Cdrama: The Mystic Nine (Old Nine Gates) Episodes

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English Title: The Mystic Nine
Chinese Title: 老九门
Cast: William Chan, Lay Zhang, Zhao Li Ying
# of Episodes: 48
Airing Days: Mondays & Tuesdays
Broadcasting Station: Dragon TV
Synopsis: A mysterious train ride to Changsha leads to a bizarre mountain areas, where Zhang Qi Shan (William Chan) seeks the help of Er Yue Hong (Lay) and good friend Qi Tie Zui to infiltrate a mine, resulting in the discovery of an ancient tomb. At the time, Yue Hong was in the North searching for medicines to save his wife. The trio quickly become good friends and unveil the unsettling massacre plan of the Japanese to poison the Changsha river. To protect their people and city, the nine families stand together to ward off the invaders. [Credit: Kappy@AVV]

Note: Video files are encoded by me in 540p resolution. File Size = ~300MB
Subbing Group: Viki // Zhang Xi Ying Fans

♦ Episode 1
540p ZASK

Episode 2
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 3
540p ZASK

Episode 4
540p ZASK
Recap Episode 2 – 4.

♦ Episode 5
540p ZASK

Episode 6
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 7
540p ZASK
Episode 5 – 7 Recap

Episode 8
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 9
540p ZASK
– Li Ying appears in the last two mins. LOL. Such a tease.

Episode 10
540p ZASK
Episode 8 – 10 Recap

♦ Episode 11
540p ZASK

Episode 12
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 13
540p ZASK
Episode 11 – 13 Recap

Episode 14
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 15
540p ZASK

Episode 16
540p ZASK
Episode 14 – 16 Recap

♦ Episode 17
540p ZASK

Episode 18
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 19
540p ZASK
– PFTTT. Xin Yue’s scene with Chen Pi! LOL.
RECAP Ep. 17 – 19

Episode 20
540p ZASK

Episode 21
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 22
540p ZASK

Episode 23
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 24
540p ZASK
– Xin Yue’s Badass Father Uncle Arrives at Changsha. HAR-HAR.

Episode 25
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 26
540p ZASK

Episode 27
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 28
540p ZASK
– Xin Yue is a badass in this episode. She sends her sick future hubby away and stands guard of their mansion. Her arc of protecting her future husband has begun! SO PROUD. =D

Episode 29
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 30
540p ZASK

Episode 31
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 32
540p ZASK

Episode 33
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 34
540p ZASK

Episode 35

♦ Episode 36
540p ZASK
– Geez! They cut the crap out of this week’s episodes aka romance. There was an intense kiss cut out right after they left the tomb. Which is why Fu Ye swooped in (to kiss) with ease when they talked in the house later. Really, director?!! You cut out her already short screen time?!! I dislike you.

Episode 37
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 38
540p ZASK
– Xin Yue and Fuo Ye’s first wedding! <3<3<3

Episode 39
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 40
540p ZASK
– Ghost Ya Tou has more scenes than living Xin Yue… This writer…

Episode 41
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 42
540p ZASK

Episode 43
540p ZASK
– The highly anticipated wedding with a gun involved. Lol. Fuo Ye and Xin Yue. =P

♦ Episode 44
540p ZASK

Episode 45
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 46
540p ZASK

Episode 47
540p ZASK

♦ Episode 48 *FINALE
540p ZASK


Kap: I will watch this. Lol. Li Ying will appear in episode 9 for those wondering.

Our Seashell’s First Impression Rating Chart (added entertainment value b/c something can be bad but entertaining!)
– Story:
– Chemistry:
– Acting:
– Directing:
– Entertainment Value:

Use this star symbol ✪✪✪✪✪. Half a star = ½


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  1. lenje

    I forgot that it has started airing! Thanks for this Kap! Will check the already aired episodes!

    1. Julianne Lin

      Hehe started watching right away. Tbh William is super hot and uber cool here, but his character’s still kind of bland so far. Overall tho, loving Er Yue Hong. Cool, collected, but still mysterious, yet gentle. Him and Ya Tou are so sweet. I think Zhao Li Ying’s appearing in ep 9 or 10 now.

      All together, liking this WAY more than Lost Tomb. This really feels like the Grave Robbing series it is. It’s hell-a creepy. Way scarier (for me, I’m a pansy) than i expected, and love the 9 families history, alliance, and the setting. It really truly feels like a Nan Pai San Shu (Uncle Three) story finally.

      1. A

        Eh, I watched a few episodes juat to see ZLY in a new role, turns out she wont even appear until the 9th episode?!

