Cdrama: The Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017 Episodes

English Title: Legend of the Condor Heroes
Chinese/Korean/Japanese Title: 射雕英雄传
Cast: Li Yi Tong, Yang Xu Wen
# of Episodes: 52
Airing Days: Mondays & Tuesdays, 2 eps each day
Broadcasting Station: DragonTV
Synopsis: First part of the Condor Trilogy written by Jin Yong, The Legend of the Condor Heroes is set during the Song Dynasty and follows the stories of two sons of two great heroes who fought off Jin invaders. And of course the boys are in stark contrast personality-wise. Guo Jing is upright, honest, and slow-witted, while Yang Kang is intelligent and treacherous. The main storyline begins when Guo Jin meets his life-time partner in Huang Rong and the adventures they go on with the Five Greats. [Credit: Wiki]

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  1. willy

    Just watch 1st 2 episode…Its epic… no over do computer effect..bring back the old wuxia movie feel. and the theme song make me feel travel back to my childhood…

  2. Julianne Lin

    AHHHH! If anyone has seen my cbox spamming, you guys know I’m LOVING this so much. At the same time, I’m definitely biased cuz I love (most of) Jin Yong and am especially fanatical about Legend of the Condor Heroes. Bascially, all the adaptations prior to 2009-ish of Jin Yong, I’ve liked (at least, the ones I’ve watched and the others look good too from clips). Anyways, after establishing my many biases toward this, I still really recommend this!

    I was worried about it at first cuz all the post 2009 adaptations of Jin Yong have been pretty much horrendous (even the 2009 Heavenly Sword Dragon Sabre is a little…eh pushing my limits of acceptable…I just happen to like Ady and Zhang Meng enough). As we approached broadcast (and as I fell under Yang Xu Wen’s undeniable charm and charisma and skill — I had to check his name cuz I still only know him as Qing Long GeGe and Jing GeGe), I started anticipating more and more, and man does it not disappoint (so far)! The music is REALLY good and REALLY on point. And I’m not just talking about the classic themesong. I mean, the background music, the sound effects of the fighting, it’s all so on point and REALLY helps set the mood and feel for the scenes. Everything just feels very true to the Jin Yong wuxia classics style. So far, the kung fu has been pretty awesome for me, cuz the moves are recognizable to me (which is important cuz Jin Yong gets very specific with his moves and styles of kung fu and their untouchably classic), and there’s minimal CGI. The only thing they really do to make things “prettier” is use slo-mo, and obviously they use wires for the qing-gong. But otherwise, I really love that part of it so far too. And the hairstyles! Literally I was too impatient for the eps, so before they were online, I watched the frist ep of the ’83 version, I can say that the hairstyles so far are very on point and true to the feels. None of that weird creative stuff Yumama likes to experiment (and fail) with. The storyline and scenes flow well and they didn’t cut out anything necessary. Any minor differences really don’t detract.

    *SPOILER* You really don’t notice most of them, and the only the kinda threw me off at first was the Yang/Guo bros escaping with their wives cuz at some point they actually got on horses and I thought they would escape…but in the end that change didn’t really affect anything. Hint, they didn’t escape. Can you imagine the catastrophe that would bring to the entire plot? Lol. *SPOILER END*

    And the characterization are really, well really in character, and they actually managed to make minor changes in interpretation of character expression so that I actually LIKE Qui Chu Ji and Guo Jing mother. They usually make QCJ too self-righteous and asshole-ish and GJ’s mom a little too tough love. But here, QCJ’s still in character but is a touch calmer while still stubborn and confident and a little more reasonable while still unbudging in his opinions. Likewise, GJ’s mom is still super strong and awesome and raise-her-son-to-be-super-righteous but also a little less overly-brusque and annoyed and a little more loving and a touch more affectionate towards her son. LOVING it.
    We haven’t seen much of older-GJ, but Yang Xu Wen really works with his few scenes in the first 2 eps. He’s TOTALLY different from QingLong in Chusen and in mind head, I have NO problem thinking of him as Guo Jing. He really gives the Guo Jing feels, which can be hard to describe cuz while slow and comes off as dumb, it’s really not just acting a dumb dude. GJ has his only layers, and while not too complex, he definitely not 2D (I mean, he IS the only one really to reign HR in and get her to listen — not really the carpet people talk about him as). In fact, Yang Xu Wen reminds me of a cuter, livelier, more energetic version of Li Ya Peng’s Guo Jing in the 2003 version.

    So as of now, I’m really loving this adaptation, and I would give it 5 stars for everything.

    (small complaint, the preview in ep 3 is a little too obvious with the CGI horse he’s riding when he goes after the condors. Like, the kungfu and stuff are non-CGI, but the CGI horse is a little jarring cuz most of the time, the horses have looked real in the first 2 eps, and the horse in ep 4 preview looks real too)

    1. Luna

      Yeah, that chasing condor was something that I dont like. Other than that, there are only small complaints for me and I got hooked now.

