Zhang Ruo Yun’s next drama is adapted from novel Joy of Life (Qing Yu Nian)

And it’s confirmed! It’s been floating about for a few weeks and now we know what Zhang Ruo Yun‘s next drama is still a period one based on the novel Qing Yu Nian or known in English as Joy of Life or Extra life in Qing written by Mao Ni. Tencent Pictures will announce its major investments next year, which includes Joy of Life, Chen Fei Yu’s Jiang Ye, Xia Yu’s Mystery of Antiques, Song Yang’s Pathfinder, Fighter Of The Destiny 2, and Tibet Code. I will write about them in separate posts (buying time to find more info on them here! Lol.)

A movie version will also be in the works.

A little bit on the plot that I found out after reading the first ten chapters: There’s time-traveling in here which I supposed will be removed. Our hero is pretty much still kid in the first few chapters. The novel started with our adult hero afflicted with an incurable disease where his muscles slowly die over time. He’s given a second chance at life and is transported back in time to the Eastern Jin Dynasty (from baidu) into the body of a baby – an illegitimate son of a noble (his mother, a princess, escaped the palace when a coup happened and *died* after giving birth). His name is now Fan Xian and he spends his baby days observing the environment and with-holding adult jokes from the maids (yunno cause he’s physically a baby, but mentally a man!) Lol. I’m at the part where he’s four years old and successfully knocks out a visitor at night, who’s sent by his father, The Count. With a bleeding man on his floor, our hero carries his tiny body to seek help from a blind man (affectionately called Uncle Five Bamboo), the same person who carried and protected his baby self to this manor four years ago. Uncle Five recognizes the visitor as Mr. Fei, Assistant Director of the Empire Bureau of Investigation Third Division and one of the top three poison masters. When Mr. Fei comes to, he turns out to be a private tutor hired by Fan Xian’s dad to teach the boy ways of the world. Errr…. the arts of using poison, identifying them, and neutralizing them. He explains that the Count’s concubine recently had a son and so she’s afraid of sharing the Count’s estate with another woman’s son so Fan Xian needs to learn ways to protect himself. Thus, he spends time learning with Mr. Fei; about human anatomy, digging graves for hands-on experience, poisons. Even the elderly teacher is surprised that a five-year old kid can be so brave, mature, and somewhat cruel when it comes to death, blood, and killing.

Later on in life, he will be involved in royal marriage, political battles, mother’s revenge, and ultimately achieves peace for the kingdom.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Zhang Ruo Yun’s next drama is adapted from novel Joy of Life (Qing Yu Nian)

    Kappy, I think your mind slipped that he’s currently filming Evolution of Love.

    • 3 thoughts on “Zhang Ruo Yun’s next drama is adapted from novel Joy of Life (Qing Yu Nian)

      Lol, yes, that one with Zhang Tian Ai, then this period one. Ha.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Zhang Ruo Yun’s next drama is adapted from novel Joy of Life (Qing Yu Nian)

    I am curious as to how they are gonna work out the mentally older but physically a toddler scenes.

    I am waiting for ZRY’s HQB! 🙂

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