The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

Xin Yue may not be Qi Shan’s idea of a perfect bride but the whole world seem to agree they make a pretty pair. Thanks to our fearless heroine breaking down walls and ruffling feathers, we get to see a more human side of Qi Shan. With her, he is a lot of emotions: intrigued, confused, bewildered, annoyed — sometimes all at once.

The Mystic Nine Episode 11 RECAP:

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Ba Ye’s method succeeds because the play is indeed picked that night. Qi Shan sneaks away and Xin Yue, in her male garb, belatedly notices. He quietly makes his way upstairs where it’s off-limits. Xin Yue sees him and wonders if he’s here to sneak a look at her.

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She gets visibly excited and wonders if he can even find her with the amount of rooms available in the hotel. She picks out her clothes, trying to find the most suitable one. She finally settles on a pretty emerald dress. Thinking that Qi Shan is taking too long, she decides to give him a hint.

Meanwhile, Qi Shan has found the room containing the treasures but he couldn’t find the ingredient. Xin Yue’s hint is music playing loudly from her room and it surprises Qi Shan. With their sharp hearing, the servants downstairs are also alarmed.

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Qi Shan doesn’t seem to think much about the music and continues checking the treasure room. Annoyed, Xin Yue decides to look for him herself. But then she notices the unlocked treasure room and starts to push the door. Qi Shan notices her and pulls her in.

They stare at each other in close distance and Xin Yue asks if he has already forgotten her. She reminds her she is the chauffeur and he actually sighs. When she asks why is he here, he tells her he is curious. She clearly doesn’t buy it but tells the servants outside not come up no matter what they heard.

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Inside her room now, Xin Yue warns Qi Shan not to lie to her. She is the mistress here and her word is law. She is disappointed that despite his looks, he is actually a thief. Qi Shan says he has his reasons and Xin Yue lights up, asking if it is true.

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Qi Shan tells her the truth and apologises. But as enamoured as she is, Xin Yue lays down the rules of Xin Yue Hotel: if he wants the medicine, it is either the auction or his life. He promises to think about it and leaves. Xin Yue stops him, asking if he is really only here for the medicine. When he says yes, she sends him away in a huff.

When he meets Ba Ye, he tells him about Xin Yue. He knows she is the precious daughter of Xin Yue Hotel’s owner but he doesn’t know what is her deal yet. But more importantly, the Japanese are also here. They are clearly here for the last three medicines in the auction.

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Auction day. They notice a former royalty, the Japan Chamber of Commerce president, and a mysterious one behind a partition. The auction begins and outside, the real Peng San Pian is here. The servants alert a surprised Xin Yue.

The Mystic Nine Episode 12 RECAP:

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A servant informs Xin Yue that the Peng San Pian outside seems to have a point about being the real one, while the one staying in the hotel does seem to be weird. Xin Yue just grins, she finds this an interesting turn of events. She asks that Peng San Pian be brought to the side hall, she will see him herself.

Peng San Pian is as rough as rumours say and he is having a fit trying to convince the servants he is the real thing. We know he is telling the truth but the servants don’t buy it. Xin Yue meets him, as the owner’s nephew. Peng San Pian is friendly and calls them “family”.

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He tries to prove himself by using the whip he is famous for but Xin Yue warns him that if he breaks anything, he will have to pay for it. He asks to meet the boss instead and Xin Yue agrees, not wanting to deal with him anymore. She orders her servants to treat him hospitably and not to alert everyone else.

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Meanwhile, the auction continues and they enter the second phase where three most valuable medicines will be available for bid. But there is more: it concerns the engagement of the Xin Yue and Peng San Pian. Qi Shan is shocked but Ba Ye jokes that he even gets a wife out of the deal.

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The second phase is a blind auction: bidders don’t know what they bid for but it is enough for them to know that the medicine at stake are all legendary. The royalty and Qi Shan begin bidding – but the Japanese lights a sky lantern. It means he will pay for all the proceedings in this auction session no matter the price.

