Friday Photoshoots: Huang Jun Jie, Li Kai Xin, Hu Yi Tian, Chen Xiao, The ladies of Ru Yi for Chen Man

Happy New Year guys and gals!! Kung Hei Fat Choy! Wish you all a year of healthy mindset and eating! BD

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Chen Xiao looks smoking lately with the buzz cut!

 photo cx-1.jpg

 photo cx-2.jpg

 photo cx-3.jpg

 photo cx-4.jpg

 photo cx-5.jpg

 photo cx-6.jpg

The boys of Meteor Garden in yet another photoshoot.

 photo mg-1.jpg

 photo mg-2.jpg

 photo mg-8.jpg

 photo mg-7.jpg

 photo mg-3.jpg

 photo mg-4.jpg

 photo mg-5.jpg

 photo mg-6.jpg

Shu Qi for Chen Man as well!

 photo shu-1.jpg

 photo shu-2.jpg

 photo shu-3.jpg

 photo shu-4.jpg

 photo shu-6.jpg

 photo shu-7.jpg

 photo shu-8.jpg

 photo shu-9.jpg

Hu Yi Tian looks like a 10-billion dollar bachelor in all the bling bling.

 photo yio-1.jpg

 photo yio-2.jpg

 photo yio-6.jpg

 photo yio-5.jpg

 photo yio-4.jpg

 photo yio-3.jpg

 photo yio-7.jpg

 photo yio-8.jpg

 photo yio-9.jpg

OTP from The Big Boss reunite – Huang Jun Jie and Li Kai Xin. I think I will start on this webdrama soon!

 photo bigboss-1.jpg

 photo bigboss-2.jpg

 photo bigboss-3.jpg

 photo bigboss-6.jpg

 photo bigboss-7.jpg

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 photo bigboss-4.jpg

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 photo bigboss-10.jpg

 photo bigboss-11.jpg

Lastly, the ladies from Ru Yi’s Royal Love In The Palace did a photoshoot with Chen Man! Dong Jie! Li Chun! Xin Zhi Lei!

 photo ruyi-2.jpg

 photo ruyi-3.jpg

 photo ruyi-4.jpg

 photo ruyi-5.jpg

 photo ruyi-6.jpg

 photo ruyi-10.jpg

 photo ruyi-9.jpg

 photo ruyi-8.jpg

 photo ruyi-7.jpg

 photo ruyi-11.jpg

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 photo ruyi-18.jpg

 photo ruyi-17.jpg

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 photo ruyi-20.jpg

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 photo ruyi-22.jpg

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