Romcom Be With You with Ji Xiao Bing and Zhang Ya Qin

From the trailers and stills, this drama gives me vibes similar to Perfect and Casual. Be With You (好想和你在一起) is a romantic comedy featuring three different types of couples. Our leading couple is played by Ji Xiao Bing and Zhang Ya Qin. She’s a enthusiastic comic writer who needs inspiration for her book so she gets close to a cool and collected professor at school, believing he’s the perfect comic book hero. I don’t know why she needs to do that, just turn on the television and there’s inspiration, especially the cold but soft inside hero! Lol.

Began airing 11/19 ~

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  1. One thought on “Romcom Be With You with Ji Xiao Bing and Zhang Ya Qin

    im tired of these stories where young girls chase and chase after an older male…. the male lead here does look older too!

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