. One small truck on its side, one car still standing, and an injured female lies in between them, her white dress soaking in the blood as seconds go by. Her blood flows out and by that I mean, her body maybe petite, but she regenerates enough blood for it to travel a FEW FEET to the wrinkly, dry hand of a presumably dead man in a broken coffin. In her hazy vision, our female lead sees a man in black approaching and passes out immediately after.

The man introduces himself as Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan), a man who has been on earth for about 400 years. He lives without the grievances of a normal human being. Blissfully unaware of pain, injury, aging, or death. He does have one goal: to get some answers. He learns that he could die by being drained of blood. A mysterious figure did exactly that and then dumped the coffin into the deep black sea. And that’s how he spent his last hundreds of years in complete darkness until his coffin was fished out.

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Rejuvenated from the fresh blood, his enhanced hearing picks up on the arriving ambulance and police cars, and he nimbly hops on a street light pole, watching the strange scene unfolds before his eyes. A police officer, Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia), rushes to the unconscious female and frantically tells her to persevere.  She’s our female lead, Tian Jing Zhi (Janice Wu Qian).

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At a museum, we are introduced to a corpse body named Sleeping Beauty, apparently this is Ling Qiao’s body before he was being transported in the aforementioned van. On some rooftop, with her eye makeup smeared, a dejectedly-looking Jing Zhi steps near the edge and tries to muster the courage to jump, but every now and then, she would open her eyes and peek worriedly down below. A voice behind scares the crap out of her. He’s a friendly security guard. “You’ve been doing this for two hours, are you gonna do it for real this time?” That ruffles her feather. She’s the one putting on a show for him and she hasn’t even asked for him to pay for the performance. He puts it out frankly. Her act of coming up to the roof for fresh air is becoming too frequent and people tire easily of the same old trick.

He comes up beside her, trying to verify if it’s the real action this time, and if so, he needs to perform his duty and call the police. She snickers that she’s screwed so he better be prepared to get fired. Putting on a determined face, she puffs up, only for his playful slap to shake her out of the moment again. He jokes, “One look at your face and I can tell you’ve just broken up.” Her head immediately hands low, “If only it were that easy…everything would be fine.”

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Cut to her cute performance for our handsome police boy. Initially, he smiles at her adorable act until he sizes up the scene: a bouquet of flower and a ring box, and his face falls. Now immobilized, she runs up to him excitedly and asks if the ground is prettier than her. Of course not, he finally looks up at her and she tosses him the ring box. “I know you’re a slow guy so just follow my instruction. When I ask if you want to marry me, nod and say ‘yes’. Then you can address me as Mrs. Li.”

A quick cut back to the security guard. “A girl initiated the proposal and got rejected?” She stares out blankly, apparently it got much worst.

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Police boy Fu Jia clarifies, when he says he wants to address her differently, he means that they are more suited as brother and sister. Shell shocked and incredibly embarrassed, she comments on how her life has become a black comedy. He comes closer and explains it’s not her fault, it’s him who has liked someone else. That someone is Jing Zhi’s childhood best friend, who is currently sitting in the dark corner of the theater. When the lights turn on, she awkwardly confesses that she carries no feelings for him. Oh Ho.

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But wait, Jing Zhi is not finished with her stroke of bad luck because this is the seventh boyfriend stolen from her from the same best friend, and it’s the seventh time the best friend rejected them all. Finally recognizing her wretched life, the security guard lets loyalty come first and tells her to pick a spot for her suicide. Lol. She thinks he’s crazy and runs away. On her way to her car, she loudly claims it regretful if she were to die and then get famous. She gets a parking ticket and steps inside her car. “Considering all that happened today, with my car is here, I should be laughing.” She drives along the quiet road, only to be miffed by the sight of her proposal materials – roses petals. Vexed, she throws them to the backseat and with her foot still on the gas pedal, the car inches past the red light. The delivery truck containing the coffin crashes into her car and that’s how the accident took place.

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Back to the current timeline, our undead body steals some decent clothes from a farm and walks in plain daylight, swearing to find the murderer who drained his blood. But wouldn’t that make the murderer the same species as him? He watches the report about actress Jing Zhi’s car accident and clutches his heart. “Why do I feel that girl’s heartbeat?” He scans his environment, taken aback by how time has changed, rendering him a stranger. He goes to the library to update his knowledge of the new world and gets his photo snapped by two girls nearby, amazed by his good looks.

