The Four Horsemen gears up promotions near premiere date

Hmm, if none of the 10+ airing dramas this month grab your attention, check this one out, but I can’t guarantee the acting is solid. Lol. It’s an idol drama based on a novel of the same name by Yu Jia. I mentioned The Four Horsemen way back in March and it is finally broadcasting on Qiyi on July 28th, led by Taiwanese actor Andy Chen and a truckload of fresh faces, especially the pretty girls!


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A refresh on the plot: It’s a modern fantasy drama revolving around a prestigious college known as Roland Academy. A mysterious letter was sent to its previous elite graduates, declaring a danger of unknown force threatening to destroy the school. To prevent such happening, the alumni send their only son to attend Roland’s incoming class and investigate the mystery.

Good thing is the boys each has his own love interest. Whew~

Andy Chen (Seven Friends, Princess of Lan Ling) plays the leader of the group – Du Tian Ya, the mixed-race crown prince of Alistar Kingdom.

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Huang Ren De (or Hwang In Duk). You might remember him from Itazura na Kiss 2 ~ Love in TOKYO, Fabulous Boys, and KO One Return. He plays Duo Yuan Zhi, prince of the Zhuo Guan Gang.

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Kris Shen (Our Year, 33 Gu Shi Guan) as Zhan Ye, son of a police inspector.

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Snoopy Yu Jin (Lovestore at the Corner, Dragon Gate) as Yu Wen Si, son of a the school’s CEO. I know…his english name…

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The girls. Up first is Mini Cai Huang Ru (Amour et Pâtisserie).

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Kirby Kuo.

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Nana Lu Peng Yu.

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Kimiko Luo (iPartment Season 3).

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Press Conference today:

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Opening Themevideo:


  • Directing is Zhang Zhe Shu (A Good Wife, Seven Friends, Stand-In Princess) and writing is Xie Zhi Wen and Li Rui Jie.

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  1. 5 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen gears up promotions near premiere date

    I am waiting to watch Princess of Lan Ling, that drama has finished filming over a year ago but premiere date is still up in the air. It seems like Andy An’s new drama is gonna come out even before his previous drama which is not necessarily new in C-dramaland. But still I find it odd that news of Princess of Lan Ling has basically disappeared. I like Lan Ling Wang but not sure about this sequel?/prequel?.

    Back to the topic, surely, all the casts are all newbies that I am quite reluctant to try out. There are tons of dramas airing over the summer but I haven’t really started watching any of it yet. Does anyone has any good suggestions for new C-dramas?

    • 5 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen gears up promotions near premiere date

      Yep, that’s what happens with new faces in a drama, investors/sponsors/broadcast station don’t want to risk buying the rights to air and get poor ratings. I’m not sure why many places label it as a sequel/prequel to Prince of Lan Ling. This one is based off an internet novel written in 2009 with the same basic characters and plot.

      I’ll let others help you with new Cdramas, lol, since I’m only watching a few obvious ones.

  2. 5 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen gears up promotions near premiere date

    seems like a good fun drama too bad nobody seems interested in it T_T
    i found some links to watch it streaming without eng sub (i don’t even understand a word of chinese) but all the links got removed and that for all the 4sites i found T_T

    • 5 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen gears up promotions near premiere date

      Awww sweetie Pilou. If it came out at a time when I’m not so busy, I would’ve picked it up. Maybe later when all these long-running series wrap up first.

      • 5 thoughts on “The Four Horsemen gears up promotions near premiere date

        i’m willing to wait ^^ it’s not a problem

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