Princess Agents reveals first Official Trailer

Already with GREAT reviews such as:

“So excited I can’t contain myself at work!” – Kappy
“Its been a long time since a drama excites me this much, it looks good!!” – also Kappy

Kappy: I’m home! I’m home! Thanks Mochi for putting the post up, I was too excited at work for my own good, jumping around because seeing the novel scenes come to life is amazing. I believe in Li Ying when she said she worked really hard with the writer to make sure they stuck close to the novel. The novel is very, very, cruel in the beginning. Slaves are treated like trash – you can see in the trailer how they are freed into open ground and hunted by the royalties.

What I liked most about the novel (with or without Li Ying) is that the central story is about the female lead trying to get rid of slavery, a practice that is taken to extremes in the novel. It’s not about romantic love, but a serious topic that is rarely dealt with. The second thing I liked about the novel is her change of feelings when first lead (Shawn Dou) breaks her heart by using her – the person who stays by his side when he has nothing left and they become each other’s support system for many years before finally breaking out of the cage, quite literally. I get so annoyed with love story where the main guy/girl is so blindingly in love until the bitter end (because they can’t love another person, no way!), which makes his betrayal so good and bad. I love Shawn’s character before tragedy befalls his poor soul and he changes into someone unrecognizable. He is utterly bright and adorable, always teasing our female lead about repaying his help with her body. LOL. As for Lin Geng Xin‘s character, I stopped the novel before I actually got to like his character but he apparently did many swoony things for our girl in the latter half (not nice at all in first half). XD But as for now, I don’t feel him yet in the trailer. Shawn and Li Ying’s prison scene hurts so GOOD. GAHHH.

Anyway, added the stills that were released. 😀

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