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In the hospital, Jing Zhi lies unconscious and neatly tucked in bed. The nurse speaks to her, “Your powder is too thick. Also, please manage your discharge paperwork by Wednesday.” After she leaves, our starlet pops right up and checks the mirror. LOL. “Really is too fake.” A knock on the door sends her right down again. A woman (her mother) walks in with a can of soup and tells her to stop pretending. Turns out, Jing Zhi has been at the hospital for a month but she defends her choice, the two drivers died at the scene, so she must follow the act through and stay here for at least three months. Moreover, nobody has the heart to discuss her public marriage rejection and she calls it a silver lining after all. “Maybe I’m having a change in fortune!?”

Sighing, Mom recalls Jing Zhi being born with an umbilical cord strangling her neck and needed to be resuscitated. She tells Jing Zhi to lose that hope because kids who have been touched by death won’t have a successful life. That’s not how the story goes, Mom!

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That night, sprawled on the bed in a deep sleep, Jing Zhi remains unbeknown about her visitor, Ling Qiao. With his hand over his heart, he wonders why they share the same heartbeat. ‘Cause you kinda indirectly drank her blood? When she half-opens her eyes and sees his reflection in the mirror, she screams bloody mary, catching the attention of the nurses. After confirming that no one is in the room, they think Jing Zhi is hallucinating on purpose to stay longer at the hospital. Jing Zhi worries… “Could it be just hallucination…?”

She paces back and forth in her room, panicking, unaware that Ling Qiao is watching her from across the building with a slight smile on his face. Well, at least you have good taste! He straightens up and concludes, “Perhaps she is the one to help me.”

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At a research lab, a handsome man in white, Ye Chen (Xu Ke), fields a call from Yan Zhi and surmises the accident as a planned kidnap of Sleeping Beauty. With the roads being newly built, street cameras weren’t properly situated, rending the investigation much more difficult. Please tell me you two don’t know each other…

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Scrolling through her fans account, Jing Zhi smiles at their thoughtful gifts of food. Determined to taste the cake by bypassing the nurses’ station, she puts on a bright pink Hello Kitty sweater and crouches on the floor. Nothing is easy as her phone rings in that moment, and she cites the excuse of exercise to walk back the other way. Once outside, she measures the angle she must jump to hop the wall and gets excited. She makes a run for it, gaining momentum, only to fall right in a giant manhole in the ground. Lol. She’s so silly, I don’t know how she missed that giant cradle. Calming down to a fidgety walk, she realizes it’s not the first time she fell in this hole and cries out for help. Our Sleeping Beauty leans against a branch and replies to her cry of help with, “Nope. There’s no one here.”

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They bicker back and forth, with him refusing to lend a help, and her getting irritated by his attitude. “Once you help me out, you will know who I am and you might even ask for my autograph!” He finds her confidence amusing and decides to help, only if she promises to answer a few questions.

“Do you perhaps believe in immortality?”

 photo Bo1y 53.jpg

She turns to the side, grimacing. “Oh no, he’s from the psychiatric ward! What should I do?”

He continues with his inquiry. “Do you want to become immortal?”

Her facial expression cracks me up!! LOL!

Then she seriously thinks about the possibility and gives him her two cents: “I don’t think I want to become immortal. No matter what I gain, I would lose my family and loved ones, one by one. In the end, I’m left with my lonely self and be treated like a monster by others.”

Girl, you pretty much just summed up his lonely existence. He appreciates her honesty and tells her to close her eyes. He lands in the manhole and hoists her up by the waist, without letting her see his face, and she runs away in horror. When daylights hit, Ling Qiao identifies a temple in a photo and hops on it to retrieve a secret box full of ancient…money?

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On the other side of town, our actress hangs desperately to a door, refusing to be discharged, citing many unsolvable medical problems on her end that go undetected by her healthy medical history. Long story short, she’s fabulously made up and dressed for the discharge through the VIP route, only to discover the prepared reporters and fans waiting there. Jing Zhi takes off her huge sunglasses and plasters on a smile with a friendly wave.

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When questions about her marriage rejection pop up, Jing Zhi literally rolls her eyes and replies with ease, “No. I’m thankful towards him. Through this accident, I realized how precious life is.” However, one reporter spites her by asking about the advantage taker in the form of a fan stealing a kiss when she was unconscious after the accident. Irate, she stands up from her wheelchair and we cut to her tirade with mom. Mom never told her about the news because Jing Zhi didn’t want to read anything. Fussing about her stolen first kiss, Jing Zhi mockingly chides mom for getting pregnant before marriage and getting kicked out by grandma. Mom points at her old-fashioned daughter with a twirling finger, “What era are you from?”

