Wu Xin The Monster Killer: Episode 2 “Undead Bride.”

And the secret of who and what he is thickens! Gotta say that Tangren might have found their next boy to milk. I rarely compliment a Chinese actor as sexy but this Elvis guy right here got my full attention tonight. Not just with his toned body but the way his face reacts with a charming cockiness to everything. You, my dear, are one sexy monk.

Episode 2 RECAP:

 photo Wu2-1.jpg

After spending a gruesome chunk of time wrapped up in Rapunzel the Ghost’s hair last episode, Lord Gu invites Wu Xin to soak together – in separate basins, side by side. Making up an excuse for his poor display of skill, Wu Xin casually says he didn’t pester the ghost further because he was afraid of putting Lord Gu in danger. He continues to exaggerates that the ghost could’ve taken his life and Lord Gu slaps the water once, “Your magic excels Shifu, you’d have been fine and I would definitely not mistreat your sister [if you die].” LOL.

He tells Wu Xin to name a price and he will personally present the amount with both hands. Wu Xin lifts up one finger gleefully. “1000 silver coins? Not a problem.”

Wu Xin shakes his head no.

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“10,000 silver coins??!! Are you overestimating yourself?” Baffled, he explains that with 10,000 silver coins, he could build a temple for this village and asks Wu Xin where his sense of duty is located.

All is well with Wu Xin and he gently tells Lord Gu to find another person to help him, and at that, Lord Gu literally hops over into his bin, expressing his disapproval, “Nononono, that’s not what I meant. Stop this nonsense! Where’s your sense of justice? What if the ghost comes in the middle of tonight?” Smiling, Wu Xin thinks it’s a good idea, Lord Gu only needs to tell the monster the truth about him being the attacker and she will naturally come to get him. Lord Gu frowns, saying that he could make a deal with the monster to go after his pretty junior sister. If he does that, Wu Xin promises to call the ghost and put a price on Lord Gu too.

Lord Gu is speechless: “What kind of unreliable monk are you?!” He leaves butt nekkid out of the room and Wu Xin mockingly shouts after him, “Put on your clothes so you don’t catch a cold!! And think the price over!”

 photo Wu2-9.jpg

A maid leads Yue Ya and Wu Xin in his new sleek clothing to a single bedroom. They stand awkwardly in the middle of the room, not making any eye contact, until she compliments his new clothes and they chatter on about small, trivial topics to avoid the the pink elephant (one bed) in the room. She didn’t know that he could be so aggressive when fighting with the ghost, and he replies surely, “Of course, it’s a ghost. We either get killed or kill. But towards humans….I’m not like that.” HA. He looks away when he says those words, an embarrassed smile on his goofy face. She also notes that he IS NOT soft towards Lord Gu either…which means… she stops and he doesn’t pry.

Yue Ya: “Are we really going to live together?” When she nods at his question of feeling uncomfortable about the arrangement, he hurriedly adds that he can sleep outside. Half of her heart doesn’t want him to sleep on the cold floors and comes up with the plan of sharing the big bed with a table in the middle. He promptly agrees.

 photo Wu2-18.jpg

In his own room, Lord Gu is having his own fun time with a lady. As she removes her clothes and unpin the clip to her beautiful hair, it falls over her shoulder in one cascade, reminding Lord Gu of the horror from yesterday. He backs away from her, his libido already left the building at this point, and screams for her to get away when she climbs over his body, cooing sweetly after him.

 photo Wu2-19.jpg

Lord Gu dashes over to Wu Xin’s room and upon opening the door, he jumps and holds on to Wu Xin like a baby monkey. He blindly calls the pretty girl a monster and she’s offended. “Am I that ugly?” He soothes her with a short answer, telling her she’s pretty before running behind Wu Xin in three seconds. “Shifu, get rid of that monster!” hehe. Desperate now, Lord Gu shouts his offer of 10,000 silver coins for this mission, and Wu Xin nods sneakily at Yue Ya by his side. Both inwardly cheer for their luck.

The pretty girl is escorted out of the mansion, and so is Lord Gu, except he orders his men to let go of their hands, he doesn’t need the support because he’s absolutely not a COWARD.

 photo Wu2-23.jpg photo Wu2-22.jpg

Bed time. Wu Xin and Yue Ya are wide awake. She didn’t think that his talismans would work and he admits he really doesn’t know how to write them. The magical factor wasn’t those charms, but his blood written on him. Yep, his blood can exorcise ghosts, among other uses too. She glances at him furtively, trying to figure him out. “What kind of person are you?”