Qi Shan follows suit, they can’t afford to lose even one blind item. Xin Yue smiles approvingly. The bids continue until Qi Shan wins. It is the same for the second item. Qi Shan wonders about the motives of the Japanese, he doesn’t seem like he want the medicine as much as to spite him. He wins the second one as well.

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But the trouble is only beginning. A servant informs Qi Shan that he has almost exceeded his deposit at the hotel and if he doesn’t add more, he will have to forfeit the next bid. Ba Ye reminds him the money they have spent are collectively from the four biggest families in Changsha but Qi Shan tells him to ask for Jiu Ye’s help.

Qi Shan requests for a half-hour rest time to make the money but the Japanese isn’t pleased. He “advises” Qi Shan to give up and save what little money he has left to start over. They exchange barbs but Qi Shan gets the final word in. Xin Yue looks extremely approving of her fiance, hee.

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Jiu Ye has found a bank willing to give them the money, but the problems are far from over. The Japanese has come prepared and they can’t afford another sky lantern. Ba Ye then hands over his life savings from his fortune-telling work. When Qi Shan accepts, he doesn’t let go, lol. Meanwhile, Jiu Ye sends an urgent letter to Kinoshita Jun of Japanese Commerce Regulatory Body.

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Help is coming in. The royalty who was impressed by Qi Shan’s speech earlier sends him enough money to send Ba Ye’s eyes bulging and to light another sky lantern. The letter Jiu Ye sent has reached its intended consequences: the money supply for the Japan Chamber of Commerce has been frozen.

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Everyone claps for Qi Shan’s victory, especially a very enthusiastic Xin Yue. Qi Shan and Ba Ye high-five adorably, and when he looks up, he sees Xin Yue waving at him. He looks just a little flustered but doesn’t respond.

They want to take the medicine immediately but customs dictate they can only take it when they leave. The show must go on – but  a new actor interrupts the stage. Tired of waiting, Peng San Pian breaks in and causes a scene. Qi Shan quietly orders Ba Ye to inform Er Ye to meet them at the station.

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Qi Shan expertly casts the suspicion on Peng San Pian but doubt is in the air. The auction host tells them that if he is not the real thing, all the bidding will be for naught. Qi Shan and Ba Ye temporarily forgets about the hearing of the maids and their whispering basically reveals them as the fakes.

Xin Yue knows this of course but she allows Qi Shan to suggest a blind fight. The sneaky Ba Ye pokes a hole in Qi Shan’s blindfold (in plain sight of the other servants, how?). The fight begins with them, using only their ears to sense the opponent’s move.

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But it is obvious whose side Xin Yue is on. Not only does she allow Ba Ye to manipulate the fight by yelling disruptively, she also replies just as loudly. They both fling out their whips at the same time.

The Mystic Nine Episode 13 RECAP:

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Ba Ye tries to distract Peng San Pian by conversing loudly with Xin Yue, who plays along. Qi Shan takes advantage of the moment and hits Peng San Pian square in the face. He falls. Ba Ye and Xin Yue cheer loudly while everyone claps, impressed.

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Resentful, Peng San Pian grabs Ba Ye by the throat and accuses him of cheating (he is). While they argue, Xin Yue grins at Qi Shan who just stares at her. It is clear he doesn’t understand why she is helping him. Unable to defend himself against Ba Ye’s sharp tongue, Peng San Pian attacks Qi Shan instead.

Peng San Pian swings his whip wildly at Qi Shan, who only avoids. He wrecks many of the hotel’s decor and furniture, which alarms Xin Yue. But she worries only for a second before continuing to admire Qi Shan.

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Qi Shan pulls a particularly cool trick, smashing a chair thrown his way – which prompts a typical Xin Yue response: “He is not only elegant and graceful at this point, he is really super handsome!” But playtime is over. When Peng San Pian causes the chandelier to crash, Xin Yue orders him to stop.

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She bosses Peng San Pian, asking if he knows he has broken the rules and wrecked her hotel. She then declares Qi Shan as her fiancee and calls Peng San Pian the fake. Poor Peng San Pian stammers, “Miss Yin, you can’t trust him just because he looks better than me.” Heh.

