9 minute Preview of Korean Hana Kimi!

“To The Beautiful You”

This SM based production better not flop! It’s certainly got high standards to hold with the previous versions of Hana Kimi and also the other K-Dramas. 9 minute trailer~

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything at all. This drama has been one of my most anticipated since it is produced by SM (hey’all K-pop fans) and also because Hana Kimi was the drama which got me into drams! Rants & Raves will follow~

Bear with me, I’m going to keep switching up the names around. So freaking Izumi (aka Tae Joon, played by Minho) is now one of those freakish teenagers who goes to the olympics and WINS. Well that escalated from previous dramas. I suppose if you recreating a popular drama, you got to start off big. Something else which is amazing is they used a white girl for Julia (idk if they kept that name). If she can speak Korean, then it will be perfect! Now this brings me to rant #1. I wish they chose a lead who could speak English. This would make the scenes between Mizaki and Julia much more realistic. However, seeing Sulli in the preview has made me think she’s a good choice for the role. Now even though Sulli is my lease favorite of f(x)… don’t hate me for saying this: I bet they could have made anyone look boyish.

The interaction between Julia and Mizaki (aka Jae Hee, played by Sulli) seems a bit awkward… and OMG her lines!?!?! “Hey, I heard that guy is Korean” *points at screen* DUDE YOU’RE WATCHING THE OLYMPICS… do you point at every Korean guy/athlete and say “I heard he’s Korean” JUST because your friend is Korean? Well maybe they do in the States… haha.

On to Minho jumping. Our previous Idol Champion (whose Idol records were recently broken) is well fitted to the role of Izumi because of his previous High Jumping wins and also because he is “manly”. I don’t know how to define manly… lots of actors and idols fit that description, but from a kpop based view, Minho’s voice is low, and that makes him manly. As he jumps, we get a look at SM’s favorite use of their multi camera scenes which make the action look 3D! This is a bonus as it can be used for various effects to make the drama much more fun to watch. Then as he goes flying over the bar… Ring Ding Dong wings appear! That cheater… no wonder he can jump so high!

Seeing Minho in a school uniform? Wow! I mean, I already think that’s pretty hot, so fangirls must be DYING watching him. Apparently he discovers undies right from the get go; that will add an interesting twist to the drama. OMG HIGHLIGHT OF THE DRAMA WILL BE YUJIRO. SAO CUTE T^T

(2:20 for Minho pits filled with hair. LOL)

The dorms are really nice… seriously WTF? I swear SM is just flaunting their money at us!!! But nevertheless, great dorms just means that the production better be good. LIKE I WANT THEIR BUNK BEDS. These dorms are… like vacation homes.

On two little side notes, Nakatsu seems to be scripted well, and also Minho’s medal is dated 2010… maybe those were the World Championships or something… or the Olympics in an alternate universe, the dramaverse. 😀


Now I can’t say that I’ll be uploading this drama for sure, although I know our blog will get it up for sure. Currently I’m working 50+ hours a week and trying to prepare myself for University at the same time. I’m also moving out closer to my campus, so I don’t know if I can upload dramas for the time being. I may use remote access to upload, but currently just a speculation. – jeff

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    Oh Jeff aka mochi. I swear I didn’t put up that picture for you to change name. 😆

    It’s safe to say teen dramas are popular around here and you’re the King of them Jeff. Nobody dares to challenge your Hearstring’s OST page. No one. I’m neutral towards this one, the leads, and the story (never quite got the rave of cross-dressed dramas). I’m placing money on Lee Hyun Woo and Kwang Hee.

    I believe Cool and Rana have expressed interest in uploading this drama. It’s good to have all the help you need for mirror links and etc. No one is going to blame you for working hard in school. 🙂

    All I know is my hands are full. Packed. No space on Wednesday.

    p.s. what picture should I pick next…. heh.

  2. 9 thoughts on “9 minute Preview of Korean Hana Kimi!

    Yaay!! it’s here! I’ve been waiting for this since I knew it existed!
    I already saw both Japanese and Taiwanese versions. Loved The Japanese, hated the Taiwanese. I hope this one is as good as Japanese.
    I always thought this plot is kinda stupid, I mean, seriously, what’s with this girl? going to a boys school to help a guy she only saw on TV. But it was funny so I liked it.
    What made me go for drama is that Minho is in it! He looks so cute!! and of course to compare it with the Japanese version, I can’t wait to watch it!!
    And yes as Alice said I can help, if you can bear with parts and being kinda slow on uploading. Though I’m starting as freshmen in university soon too so I’m not sure about latter.

    I’d like to say this again, Minho looks so Cute !!! <3

  3. 9 thoughts on “9 minute Preview of Korean Hana Kimi!

    Not a fan of remakes, so I’m not going to watch this. Watched the preview though. I keep thinking of Jeremy from You’re Beautiful when I see Nakatsu, so I think Lee Hong Ki would have been better, though it’s again another of of those rejected fellas in the show. >< But Ikuta Toma will always be Nakatsu for me. He was way too cute in the Jap ver!

    I think the main character could have been someone else too. A girl looking like a guy? Only Amber comes to mind. I dont think this current one looks boyish enough.

  4. 9 thoughts on “9 minute Preview of Korean Hana Kimi!

    I just want to fair on the drunken kiss scenes between OTP. It better be real deals no fake hidden camera krap; those are just pecks not frenchies to get SM fans all rowdy.

    I wonder what kind of product placements will fall into play in this show. I remember watching the TW vers and all I wanted were those Puma towels and track outfits. Haha~

  5. 9 thoughts on “9 minute Preview of Korean Hana Kimi!

    Alice: It’s fun to change the name from time to time, see who pays attention AHHA. It’s possible Cool / Rana will be taking the whole project. I also want to do Sooyoung’s Third Hospital, but I’m debating whether to do any dramas at all. I mean… maybe the residence I am staying at will have super internet *crosses fingers* GAH. I wonder who keeps up with the about page, I change my info from time to time hehe… and sometimes the picture changes too (I wonder why?)

    Ms. Whatever: I only saw the two Japanese ones, and I really really loved the first one! AHHA Yea the story is so comical and unrealistic that we all love it! This manga based drama is still going strong, 8 years later. OH HEY THAT’S ALRIGHT, cause I’m starting as a freshman for university too! So I’ll prob be slow uploading too…

    kxyz: OMG My friend said the exact same thing, Lee Hong Ki should be Nakatsu! As for the main, I personally don’t like Sulli that much, as she does look feminine. The problem with Amber is that she naturally looks boyish, which defeats the purpose of a girly girl entering the all boys school. HOWEVER, I would have liked to see Amber play the lead so that she would have to act the girly parts xD

    Keane: Kass beer. MMMMMMMMM yes. SM has all kind of connections, so I’ll be predicting some top line products out there! (I want real drunken scenes. Where Minho is semi drunk. Too much to wish for.)

  6. 9 thoughts on “9 minute Preview of Korean Hana Kimi!

    SM drama. Idol drama. Sigh.

    Omg. Jeff is leaving the ship to go solo into the real world!!! 🙁

  7. 9 thoughts on “9 minute Preview of Korean Hana Kimi!

    Wow I want to watch this really badly. Too bad I don’t think I will have the time needed to download this(leave alone sparing a few hour watching it) 🙁

    By the way, who is handling this project? I mean uploading and stuff.

    I don’t know but I like Sulli the most of all the f(x) member. I am a her “fan’atik” so I will definitely watching this but probably not now 😛

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