Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

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English Title: Rookie Agent Rouge
Chinese/Korean/Japanese Title: 胭脂
Cast: Zhao Li Ying, Lu Yi
# of Episodes: 45
Airing Days: TBA
Broadcasting Station: Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV
Synopsis: The story follows the growth of our heroine as she goes from a spoiled, reckless, rich girl to a patriotic young woman, acting as a spy to chase out the traitors working for the enemy during the period of Anti-Japanese sentiments. Lu Yi portrays an experienced officer, guiding and providing support along the way as she navigates through treacherous grounds. [Credit: AVV]

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Subbing Group: Viki

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Kappy: We are gonna die of ZLY-drought after this series is over. T___T Cherish it. Love it. Lol.

Our Seashell’s First Impression Rating Chart (added entertainment value b/c something can be bad but entertaining!)
– Story:
– Chemistry:
– Acting:
– Directing:
– Entertainment Value:

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  1. 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

    Yaayy!!! It’s here! And it’s licensed by Viki too, so English sub is available (up until ep 3, last time I checked).

    Here we go, my initial judgment!

    – Story: ✪✪. OK, I must say that based on the first 3 eps that are already subbed, the script isn’t the best out there. Dialogues could’ve been better written, as to me they sound like the shows on Disney channel. I also feel like I have to drop my brain a few times.

    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪✪ –> sooo good! Especially between Liying and Yuan Wen Kang. Love every scene they are together! Also great between Liying and Tao Xin Ran. Lu Yi just starts to appear in ep 2 or 3.

    – Acting: ✪✪✪✪ –> it’s the acting of the main cast & their chemistry that keep drawing me in.

    – Directing: ✪✪✪✪ . Decent, but could’ve been better. Good pace, though!

    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪. While the dialogues & the plot so far are pretty sub par, the direction & acting make for it. Will definitely follow this.

  2. 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

    SPOILERS AHEAD. Only watched up to episode 4 right now.

    – Story: ✪✪✪ 1/2

    Easy to understand. A young and inexperienced spy goes through the trials and tribulations to complete her mission and save her country and fall in love along the way.

    Like many espionage dramas in this period, there’s always multiple identities and also different political parties. You kind of have to read up on the background on your own time if you truly want to know who’s who.

    My main gripe is that even with veteran actors, this whole show seems to scream “idol drama” to me.

    The opening credits are beautiful but the song is just not my cup of tea. In addition to that, the style of clothes! Way, way too flashy even though they are extremely cute. It’s probably just my personal taste as I very much prefer the muted tones for this period, like Disguiser and Sparrow. Muted colors bring about a poignant mood. Suits what they’re facing to be honest.

    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪

    The four stars is really for Yuan Wen Kang (Song Mian) and Li Ying (Yan Zhi). It’s a sinking ship since we know Lu Yi is the male lead here but I can’t help but enjoy the scenes where Yan Zhi teases Song Mian or when he gets annoyed during all the tests she took. I’m definitely seeing the sparks between them and it will be hard to convince me that she belongs with Lu Yi’s character.

    – Acting: ✪✪✪✪

    Solid acting from everyone so far. Most of them are veteran actors so I don’t have any doubts about their acting. It’s a great opportunity for Li Ying as well. I also love seeing Li Ying play this kind of character. Rebellious, independent, intelligent and has the potential to kick anyone’s butt. No Mary Sue for her. She’s smart alecky right now but not annoying at all.

    – Directing: ✪✪✪

    OK so far.

    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪

    It’s highly entertaining to watch Yan Zhi flirt with Song Mian, I’ll admit. But I also like watching Yan Zhi attempt to complete her first mission.

    But I’m giving this 3 stars for the following:

    They misspelled the wrong cafe for Catherine Cafe in episode 4. The typo is everywhere in the cafe. I’m not impressed. Unless of course, “acfe” is the word for cafe in a language that I don’t know. Ah well.

    I’m also not buying the fact that a paper airplane flew from the 2nd floor balcony of a huge house all the way to a fruit stand or the fact that Yan Zhi managed to guess correctly the number of rose petals. (Too idol drama again.) I get that she’s very intelligent and most likely has a high IQ but…really?!

    • 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

      imma give our female lead a pass because of all the male geeeeeeniuses running amok in dramaland. lol.

      im only at episode 1. hahah need subs for lan ling!!! wahhhhhhhhh

    • 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

      I rolled my eyes so hard at the flower petals. The airplane is way more believable going off personal childhood experience living on a second floor 😛
      But back to the flower petals, it was so unnecessary. I actually like their outfits, they look old fashioned but not super pretty and some even a bit tacky. I can picture my grandma wearing something like that in her youth.

  3. 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

    Lol don’t get me wrong. I like her so far, just not the way they are showing us how smart she is by counting flower petals. XD

    how do you keep up, frea? I already have no more drama time left!

    • 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

      i work in an office…. and my uncle is the boss so im not afraid of getting fired!! hahahha XD

      counting petals, i swear another character has done it before to show their genius-ness. LOL.

    • 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

      — BIG, BIG SPOILER —

      The petal counting annoys me, but is also amusing for the absurdity. The conversation between Yan Zhi and her parents doesn’t sound like a real family, because of its clicheness. The spies are quite laughable because some are too careless for their job and some happily disclose their identity. Like I said above, I need to park my brain at times because logic is sometimes missing. But I will still be watching for the cast and their acting! 🙂

      • 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

        Ditto. I’ll just have to remind myself that I’m watching it for the cast and not really for the story lol.

  4. 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

    Good .
    I’m watching this too .
    Hopefully it can match the excitement of 麻雀 Sparrow .
    Please give priority to this drama & upload as many as possible .

  5. 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

    Up to ep. 8:

    – Story:✪✪✪ Ok so far.
    – Chemistry: ZLY+YWK=✪✪✪✪✪, ZLY+LY=? i’m not sure yet, ZLY/YWK + YWK’s boss= ✪✪✪✪ -I don’t know who this actor is but I like how he can switch between a benevolent uncle persona and a calculating professional without blinking … I did not buy the friendship between ZLY and her friend, will probably look better once they are enemies… The other roles- nothing worth writing about yet.
    – Acting:✪✪✪ So-so…
    – Directing:✪✪✪ This is not the prettiest drama.
    – Entertainment Value:✪✪✪✪ because I expect it to get better, much better, once payback time comes.

  6. 16 thoughts on “Cdrama: Rookie Agent Rouge Episodes

    Hello Kappy. Ep. 18 has audio problem starting 30:25. Please check. Thank you.

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