When the auction host asks her why she didn’t say anything earlier, she thinks a moment before coming up with an excuse: she thinks her fiance is invincible so she wants to show him off. With the addition of Qi Shan’s good looks, the crowd is easily convinced and like that, Peng San Pian is banished from Xin Yue Hotel.

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Xin Yue pulls Qi Shan away from the commotion into another room. She tells them to leave immediately. When he asks why, Ba Ye asks if he is not willing to leave a pretty wife. He just gives him this stare.

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She explains that people would find out sooner or later, revealing that she already knows their identities. The unapologetic Ba Ye proposes to leave immediately, not wanting to die here. “You two are married but I am still single!” For that, he earns an elbow to the rib.

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Holding Qi Shan’s hand (eeee), she takes him to the treasure room to get the medicine. He comments on the familiar way she uses the room, she must steal from here often. Xin Yue gives him a grim smile: “This is my house. Do I need to resort to stealing?”

She even teases him for not being able to steal the medicines. “It means you are stupid.” I quite enjoy the dumbfounded look on Qi Shan’s face. Bet no one ever said to his face. Medicine in hand, he rushes to leave but there’s people outside.

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He is considerate as to not want to give Xin Yue Hotel any trouble but Xin Yue stares at him a little differently. She asks if he is really fine to sacrifice his entire fortune for someone else. Qi Shan: “He’s not someone else.” She looks a little sulky, she might be interpreting it as a she. Downstairs, he is all smiles when he bids goodbye but she offers to take them to the station.

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At the hotel front door, Peng San Pian is enraged at the humiliation he suffered. He is throwing a temper tantrum, which bemuses Xin Yue’s chief servant. He sees a girl wearing a familiar white coat getting into a car and he follows. But it is not Xin Yue.

He demands to know where Xin Yue is but the servant answers it doesn’t concern him. The servant is polite but there’s a clear distaste and provocation in her tone that Peng San Pian can’t ignore. A fight is about to ensue but then he realizes she is stalling for time and refuses to play along.

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The three are in a horse carriage on the way to the station. When Qi Shan steals a look at her, she catches him in the act. “If you want to look, then just look openly. I like you looking at me.” She flashes the sweetest smile at him. He has that same dumbfounded look.

Flustered, he asks why is she following them but Ba Ye chirps in, praising Xin Yue’s role in helping them escape. Qi Shan thanks her but doesn’t look at her in the eye, lol. They spent the entire ride like that, her glancing at him occasionally and him looking anywhere else but at her.

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The servant hands Peng San Pian the bill of things he wrecked and tells him politely to screw off when he is done paying. With his pea-sized brain, Peng San Pian refuses to leave just to spite her. Later, he is invited to see the Japanese man from the auction, who has Mr Qiu with him.

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Mr Qiu tries to placate him and asks if he want to find out where Qi Shan is. Peng San Pian doesn’t buy it at first, knowing that all Mr Qiu wants is the priceless medicine. But revenge is more important than money and he agrees. Mr Qiu’s men will also aid him.

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The royalty from the auction, a certain Bei Le Ye, is waiting for Qi Shan at the station. Qi Shan’s guard is initially up but soon it’s apparent Bei Le Ye is a fan of him. He tells Qi Shan he admires him and wants to be his friend. He gives him a jade pendant, promising to lend him a hand if he needs it.

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The train is leaving and Qi Shan is in a hurry to leave. Xin Yue stops him, burying with his excuses of why she should follow along. To shut her up, he agrees and off they go. In the train compartment, Er Ye and Ya Tou stare at Xin Yue, wondering.

Ba Ye introduces Xin Yue as Xin Yue Hotel’s young miss but she introduces herself as Qi Shan’s fiancee. Qi Shan stares at her, Er Ye and Ya Tou stare at each other, lol. Ba Ye unsuccessfully tries to defuse the situation but then chooses to escape to the dining area.

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Qi Shan whirls around to explain that he did everything to save his brother’s wife and he would reimburse her and her father appropriately. But she is stubborn. Rules are rules, and if he lit the sky lanterns, he has to take responsibility.