He repeats after her. “What kind of person am I? Well, I’m not a monk.” He only dresses like a monk to make a living because it’s a more convincing presentation in people’s heart. Before she can dig deeper into his past, he flips the table around, asking about herself. She’s just a country girl from a small village not far from here. He wonders why she didn’t want to go home before, and she pauses for a few seconds before revealing that no one cares for her in that place called home.

 photo Wu2-27.jpg

With her bio-mother dead, her father only listens to her stepmother, whose status rose when she birthed him a son. Now she wants to marry her off to a wrinkled old man. Perfectly healthy and young, she refused to let her life wither away and decided to run away from the loveless marriage. He thinks she’s had it rough but she doesn’t agree, at least right now she has a roof over her head and a friend to talk with. It’s not bad. She yawns and they agree to sleep.

The purple light hovers over Yue Ya and Wu Xin registers it as her biological mother, watching and protecting her daughter from harm. He tells her to leave in the nicest way because Yue Ya has to live her life. But the purple light disappears into Yue Ya once again, and he sighs. “Then stay….until you can’t stay any longer.”

 photo Wu2-30.jpg

At breakfast the next day, Wu Xin asks Lord Gu to bring him Wen County’s annal. When he’s alone, he uses his vision to go through the book of records and clocks in the name of the ghost and her background. Later, he describes Rapunzel as a woman named Luo Yue Qi to Yue Ya while they discuss their next course of actions. She’s no longer in the category of ghost and he can’t pinpoint her kind at the moment.

All he knows is that she had a tragic life when she was alive. A female courtier who fell for a poor man, Duan San Lang. Her family looked down on him and they decided to die for love, however, after he died, she ran home and disappeared with her servant. People at the time believed that the Duans took revenge for their son and killed her and her servant, though the truth may not be that.

Listening to the story, Yue Ya calls Rapunzel an indecent person; if she was such a coward, she should’ve stopped her lover. “How could she go back home and live? She really didn’t have heart.” Wu Xin listens attentively, giving her a wry smile. “Okay, okay. In a few days, I’ll bring that heartless girl to justice!”

 photo Wu2-36.jpg

The next scene has the butler rushing out of the doors, just to be pulled back by some invisible force… And Lord Gu scuttles over to inform Wu Xin of the tragedy. Yue Ya lightly hammers him on his delay in killing the ghost.

 photo Wu2-40.jpg photo Wu2-39.jpg

Wu Xin, Lord Gu, and a group of men check out the residence and right inside the entrance, discover the butler’s body on the ground, his head decapitated. Wu Xin approaches the head, picks it up, and stares right into the butler’s face. Lord Gu stays a safe distance behind, his face grimacing in various directions terror. Wu Xin: “I will take revenge for you. Life and death are positive things. If you need to leave, then leave.” He whispers a prayer to send his spirit to a better place and then stands up with a grim determination in his eyes.

He explains to Lord Gu that the ghost must have injured herself two nights ago, hence her haste in killing a human being to heal her injuries. This means that he cannot wait until tonight to exterminate, he will go after her now. Lord Gu’s face twists and he mumbles, “Do I need to be there?” Looking into a distance, Wu Xin eases his worries, “Nobody needs to come along this time.” He only needs a rope.

 photo Wu2-52.jpg photo Wu2-51.jpg

When he’s alone, Wu Xin removes his clothes and slices his hand, then runs his hand along the length of the rope to saturate it with his blood. He ties the rope around his body and over his chest and jumps into the well. What a badass. After swimming for a short distance, he encounters a beautiful cave and heads toward a Yin Yang sign craved on the rock, unaware of Rapunzel creeping at his feet until she attacks and he pivots in time to avoid the offense. He barks at her cruelty, “I showed mercy two nights ago, allowing you to reflect and repent! But you went and killed with such intensity!”

 photo Wu2-54.jpg photo Wu2-58.jpg

She spits at his words and wraps her hair around his body, then moves to bite his shoulder blade. Yo lady, you want a taste of this fine man too huh? Tasting his flesh, her mouth burns as a result and she bellows a few feet away, “What exactly are you?” He answers her question with a smirk. “I’m your Grim Reaper!” And then proceeds to mock her love story with Duan San Lang. Furious that he’s making fun of her tragic story, she flings her hair forward relentlessly and Wu Xin hurriedly takes out his own whipping rope to fight back with equal intensity.

