Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

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=======> ♦ Jackson Yi sings the ending themesong to Song of Phoenix.

=======> ♦ Kim So Hyun and Yoo Seung Ho‘s trailer for their saguek, Ruler: Master of the Mask. GAHHH. They are beautiful. Awaiting this Korean drama in May. Yoo Seung Ho: “Am I… handsome?” PUAHAHHA.

=======> ♦ Yang Mi‘s clip when she was little surfacing around on weibo. So cute.

=======> ♦ The Fox’s Summer‘s OST. Jiang Chao and Tan Song Yun both sing a song. Will start watching this weekend!! YAY!

=======> ♦ William Chan and JJ Lin as guests on Episode 2 of Keep Running! Dilraba is adorable, yelling OMG, OMG, OMG when she’s blindingly touching a bunny. LOL. Blind challenges are hilarious (William’s reaction when he supposedly breaks the thing.) Can see why William and Dilraba’s shippers go wild for them. They are really bright together but very careful and limited interactions today. The girl’s reaction when she realizes JJ Lin is her cash register person! HEEE!

=======> ♦

=======> ♦ Various memes of Janice Wu‘s leg-hugging skill, displayed in Fighter of the Destiny have been circulating.

=======> ♦ Jiang Xin and Hawick Lau sing for their currently airing drama, Heirs.

=======> ♦ Don’t forget Kevin Cheng and Tina Tang Yi Xin‘s kungfu drama, Tai Chi Master: The Door of Tai Chi. Two songs from the soundtrack. I love these songs! Sounds very old-school and powerful, by Han Lei and Yisa Yu. *thumbs up*

=======> ♦ Newest teaser for Royal Sister Returns with Ady An and Zhu Yi Long. GAHH! ME WANT.

=======> ♦ First look at A Step Into The Past 2017 with Chen Xiang and Guo Xiao Ting.

  1. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Among the currently-airing dramas, I’m watching Fighter of the Destiny and Surgeons. Both fall under the hilariously bad category. Might give them another week before fully dropping.

    Might start In the Name of the People, heard good things.

  2. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Tina’s bubbly face next to serious Kevin lol

  3. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    No drama to watch… but I am watching Please Take Care of My Refrigerator korean version! The S3 of the chinese version just aired but it was boring compared to before. So I went and dig out the Korean one and gosh, every episode is so interesting and funny!! I had a great time these few days binge watching the episodes haha!!

    Yes I am waiting for YSH and So Hyun’s new drama! Both are great actor and actress, and the trailer looks interesting!!! Though it looks like a melodrama again sobs!

    The OSTs for Tai Chi Master are quite nice!

    Its hard to beat the HK version of A Step into the Past.. It was such a great classic and the OST too, still listening to it till today!

  4. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    YES for Ady An and Zhu Yi Long!!! I’ve been waiting for so long that and FINALLY it happens!!! Do you know how many episodes per week is it going to air??? Also, what about Luhan’s Fighter of Destiny???

  5. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Finished Fox Falls in Love recently, and all I can say is…impatiently waiting for season 2. It’s FABULOUS! Spunky, full of chemistry, lots of unfairness and social angst yet our darling heroine isn’t letting ANYONE step all over her. She’s so flawed and relatable and unconventional, but oh my god she possesses super-human mental fortitude. The characters see her as a cheater, lier, bad person, but she has to be one of the strongest heroines I’ve seen. For all her flaws, she’s impeccably amazing where it counts, and I just love her so much.

    Also watching Fighter of Destiny…eh. It’s not great and could definitely be a LOT better, but the supporting characters really make the show for me. Janice is adorable and the other supporting guys (Zeng Shu Xi and the other dude) are great and are actually not too bad at acting so far. It’s hard to say acting wise how Lu Han’s doing, since his character is pretty bland and 2D right now (they all kind of are), but Gulnazar is sadly doing worse than Lu Han. He at least makes appropriate facial expression at the right times and emotes all right when called upon…Gulnazar sort of just has the one expression. Hopes she stops choosing the same roles and branches out a little more with characters that naturally have more personality…cuz it take a certain amount of skill to bring bland characters to life, and it’s skill she doesn’t have yet. Hopes she does more stuff like Fox Legend, cuz she actually showed some potential there.