He tells her to think it over, since it is a matter of her marriage and future happiness. She thinks for two seconds and just cheerfully chirps, “I’m done thinking! I’m following you!” He tries to explain again but she latches on the insignificant details.

 photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-19h47m53s815.jpg

She asks why everyone calls him Fuo (lit. Buddha) Ye and why does he need to go the warzone, is it dangerous? Won’t he lose his life anytime? What does he actually do? Her hundred questions earn her a tight smile from Qi Shan. He removes her hand from his arm and tells her she asks too much.

He tells her that there is no good ending for his woman. As per usual, she’s fixated on the fact that he is implying that he has other woman before her. But she is not afraid. “I definitely want you.”

 photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-19h50m47s312.jpg photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-19h51m07s775.jpg

Qi Shan is so flabbergasted by Xin Yue’s stubbornness that he gives her the remaining money he have and tell her to buy a ticket back to Beijing at the next station. He also gives her the silver bangle that he wears.

 photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-19h52m16s474.jpg

Ya Tou kindly interrupts, persuading Qi Shan to allow her to stay in Changsha for a moment to wait for the storm to pass. After all, it’s due to them that she took this train. She even winks at Xin Yue when she says it’d be inhumane to let her off at the next station, lol.

Xin Yue claps like truer words have never been said. But Qi Shan is also equally stubborn. He has made up his mind and he wants her off. Ya Tou defuses the situation and asks Xin Yue to accompany her to dining area.

 photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-20h04m15s990.jpg photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-20h04m19s440.jpg

Outside, Xin Yue complains that she is full from anger alone. She comments on how gentle and attentive Er Ye is on Ya Tou and the girls bond easily. Xin Yue asks if it is obvious that she likes Qi Shan. Ya Tou replies that she can’t be anymore obvious about it.

When the girls join Ba Ye at the table, he marvels at Xin Yue wearing Qi Shan’s silver bangle. She is happy to hear that it is his family treasure. When she taps it, the bangle rings twice. She makes Ba Ye call her Mrs Zhang and Ba Ye showers her with exaggerated compliments over her luck favouring Qi Shan.

 photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-20h03m33s300.jpg photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-20h03m50s387.jpg

In the compartment, Er Ye comments that Xin Yue is quite suitable for Qi Shan. He agrees but then says Er Ye is even more suitable for him (cue shippers). He dislikes noise but Xin Yue has never stopped chattering. He admires the way Er Ye interact with his wife quietly.

Er Ye asks if he’s worried he can’t control her but Qi Shan replies that there is no one that he cannot dominate. Er Ye doesn’t believe Qi Shan is not swayed by Xin Yue’s puppy eyes but Qi Shan just replies that his mentality is stronger than his. They have a good laugh.

 photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-20h05m31s699.jpg photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-20h05m50s619.jpg

When the ladies return to the compartment, Qi Shan tells Xin Yue that they have stopped at the station and nudges at her to leave. She refuses and lists all the reasons that make it difficult for her to return now. She knows that if not Peng San Pian today, it will be someone else like him tomorrow. So she would rather marry Qi Shan.

 photo vlcsnap-2016-07-24-20h07m03s100.jpg

She gets suuuuper close to his face and asks him where does he find the heart to hurt a girl as cute and kind-hearted as she is? “I have already decided on you. If you reject me, you are a bas-ta-rd!”


Ryu: Stubborn, meet stubborn. Being a man of his stature, Qi Shan is used to being obeyed without complains and respected as a matter of fact. Then a girl storms into his life and does neither. By throwing him off guard, she forces him out his comfort zone. He is so used to being the one in control that a girl like Xin Yue is bound to fluster and annoy him. He clearly sees and treats her differently. We have seen how stoic and calm Qi Shan can be in handling people who provoke him but he gets so agitated by Xin Yue that he wants to (figuratively) throw her off the train and even gives her his family treasure just to wash his hands off her. Obviously I don’t think he is in love with her at this point (I’m not that blind) but he is definitely heading towards that direction. And not just because the plot tells us so.

