Meteor Garden 2018 releases first stills, Hilarious BTS video for Yang Mi’s The Legend of Fu Yao

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! May love come to you in all kinds of shapes and forms. <3

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=======> ♦ First set of official stills and some fantaken photos of the wedding in Meteor Garden 2018 with Shen Yue and Dylan Wang. I wish she had long hair!

 photo MG 80.jpg

 photo MG 79.jpg

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=======> ♦ A new BTS video is dropped for Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan‘s The Legend of Fu Yao in time for Valentine’s Day! Looks like they had fun on set. Really looking forward to this drama, Yang Mi looks nice in most if not all of her styles! 🙂

 photo Yao 78.jpg

 photo Yao 77.jpg

 photo Yao 76.jpg

 photo Yao 81.jpg

 photo Yao 74.jpg

 photo Yao 80.jpg

 photo Yao 79.jpg

 photo Yao 82.jpg

 photo Yao 75.jpg

 photo Yao 73.jpg

English-Subbed BTS video by Foxismybias:

  1. 8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 releases first stills, Hilarious BTS video for Yang Mi’s The Legend of Fu Yao

    Oh my the new meteor garden stills look nice! I can see so many eye candies hehehe But did the original manga have a wedding scene? Maybe it’s something new they’re adding to the remake…

    As for Fuyao I used to be so excited for it, but after reading the novel and seeing all the stills. Then reading the Chinese netizens take on it, plus the author reaction my opinion of it has changed quite a bit…I think I’m best seeing it as a new take on the novel. They’ve changed quite alot from the novel from what I’ve read on the drama synopsis, also some of the casting of the characters do have me disappointed. Ah well, I’m sure it’ll still be a good drama, nevertheless I’m still hoping it will be an exciting drama.

    • 8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 releases first stills, Hilarious BTS video for Yang Mi’s The Legend of Fu Yao

      I don’t remember the wedding so much either lol. Thought the main girl might have interrupted the wedding of Dao Mingsi but based on the stills, she’s wearing the wedding dress?

      I’m excited for Fuyao too 😀 That drama still with the snow backdrop is absolutely gorgeous.

    • 8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 releases first stills, Hilarious BTS video for Yang Mi’s The Legend of Fu Yao

      Deets please!! Is the Chinese netizens and author’s reaction towards the Fuyao adaptation negative? The production didn’t stick to the original novel plotline? I was so looking forward to this, hoping it’d be good as Eternal Love. 🙁

      • 8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 releases first stills, Hilarious BTS video for Yang Mi’s The Legend of Fu Yao

        I think the drama will be as good as Eternal love, knowing Yang Mi. The novel is quite Mary Sue, but in an addictive kind of way. However the novel was also super long, so I’m not surprised they changed the story from the novel.

        Not sure if you know but Rise of the Phoenix ( is also a drama adapted by the same author of Fu Yao, so there’s been alot of comparisons between the two productions. The author on Weibo has followed The Phoenix drama but not Fuyao, so many fans are speculating the author doesn’t even want to associate herself with the Fuyao productions. Technically everything is out of the authors hands once the production starts so the author has no say. Rise of the Phoenix fans are super happy with the production, the casting is also really good. Plot wise it has also changed slightly to suit Chen Kun as the lead, but the quality in everything else makes up for it. So between the two novels being made, novel fans are super excited for Rise of the Phoenix.

        Basically Chinese netizens who have read the novel all hate all the castings for Fuyao lol The male lead is meant to be this elegant beautiful man like all Chinese male leads, but he has this royal elegance as the main selling point which differentiates him. So when Ethan was casted everyone erupted lmfao. They were all saying our male lead prince has been ruined. Important aspects like the male lead in the novel mostly wears purple. His whole country’s symbolic colour is purple, it’s HIS color in the novel. However they’ve changed it and it’s just dark and gold now like wtf. Who knows maybe Ethan’s acting will blow everyones socks off like Mark did in 3L3W, but right now visually he’s nothing like the character. All the fans say he’s turned the prince into some dodgey wretched looking character lol.

        Zhan Bei Ye the character which Vengo is acting as, seems like a miscast to me. His character is a prince with a super rough exterior but has this kindness and loyalty inside him. His past is also tragic so there’s alot of emotions in his character but…Vengo is wearing this weird thing on his head and visual wise + acting wise I think it’s a miscast.

