Proud of Love: Episode 4 Recap “Rumors Away!”

Who knew that Shen Xi could be so perverted *cough cough* while stirring up so much drama at the same time? It’s rumors away! But I blame it on Monkey!

The moment He Zhi Zhou finds out that everyone thinks that he’s gay, he storms into the boy’s dormitory, making his way to Shen Xi’s dorm room. He says, “Come out! Now!”

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Poor Shen Xi is left wondering whats going on…or how she’s going to deal with the consequences.

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While outside, she is subject to the harsh lecture. Awww. Shen Xi’s main line of defense is: “I can’t control myself well. Waaah.” lol ‘can’t control myself well’? very very fishy statement 😛

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When he gets back into the dorm room, Brawny and Monkey pretend they weren’t just talking about…He Zhi Zhou’s relationship status. Shen Xi sits down a little glumly. Monkey spurs Brawny on, and Brawny says, “I want to go run with you but I don’t know which way you are running.” Yup…running refers to relationship status. So smooth Brawny…

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Shen Xi immediately says “Of course not! It’s just that…I can’t control myself well (ok you did not just say that).” Monkey immediately says, “Ohhhh I know what you are now. You’re a virgin.” -_- whats that gotta do with anything?!

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Thus, Monkey and Brawny decide to educate him on the ways of how to seduce a girl…which totally works…when you’re teaching these techniques to a girl.

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Monkey explains his world famous tactic: the Three Second Stare. He looks at the girl for three seconds, looks away for three seconds, and immediately looks back. It sounds stupid…it is stupid.

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In the end, Monkey gets so worked up, that the girl he imagined he was pinning to the wall turns out to be Brawny.

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Now it’s Shen Xi’s turn to prove that she’s learned all these tactics. She sits at a table while girls come up to her. “Using” Monkey’s technique, she lets the girls sit at the table for three seconds, and then says “Next!” This isn’t seen as callous at all, apparently, because the girls gush about how handsome He Zhi Zhou is. Halfway through the process, Brawny gets in line (did we not already establish Shen Xi is NOT gay?!) This guy with a fetish…really can’t stand him XP

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Now rumors are spreading that He Zhi Zhou is a three second guy (in my understanding, someone who will toss away a gal after three seconds without even trying to get to know her). Well that is true….but it’s Monkey’s fault!

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When Shen Xi gets back to the dormitory, after all that girl-hunting, she finds Lin Yu Tang. She asks Lin Yu Tang how he is doing with life. He says that his relationship…is going a little downhill. Shen Xi immediately forgets that she is a guy and gets closer to Lin Yu Tang. She says, “What’s wrong?” Lin Yu Tang says that Shen Xi has been acting very strangely recently, almost like she’s changed into another person…if only you knew. Shen Xi immediately gets outraged, “WHAT?! Shen Xi has been so mean to you! Impossible!” Well..I think we all know what Shen Xi is going to do next.

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When Lin Yu Tang goes out into the hallway, Shen Xi makes a move to follow him, only to be met by Brawny and Monkey. They immediately beg her to go out with them to maintain the love of her fans! Apparently, people want to meet him NOW, otherwise they will no longer continue loving (him). Well then…

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Shen Xi agrees…and Brawny carries out his fetish yet again.

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They drag him to a cult-like temple where he is forced to swear to become their brothers, despite his unwillingness….and he is forced to do a weird dance. I have no idea why they did this but they are weird.

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The next day, the alarm clock rings, and Shen Xi claps her hands on her ears. She sees Lin Yu Tang sleeping peacefully in bed, and goes over to look at her male idol.

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When she sits up again…she is smiling. But…she looks under the blankets…and what does she find?! Let your imaginations run wild…

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In the bathroom, she immediately calls He Zhi Zhou for help! She says “I can’t push it down!” The uncaring He Zhi Zhou says, “Then push it harder!”

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The poor Shen Xi has no choice but to follow his orders.

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The two meet up outside, Shen Xi with an obvious ache (there). He Zhi Zhou is mad at her for not being able to control herself.

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Shen Xi says, “Sorry but it is a lost cause.”

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And this makes Shen Xi get riled up about He Zhi Zhou. Why is her relationship with Lin Yu Tang going sour? And why does He Zhi Zhou keep ruining everything?!

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Their argument goes downhill from there, but is stopped when an old woman stares blatantly at them. Lol their shocked faces.

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Shen Xi finds He Zhi Zhou in the library and asks him why he isn’t at his dance classes?! He Zhi Zhou says he’s still finding a cure. HZZ proceeds to say that if Shen Xi actually used her new brain, she would be able to find a solution.

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After the argument escalates, the huffy He Zhi Zhou walks away.

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Shen Xi is mad! First it was the dance classes and Lin Yu Tang and now he’s insulting her! This can’t be tolerated!

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Shen Xi catches up with He Zhi Zhou outside and pulls at his hand.

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She huffily asks for her cell phone back so she can text Lin Yu Tang and tell him that she’s actually okay, and not going crazy since she can’t rely on He Zhi Zhou not to mess anything up!!

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When He Zhi Zhou finally sees Shen Xi leave, the wind whips at hair, a premonition for what is to come. Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Lol.

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He Zhi Zhou storms into the hair salon and demands a haircut from “Tom”. When told that “Tom” really does exist, he says “OK just give it to me.” (Haha don’t remember if the hair stylist’s name was Tom or not)

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Meanwhile, back at the dorm Shen Xi is anxious to begin texting Lin Yu Tang as she….smells her armpit and remarks that the lack of hair is so much more cooler.

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Then, she gets to official business. “Tang Tang, I know I’ve been acting weird for the past few days, but I really really do still like you and I’m sorry! Just treat it like it didn’t happen.”

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While she’s ripping off He Zhi Zhou’s leg hair, he suddenly gets a text from Dou Dou that says, “You look so good with short hair.”

Shen Xi is like OMG WHAT??

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Back at the scene, she confronts He Zhi Zhou angrily!! When He Zhi Zhou realizes that all of his hair is gone, he gets into a frenzy. It was a show of his manliness!! Which ultimately leads to…

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A total dog fight. Both are clutching each other’s heads like their life depends on it.

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Luckily Lin Yu Tang comes in to save He Zhi Zhou otherwise, they would tear each other apart. While consoling He Zhi Zhou, Lin Yu Tang says, “Be good.” Shen Xi can’t believe that her idol…just called her nice and obedient.

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Back at the dormitory again, Shen Xi is determined to make He Zhi Zhou feel the fruit of his actions. Without further ado she begins to torture his body, beginning with his hair proceeding to slap his face.

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Brawny and Monkey somehow stumble in and ask him what she’s doing. She says something like ‘i am slapping all the flies away!’ After a while, she can’t continue on anymore, because it hurts!! Since Brawny and Monkey are there though, she’s a little forced to continue on…even if she can’t stand it. Haha. When Brawny volunteers to slap her face for her she shakes her head and continues to slap on, depressed.

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When it’s nighttime Shen Xi holds her phone sadly, thinking of what to tell Tang Tang. After much thought she decides to tell him that she’s cut her hair and it’s ugly!!

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Tang Tang replies with “Short hair is beautiful,” cheering Shen Xi up!

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Tranzgeek: Awww did anyone know Shen Xi could be so perverted? Lol. I’ll be leaving the rest of the episodes to viki as I’ve heard they’re translating at breakneck speed. Tong Meng Shi is still the cutest <3 and Vivian Sung as well!

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    Thanks Tranzgeek! Just read that there will be a Season 2 with a complete different storyline. Lol. Aiya!

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