Cdramas Airing 7/26: Dilireba’s You Are My Glory, Bai Lu’s Song of Youth, Xu Yi Yang’s Timeless Love, Zhang Xue Ying’s Once Given Never Forgotten

If you didn’t have anything to watch, here are three more dramas airing today. Lol.

EDIT: Added a 4th drama!

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=======> ♦ You Are My Glory (你是我的荣耀) with Dilireba and Yang Yang. From Iridescent‘s previous post, it tells the romance between top star, Qiao Jing Jing (Dilireba) and aerospace engineer, Yu Tu (Yang Yang). In the ten years they have not met, Qiao Jing Jing has risen in the entertainment industry to become the female star in everyone’s heart. But the male god, who rejected her confession all those years ago, is now stuck between pursuing his dreams and being financially successful. This time, they’ve met again in King of Glory; a mobile game Qiao Jing Jing endorses. To maintain her campaign image, Qiao Jing Jing needs to improve, fast. Like Gu Man’s standard male lead, Yu Tu is a genius who is naturally an amazing gamer, so there is no one better to be her in game teacher. Will the missed romance in their teenage years, be able to blossom this time around?


=======> ♦ Female-centric drama Song of Youth (玉楼春) with Bai Lu, Jin Chen, and Wang Yi Zhe. The story takes place during the Ming Dynasty and Bai Lu plays a miss from an official family. Her father is accused of corruption and she becomes a fallen miss after he’s executed. To make a living, she begins learning drama at a local street performance house (?), where she meets a rich grandson played by Wang Yi Zhe. He, of course, falls in love at first sight with her. And to clear her dad’s name, she disguises as a male to take the imperial test (?) But because she’s a female, she naturally fails the section where they examine your body…. But no worries, her rich admirer sneaks in to help and clear her father’s name. Once his family gets a wind of her identity/status, they try to break up the two. He doesn’t give up while she works hard on improving herself, and within a year, is able to become the top female merchant in the country. She then decides to marry into Wang Yi Zhe’s family when they are struggling. She helps stabilize the family and business, only to find out that her father-in-law is the man behind her dad’s demise and he is the one deep in corruption. Clear-headed and fair, our heroine chooses justice in the end.


=======> ♦ Timeless Love (时光与你别来无恙) with Chen You Wei and Xu Yi Yang. A girl who has to give up dancing and works at a book store due to an accident, and a boy who is crippled by his family’s constant pressure.

Qiyi describes the plot, “In a book bar, the condescending Mr. Handsome, Jiang Dian falls in love with Cheng Feng, an aloof girl who pushes him away. However, Jiang’s persistence wins Cheng’s heart and they move together. Soon, problems from themselves and the outside occur. As a result, the two separate under pressure, but they reach an agreement to make themselves better and stronger…”


=======> ♦ Once Given, Never Forgotten (你的名字我的姓氏) with Yang Le and Zhang Xue Ying.

Qiyi describes the story: “Xiang Yuqiu is an orphan. A decade ago, his girlfriend, Luo Ting, died and donated her cornea to a sick 10-year-old girl named Xiang Lianxin. Now ten years later, Lianxin has returned to China after finishing a degree overseas. She meets her donor’s younger brother, Luo Rui, who falls in love with her at first sight. However, Lianxin secretly adores Xiang Yuqiu, the ex-lover of her cornea donor. Xiang Yuqiu can’t face Lianxin – Every time he looks at her, he sees Luo Ting’s eyes. So, he has no choice but to suppress his feelings for her. Under great pressure, Lianxin unexpectedly falls victim to Alzheimer’s. Xiang Yuqiu tries everything to help her get well and eventually restores her memories with his patience and care.”


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