    Haven’t been following k-ent for a really long time, but SO EXCITED for the KSH/YSH drama. Back when I watched a lot of kdramas and before YSH went to the army, I was totally in love with Yoo Seung Ho. Like he was one of my all time favorites, beyond comparison. Recently have also been loving Kim So Hyun, cuz damn that girl as talent and skill in spades! Her acting ROCKS. Will be so so excited for this.

    Also waiting for Ady and ZYL’s. At the same time, a little cautious cuz I’m not a fan of the plot and genre, but oh well. Will watch for them.

    Not in the mood for Name of the People or Surgeon, or Heirs, but might give JJF’s Lightening a shot when it comes out. According to today’s ep of Happy Camp, it’s out soon so fingers crossed. Sounds cheesy, but I’m SUCH a sucker for sports-themed shows so…sue me.

    Didn’t realized Chen Xiang was doing a new drama, but might check out cuz I generally kind of like him. And the drama’s pretty up my alley. I think.

    Will also be giving the Tai Chi thing (sorry Kevin and Tina…forgot the name) a shot. The trailer makes it seem like the plot gets messier and messier, but I kind of like the feel and atmosphere of it…and Tina’s great.

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

      I totally forgot about GLNZ decent acting in Fox Legend if you didn’t mention it!!! Yes, she was great in that drama, and that was what made me like her too! She was so adorable and bubbly inside, which was totally different from the other characters she has acted before, which were all the same. Whoever is choosing the script for her should be fired, or if she is the one choosing, find someone who can help her! She is already 25, and should really hurry and take the chance to try out different characters and hone her acting skills because she has that potential.

  6. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Waiting for Ruler: Master of the Mask. There’s also two more sageuks somewhere around May,but we shall see 😛
    Currently, re-watching Medical Examiner Dr.Qin while eating (aha, my stomach is pretty sturdy lol)
    Finished watching an anime series,Devil is a Part Timer. I still haven’t finish my other anime series.
    I’ll save Fox’s Summer, for summer LOL. It seems like a nice drama to watch in the summer anyhow. The other dramas don’t interest me, and I’ll wait to see how Royal Sister Returns fare.
    At this point, I’m kinda lazy to start new dramas plus there are exams. I know if I start a Chinese drama, I will bingewatch so bad. Gotta stop myself before it gets bad xD

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

      Any animes to recommend? I stopped watching since 2016 because somehow I just can’t seem to find the joy of finishing an anime anymore because they don’t interest me… I think it’s because I watched too many shows that my tastes became picky, which is so sad.. The last anime I watched (and didn’t even finish) was Orange and Bungou Stray Dogs. I miss the feeling of the old classic animes, and I have no problem rewatching them even though I fast forward them.

      • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

        Got really addicted to Bungou Stray Dogs <3
        Uh, I've watched The Devil is a Part Timer (the animation is a bit older than the 2016 ones… but it's funny 😛 ) , Senyu, SKET dance, Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (so funny), Tonari no Seki-kun: The Master of Killing Time
        There's Blood Blockade Battlefront that reminds me of older anime. The plot didn't intrigue me enough to bingewatch it.
        Definitely heard good things about Fate/Zero series, but I'm leaving that for summer to watch since there's so many episodes. There's My Hero Academia if you like One Punch Man/ Wan Pan Man 😛 But the main character isn't really a hero at the start of the show unlike Saitama.

        • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

          I shall try out what you recommended haha!
          I heard One Punch Man is really good but can’t bring myself to watch it because I am a visuals person haha! Will watch it some day.
          Fate/Zero is part of the Fate/Stay Night series right! The only anime I watched for that was the 2006 version hahaha! I wasn’t interested in the 2014 remake…

          SKET Dance is a classic omg! Now I feel like rewatching it! It made me laugh so badly, especially when they do the crossovers from Gintama HAHAHHA classic!!!!!!

      • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

        Like ChocolateCosmos, One Punch Man is REALLY REALLY good. IMO at least. It’s fantastic and hilarious. I’m not sure what kind of visuals you mean, but some of the sequences are really well done and the fight sequences are drawn and setup SO WELL visually, esp the one in the last ep.

        I’ve been starting Hunter x Hunter which has its ups and downs but overall all the characters are freaking adorable (in personality and in looks) and I esp like the main character and his bff. It’s so adorable and I feel like the main characters are impossible to not love. Haven’t finished yet. I heard the last arc gets pretty boring, but overall there are also some pretty cool fight moves and stuff.

