Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

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English Title: Green Hill Fox Legend (Legend of the Nine-Tailed Foxes)
Chinese Title: 青丘狐传说
Cast: Nick Wang, Gina Jin, Jiang Jin Fu, Gulnazar
# of Episodes: ~40
Airing Days: Mons & Tues
Broadcasting Station: HNTV
Synopsis: Six strange stories from a Chinese Studio of Liao Zhai Zhi Yi is a collection of nearly 500 mostly supernatural tales written by Pu Song Ling. Adapted into this TV series are “Feng San Niang”, “A Xiu”, “Ying Ning”, “Hu Si Xiang Gong”, “Chang Ting” and “Heng Niang” [Credit: Wiki]

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  1. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    C’mon guys! Where’s the Cdrama team spirit? Me first!

    – Story: ✪✪✪ any added twists?
    – Chemistry: ✪✪✪✪
    – Acting: ✪✪✪1/2
    – Directing: ✪✪✪
    – Entertainment Value: ✪✪✪✪

    Not drawn by the series but still want to see the fresh faces Tangren picked for their dramas! The girl in red from Wuxin looks really pretty in ancient costumes. In modern dramas, she looks so freaky with the thin arms, as mentioned.

    Mike is clearly acting here. LOL. I like him in Surprise. Funny.

  2. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    Hmmm… It’s still too early for me to judge, but I was really looking forward to watching Chen Yao’s story (and I’m glad she went first!!!).

    But I’m not really liking that she’s like a third wheel. I kinda wanted her and Yao Yi Chen to somewhat have a storyline… I think the two are cute together! Sigh. But I’ll keep watching!

  3. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    was so anticipating this drama but can’t get over the horrible cg and weird ears. Can’t get into the storyline at all. Big disappointment for me 🙁

  4. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    For now,
    Entertainment Value:✪✪✪✪
    The plot isn’t really something new but I do like it. The drama has potential, seeing as to how things I going.
    The main highlight, to me, is all the new actors and actresses (it’s honestly so interesting and nice to see all the new faces) Though their acting may not be up to standard, I thought they did quite well with bringing the audience into the story.
    So far so good, the drama is nice enough for me to continue to wait for the next episode.
    I thought Chen Yao was going to be with Zhang RuoYun again, but I was wrong…was looking forward to seeing them as a couple.. sigh! Oh well!

  5. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    I do hope the next story is about Gina and Nick Wang!!! Im looking forward to see this couple on screen!!!!!!!! Gina looks so pretty in the drama, but I don’t really like whoever dubbed her voice, Gina sounded so old……

    • 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

      Apparently Nick and Gina’s story will be the last one of the lot, so we’re in for a bit of a wait…

      That’s what I heard anyway cuz I’m only watching for their part (LOL)

      • 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

        Seriously??? Danggg…! They must realize many are drawn by these two, so they prolong the viewership by putting their arc in the end. Oh well. Luckily there are quite a few interesting dramas coming out this Feb (and I can always turn to older dramas that I haven’t watched), so I can patiently wait for the gorgeous pair :D.

        • 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

          Yeah I only wanna watch their story, so I guess I’ll just wait. But as you said, there are other dramas that we can watch to pass the time 🙂

  6. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    Pleasantly surprised so far. The isn’t anything captivating, though it is decent enough for me to want to follow it, but I am drawn into the characters, the new cast and the overall tone of this drama.

    Was initially watching for Chen Yao and Zhang Ruoyun, but I ended up being more attracted to Chen Yao and Yao Yichen’s chemistry, tbh. Also, Yao Yichen gives me a lot of young He Ge vibes in the drama lol.

    • 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

      LOL. Yao Yi Chen’s character reminds me so much of Hu Ge’s Jing Tian!!! Every time I see him on screen, I think of Hu Ge… Hahaha… It could just be that I really miss watching CP3. Also, I do like his chemistry with Chen Yao. Those two are so funny together. I wish they were the OTP…. Sigh.

      • 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

        Yes, exactly! Even his voice (or the one dubbing his voice) reminds me a lot of Hu Ge’s voice…

    • 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

      I guess they might be blocked on your side of the world. =/

  7. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    Seriously, Jing Fu totally rocks his role in here. His long hair and gosh that serious look in his eyes makes him 100% more handsome. I prefer his serious face than his happy-go-lucky or pity face. I can’t wait for Gulnazar to torture him with her cuteness. Five stories… I must wait that long!

  8. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    Cant watch T_T (this video not available) hiks hiks hiks,,,,

  9. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    Just finished Hua Yue’s story!!! Hmmm… I wouldn’t say I liked the storyline, but I think Chen Yao’s performance was good! She is cute and very cool! I also think Yao Yi Chen did a good job portraying the Taoist Priest.