Rapunzel avoids the rope and goes straight for his heart, only to unveil a secret that he has no heart. Aptly named, he smiles, “Why else would I be called Wu Xin (literally means no heart).” The next time she carelessly throws her hair at him, he grips his rope around it and tosses her whole lifeless body to the side, and then uses his rope to tie her in one spot so that she burns at the touch of his blood.

 photo Wu2-68.jpg photo Wu2-67.jpg

She frees herself and looks for an escape at the Yin Yang sign on the wall and repeatedly tries to break it open with her whole body weight. Wu Xin notices her escape route and wrangles the rope around her neck, and by now the ghost screams can no longer be distinguished – whether she’s wailing of sadness or smiling because she’ll soon be relieved, and she runs towards the opposite side with such force that she succeeds in beheading herself. Slightly shocked at her move, Wu Xin pauses after her body disintegrates and he looks up at the cracked Yin Yang sign.

 photo Wu2-75.jpg

At the Gu’s residence, Yue Ya rips into our scardy cat about leaving Wu Xin to fight the ghost alone, and he tells her it’s fine, he knows magic. She points at his gun and he purses his lips. “Guns are useless! Now listen to me. I’m not going! Nothing you say can convince me otherwise!” Lol. She thinks for a second before employing a different method, where she’s Shifu’s sister and naturally has some power to call the great beings here to punish him for his cowardice. Really lady? What kind of threat is that? She starts waving her hands around and I’m dying at Lord Gu’s pissy face. He agrees to take her there. PSSTTTTTT. =P You’re so easy, man. So easy!

 photo Wu2-80.jpg photo Wu2-81.jpg

They arrive when Wu Xin is already fully clothed (aww man!) and he shows them a puppet with black eyes. It’s Rapunzel’s true form and he deduces that someone is behind the entrapment of her soul inside this puppet and allows her to use the energy to wreak havoc. All the fancy terminology goes over Lord Gu’s head and Wu Xin dangles the puppet in front of him, asking him about the rewards. hehe. Of course, the high and mighty Lord Gu won’t go back against his words.

Wu Xin asks them to leave because the smell of burning the puppet won’t be pleasant. He talks to the spirit inside the puppet and finds out that she’s not Luo Yue Qi after all, but only the servant. She attached her soul to her hair and used the puppet as her body because she didn’t want the Old Master to beat her to death after arranging a secret date for her Miss and the lover. She cries that she didn’t mean to kill people but if she didn’t, her energy would dissipate before she could wait for her Miss to come out. COME OUT? Why did Wu Xin not ask more questions!!?? The real miss is still out there somewhere, dude!!

Wu Xin watches the puppet burn with a compliment to himself: “I’m really a good person. I’ll stay with you when you’re alive and send you off when you’re dead.”

 photo Wu2-85.jpg

Now that the threat of ghostly beings is removed, Lord Gu prepares to move back into his residence, but not before Wu Xin scares him off about the main villain not being removed yet. He tells Lord Gu to eat dinner first and he’ll speak more of the story later. Lord Gu: “You’ve already disgusted me enough. I don’t have an appetite to eat anymore!!” On the side, Yue Ya giggles to herself.

After dinner, they sit down to settle the rewards and Lord Gu pushes a tiny gold bar to Wu Xin, saying poetic stuff about money making money. Grinning, Wu Xin claps his hand together to put a curse on him and Lord Gu grabs his hands. “Waittttt, wait a minute. I was only kidding, okay?” The truth is, Lord Gu’s money is stored at his Aunt’s place and he’ll go get it in a bit….because he needs to wail about the expensive exorcism session. hehe.

 photo Wu2-91.jpg photo Wu2-92.jpg

The official investigation starts! Wu Xin thinks it’s the Duan family who kidnapped the bride and buried her alive next to a well. The maid saw everything and waited by the well…for over a hundred years for her Miss to come out. Lord Gu’s jaw drops at the maid’s loyalty and horror gradually settles in his face as he realizes that the Miss’s coffin is entombed somewhere in his piece of land, which he bought for only one gold bar. In between his sputtering nonsense, he offers to let Wu Xin and Yue Ya stay for as long as they like, and Wu Xin says yes without hesitation.

