Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

This is an image-heavy post! I should make a habit for every Friday but I’m a spontaneous person at heart. 😉

Happy Weekend and Christmas vacation to all! Xmas is NEXT SUNDAY! SAY WHUUUT?

Click to See Beautiful Pictures! Drooling is allowed.

The lucky man of this month. Luo Jin. Simple and classic. And pink lips. LOL! (inside joke now? XD)

 photo hu-14.jpg

 photo hu-13.jpg

 photo hu-12.jpg

 photo hu-11.jpg

 photo hu-10.jpg

 photo hu-9.jpg

 photo hu-8.jpg

 photo hu-7.jpg

 photo hu-6.jpg

Haden Kuo for the boys. I take you guys in consideration, no worries, gentlemen!

 photo hu-21.jpg

 photo hu-20.jpg

 photo hu-22.jpg

 photo hu-23.jpg

 photo hu-24.jpg

 photo hu-25.jpg

Oh? Whose sexy lips are these? Could it be the best actor aka I-don’t-have-a-GF Huang Xuan? LOL! You got me fooled, boo! He’s one of the stars invited to grace COSMO covers for January 2017.

 photo hu-26.jpg

 photo hu-32.jpg

 photo hu-33.jpg

 photo hu-31.jpg

 photo hu-27.jpg

 photo hu-28.jpg

 photo hu-34.jpg

 photo hu-29.jpg

 photo hu-30.jpg

Yep. Nick Wang Kai is also invited by Cosmo!

 photo hu-43.jpg

 photo hu-41.jpg

 photo hu-40.jpg

 photo hu-39.jpg

 photo hu-38.jpg

 photo hu-37.jpg

 photo hu-36.jpg

 photo hu-35.jpg

And lovely lady Sandra Ma! Pure happiness.

 photo hu-52.jpg

 photo hu-51.jpg

 photo hu-50.jpg

 photo hu-49.jpg

 photo hu-48.jpg

 photo hu-47.jpg

A little Yang Yang in the house!

 photo hu-58.jpg

 photo hu-59.jpg

This is him handing YOU! and YOU! and YOU! His heart. (yes, he’s a player!) heh.

 photo hu-57.jpg

 photo hu-56.jpg

 photo hu-55.jpg

 photo hu-54.jpg

 photo hu-53.jpg

My favorite because Mr. Ma is stunning, so is the lady riding him. =D

 photo hu-60.jpg

 photo hu-61.jpg

 photo hu-62.jpg

 photo hu-63.jpg

 photo hu-66.jpg

 photo hu-65.jpg

 photo hu-64.jpg

Hu Ge and Liu Wen for VOUGE.

 photo hu-5.jpg

 photo hu-1.jpg

 photo hu-2.jpg

 photo hu-4.jpg

 photo hu-3.jpg

Christmas with HuHu!

 photo hu-19.jpg

 photo hu-18.jpg

 photo hu-17.jpg

 photo hu-16.jpg

I hope the letter is for me. I HAVE BEEN A GOOD GIRL ALL YEAR, Santa HuHu. ;]

 photo hu-15.jpg

  1. 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

    So visually pleasing. Luo Jin is definitely a winner here. Haden Kuo is stunning. For some reason, Wang Kai, Huang Xuan and Yang Yang all have super sleek side profile.
    On a side note, thank you for posting magazine pictorials Kappy. Definitely wouldn’t mind if you post more often.

  2. 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

    hahahahhaha santa huhu :’D that got me pahaha

  3. 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

    Luo Jin ❤️️ He look so handsome.

  4. 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

    Hu Ge can you look any better? <3 that man just gets exponentially more awesome and hotter and more absolutely fucking handsome every year. Obviously all the dudes are looking fantastic, YY with his pretty, symmetrical face and the smoldering star, Wang Kai and his super sharp and angular bone structure (in the best-looking way) and the way his suits always look amazing on him, but Hu Ge has and will always have my heart from start to finish.

    Happy holiday season and festive cheer folks!

    • 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

      Hu Ge looks so damn fine! Yes Hu Ge I will spend xmas with you heheeheheh. Thanks for the lovely photos!!

  5. 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

    Thanks to their parents for producing such hot and charming sons!

    Liu Shishi is unrecognizable no thanks to extremely photoshopped pictures. There ought to be limits to this practice.