        I haven’t watched yet, but a friend recommended Tokyo Ghoul to me. Really want to try that out after finals.

        And, not strictly anime, but the new Chinese animation adapted from the novel The King’s Avatar is pretty freaking good too. I’ve been loving it and it even motivated me to start reading the translated massive novel.

  7. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Watching Surgeons. I feel it’s pretty entertaining. On the other hand, In the Name of People just doesn’t resonate with me, so I don’t really have an urge to keep up with the episodes (not to mention that all are leaked already). Other than these two, there’s nothing else worth watching recently. It’s also funny how so many people decided to try Fighter of the Destiny then complain about how bad it is, when the main cast already looks horrible from the outset. I mean, you’re just asking for it lol.

  8. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Currently only watching Fighter of the Destiny. For a story about a guy dying and racing against time to cure himself, it doesn’t feel urgent. More like a slice of life.

    Though I actually like some of the characters, surprisingly. Lu Han’s character doesn’t have much depth, but he’s likable. He’s like Xuanzang pure. lol I like Luo Luo as well. She’s cute, after getting some use to. The rest I don’t know.

    I’ll just watch it for Luo Luo, hope it gets better plotwise. There’s like almost zero action.

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

      Same. Watching Fighter of Destiny but the story is a bit mess and the heroine doesn’t match with Lu Han’s beauty. Lol. It’s typical type of ancient fantasy drama but will stay tuned for a couple of episodes before deciding to drop or not. Now watching Sound of the Desert. Why didn’t I watch this drama sooner?! Well, it’s better late than never. Love love love Eddie!

  9. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Fast-forwarding Fighter of Destiny to Wu Qian parts, lol. Other than that I’m not watching any Chinese dramas, but I am pretty excited for Princess Agents.

  10. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Finished Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. The cute OTP is THE ultimate driving force of this drama, all the hopes and dreams were pinned on their chemistry. All the storylines were dragged out unnecessarily (purpose of the gangsters and their poop humor?)

    It would have been such an awesome show about Bong Soon saving the world with her two lackeys. LOL. Seriously!

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

      My mum said the same thing too! She was also criticising the 2nd male lead because of the bad acting skills and how he is even worse than the male lead who is actually an idol…

  11. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Hardly in love with Surgeon and Across The Ocean To See You. But gonna watch Royal Sister Returns when the sub is released 😀

    While Kdramas, hmm… I love Chicago Typewriter. Yoo Ah In is such an amazing actor. I love the chemistry between the actors. The plot is pretty good.
    Currently watching Tunnel, but i could figure out who is the killer only on ep 3. Sigh, i’ve watched too many thriller-crime dramas.. so nothing new to me, but it’s still good.
    Radiant Office… i like the Suicide Squad hehe…

    Cant finish any current Jdorama. Quit watching Yamapi and Kamenashi’s new dorama.

    No Thai lakorn on my plate hehe… Any recommendation my fellow Thai lakorn lovers here?

  12. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    I watched Operation Mekong in the plane last night and it was really great. Eddie Peng played his character really well. Haven’t had time or inclination to watch any others for now.

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

      Mekong is definitely on my to-watch list! Eddieeeee!

  13. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Started watching an animated series called 少年锦衣卫 The Young Imperial Guards, all because of this song 錦衣飛魚 https://youtu.be/2-Dag53KFFo
    The animation isn’t amazing but I quite like the characters and the story so far. I recognise some of the voice actors hehe. Would love to see a live-action drama version!

    For dramas, I’m watching Surgeons and The Heirs. Both are heavy dramas so I’m in need of something lighthearted!

    Yet to start The Fox’s Summer but it’s on my to-watch list. Waiting for Royal Sister Returns hehe. I’m also in the mood for a good kung-fu drama! Hopefully Taichi Master is good.

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

      GAHH! The song is lovely Tokkita! Thanks for sharing ~

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

      Have you seen Tencent and bilibili’s new animated series The King’s Avatar? It’s based on a really popular web novel (I think) and it’s really pretty good. I’m not a gamer but I actually really like it and it’s basically all about gaming. It motivated me to read the book and I wasted so much time being unproductive and blasting through 50-100 chapters (it’s massive with many many volumes).

      • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

        I watched a bit of the first ep but couldn’t get into it ^_^; Will probably wait til there’s more episodes and binge-watch. Can you please give me some spoilers haha?

  14. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Marathoned Fox’s summer. Now regretting it cos season 2 is still like 2 weeks away. Hate this new season formats. Way to kill interest.

  15. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Finally found something to take my mind off 3l3w…
    Surgeons –> didn’t not know Jin Dong had it in him to act a romantic melo role! Fast paced, good balance of humour & heart tugging stories with revenge (?) for a past incident. People on YouTube are calling it the medical version of Lan Ya Bang.
    Tunnel–> Korean mystery/ detective/ thriller drama. Face pace , well written with good acting.

    Waiting for Ode to Joy 2 & the other Liu Tao show…

  16. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    Finished Fox in the Summer and am waiting for season 2. The main couple’s chemistry is strong, and I just love Tan Song Yun’s portrayal of Li Yan Shu. She does a good job being thick-skinned without being shameless. Before this I had never watched Jiang Chao so I wasn’t expecting anything from him, but he handles being the CEO part pretty well.

    Need season 2 ASAP!

    Surgeons is a little heavy for my current mood so I’ve been watching Fighter of the Destiny. Clearly not in it for the acting and I am not a fantasy/xianxia fan in general. At least it’s entertaining for the most part so I’m not taking anything seriously. (Except Gulnazar please use your facial muscles more!)

    Janice Wu is adorable as Luo Luo. I know people were criticizing her makeup but I took it as part of the fact that she’s a demon princess. Plus, there are far worse makeup trends out there.

    I also started Glory of Tang Dynasty II but am watching it at a snail’s pace. Dugu Jingyao makes my blood boil hence my unwillingness to spend more time on it. The only time she was actually cool to watch was her first appearance in the first season. After that she proved time after time that she was just a scheming, selfish and ungrateful person. She shames the title “general” for all the crap she has pulled since season 1.

    • 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

      Agree agree about Fox in the Summer. Just too many good things to say about it, from plot pace, character detail and how they’re written, to fantastic acting, to great chemistry. It’s great.

      Same about the mood. Wanted to try Surgeons but just couldn’t bring myself to start. While FotD is mediocre and pretty full of cliches it’s decently entertaining (somehow much better than Legend of Chusen despite similarities in story and genre) and while Luhan’s not great, he’s definitely likable and emotes decently well for the character, which really isn’t very complex itself. All the supporting characters are cute and entertaining and of course Janice is absolutely ADORABLE. She can pull of different levels of cute so well. Like I just watched her cute from Silent Separation and she was still cute but was subtly different. Like here she’s appropriately adorable and appropriately exaggerated (it is fantasy and idol at that) but there she was just as cute but more first-love-college-student cute. I feel like Janice is also type-casted but unlike others (heh-hem Gulnazar – I love u and u could have potential but you really haven’t been showing any of that potential except like once in ur career) she can actually grasp the nuances and express her characters differently and like their own person despite the fact that they’re similar roles.

      Not really watching much else. I’m watching King’s Avatar (animated) but it only has 1-2 eps a week so that’s slow going. Also saw ep 1 of Divas Hit the Road3 and not much to say. Kind of boring with little relationship dynamic so far (it’s moving fast and they aren’t showing much detailed interactions so not a lot of personality shines through). On the other hand, LOVING Chen Bolin and Maggie’s sections. Maggie’s got a great personality and Chen Bolin’s individual roadtrip portion in Africa is really nice and got great atmosphere…he’s also really capable.

  17. 31 thoughts on “Drama-Binging: What Are You Watching? (7)

    After Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, tv dramas suddenly seem not so enjoyable. maybe i enjoy the chemistry in the former oh too much. Ive recently started Secret Romance, which uses a lot of typical rom com tropes and cliches but suprisingly theres some chemistry between the leads. I’m usually in a drama when the chemistry is there. Last year was Weightlifting Fairy that surprised me. Come May there will be more dramas to look forward to.. and epic pairings of Yoo Seung Ho-Kim So hyun, Park Seo Joon-Kim Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook-Nam Ji Hyun.
    On C dramas I’m planning to watch Fighter of Destiny – Janice Wu’s parts only.

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