Huang Can Can’s Summer’s Desire Continues to be Utterly Sweet

I give up. Hands up in the air for this remake of the highly angsty and twisted romance in the novel Summer’s Desire (泡沫之夏) written by Ming Xiao Xi. Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho, and Huang Xiao Ming starred in the drama adaptation back in 2010. Initially, I was pretty cautious of the movie remake because I never completed the drama version and wasn’t really fond of any of the characters (even if I did ship HARD). But the movie has completely disarmed me of my shiny armor by revealing yet another adorable music video, so positively filled with bubbles, gentleness, and some sweet loving between the three legs of our love triangle, played by new face Huang Can Can (as Yin Xia Mo), Hong Kong actor Him Law (as Ou Chen), and Chinese actor Jerry Yan Yu Hao (as Luo Xi).

My heart is yours, show. Take it!

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The Four Horsemen gears up promotions near premiere date

Hmm, if none of the 10+ airing dramas this month grab your attention, check this one out, but I can’t guarantee the acting is solid. Lol. It’s an idol drama based on a novel of the same name by Yu Jia. I mentioned The Four Horsemen way back in March and it is finally broadcasting on Qiyi on July 28th, led by Taiwanese actor Andy Chen and a truckload of fresh faces, especially the pretty girls!

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Andy Chen leads China’s new generation of F4 in The Four Horsemen

I didn’t give them that name, the media has been dubbing that F4 title for a while. The new fantasy drama is produced by IQiyi. I’ve been following this project since last year when I was first introduced to Andy but news coverage is scarce and far between, lacking hype and talk. The Four Horsemen is adapted from a best-selling novel of the same name written by Yu Jia, spanning many volumes. And a vehicle of promotion for many new faces in the industry.

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