        William Chan: typical boring male hero role where everything he does is correct, smart and cool. I find his character scarcely believable, he has no quirks apart from looking suave in each shot, everyone bows down to what he says and there is no nuance to his Sherlock-type character at all that makes it likable.

        Lay: in opera garb Lay reminds me of a prettier Leslie Cheung in Farewell My Concubine, quite a feminine looking actor. I have no idea what he is like as a Kpop star but he looks at home on screen. He is too detached though, it’s like he is in a different world from his onscreen wife in their husband & wife scenes.

        Chen Pi: You can tell he is the villain from the getgo, from his shiftyeyedness to the writing. The plot is very simple, the writers do not even try to make the villlian likable, it lacks nuance just like as the hero’s role.

        I am watching it on IQiyi, so far the most memorable & charming bit about the drama is the creative advertisements for milk and insurance shoehorned into the episodes. Basically the main actors act out a comedic sequence in character.

        1. Luna

          I also thought that ZLY was the lead female, but after reading articles here and there, it turned out that she was not?? Wow..considering that her name is everywhere, and her picture was also appeared before other actresses. Now I understand that dramas usually put the name of actors/actresses bases on the popularity and not based on the importance of characters.

          Anyway, I’ve watched the first episodes without subs, because of curiousity. William is cool and very attractive :p . Havent unserstand the story, though …lol

        2. A

          @ Luna

          ZLY seems to be binging on drama appearance trying to up her count, not sure about the quality of those productions however. Perhaps she wants to retire once she hits 30 and/or gets hitched.

        3. Angela


          Zly is their biggest female star against the dominant male cast. She’s more popular than the boys in the drama scene. You can see they are banking on her star power to lure in more watchers by including her face in all posters even though she’s only a cameo. She’s not upping her count for anything. Most of her cameos are for fun and as favors for friends. She loves acting and will continue.

          Plus, married actors still act. So I don’t know what you mean by getting hitched at age 30.

        4. A


          I don’t mean it in a bad way at all, it’s obvious ZLY is a private person and her real life personality is very mature and not bubbly like her TV roles, yet she has to pretend to be a bubbly teenager in every acting role after ten years.

          If she marries her CEO boyfriend, I think she will quit acting. That’s how things roll in wealthy Chinese families(from memory they haven’t changed much since 2007 when I left Beijing to study in UK) who value privacy. Unless her husband doesn’t mind her spending weeks at Hengdian or months filming onsite and the paparazzi following their family around, and her in-laws are nice & very open minded, if she has kids and she will be expected to care for them herself. If her husband and in laws can accept seeing ZLY film romantic scenes opposite male costars with billions of other Chinese tuning in, they are rare in Chinese society. Isn’t the point of dating a very rich older CEO when she is surrounded by very eligible but not as rich men, so she can retire?

          Many actresses continue acting if they marry someone from the industry because being away for months onsite and filming love sequences doesn’t faze their partner. Chen Hao(the pretty Diaochan from 三国), Barbie Hsu and Liu Tao quit after marrying rich guys, but Liu Tao returned to acting after her husband’s business failed. Vicki Zhao’s husband is rare; rich, supportive and openminded.

  2. Angela

    Excited about this!! William looks so handsome in the themevideo. Hehe. Let’s hope his acting is not like the robot of Zu Mountain!

    Thanks for the episodes Kap! Will support!

  3. viviatan

    OMG!! this is drama.. i thought it is movie… kkk gonna watch this.. first time seeing Lay’s drama.. i hope he won’t disappointed me!

    this is my 2nd drama of William Chan and Zhao LiYing … i hope they don’t disappointing me as well ^^

  4. cassey

    Thank you so much, Kap!

  5. Lily

    Legend of Zu Mountain was kind of a let down. I hope this will be better.

    I watched the first episode – is that really William’s voice? Or do they do a voice over? In his interviews he has a cantonese accent, but he sounds pure mando in this film.

    1. Angela

      They are dubbed!! Unfortunately, so sad.

  6. Lugi

    Lay’s acting.. is so bad. OMG. I’m so embarrassed! And he’s my favorite EXO boy so far thanks to Go Fighting!

    William ain’t any better, only there to look cool. The girls are cute so I might continue.

    1. Lugi

      My Chart!

      – Story: 7/10
      – Chemistry: 10/10 for bromance!
      – Acting: 5/10
      – Directing: 7/10
      – Entertainment Value: 8/10!

    2. ryu

      I agree. The terrible dubbing just makes it all that more obvious he’s very green. I’m prepared to love his character from the previews, and on paper (what’s not to admire about a devoted husband?) but he’s not selling it for me. William looks good and I’m willing to give him a pass because his character doesn’t need much emoting from him.

  7. Tusu

    Thanks, Kap! Been waitin for this!