      Yang Xu Wen’s acting is also good. Yup, no problem thinking that he is Guo Jing

      “In fact, Yang Xu Wen reminds me of a cuter, livelier, more energetic version of Li Ya Peng’s Guo Jing in the 2003 version” -> I agree with this. Actually, eventhough I like the 2003, I feel that GJ sometimes did too much on the ‘dumbness’. I havent feel like that toward YXW’s version. He is just dumb, that’s it.

    2. Garmore

      I really agree that this looks like a very good adaptation of the story. Focuses more on stunts and fight moves rather than stuffing in too much CGI. It really feels like a pure wuxia series. I hope later productions of wuxia can take inspiration from this adaptation!

  3. Aryael

    I like that they casted actors and actresses not because of their idol status but to pave the way for new faces and talents. I like that both GJ and YK are not ridiculously handsome and the ladies are not ridiculously beautiful. I too, like the old wuxia film feel and really hope they will stick to the novel. Let Yang Kang be truly evil and a traitor and stop trying to change characters and stories from the novel. Would be great if ppl can watch this and read the story as it is from the novel – page by page!

  4. Hannah

    Not bad thus far. It is better than a few previous adaptations. However, the casting can certainly be better.

    The two main couples have to carry the drama. Let’s see how that plays out.

  5. John

    I’m currently watching the Hu Ge /Ariel Lin version

    1. Aryael

      I like the Hu Ge & Ariel Lin 2008 version too! However, that is not the most authentic version as there were many character and story changes…..but the changes are good – it serves to give another perspective to Yang Kang’s character. Yuan Hong did an excellent job as Yang Kang and the bromance love-hate relationship between Hu Ge’s Guo Jing and Yuan Hong’s Yang Kang was the best! Over the years, we were given adaptations and I was hoping someone would have the guts to pick up a pure adoption project – page by page according to the novel. It will become a classic if someone does that!

      1. Julianne Lin

        I love the 2008 one too, but on accuracy, I hear the 2003 version did a pretty good job of sticking to the novel, even tho that one’s not my personal fav.

  6. Joyce

    anyone know if there is anyone who will be subbing this series?

  7. Zero

    This is fast paced.It does not have that dirty lived in look that the 2002 version has,which was outstanding to me.Martial art action scenes are good bur again 2002 was freakin off the hook.

    BTW is the 1st part of ep 1 missing because this has no into and priest vs traitor scene

  8. Kappy

    First song from the soundtrack revealed.

    1. Julianne Lin

      Really like it! Sounds really really great! But…as much as I’m loving this adaptation, I still think the 2008 OST is better… 😀

      1. Aryael

        Absolutely! 2008 OST is better! But nothing beats 1983 OSTs. 🙂

        1. Julianne Lin

          Yes!!! The classics. Just the song alone brings wuxia feels and hero-righteousness-patriotism-awesomeness feels. They’re so epic and inspiring. And the singing didn’t focus as much on detailed technique but was instead just conveying the right feel. Like, it was forceful…no not like aggressive, but more like confident and assertive. It just felt very heroic and all.

  9. dsboy

    How often does the 2 episodes per day air? Weekdays or only Monday and Tuesdays a week?

    1. Julianne Lin

      Only Mon/Tues every week (at least according to iqiyi)

  10. Wuxia Rocks

    All caught up. Action scenes could use less slow-mo, but other than that, the pacing of the story is spot on. My favorite scene is easily the montage of GJ training in ep 4. That vocal track is awesome! Love it!

    If this quality keeps up, this might be the better JY’s adaptation we’ve had in years.

    It is certainly faithful.

  11. Hannah

    Ok. I’m all caught up. My concerns:

    I’m not too keen on the use of the instrumental themesong of ’83 in the drama. It is paying tribute to the first version; however, it is also making me nostalgic. Lack of originality there.

    The actor who plays GJ is lacking a bit. I suppose it is the heroic vibe. The actress who plays HR is too bubbly. A lot of potential in her though. She will make it big.

    The 2nd lead couple don’t stand out.

    1. frea

      but huang rong hasn’t appeared yet. lol.

      she does seem more bubbly though from the stills.

      1. Hannah

        From the trailers lol

      2. Julianne Lin

        Lol yeah, but from the teaser of ep 5, I can kind of see where hannah’s coming from. Like, she’s lacking the selfish/haughty/mischievous side to their first meeting that the 2003 and 2008 had. Like…she’s insanely cute and playful, but…given that it’s their first meeting I’d expect Huang Rong to be a bit, just a little, meaner and poking-fun-who-r-u-I-don’t-care-’bout-you type until she realizes he’s genuinely a great person. BUT, we’ll see more when she actually arrives in the next episodes tho. 😀

  12. Kim

    Everyone seems to like the 2008 version or the 1983 version, but I think I’m the only one that likes the 1994 tvb version with Julian Cheung and Athena Chu lol. They were so beautiful together. Well it’s the only version I’ve seen so lol.