 photo Wu2-99.jpg

Later that night, Yue Ya marvels at the nine gold bars on the table and then returns one gold bar to Wu Xin (he gave her the first gold bar Lord Gu pushed to him earlier). He takes the gold bar and places on top of the other ones, wraps it up, and gives them all to Yue Ya, reminding her of his promise to earn a lot of money for her. They push the money back and forth until he asks her whether she thinks it’s fate for them to meet and fight ghosts together. He beseeches her to stay here and be his partner for the time being and she can leave whenever she finds a place to stay. After much hesitation, she agrees to safeguard the money. “If I lose the money, I can’t pay you back.”

 photo Wu2-102.jpg photo Wu2-101.jpg

Wu Xin: “Who said you have to pay back? I’ll just earn more!” She calls him a bluff and he smiles non-stop. She wonders whether they are going to stay here for real and he casually tells her to make the decision since she’s in charge of the money. She doesn’t give a clear answer and merely states that she’ll boil some water for his bath. He peeks out the window at her, the happiness spreads across his face.

Making sure that she’s asleep, he returns to the cave under the well, suspicious of the owner’s intention of building a Yin Yang sign. What’s behind it? We are about to find out! Wu Xin bites his finger and stamps his blood on the sign. Within seconds, the sign explodes, revealing a coffin chained down in the room. The chains break off and two talismans find their way to trap the bride in her coffin. Wu Xin struggles to remove one and gets the heck out of the cave before it collapses.

 photo Wu2-113.jpg photo Wu2-114.jpg

On his way back home, a pair of red shoes catches his attention and the girl wearing them scurries away when she sees his face. His face grows serious as he remembers the bride in the coffin wearing the exact same shoes.

—————- END —————-

Kappy: For a monster killer, Wu Xin sometimes doesn’t have sense in him right? Who the heck does that? Talismans are created for a reason and should stay where they belong! How could he just casually remove one and expect nothing to happen?

What we found out in this episode is interesting – he does not have a heart and according to Yue Ya’s speech, heartless people are indecent so I’m interested to see what defines Wu Xin’s morality, what is wrong to him and how far he would go to correct the wrongdoings of others. Moreover, he seems quite smitten of Yue Ya already. Does she remind him of someone of his past? Does he remember or know of his past? All these questions need answer show!

 photo Wu2-17.jpg

I luff this dude.

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    I haven’t even watched this series but just had to come in and comment cuz of the header picture of the post 🙂
    My first thought was: whoa who’s the sexy guy? 🙂
    I like guys with more meat on their bones 🙂

    • 10 thoughts on “Wu Xin The Monster Killer: Episode 2 “Undead Bride.”

      He’s the new guy Tangren is promoting! Will be the lead in the next Chinese Paladin series. He’s quite sexy in this episode, even with the bowl cut hair that not many can pull off!

      • 10 thoughts on “Wu Xin The Monster Killer: Episode 2 “Undead Bride.”

        I didn’t know he’s the new Tangren guy! But if so, then Tangren’s got taste LOL
        Isn’t Jiang Jingfu the Tangren guy? I thought he was gonna be in Chinese Paladin 5?
        And what’s this about Hu Ge being in a Chinese Paladin movie? So confused LOL

        • 10 thoughts on “Wu Xin The Monster Killer: Episode 2 “Undead Bride.”

          Jiang Jin Fu bowed out, so Elvis stepped in. And Hu Ge confirmed he’ll be in the CP movie instead so fans were wishing for a reunion there. LOL.

  2. 10 thoughts on “Wu Xin The Monster Killer: Episode 2 “Undead Bride.”

    And if someone wants to watch episodes with English subs… Gone with the Shirt Team has them ready for You:

    The channel is not officially approved therefore there is no Channel Page but the videos are accessible.

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      Thanks for the hard work, Gone with the Shirt Team! Great name, great name! 🙂

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    I’m waiting for Ep 7 having finished Ep 6. There’s one glaring missing piece to the puzzle thus far that I hope would not be overlooked by the writer and will be addressed later on in the series.

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      You’re too fast Aryael! At least, you’re enjoying it. I’m gonna be on the lookout for the missing piece now. Har!

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    Absolutely LOVE this drama! Even the dubbing is done in a way that’s not annoying.

    I’m just afraid of a tragic ending…

  5. 10 thoughts on “Wu Xin The Monster Killer: Episode 2 “Undead Bride.”

    absolutely wonderful this drama, with beautiful song

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