  8. Ladyx

    I love yixings acting.hes improved aloot

  9. ryu

    Having sat through 9 pretty meh episodes, the entire drama suddenly lit up with Li Ying’s character (likely from my bias). From what little I’ve seen of her, I like her character already. (Spoiler alert) She was hilariously conspicuous at the train station, dressed in her male get-up and surrounded by adoring maids. How Fuo Ye, with his observant eyes, failed to notice is her beyond me (hello convenient scripting). I also love how she immediately backtracked on her plan to kidnap her fiance when she saw it was William Chan’s face, lol. I’m suddenly very sad that she’s only a cameo in this drama. I need more Li Ying in my life.

    First impressions:
    – Story: 6/10
    – Chemistry: 8/10
    – Acting: 5/10
    – Directing: 6/10
    – Entertainment Value: 10/10 with Li Ying, lol.

    1. Kappy

      Your comment makes me giggle Ryu!!

      I’ll join you with moony eyes soon. Wait for me!!

  10. mushroom_head

    Hi. I am not sure if I this is the right place to ask…but are you able to provide high quality 720p series? The 540p is really good quality its just I like watching it in 720p. 🙂 Your help is appreciated. Also, appreciate the time you put into this!

  11. nell123

    – Story:✪✪✪ Sorry, it is barely there. Most of the situations are designed to make the main guys look cool, which is not a bad thing. I can watch Will and Lay read from a phone book all day. 🙂 Could be a bit annoying if you are not a fan…
    – Chemistry:✪✪✪✪✪ Top notch. All the important people look good together.
    – Acting:✪✪✪1/2. I think nobody bothers to much with acting. Even the ones who can will breeze through this one on pure charisma. Yes, including my faves Will and LY. I don’t think it is such a big flaw, the drama is still entertaining.
    – Directing:✪✪✪✪ Looks really pretty, but some of the “cool” moments are ridiculous.
    – Entertainment Value:✪✪✪✪✪.

    Some time ago I wrote a comment under a ZLY post complaining about this drama. I might have been too harsh. It’s just silly fun, so I shouldn’t expect too much of it.

  12. Zhi Han

    Love this drama! Especially William Chan, look super cool in this drama.
    Between when episode 13 and 14 upload?

  13. ezc

    Thanks Kap for the uploads! I found a website that had Mystic Nine torrents up for grabs if anyone is interested.. the quality is in 720p and 1080p, Not sure if I’m allowed to share links here, so please remove my comment if it isn’t 🙂

    New episodes are updated within the same day, or the day after the iqiyi release: http://wobuluo.com/1901.html

  14. ladybug

    How do I download the video? I’m not sure which links are more secure, can anyone help?

    1. frea

      all the links are secured, it depends on which host you like to use for your internet connection. megaupload seems to be the most popular, followed by uptobox, 1fischer.

      you can go to the FAQ page for visual help.

  15. rian


    page not opening ,plz help admin
    and how i get eng sub of this series.

  16. Maria Kim

    Hello guys, i just want to ask if Zhao Li Ying is the female lead in this drama because i just came here only because of her

    1. Tusu

      She is not, but I expect her scenes to be played up more since she’s an invited guest and a big name.

      There are no females leads in any of the Lost Tomb series.

  17. SH QA

    From Episode 1 to 20;
    – Story: 6/10
    – Chemistry: 8/10
    – Acting: 6/10
    – Directing: 7/10
    – Entertainment Value: 8/10
    _ Rating: ✪✪✪✪

    Story-All the drama in acquiring the medicine was a waste of time and effort, since they asked Er Yue Hong’s wife to stop taking the medicine, to ‘save’ her husband, to motivate him to join the tomb raider team.
    Chemistry-The “love” couples are well-matched, and there is very good interaction among the main and supporting characters.
    Acting-Actors are delivering the lines, but they can’t get too excited since the acting job and the story line are stretched over 48 episodes.
    Directing-Critical of the time spent with the opening recap and credits, and critical of the sudden cut-off at the end, of every episode. But, if the script was efficient, it could shave off 10 episodes.
    Entertainment value-Impressed with the cast, the martial arts action scenes and the tomb sets, but bored with the Japanese angle. I hope that they find Smaug’s gold (refer to Hobbit) under the mountain/inside the tomb.

    My interest in Mystic Nine, was because of my #1 favorite EXO son, Lay. I watched 20 episodes (with English subtitles) over the last two days, and I would love to watch the remaining 28 episodes now. The whole cast is good looking.

    Zhang Yi Xing is drop dead good looking and mature looking, despite his 24 years’ of age(…did he start filming at 23?). His martial arts scenes were impressive.