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The piano stops playing and a man (her father) asks if she wants to bathe in Pomelo water (a custom in China to ward off bad luck after an accident of some sorts). Bellowing about her luck, Jing Zhi waves off the idea, only to be reminded by the stolen kiss. She screams and throws her pillows in frustration, “Why can’t I have amnesia?!! Why can’t I??”

Mom: “Because amnesia is for the female lead.” Oh. BURN. Mom is so good. She’s right too! LOL!

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For someone who slept over a few centuries, Ling Qiao proves to be a quick learner. He’s already tapping away on a laptop, scrolling down the list of workers at a Stem Cell Regeneration Research Center. He eavesdrops on their conversation and learns that the handsome lab guy Ye Chen is looking to contact Jing Zhi after the accident, assuming she knows something about the missing dead body. He speeds into the lab and obtains a photo of his mummified self, marveling at his new youthful and handsome face. I see Zhang Han and Kim Hubby. Oh my.

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Sitting leisurely in her mom’s home, reality quickly slaps Jing Zhi in the face when she yelps out loud about her credit cards being used up. Turns out, dad has employed the cards to help pay for her car and hospital fees. She can’t form a valid argument when he reasons that all the money they spent  for her was earned by her. She then runs home on her cute pink motorbike, unwavering in her quest to earn money.

 photo Bo1y 65.jpg

Lo and behold, her ex-BF, policeman shows up outside, wanting to talk. “I will call the police on you for trespassing private property.”

Yan Zhi: “I am the police!”

Jing Zhi: “Then can you report an attack on the police?” Lol.

 photo Bo1y 63.jpg photo Bo1y 66.jpg

He apologizes for rejecting her and says he didn’t know there were people around. She throws out a stern question, “If I become handicapped, would you take care of me?” Girl, what and why are you asking that of a man who don’t love you?! Without missing a beat, he replies yes, and that makes her pause. “Then, do you regret it?” Nope. The boy is being honest with her but she takes his words as an offense to her pride. She sarcastically thanks him for participating in his show and slams the door in his face. Behind the door, she slumps to the floor in defeat and lets herself cry.

 photo Bo1y 71.jpg photo Bo1y 76.jpg

Later in the evening, she rummages her refrigerator for some swelling-reducing remedies and discovers a huge cucumber, at which the door bell rings. Brandishing the cucumber like a weapon, she swings open the door and finds the entrance empty. After making her menace known to her wireless doorbell to behave properly, she clamps a hand over her rapidly beating heart in alarm. Following the direction of her pronounced heartbeats, she finally locates Ling Qiao standing in the shadow, his own hand at his heart. They stare long and hard at each other, confused and also fascinated. Just when her cheeks brighten, bright lights from a car disturbs her vision and when she opens her eyes, the mysterious man is gone.

 photo Bo1y 78.jpg photo Bo1y 79.jpg

Ye Chen steps out of the car, wondering what she’s staring at, and she responds in a daze about meeting the gaze of a handsome man. He chuckles at her, suggesting her feelings for him might still be there. Rolling her eyes, she tells her sixth ex-boyfriend to go away. Lol. Is every guy in here gonna be your ex, sweetie?

 photo Bo1y 81.jpg

Before being the second man getting the door slammed in the face, he appeals to her sense of curiosity about the car accident and notifies her of the missing dead corpse, and asks her to recall the details of that tragic night. She takes the photo of the corpse in hand and stares at him. After a minute, the eyes in the photo flicker open, freaking her out. Spooked by the dirty things her ex might have brought along with him, she kicks him out.

 photo Bo1y 82.jpg

Ex-boyfriend #6 then calls Ex-boyfriend #7, who is sporting a band-aid across his nose, and asks him to employ protection services for Jing Zhi because he feels she’s in danger. Aww they know each other. Lol. Yan Zhi tells Ye Chen to stop being dramatic, at least he didn’t get a broken nose. Ha. Not backing down, Ye Chen responds in a matter-of-fact tone, “The dead body is a very special research material! So if other research facilities find out about it, Jing Zhi will be in danger!”

Alight on the tree branches, Ling Qiao listens to the conversation and glares intensely after Ye Chen.

————————- END ————————-

Kap: Episode 1 went by at a breezy pace and I really like the symbolic opening scene, hinting that these two will be saving each other instead of the story being one-sided. Jing Zhi woke up with no wound, and Ling Qiao got a second chance to get his answers. I really do hope that’s the trajectory of their characters.

