Love Bug Report: Jing Tian holds hands with Zhang Jike, confirms dating news!

More love birds are formed. You know me, I love to see people dating and in love the most! 😀 For Jing Tian and Chinese table tennis player, Zhang Jike, it was merely a waiting game for them to officially announce it. They had been caught before and Mr. Zhang had written K❤T before on a variety show and had netizens guessing non-stop what he meant by the letters. Today, both had posted on their weibo, tagging each other. T❤K too ~ with a picture of them hand-in-hand walking along the beach.

So Cute.

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2016 Year-End Music Performances from Chinese TV Stations

Time to let your heart and brain dance and sing for the celebration of a great new year ahead! Chinese broadcasting stations took their turns to invite as many Chinese stars and celebrities as possible to their platform in the last days of 2016. How did it fair? Fairly equal. Find your favorite stars down below. I think it’s a solid end to 2016.

20 minutes to go before the closing of curtains on 2016! Last post is this humongous compilation of videos. Forgive me if there are mistakes….I am holding a drink…or two. ;]

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