    I was immediately charmed by William Chan (…same last name as my Mom). His character is enigmatic, reserved, and a pillar of authority in Changsha, thus the ‘stiff’ acting applies. But he flashes a killer smile occasionally, showing that he has a sense of humor, and his martial arts scenes are very impressive.

    Zhao Li Ying is cute and adorable as Yin Xin Yu who knows how to handle her future husband.

    Ying Hao Ming is good looking, and perfect as the shaman with expressive big eyes and Harry Potter glasses.

    Ultimately, Zhang Ming En as Lt. Zhang Fu Guan, with his twinkling eyes and charming smile and his loyalty to his superior (…and relative?) has stolen my heart.

    Favorites; 1 Zhang Ming En, 2 William Chan and Zhang Yi Xing, 4 Zhao Xin Yu, 5 Ying Hao Ming

  18. Keith

    This drama intend time wasting drama 👎👎👎 , poor story & lacked of fighting 😒.
    Long in rhetoric , Short in delivery is what I can described for this drama .
    Even it packed with promising actors & actress but it still not light up to expectation due to poor / boring
    story development 😭.
    No chance It can’t match my current fav drama “A Fist within Four Walls” 👍👍👍, not even close !

    1. SH QA

      I think that the director went to the old “USA Soap Opera School”. The way that the Mystic Nine scene (Fo Ye and company inside the cave) was intercut with another scene (Chief Lu and company conspiracy), is similar to the American weekday soap operas that I watched three decades ago, where it took a long time to get to the point. The director should have gone to “USA Prime Time Drama School” instead. The episodes might have whizzed by faster.

      Since the Mystic Nine Old Nine Gates storyline was greenlighted for 48 episodes, I suspect that the director might have elongated some scenes, to fit the time horizon. I will admit that I found many episodes to be extraneous.

      “Intercut” definition: Occasionally in a script, you might want to cut back and forth between two or more scenes. These scenes are occurring at the same time.

      Overall, the production value is high. The action scenes get 10 stars for execution.

  19. jolin_chan

    Hi Kappy, thank you so much for uploading this series.
    Just wondering, did you have another version of episode 35? Because on 20:30 till 20:38 the scenes get repeated so some scenes are missing.

    1. Kappy

      Thanks for informing Jolin. I’ll try to find a better version. 🙂

      1. jolin_chan

        Thank you Kappy. Hopefully you find one soon.

        1. jolin_chan

          Kappy, can’t thank youuu enough, you got the better version, yipiiii!

  20. Soo

    Am just curious has there been an OST released for the drama? Not the bg ost but the ones with singing.

  21. Iya

    I’m a bit confused. I thought ZLY is the lead since she is married to the hero. So why is everyone saying that she is just a cameo?

  22. Yumida

    At start it was great, but the more I watch the more i feel dragging.
    ZLY dont even appear much either @_@
    Star: ✪✪

    1. SH QA

      Hi, Yumida;

      Once the protagonists leave the tomb behind and Changsha, the pace picks up (episode 30). Ba Ye and Lt Zhang go on a road trip, looking for Fo Ye and his fiancee.

      1. Yumida

        Hi SH QA;
        Yea I know. I been following untill 40, But overall its dragging,

        1. SH QA

          Hi, Yumida;

          I agree with you, 100%. The drama could have been 36 episodes long, if the director had edited the scenes, to quicken the story. I wonder if Dragon TV decreased the episodes from 4 to 2 per week, to give the director a chance to re-edit the remaining episodes. I am up to episode 33, and the Lu/Huo/Chen/Cox conspiracy had not started. The other bone to pick is the creature in the cave. It looks like a giant fly (a relative of Mothra?) from the opening credits. I was really looking forward to a fire dragon.

          Drama plot-dragging is prevalent in the 50-episode K-dramas, as well. I am watching Monster with 50 episodes, and it has been a laborious task.

  23. shi

    Does it contain English subtitles.. I haven’t watched it so I am asking because I can’t find subtitles of this drama and I really want to watch it…please reply

    1. Kappy

      These are raw videos. I think Lay’s fans will release the subbed version after the show is done airing.

    2. SH QA

      Hi, shi;

      I am watching the drama faithfully on Facebook with English subtitles. The page is “The Mystic Nine Eng Sub”. They posted episodes 1 to 34, so far,

    3. Keith

      I would urge you don’t ever start to watch it cause it don’t worth the time , look for other dramas .
      The entire drama is time wasting , poorly develop & with very less action / fighting , only talk a lot 😒 .
      Another high budget mainland drama that fail to deliver , perhaps the director should learn from
      TVB , how to make a proper drama 😉 .

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