  6. 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

    Everyone looks great!! What a treat that was for my eyes <3 Always thought Luo Jin was attractive since Schemes of a Beauty, but his image and looks are on another level these days.

    I mean he's never been known for his looks, and he still looks the same as before but more prettier now? Not just in these gorgeous shoots, but overall. And he's getting more popular these days, first for Princess Weiyoung then obvs for coming out on his relationship with Tiff in weibo

    Zero complaints here 'cause these talented formerly underrated actors, like him and Huang Xuan, deserve all the success and I couldn't be happier to see actual, hardworking talents take the spotlight once in awhile instead of pretty people who suck at what they do.

    And LSS does that girl EVER have a bad picture?! totally lovin her set here ?

  7. 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

    Luo Jin is my favorite. He is so handsome and his sweet, cute smile melts my heart! His acting is super. His eyes tear up just at the right moment in the scene. So happy that he found his lady love. Hope they do more dramas together, that would be a real treat. More Luo Jin/Tang Yan pics please!

  8. 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

    I know right..

    I thought Princess Weiyoung was my first drama with him.. Ofcourse I knew who he was, but I had never watched any drama of him before (at least that is what I thought lol) and then there comes this awkward moment when I was reading through his Wikipedia page.. I had totally forgotten that he was in Scheming Beauty and a ton of other Yumama dramas that I have seen as well! I guess he just never really caught my eye until now. I find him really attractive and handsome right now. I was legitimately impressed with some of his scenes in PWY. And also, his singing voice is making my insides melt away. His chest and muscles are too die for too. Lol. I’m currently in a semi-fan girl mode. Have been skimming through his Weibo (yep! 45+ pages in total.. From 2010 to 2016 lol) to get to know him a lil bit better. And I’m quite surprised to find out that he had already gained 10000+ comments for his posts since years ago (didn’t know that he has always been quite popular throughout the years).

    Some facts that I have discovered:
    – He loves to watch movies, particularly Western cinema, but he also watches some Korean films lol.
    – He is a Leslie Cheung and Denzel Washington fanboy.
    – Used to mention his parents a lot on Weibo.
    – Apparently he has also acted as one of the main cast in a film (Biutiful) directed by Oscar winning Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (director of The Revenant, Babel and Birdman etc.). And he is still friends with the director.
    – He has only liked three posts (LOL!).

    OK.. Enough about Luo Jin.

    I’m impressed with Huang Xuan’s acting as well lol. He seemed so sincere and dorky when he claimed to be single last week. Tsk.. Naughty boy.

    • 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

      Thanks for the quick list Bwear! Just like most people, I have only fallen for him very recently because of his cheeky grins whenever he looks at Wei Young aka Tang Tang. Like he was really into her… which he was and is!

    • 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

      Totally agree about being impressed during a few scenes in PWY, especially near the end. And never once did he overdo or overact on those affectionate gazes at Tiff yet made my insides melt XD. Always been a solid actor, although relatively unknown during Schemes of a Beauty I thought he was one of the best actors in what was already a standout/star-studded cast. I ended up watching Beauties of an Emperor after PWY to see more of his works, and again he was the best actor there.

      Thanks for sharing those fun facts about Luo Jin. My Chinese is super limited reading-wise, and I would’ve never found out those things about him if it weren’t for you so thank you for that! I liked him as an actor before but now I’m definitely a big fan <3

    • 13 thoughts on “Friday Photoshoots: Sandra Ma, Luo Jin, Hu Ge, Wang Kai

      Love the photos of Luo Jin and Hu Ge (and Liu Wen!). Their photos feel the most naturally handsome whereas the other guys look a little too posed IMO. Both guys are ageing like fine wine =)

      I was a fan of both Luo Jin and Hu Ge from the very first time I saw them in a drama. For Luo Jin, he didn’t have the same breakout role that Hu Ge did though.

      The first drama I watched with Luo Jin was 穆桂英挂帅 (Mu Guiying Command?). He was amazing in that. The female lead looked older than him so it often felt visually mismatched, but both were great actors. And they nailed it with their chemistry, from her initial crush and his disdain for her to their relationship. The scene where she did a swordplay dance around him was fun and sexy (who knew swordplay could be sexy?). He finally admitted her had feelings for her at that moment and it was very well done. I think I need to go re-watch this drama now! LOL

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