Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

What? You didn’t know? Raiding ancient people’s resting places is the new trend for many beautiful people these days. Old Nine Gates (老九门) is the prequel to The Lost Tomb and follows the leaders of the nine grave-robbing family and their adventures to save the people of Changsha from a potential deadly threat. Posters of the main characters were just released including leading men in William Chan and Zhang Yi Xing, as well as a cameo appearance from the busy queen Zhao Li Ying.


William Chan as Zhang Qi Shan. He is Zhang Qi Ling (played by Yang Yang)’s ancestor. Leader of the nine families. Synopsis: A mysterious train ride to Changsha leads to a bizarre mountain areas, where Zhang Qi Shan seeks the help of Er Yue Hong and good friend Qi Tie Zui to infiltrate a mine, resulting in the discovery of an ancient tomb. At the time, Yue Hong was in the North searching for medicines to save his wife. The trio quickly become good friends and unveil the unsettling massacre plan of the Japanese to poison the Changsha river. To protect their people and city, the nine families stand together to ward off the invaders.

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William looks really good in uniform but I hope his acting has improved since Zu.

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Zhang Yi Xing as Er Yue Hong. His day job is a female opera singer with a flower boy face. Is devoted to his wife.

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Zhao Li Ying as Yin Xin Yue. Zhang Qi Shan’s wife. Very limited scenes as the story focuses more on the men. I don’t like her thick straight bangs anyway! Lol.

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Ying Hao Ming as Qi Tie Zui. Ranked #8 in the family. A man skilled in fortune-telling and divination.

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Crystal Yuan Bing Yan (The Legend of Flying Daggers) as Ya Tou. Yue Hong’s wife.

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Hu Yun Hao as Chen Pi A Si. Ranked #4 in the nine families, is said to be the most cruel.

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Wang Chuang as Lu Jian Xun.

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Wang Mei Ren as Huo Jin Xi. Lol. Her real name is Wang Beauty?

 photo Old 2.jpg

Zhang Ming En as Zhang Fu Guan.

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Old Nine Gates is divided into four parts, each part having 12 episodes, and plans to air starting in the summer of 2016 on Qiyi. Directing will be given to Liang Sheng Quan (Legend of Flying Daggers, Braveness of the Ming), He Shu Pei (Legend of Fragrance, Liu Shan Men), Huang Jun Wen (Liu Shan Men, Braveness of the Ming), and editing the drama script is Bai Yi Cong (The Lost Tomb).

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  1. 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

    Has anyone read the novel?

    I hope this doesn’t turn out to be like The Lost Tomb. They were promoting it like it was the best drama of the year and it turned out to be such a disappointment even for someone who hadn’t read the novels. I’m hoping the scriptwriters and editor learned their lesson.

    ZLY looks younger with these straight bangs. Not that she doesn’t already look young without them. Lol.

    • 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

      I like side bangs or no bangs. The thick bangs is my least favorite look ever. Lol. Yep, even Viki was promoting The Lost Tomb throughout their social media like crazy. I was surprised at the attention it garnered during the time. Le Sigh.

  2. 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

    Hm, I think William was trying to act cute in The Legend of Zu. I mean when I watched the drama, his acting was like forcing to be kinda cute? Somehow it works in “The Legend of Sword”, but not in Zu. Also, his acting is not really good, just my opinions though.

    • 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

      I thought he was mediocre in Zu as well… all that acclaims about his good acting was such a fraud, lol!

    • 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

      I never thought of William of being a “good” actor. He was serviceable at best (ancient sword). Nothing against him personally. Just my 2 cents. He does look good. Just hopes he improves more. Lots of up and coming actors are better.

    • 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

      Personally, I think he was pretty good in The Four, even better than Yang Yang and Zhang Han. But it seems like his character there was written very close with his actual personality, so he was basically playing himself. I like him as a person, though, so I hope he will take serious efforts to improve, like taking acting courses and such.

    • 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

      I also think Ding Yi on paper and onscreen is a very….bland character too. That doesn’t help William if he’s naturally hyper and really needs to tone it down and bring out the nuances of his character. He toned it down past the zero level. Lol.

  3. 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

    I’m having mixed feelings about this. What they did to Daomu was horrendous, it just seems like Laojiumen will get tarnished the same way. The author of the novels has only written 12 chapters of Laojiumen so far, I wonder if the drama will even have enough material to go on, or like always, they will just add in their own story. It’s such an insult to the books and its fans.

    Er Yue Hong’s devotion for his wife has earned a lot of ladies’ hearts so I think his character is actually a lot more looked forward to than William’s Zhang Qi Shan, heh. And Er Yue Hong’s wife is supposed to be at least 5 years younger than him, but the actress looks so old here (i googled, she’s only 23!)


    • 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

      The way they styled the ladies here….someone is against them. Lol.

      Devotion to the wife is gonna kill me. 🙂

  4. 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

    Anyone know of the link to the prequel novel? I haven’t read it yet and I thought I saw it on 三叔’s weibo gallery. I had to search the ending of The Lost Tomb on 三叔’s weibo because he posted it there but it was quite difficult to read from just screenshots…

  5. 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

    William’s acting is certainly very very unimpressive, but since he’s looking so so fine in that uniform, I think I can overlook his flaws and just feast my eyes on the pretty. He looks damn AMAZING in that uniform! Plus being the ancestor of our awesome Zhang Qi Ling, Zhang Qi Shan better be cooler than cool and hotter than hot! Regardless of his acting, I hope William at least does the action shots and the more technical stuff flawlessly and look as good technically in the more physical shots as YY did. 🙂

    Tbh, I get what you mean with the bangs, personal pref and all, but I actually think ZLY pulls it off pretty well. She’s looking good in those clothes and that style IMO. Personally I think ZLY almost always looks amazing. 🙂

    I also really like the look of Chen Pi Ah si (#4); his stylist and his expression really pull off the “cruelest” feel really really well. His character really looks spot on.

    Is Er Yue Hong (the opera singer) the ancestor of or related to Jie Yu Chen? The guy who likes to wear pink and is also an opera singer who sings female parts.

    By the way, *pout* I still stand by my opinion that ZLY would have made a far better Madame Huo. It better have been ZLY’s own choice that she didn’t want the role and not a casting decision. T.T I know I’m being kind of unreasonable and petty about this, but it bothers me that she’s not Madame Huo. But at least her stylist made her look a lot prettier and classier than Wang Mei Ren’s did. Lol. Why does ZLY’s minor character look more extravagant and charismatic than Madame Huo, who’s supposed to be like THE female bomb in Lao Jiu Men. Haha.

    Despite coming to hate Legend of Zu, I can’t deny that when William’s stylist take advantage of his natural hotness and masculine/dominating aura, William and ZLY really really look good together. In their character pics, they look like the perfect cold, aloof, powerful, arrogant/domineering couple (in a good godly sort of way). Like in their character posters they kind of ooze a godly, far-above-you-puny-mortals charm the way Zhang Qi Ling did. Haha I guess that’s where ZQL inherited his otherworldly aura. It’s in the geners.

    • 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates


    • 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

      Me thinks that because of her commitment to Eternal Wave, she only wants to do a few scenes for this one to show support for William. Had she not agreed to EW, she would probably agreed to play Madame Huo. Oh wells, badass leader next time. =D

    • 15 thoughts on “Tomb-raiding families gather in webdrama Old Nine Gates

      Seems like we all think William needs to polish his acting skills but since he looks so good in that uniform, everything’s okay. Hehehe.

      Er Yue Hong is Jie Yu Chen’s teacher in opera singing.

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