3 Cuties Patooties – Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong, & Lee Hyun Woo for Cine21

 photo KLP4.jpg
Gotta give it to the PD for finding 3 dorkiest actors!

GAH! I cannot wait for Kim Hubby’s latest movie, Secretly and Greatly, where he stars with Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo. Mark your calendar drifters! It’s a movie date!

The movie’s already out in theater in Korea (and doing very well!) but we international fans can only wait for the raw…and then patiently spy for English subtitles. Best times to be a fan, let me tell you. The movie follows three North Korean spies as they disguise into a bumbling village idiot, a not-so-bright student, and a orangutan idol star. Laying low and out of trouble, they await their last mission. What will it be?

And I know it’s Monday. The longest day of the week! So have some pretty and colors while you’re in your little cubby at work. 😀

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Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

 photo RM147-28.jpg
Kim Hubby: “Did I do better this time K-shi?”

Yes! Yes, you did hunnie. C’mon guys! He’s improved since his last RM guest stint. Right? As much as I love this dude, his previous episode was terrible. The PD is partly to blame for their lame concept. They know that the bulk of entertainment happens when the members interact with each other and the guests. By giving Soo Hyun a water gun, did they expect him to shoot humor out of it ALONE?! He may be a star but he’s not at the level where he could entertain people by himself. DUHHH!

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