Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 10: Episodes 39 – 44

Drama within drama! Joe Xu Hai Qiao is a badass! We all know how shady the entertainment business is and many actors are forced to accept and move or lest they offend the big boys in the biz but lookie at Xu Hai Qiao, who directly tagged the production team on weibo about editing his lines (leading to words not syncing with mouth movements) and cutting his scenes. When he was cast for the role, he read the novel and really liked the character and in the five months of shooting, had done his best to bring the character forward. He frequently sought the novel author and together they hoped to bring the wholeness of his character to life. As an actor, he usually watches his works as they air to monitor and improve for later projects, which was how he began to notice drastic lines editing and reduced scenes onscreen. The author supported his stance and stated that his performance is ideal and closest to the character written in the novel. The producer (Tang Li Jun) and one of the screenwriters (Han Pei Zhen) have spoken up, explaining that the work of post-production teams is to enhance and highlight the characters and the plot to intensify the flow of the storyline. Every decision they made was done collectively, after speaking with the producer, directors, script writers, and post production teams. Interestingly, not with the actors! Han Pei Zhen stated that the small changes are deliberately done to enrich and link with the plots later on, so that as the story reaches climax, viewers will be able to see the characters holistically and not just under one color. Whether these changes will alter his character in a negative light, we would have to watch and see.

That’s it for today’s drama within drama! Lol.

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    Sadly I dropped the show lately, 10+ episodes behind although I was so so hooked at the beginning. I agree with Joe! Not that I like him or anything but his character was supposed to be interesting, even more than the other evil prince. I was hoping to see his one sided love with LSS and that went down a steep slope to the pile of nowhere. All I see was A Chai and A Chai everywhere, and she only talks and talks and do nothing else, ok time to move on please , I gave it many chances every week, but that still got nowhere so it was way too boring to continue. The directors don’t know Joe’s character time was not something to benefit himself alone but the entire drama and whole crew because it saves them from terrible pacing and it moves the story forward.

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      I like his work ethics. There are actors who don’t like to rewatch their works and hence never understand/accept criticisms. He’s self-aware and that’s good for him in the long run. 🙂

  2. 8 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 10: Episodes 39 – 44

    Wow! He called them out? Good for him because that’s just shady on the editing team.

    Real drama lol

  3. 8 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 10: Episodes 39 – 44

    I disliked his character immensely in the novel. Not so much in the drama, but that’s because I’m not that invested in it. I hated the love triangle. It’s like she still has lingering feelings for him, but she actually loves the male lead. I don’t really like love plots which are wish-washy.

    Also, I think the drama is really weird. I can’t say where the weirdness comes from, but it’s just weird. And boring.

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    Joe is the type of actors who will try really hard to bring out the essence of the character as it is in the original novel, while many others will portray their characters in their own and new ways.
    The same goes for the author of Revive, in which the role Feng Jing caught many viewers’ attention. She has commented that even though Joe and Feng Jing are not alike in their appearances, but they are akin in their spirits.
    Ever since Revive, Joe has played three prominent roles, Feng Jing of Revive, Samo of Detective Samoyeds and Prince Yuan Zhan of Lost Love in Times. Each of them has its unique characterizations, and it won’t be possible to mix them up, because their portrayals are as vibrant and vivid as breathing.

  5. 8 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 10: Episodes 39 – 44

    Man this explains why I dropped the drama. It was all going so well but somehow his character made me more interested by the time she reset the world only for things to suddenly go downhill and I had to watch ten miles to cleanse my eyes. I’m glad he called then out though. Stars who keep quite leave room for future neglect by production teams but it’s a double edged word in that other production teams might not want to consider him if they are just as similar. This reminds me of cheese in the trap and it’s one of the reasons why I never finished citt and why I’m sure I now won’t ever finish this. They legit Piano’d him.

  6. 8 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 10: Episodes 39 – 44

    Joe’s performance in here is amazing, I am a total new fan of his. Its depressing to know that they will be adjusting his screen time in the later half of the drama. Oh well I will still watch it but probably skip most other parts until he show up. -_-! Thank god Xu Haiqiao fansub is almost done with Detective Samoyed S1 so I can just entertain myself with that for now.

  7. 8 thoughts on “Lost Love In Times Discussion Post Week 10: Episodes 39 – 44

    Well, that’s not surprising but is extremely unfortunate. I’m still on the opinion that out of the two male leads XHQ has better chemistry with LSS. WC+LSS+XHQ would make a fairly convincing love triangle .
    I’m still watching faitfully but the main couple is getting really, really boring. I catch myself having more interest in the interaction between the royal brothers and their involvement in court intrigue rather than in the fate of the main couple. Actually, I prefer to watch the interation between the secondary couples (11th and 12th are sooooo cute when they are with their girls <3) as well. Which is a first time ever in my drama watching life. :/ I get the feeling that William's charisma greatly overshadows LSS's. They are both not particularly emotive actors but the charisma thing definitely works in William's favor.

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