Story-wise, things are… progressing? Things are happening, people are talking but nothing really happens. As of episode 13, the show is still setting the stage for Er Ye to join Qi Shan on his Japanese-evil-plot-eradiction-mission via saving his wife. We are returning to Changsha after a brief trip to Beijing to pick up Qi Shan’s new wife. Back to regular programming. On a side note, I really hope a better villain replaces Mr Qiu. The actor is just so bad. The car scene with Peng San Pian is so horrifyingly awkward. If I didn’t have to recap the show, I would have fast forwarded all his scenes.

  1. 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

    I am at work and couldn’t contain my giggling at all reading this recap. Thanks so much for your time and effort!! The plot is slow but the romance is cheering me up!!

    I hope Xin Yue doesn’t lose her sassiness once she becomes his wife. Zhao Li Ying is just so cute and adorable and sassy in here, it’s hard not to love her. I am, too, waiting for the day our stubborn general falls for his one-of-a-kind wife-to-be.

    “Miss Yin, you can’t trust him just because he looks better than me.”


    LOL! The moment a dude says this, he knows he’s lost the battle. TOO FUNNY.

    • 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

      I giggled so much watching the episode too! Qi Shan’s iceberg face will probably wear her down eventually but here’s to hoping she always remain her sassy, lovable self.

  2. 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

    Really like the Xin Yue Hotel – finally they did it some justice unlike The Lost Tomb.

    • 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

      this production definitely feels more grander and well put-together than the Lost Tomb. the hotel is gorgeous.

  3. 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

    The Gif Fairy is here ~~~

    Really don’t know how you could recap without overusing the word cute and adorable. I’m just giggling away in Xin Yue’s scenes.

    Ya Tou’s wink was so subtle and cute! Yay to sisterhood!

    • 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

      Love that last gif, I can’t stop smiling at his reactions to her! 😀

    • 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

      thanks gif fairy!! lols.

      the gif where she fangirls over fuo ye. hehehe just gotta love her shameless self.

    • 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

      Kap, you’re the GIF fairy we all need and deserve! And trust me, I exercised a LOT of restraint to not turn this post into a Li Ying fangirling fest (not that I think many will object here).

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      Thank you, Gif Fairy! *right click, save* You are awesome as usual!

  4. 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

    Hahaha, I’m enjoying all of Fou Ye’s dumbfounded look just like you! That scene where Xin Yue immediately perked up when Fou Ye said he had a reason for stealing was like, damn girl, you would trust anything he says just because he’s handsome, huh! Every one around Fou Ye is a 神助攻 😀

    I really like this Xin Yue hotel arc, cos I couldn’t really imagine how glamorous the whole auction was when I read the books. Villains wise, I’m afraid it’s gonna be Chen Pi soon and we are stuck with Qiu De Kao (he wouldn’t be that if not for that toe-curling accent, lol).

    P.S XIn Yue’s eyes look so sparkly in the show, how can Fou Ye resist! 😀

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      Right??!! Her eyes just shine like diamond to me when I was making the gifs. LOL.

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    i wonder when they are gonna give xin yue’s dad an appearance. would like to see him give his future son-in-law some hard time. hehe

  6. 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

    I got to say, William is looking fine in those clothes. <3 Love her servants too. They're all so obedient and loyal to Xin Yue.

    • 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

      The servants are a nice, subtle touch to show how well-loved Xin Yue is, even though she’s really just their employer’s daughter to them. They are always fawning over her and feeding her food (the girl can eat, lol)!

  7. 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

    Knowing what I know about Ya Tou’s future, I can’t help but wish she didn’t leave us so early. She and XingYue look really compatible and they could have had an epic friendship of their own.Dramas rarely show genuine friendships between women. 🙁

    • 16 thoughts on “The Mystic Nine: Episode 11 — 13: “Match Made in Heaven”

      Agreed. They should’ve kept her longer… They can’t even give me one sisterhood for me to root for! =(

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