Crystal Zhang Tian Ai Embraces her Yin and Yang for Cosmo

The hottest rising starlet on the majority of the polls nowadays is your one truly manly princess, Crystal Zhang Tian Ai. It’s always nice and overwhelming to rise so quickly with the right project at the right time. While the boys were pretty to look at, their acting left a lot to be desired (some are not actors themselves, to be fair) and she stood out like a shining gem. Her commitment showed.

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Time to love a foreign invader: Kim Soo Hyun in Man From Another Star

Weeeeeeee! Finals were over exactly 12AM on Friday (an essay). I spent yesterday sleeping and making some big and small decisions. Today, I just got home after shopping with Mama Bear. Then I realized that Rich Kids is finally over….which means that Kim Hubby’s drama is coming this Wednesday. YAY! Please be good. I’m dead serious. If it’s bad, someone will be pushed out of this ship! All I ask is a decent drama. I tried Best Time with Wallace and Janine, and I face-palmed several times during the first 15 minutes. It’s not my cup of tea. I like Wallace but my soft spot for him is thinning because all this love stemmed from his lovable character in The Four Detective Guards, and that drama was 10 years ago. Janine doesn’t fit cutesy type role, so all I see is her teeny bopper tantrums, throwing away her career just to get closer to a man. Sigh….

Anyway, I checked out the writer behind Man From Another Star and I haven’t watched any of her dramas. Should I be optimistic? (sayyessayyes!!)

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Kim So Eun rocks eyeliner for L’Officiel Hommes

 photo KKSHSE4.jpg

This girl is killing me! You know I don’t have that many young actresses that I like. I love this girl but she’s never in a drama that I could watch. She’s always in dailies with 50 characters and 1,000 episodes or third lead in a saguek. Can’t I watch her in a trendy romcom already? And then I read this news about Kim Hubby’s new potential drama, Man from Another Star, where he would be playing an alien who crashes into the Joseon Era and lives until the modern days to meet a brassy actress, in which love sparks for the alien boy. And my first thought is Me! Me! Kim So Eun! Kim So Eun! I don’t know how she’ll do in this role, should be refreshing, but I am dying to see her charming presence gracing my screen again. MAKE THIS HAPPEN SOMEONE!!

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3 Cuties Patooties – Kim Soo Hyun, Park Ki Woong, & Lee Hyun Woo for Cine21

 photo KLP4.jpg
Gotta give it to the PD for finding 3 dorkiest actors!

GAH! I cannot wait for Kim Hubby’s latest movie, Secretly and Greatly, where he stars with Park Ki Woong and Lee Hyun Woo. Mark your calendar drifters! It’s a movie date!

The movie’s already out in theater in Korea (and doing very well!) but we international fans can only wait for the raw…and then patiently spy for English subtitles. Best times to be a fan, let me tell you. The movie follows three North Korean spies as they disguise into a bumbling village idiot, a not-so-bright student, and a orangutan idol star. Laying low and out of trouble, they await their last mission. What will it be?

And I know it’s Monday. The longest day of the week! So have some pretty and colors while you’re in your little cubby at work. 😀

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Running Man: Episode 147 “Strongest flower of all!”

 photo RM147-28.jpg
Kim Hubby: “Did I do better this time K-shi?”

Yes! Yes, you did hunnie. C’mon guys! He’s improved since his last RM guest stint. Right? As much as I love this dude, his previous episode was terrible. The PD is partly to blame for their lame concept. They know that the bulk of entertainment happens when the members interact with each other and the guests. By giving Soo Hyun a water gun, did they expect him to shoot humor out of it ALONE?! He may be a star but he’s not at the level where he could entertain people by himself. DUHHH!

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Caught in an Epic Love Triangle of 2012: Yeo Jin Goo

What awards shows? Who won what? Sorry, I didn’t pay attention because after this segment popped up, I kinda lost my mind and just went SQUEEEEE all the way. So frickin’ cute!

THIS clip, I could rewind and rewatch X more times. Watch before it gets deleted!

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The Moon that Embraces the Sun Ep.17 – 20


It’s here! Funny how I never thought of making a discussion corner (DC) for MoonSun. Maybe it’s because you pretty ladies around here are winking at my Kim Hubby too often. This scene above cracks me up. Hey, he might as well create dumbbells to play with since his girl prefers books over him. 😛

This is going to be IMAGE Heavy. You’re warned.

[Added screencaps for Ep.18]

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