And how cute is Janice? Absolutely a delight to watch as she’s fully game-on to tackle the character’s triumph and downfall with equal sincerity. Not much to say about actor Kim Tae Hwan yet since his character didn’t have much to do in this episode. But it would be my source of amusement to see him deal with Jing Zhi’s strings of ex-boyfriends. heh. And since the drama is called My Amazing Boyfriend, dude gotta bring his A game to the field.

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  1. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    one thing i find unbelievable is her ex-boyfriends!! the girl is as cute as a button, but all of them…likes her…best friend? what in the world?!!

    kim tae hwan does give off zhang han vibes and some of kim soo hyun too. maybe that’s why he’s chosen for the c-version.

    hoping for more good things to come janice!!

  2. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    I’m liking this drama too. Janice is too adorable!

  3. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    wah finally there’s a recap about this drama..
    i don’t know how much i’ve gone crazy bcause the cuteness of this drama,
    Janice is so cute, and Tae Hwan’s play his role nicely.

    it’s indeed inspired by My Love From The Stars, but the plot and story were different..
    and i don’t feel bored while watching this, even tho i can guessed what would happen next.

  4. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    I could watch Janice and her pink dog-bone sweater for hours. SO CUTE.

  5. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    Glad you decided to take this project on. I’m the Eng-sub editor in viki for this drama. 🙂 Love the drama so far. Do let me know if you find any the conversations inappropriately subbed, discrepancies (eg: name spellings etc) or if we missed something.

    • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

      Nonono, I haven’t decided anything! Lol. I’m not a subber and don’t understand the nuances in sentences enough to translate. XD

      How could you be an editor and not write an impression for me Aryael! *pouts*

      • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

        LOL! You are a cutie, Kappy! Well…my job as an editor is to check all the subs and make sure everything was translated appropriately and on time. We aim for a quick 24 hours turnover since there is an episode out every weekday. I do the editing part while I watch the drama. So far, the team subbers are good and I haven’t had to make much corrections. Plus, I work in partnership with another fellow editor, so it’s not too heavy on me. It’s a job that does not require much of my time coz currently I am busy rushing the datelines for two of my books! One’s already under professional editing while one’s about 70% done. I gotta get them ready by end of this month for publication next month! I apologize for not being able to contribute much but hopefully, after my books are published, I will have some ‘breathing space’? Will be happy to help you with some writing then. *fingers crossed* 😉

        • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

          hehe. Publication dates? Okay, now I feel bad for guilting you, Miss Aryael!

          Really wish the best for your books! Exciting ventures there. Some naughty romances for me to read? Lol!

          My toes are crossed too! =D

        • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

          Oh, don’t be, Kap! It’s perfectly fine to ask coz you never know if you’ll get lucky and I’ll write for you! 🙂 The timing this time is not good, unfortunately!

          Official publication date for the book stores (printed copies) is 6 June, online publication is 1 June. These are tentative dates for Australian Winter/ US summer release. They are not locked in pending outcomes from the editing and sometimes the printing press can cause delays too.

          I haven’t written a full length novel and a trilogy since the early 1990s when I stopped full time writing to take on an academic position. Now that I’m retired, my fingers got ‘itchy’ and so I took on a new project. LOL

          My books cross many genres from fantasy, sci-fi, adventure to mystery, some horror, family, friendship, politics, religious fiction and of course, some romance. The ones I am rushing now are part of an adventure trilogy aimed for the western markets. I write into the Asian genre too but under a different pen name. 🙂

          Not sure if I have any naughty romances for you Kap! My books are ‘clean’. The romances are heart-warming, tear-jerking, sweet etc but never naughty. Sorry for dispelling your fantasies and to disappoint you…. 🙁

          Now, before you ask me for my writer’s name, I’ll like to say I would like to maintain anonymity. But I can recommend some of the books written by close author friends of mine. Most of them, like me, write under pen names and of course, they are Australian authors. 🙂 Let me know if you are after a good read. 🙂

        • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

          Lol. Not to worry Aryael. Consider how I treasure my online alias (read: worker man by day, ninja by night), expect the same anonymity from me. 🙂

          Don’t be frightened by my use of naughty romances. I’m a deer when it comes to those books. All talk, no action. XD

          Excited for you! The high school days where I thought I could write and publish books are over. I do want to read some sweet, old-fashioned romances peppered with mystery and horror. Especially heroines with a brain! *prays*

        • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

          Yeah, I love heroines with a brain too. However, most times, I do not start my heroines out that way. I am what ppl call a ‘developmental’ writer. I like that my characters grow through the stories. They do not start out awesome and I love to write about the fragility of the human race – eg: greed, fear, pride, jealousy etc and how ppl learn from their experiences to be better human beings. I do not always write using the feminine voice though coz some of my books focus on the hero and not necessarily a heroine. It’s not easy for a woman to write from a male perspective but hey, I’ve pulled it off before! 🙂

          Most times, however, I write in the 3rd person but the 21st century readers (younger generation) prefers to read from the 1st person – which explains why most of the best seller books nowadays were written from the 1st person perspective. It is interesting how the market had changed since the 1980s-1990s. I postulated that the preference for 1st person may mirror the emphasis on individualism in the current generation – ppl more interested in the thoughts and motivations of the main character over the progression of the story line. I see this preference for character over story in the entertainment industry where ppl would fuss over a character rather than the story. If the character is interesting and relates to reader, then the book or the drama or the movie is most likely successful. If you look at how Hollywood and Asian movies are made nowadays, the focus is on the character. The selling point is the character. This is a big change from the 1970s-1990s where a good story is the focus and not necessarily the character. Back then, you get movies and books that are really ‘deep’ and many had turned classic.

          Ok, I will cease to flood this message with my author ramblings. Do drop by at viki and follow our team with this drama. The female lead is simply adorable! I daresay she stole the show! 🙂

        • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

          YES! YES! YES! That’s what I always say! Develop your characters writers! Why is she bird brain in the beginning and bird brain at the end? *cries*

          I prefer the 3rd person narrative, something about reading “I do this… ” “I…do… that…” seems disconcerting to me as a reader. But it’s okay, write what floats your boat! There is story for everyone, no matter how others see it. I think I have to like the characters first before being drawn to the story. But having an awesome story being told through the trajectory of the characters is the most ideal storytelling for me.

          Janice Wu owns the show. No questions asked for me! Lol.

  6. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    i just deleted this drama files from my HD ext. after 7 episodes, i gave up. it was cute and adorable.. but.. the chemistry was so flat even she was amazingly good in this drama. i watched for her and the boys but then… just not my cup of tea.

    im gonna watch Janice’s next project. she’s a very potential actress 😀

    btw, is the male lead a Korean??? havent heard any thing with him.

    • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

      I don’t watch the drama to see their chemistry as this drama is his first debut. The nameless Korean guy never even act before, so I won’t keep my expectation high. The side story is a lot more interesting than the main ^_^

      • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

        actually I find the OTP chemistry is pretty good. It gets even better from ep 18 onwards.
        Kim Tae Heen is not the best actor but he is doing okay with this role since he is supposed to be 500 years old so his actions and thinking is like that of an older person. He does show that he loves the female lead in his own subtle way but definitely its not overt.

  7. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    I have decided to give this drama a try as DF subbing this. I don’t really like the nameless male lead, his act doesn’t require him to express feeling in more subtle way. Officer Li is the winner here! If you already watched to E14, you will know why.

    • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

      Yes, totally agree! Love ex-bf officer Li. He’s cute and is actually a really awesome guy. It’s going to be heart breaking as his story progresses =(

      The Korean guy is improving though. And he actually is cuter/more handsome than he appears. The hairstyle and clothing detracts so much from his potential. He looked good in the ancient and republican era clothing and hair styles. Too bad we get the stupid bangs and super long trench coats for the modern era.

      And I absolutely love the flash backs to show the male lead’s past. I think they did an excellent job with those scenes.

  8. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    I’ve watched the final episode for this drama and without giving away the ending…..let’s just say, I will not be surprised if there is a Season 2 or special episodes after the ending. 🙂

    • 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

      I hope that there is a season 2. Or a special. I guess it depends on the actors and the viewership and if tgey intended a season 2. It seams some Asian films love to have open ended endings. I really hope this drama is not one of them

  9. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    OMG!!! Kim Tae Hwan is very tall!!!! Seriously… loves his cold and no emotional look …kkk he is sooooo adorable! I am a huge fans of Janice now.. (She is the younger version of Tang Yan in My Sunshine drama right?) … She is sooo adorable..

    Conclusion this drama has lots of emoticons aka emoji based on their expression …. kkkk love it

    I don’t mind if they have the second season as long as the lead actor and actress act on it kkkkk

  10. 21 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend: Episode 1 “The Only Star.”

    After reading your first episode of this drama, I immediately watched this Kap!
    Everything was soooo cute >.<
    This was just the right mix of fluffy romcom drama since Boss and Me.
    Kappy, is there a second season for this? I wonder how Janice would look, acting as a mom (she looks just like a kid herself!)

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