Flying sparks in Queen of SOP 2 previews

Are we battling with HEIRS for the prettiest cast award?

I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: You drama addicts are gonna become sleepless zombies in October. Some might not make it to November alive. Apparently, The Queen of SOP 2 has decided to start the sizzling race and premiere on September 28th. Since the first season disappointed me, I watched the angsty and twisty S2’s trailer with caution, and decided not continue… But then they just have to drop the theme video and it’s full of cute. How could it not when reel-turned-real couple in Zhang Han & Zheng Shuang confirmed they’re dating not so long ago? Oi. The real kisses and smiles.

Let’s go down the checklist: Rick kids (✓), somewhat-not-rich heroine (✓), devil mothers (✓). Oh! Does it remind you of The Inheritors, scheduled to air two weeks later? No, no. At least the writer has a sense of shame and didn’t put their lead characters in high school. heehee. We made it past hurdle number 1!

Some random stills…

Aww. This is adorable. Nothing new but the guy is cute.

I wish I could feel bad for Zheng Shuang, being wrist-snatched by two pretty men. But I can’t because my studying partner, sitting beside me, is drilling a hole out of jealousy. “She gets the guy in the drama and in real life!”

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  • Zheng Shuang plays twins! Does this mean we won’t suffer Second Lead Syndrome?


  • Such a happy theme song. Seems like two different dramas with the trailer above.
  • I’m somewhat relieved the clothes are decent. Some look classy and that’s like a requirement for fashion-themed dramas. Obviously, we don’t want to dress our ladies in rags right? Ex. Culprit #1.
  • Unsure whether I’ll pick this one up yet. Yunno my schedule is crazy right? O_O
  1. 7 thoughts on “Flying sparks in Queen of SOP 2 previews

    OooOOooOohhhh~ So pretty.. I might actually actually give this show a shot, tbh… I hope viki/dramafever/someone picks this up~ I hatedHATED the first season (Joe Chen I have an allergy to, Godfrey Gao was used as a mannequin, scheming all around), but this one.. has a more… sophisticated and well-done feel to it. And here’s the best part: even though I’m confused as hell over the plot (so many twins! so many people to love these twins! and who what whom?) but I’m crazy in love with all of the 4 guys, even besides Zhang Han. Actually, I like Di Jie, Xu Kaicheng and Kimi better looking than Zhang Han a lot of the time. Zhang Han looks like he stepped out of one of those mainland dramas about the 1930s-50s with a lot of handsome communist officers and warlords…

    Omg… October is when I have most of my midterms you evil drama people!! How will I get good grades?!? I need good grades!!!

  2. 7 thoughts on “Flying sparks in Queen of SOP 2 previews

    DAMMM!! so pretty!! definitely a competition for The Inheritors/Heirs!! Place YO MONEY people. the ratio here feels equal than Heirs, korean dramas tend to have more males than females. (hello, they need to woo the ajuhmmas!!)

    LOL@Nutella, i see where you’re coming girl. zhang han has this old-man feel to his look. those portruding ears are funny too. put him in a uniform and send him back to the 1930s, and he would fit.

    the guys look great. TALL and quite handsome. the trailer is quite interesting. WAY MORE INTERESTING THAN THE FIRST ONE!! i still can’t get over how silly it was…..*rolls eyes*

    disappointed is an understatement alice. lol. it totally failed in telling a coherent storyline. while this part has A STORY! AT LEAST!

    good grades? watching dramas don’t give good grades. 😛

  3. 7 thoughts on “Flying sparks in Queen of SOP 2 previews

    Just the clothing alone speaks about the attention + budget this second had. There is more “umphs” to the storyline. Honestly, my excitement for Season 1 was all due to MingEn. heh.

    My favorite guy so far is the piggy backer. His hair is quite mesmerizing. 😛

    And then Kimi. It’s funny how their hair is flipped on the opposite side. For what? Easy identification from the back? 😉

  4. 7 thoughts on “Flying sparks in Queen of SOP 2 previews

    Why is Zhang Han so angry all the time? What is he frustrated about? Gees. The trailer is confusing but the MV does do a better job storytelling.

    Haha! Is this a fair fight? How can we compare The Inheritors vs. Queen of SOP 2? That’s millions vs. billions of viewers? Man, all those ad slots for Queen of SOP 2 must be expensive but well worth it. =p

    Very pretty, indeed. I didn’t get to start on Queen of SOP 1, so I guess I’ll pass it by. I wanted to watch it just for Godfrey. Eh, I did watch him in The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, dang, I was taken aback by his fluent English. Hope to see more of guyliner Godfrey if all the books goes into fruition on the big screen. I didn’t really care for City of Bones OTP, lack of chemistry for some odd reason. The story wasn’t all that magical either. Meh, I don’t blame the producers putting the sequel on hold. Honestly, the only parts I’m looking forward are all of Godfrey’s intimate scenes. LOL! I totally have lust written on my forehead. I’m not gonna cover it up. XD

  5. 7 thoughts on “Flying sparks in Queen of SOP 2 previews

    Yes! This looks better than Queen of SOP 1 for sure!! There’s a plot and some mysteries involved. What did part 1 have again? Oh yea, Joe being used and tossed around. Her character was sooo flat. I didn’t finish. I watched MingEn part and skipped the rest. They used Zhang Han as the cute factor….but it’s not strong enough for a drama past 5 episodes. LOL

    RE: Mortal Instrument…. Godfrey is sooo feminine… I didn’t like it at all! The main couple to me has amazing chemistry, they were starting to date at the time too. Hotness. That kiss in the garden = love!

    The story could be better…since the writer basically borrowed here and there. At least the story connects as the books go on. Stephanie Meyer looks like a prom queen compared to Cassandra!

  6. 7 thoughts on “Flying sparks in Queen of SOP 2 previews

    Zhang Han sings the ending theme song: Angel’s Tears

  7. 7 thoughts on “Flying sparks in Queen of SOP 2 previews

    Kaptain A,
    I know this is a lot to demand of you, but please will you pick this drama up. I really want to watch this and as I don’t think much will pick this up and allow others to download this. I would really appreciate it if you did.

    Also I would like to thank you for uploading all the other dramas on this website that you have made available.

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