        I think the only casting done right is Ya Lan Zhu, who is the youngest girl of the whole gang. She’s the one casted most visually like her character, though not as intense because in the novel she wears so much multicolour shimmery stuff that she stands out so much. She literally shines out from the crowd in the novel wherever she goes.

        However these are all just the novel fans spewing, I think the major audience will like the drama regardless. The original novel had a really good formula and despite the “Mary Sue-ness” it should be a success.

        Also giving a bit of backdrop on the novel, I found out that Fuyao is the least favourite of the author from all her works She wrote it with no restrains lol so the novel has alot of cheesy stuff and isn’t as deep as her other work. Somehow Fuyao became popular and even she doesn’t get why haha

        • 8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 releases first stills, Hilarious BTS video for Yang Mi’s The Legend of Fu Yao

          Thank you for the detailed reply. Yep, I know about “Rise of Phoenixes” (though only as much as a non-Chinese native speaker can). It, along with “Legend of Fuyao,” “Story of Minglan” and “Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost” are the upcoming C-dramas that I’m most excited about. If only they’d stick to the original novel plots! I mean, why do production companies even buy a novel’s adaptation rights if they aren’t going to use that story and instead are going to invent an entirely different one? Just for the name recognition? That backfires so, so badly when the novel fans are disappointed and get angry instead. (Or is it that bad publicity is still good publicity, because at least it gets people talking? Sigh.)
          Right now, I’m super bummed about the whole “Untouchable Lovers” mess, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that these other C-dramas I’m looking forward to will stay faithful to their respective novels–or at least won’t veer into stupidville, story- and character-wise. Though really, the chances of that happening are probably nil. “Eternal Love” and the likes are such a rarity in C-dramaworld, in my experience.
          It’s disappointing to hear that the production of “Fuyao” hasn’t been very careful with the casting and details… I suppose this means the story too will be more along the lines of “inspired by” instead of a faithful adaptation. And honestly, that doesn’t sound very promising. I mean, dramas like “Boss & Me” and “General and I” and “Lost Love in Times” have proven quite firmly, I think, that when Chinese drama adaptations alter a novel plotline, it’s almost never for the better. Anyway, from the sound of it, I really doubt that “Legend of Fuyao” can turn into another “Eternal Love.” I’d happy to be proven wrong, though!

  2. 8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 releases first stills, Hilarious BTS video for Yang Mi’s The Legend of Fu Yao

    Personally, when it comes to adaptations, I like to see different takes/interpretations of the source material. Novels and dramas/movies are different mediums, sometimes things that might work in novels don’t necessarily translate well in dramas or movies. Some novel fans seem to view any changes (small or big) as negative and will write-off an adaptation without giving it a fair chance. As long as it keeps the core elements/themes, I think its interesting to see how they will put their spin on things. Ultimately, while it may not be a faithful adaptation, it can still be a good drama in its own right.

    Anyways, i’m looking forward to both dramas and hope they deliver!

    • 8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 releases first stills, Hilarious BTS video for Yang Mi’s The Legend of Fu Yao

      That is true, sometimes 2nd viewers see characters differently from the author, or wishes too much that something else happens and then re-create things differently which can turn out to be even more interesting. But that is risky, as we’ve seen with Yu Zheng. Interestingly, yeah he won over quite a lot of fans for the DFBB and LHC love story while many people also hate it so much to death because she totally robbed RYY’s story. Overall he’d probably failed the audience more, so keeping original storylines is always the safer route.

      In books, because you can use a thousand words and sentences to describe something while in movies all it takes is a single glance and you get the idea already. I suspect it is almost hard to turn even 100 chapters into a few episodes, while 1 movie might could’ve done it already. So to prolong it to a 50 episodes thing, that might be why people tend to change original stories?
      Sometimes narrator also tell you things directly and make things obvious to you, but in movies, using a narrator…harharhar lol, tell you guys what, guess who is my favorite character in the web drama Eternal Love? The narrator! Everytime his voice came out it was so funny because I find him extremely unnecessary! Narrators do work from movies/dramas although I prefer to exclude them, but in the case of Eternal Love they did not even need it at all, pay attention to him next time if you ever do a rewatch.

  3. 8 thoughts on “Meteor Garden 2018 releases first stills, Hilarious BTS video for Yang Mi’s The Legend of Fu Yao

    Yang Mi is a hit or miss. I prefer her in ancient dramas though.

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