    Unfortunately, the story wasn’t all that interesting, even though I did have my hopes up for it. I know Hua Yue was supposed to sacrifice for love, but there was really no development in her love towards Liu Zi Gu.I know there are limited episodes, but there was no spark between them (but I think Chen Yao Zhang Ruo Yun do have chemistry, just that their characters in this story didn’t)… Honestly, I think she sacrificed more for A Xiu’s sake than Zi Gu’s. LOL.

    Overall, I hope that the next collaboration between CY and ZRY has them actually having a happy ending. And, than CY and YYC collaborate together more often, too!!! ^_^ I like this actress and these actors and I think they all have good potential. Looking forward to future collabs!

  10. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    I had finished Hua Yue story and currently watching Fei Yue and Feng Qianru story. I must say that it is very entertaining so far. I like all the actresses and actors. Very refreshing to see new faces. Looking forward to finishing all the episodes.

  11. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    I’m interested in checking out this Chinese drama. The costumes and posters look awesome. Just a little hesitant on the CGI… I’m afraid it might make me cringe. 🙂

  12. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    does anyone know what happened to mike d. angelo’s story line? the drunk fox? ep 21 is supposed to be the next one but it suddenly jumped to gina’s story. i’ve read that they cut it out because it contains lgbt themes. i was truly enjoying myself with this story compared to the others which were meh, so it’s too bad that they would cut it just because of that. thank you.

    • 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

      And you read that right! It was censored for LGBT storyline, which was total BS. The-power-that-be lost their collective minds over the popularity of dramas GPG and Addiction and decided that they don’t want any “non-family-friendly” themes on TV or internet TV. Sigh… There goes all the good dramas from China.

      I thought Mike’s story was, by far, the funniest story line. I was so upset when ep21 skipped to a different story. But I found posts on weibo that linked to the missing episodes. I haven’t checked them out yet, so I couldn’t tell you exactly what happened later on. The gist of the later story was Mike saved Zhang from the Man-hater, but Zhang was paralyzed or had a mental breakdown (?) from the encounter. Mike and Jin’s wedding went forward, but Mike had second thoughts. He preferred caring for Zhang over marrying Jin for the rest of his life. Nonetheless, the wedding planning continued. Zhang finally realized that he loved Jin and tried to sabotage the wedding. Mike recovered his memory and wanted to punish Zhang and Jin for lying to him. After much chaos, he learned why his previous 76 relationships always ended in failure. The end.

    • 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

      I’m only reading these messages today. Regarding Ep21, I’m guessing this is related to the latest SAR(PP?)FT incident. LGBT-themed web series “Addicted”, “Go Princess Go” got too popular and got banned. So I presume Green Hill ep 21 is affected and got edited. I think some time in Feb, after Valentine’s day, Addicted was banned, with about 3 episodes left.

      I am lukewarm about this series overall. Between 3 and 4 stars rating. I’ve only watched up to the 3rd story, around ep 15. I didn’t like the male lead in the second story. He was ok as supporting character in another series I saw though.
      I liked Chen Yao a lot in Wuxin. Not as much in Qing Qiu. The 5th story with Wang Kai and Gina looks more interesting. But I’m half-allergic to Gulnazar’s acting and don’t find Jiang Jin Fu’s very thin facial features attractive in long wig in period costume. But I do prefer this series to the wildly popular Imperial Doctress, which to me is very formulaic. Yet another costume idol drama where “all great men” love the lead actress (I’m around ep10 into Doctress.)
      Nothing in Qing Qiu is that ground-breaking either. In this regard, I found myself more interested in Addicted. Their main leads feel more genuine, less contrived, and they are not surrounded by overly annoying, scheming, evil, or pathetic characters. Unlike a lot of Chinese series that are produced with the sole intent of attracting the largest possible number of female audience members for maximum financial return, riding on the idol gravy train. This is also one of the things that made me enjoy Nirvana in Fire and Wuxin, and performances from more seasoned actors like Liu Min Tao, Jin Dong, as well as younger actors in Wuxin. An interesting and logical storyline trumps pretty idol faces in idol plot lines.

      Contrary to what I said above, some people have said that series with a lot of male characters are popular with Mainland ladies.

      Do you think Chinese Paladin 5 will be better or worse than Qing Qiu? Han Dong Jun’s costume there looks rather frightful.

  13. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    I want to know why Hu Si’s story was cut? it didn’t end at episode 20 but episode 21 didn’t continue it. Why was episode 21 a whole new story?

  14. 25 thoughts on “Cdrama: Legend of the Qing Qiu Fox Episodes

    Anyone know where to go watch the cut episodes of Hu Si’s story?

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