Flying sparks in Queen of SOP 2 previews

Are we battling with HEIRS for the prettiest cast award?

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: You drama addicts are gonna become sleepless zombies in October. Some might not make it to November alive. Apparently, The Queen of SOP 2 has decided to start the sizzling race and premiere on September 28th. Since the first season disappointed me, I watched the angsty and twisty S2’s trailer with caution, and decided not continue… But then they just have to drop the theme video and it’s full of cute. How could it not when reel-turned-real couple in Zhang Han & Zheng Shuang confirmed they’re dating not so long ago? Oi. The real kisses and smiles.

Let’s go down the checklist: Rick kids (✓), somewhat-not-rich heroine (✓), devil mothers (✓). Oh! Does it remind you of The Inheritors, scheduled to air two weeks later? No, no. At least the writer has a sense of shame and didn’t put their lead characters in high school. heehee. We made it past hurdle number 1!

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