Jiang Jin Fu and George Hu fence it out in Lightning

Lightning (进击吧,闪电) is upcoming sport drama about fencing, starring Jiang Jin Fu, Chen Ya An, and Taiwanese actor George Hu.

Me love sports dramas and we have a few this summer. 😉

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Jiang Jin Fu.

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George Hu.

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Chen Ya An. She was in webdrama, My Fair Lady.

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Joyce Feng Wen Juan.

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First Trailer:

  • Synopsis written by team member Maknae and Tranzgeek: Leng Zi Feng (Jiang Jin Fu) used to be a new star who gradually rose to prominence in the boxing world, but after he meets Zhao Yi Hong (Chen Ya An), who comes from a prominent fencing family, he changes his life’s path. To bring out his fencing dream, the two people join a strong fencing school at Zhenyu College. The novice Zi Feng and the Yi Hong don’t have any talent advance through the ranks. To receive a definite affirmation [that they will succeed], the two people mutually assist each other, harshly training and overcoming many hardships with great effort. Leng Zi Feng becomes the unexpected winner of fencing with the most potential, and Zhao Yi Hong becomes someone who is ever victorious with her strategies and wisdom. Just when the two people prepare to join the nation’s training team, and when they are determined to win the prize, an unexpected mishap occurs which involves resentment and grudges from 20 years ago. Originally, Leng Zi Feng’s father was also a national fencing athlete, but he was coerced by Zhao Yi Hong’s father through selfish means and injured, and withdrew from the fencing world quietly, concealing his identity until now. At the international competition, a powerful enemy pushes down. When facing the honor of a nation, the two people will put down this grudge and struggle with all their strength together, and fight together for their nation, and they will also sincerely battle for each other.

Directed by Zhang Xiao Chen (Song of Phoenix) and written by Chen Xin Yi, I Lightning premieres April 17th with 30 episodes. It has been pushed back to air during “sports” season. When’s that?

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Jiang Jin Fu and George Hu fence it out in Lightning

    Oh wow! George Hu is finally back in the small screen? I missed him!!! This looks pretty good – their stance and demeanor are all on point. Looking forward to this!

  2. 2 thoughts on “Jiang Jin Fu and George Hu fence it out in Lightning

    wish this nonsense with the V sign posing would stop!

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