The Long-Awaited Joy of Life Season 2 with Zhang Ruo Yun, Wu Gang, and Li Qin confirms air date

My plan has changed. Now that I realize there’s a third part to this series. I’m gonna delay my viewing decision. Lol. Joy of Life Season 2 (庆余年 第二季) has confirmed to begin airing on 5/16! The first part ended on a cliff-hanger back in 2019 and I just count my lucky stars I did not watch it back then, the wait would have roasted me! xD

Synopsis Per MZTV: After leaving the audience in suspense with an impactful ending in the first season, Joy of Life 2 picks up the story where it left off. Fan Xian will face unprecedented pressure, a more complex situation, and even trickier challenges. The way he confronts the threats and life-or-death tests from the Second Prince and the Eldest Princess while striving to fulfill his mother’s ideals will become one of the highlights of the second season. As eagerly anticipated by fans of the FanWan couple, they will finally witness the long-awaited wedding of Fan Xian and Lin Wan’er. However, their sweet love will face unexpected trials after marriage.

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Have never seen such a happy-looking cast in terms of posters. Convinced me its a comedy. Lol


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