    I saw the first 4 episodes and it’s actually a lot better than I was expecting. First off, thank you for the little usage of green screen (such a huge difference from General and I). General and I is starting to bother me with the over usage of their green screen and special effect. I can’t seem to enjoy it when I can see the main characters are 90% of the time shooting their scenes in the indoor green screen, while the rest of the cast is talking to a stunt-double. I guess I can understand why since Angelababy found out she was pregnant during the filming process of the drama, so she can’t go to these rural areas to film, but still it’s so bothersome lol.

    So far for The Legend of the Condor Heroes, everything is where I remember it should be. I have no probably with any of the actors so far. I have to watch a little more to comment the two main character. I haven’t even seen Huang Rong yet lol.

    1. Wuxia Rocks

      You’re not alone. I love the 94 version! Julian and Athena were awesome!!

      I liked it as much as the 83 version, if not more! 😀

      The 2008 version was good, with nice OST, but some of the changes were a bit much. This version, on the other hand, is great so far. Makes it even better with the less usage of CGI and green screen. It’s mostly authentic.

    2. Hannah

      The ’94 was bad though lol The 2nd main couple became “supporting” in there.

      LOCH is a wuxia genre. I expect actual fighting scenes.

      1. Wuxia Rocks

        It may be bad for you, but I loved it! 😛

        I like the story and pacing in that. Sure the 2nd main couple sucks in there, but I didn’t care about them anyway. lol At least as far as the 94 version goes. I focused on the main couple, and they rock! In my opinion.

        It’s just one of those 90’s memories for me.

        1. Luna

          I also like 94 version better than 2008. The GJ and HR were cute on that version. The 2008 were good too, but I had problems with the way they developed the story of YK-MNC. Plus, I prefer the simple special effect and atmosphere on 1994, coz the 2008 gave me the feeling like I was watching Chinese Paladin (yeah, it came from the same producer).

        2. Hannah


          The pacing was quick. At the time, it was the “short” version of LOCH for those who couldn’t handle the long episodes of ’83.

    3. kitai

      I dislike the 2008 version the most because it’s just awful casting. I mean, Tangren just stuffed their own actors in, it wasn’t about suitability at all. Ariel Lin did make up for it with her acting but… And there were way too many changes in the script. My preference is the 2003 version, simply because Zhou Xun is Huang Rong. Her voice was irritating but she’s exactly how I’d expect Huang Rong to be like. Additionally, I like the dull colour scheme for Wuxia dramas.

      1. Julianne Lin

        Despite me being a huge Hu Ge fan, I definitely agree that Hu Ge’s Guo Jing was definitely not the best. The thing with me tho, was that the 2008 was actually the first version I watched, so despite the huge changes they made, I tend to refer to that version most cuz to me that’s the “original”…well no, just you know what I mean? Like in my mind it’s sort of the starting point to LoCH so I tend to compare to 2008 more. Despite Hu Ge’s off-ness in LoCH, I loved it cuz of the chemistry mostly. I just thought Ariel and Hu Ge were so adorable together.

        With 2003, that one’s actually my older sister’s fav. I do like Zhou Xun’s HR (actually I love her voice), but since I watched 2008 first, I tend to like Ariel’s cuter, wittier, playful HR (also unforgiving and “wicked”) more than ZX’s which tends to be a little meaner and crueler, and whip-smart instead of witty and cunning…like they’re both show HR’s smartness, but it’s slightly different, if you get me. Also, while Hu Ge’s Guo Jing was very meh, I also feel like Li Ya Peng was really laying it on with the “dumbness”. Like I guess it’s in character, but it also made for a really 2D character. Idk I usually look at OTP chemistry and the awesomeness of HR and the production as a whole, so I tend to overlook a lot of GuoJing-shortcomings. Hopefully Yang Xu Wen (?) does well here. I mean, so far, my likey.

        1. kitai

          I thought Hu Ge was terrible. Li Yapeng was bad, but he looked the part more than Hu Ge did even if his dimness was excessive. Zhou Xun was just perfect casting. In general, the 2008 adaptation is just not a good one because of casting woes and story changes. I mean, of course people are entitled to their opinions and all, but it’s amazing for me that an adaptation I hold in such low regard is so well-received. Especially because it seems to me that it is so because of how idol-like the cast is. Ariel Lin’s casting controversy then was not on the scale of Michelle Chen’s Xiao Long Bao but it was bad enough. She however turned out to be the best thing in the 2008 version, and I really do respect her acting because of that.

          I’m watching the newest version too. I’m not really liking or disliking it, since nothing has really happened yet. It doesn’t have the vibe I want from Wuxia dramas though, but almost all Wuxia dramas nowadays are the same anyway. I guess I can’t complain.

    4. Kappy

      In terms of beauty pageant quality, 1994 version wins for the most beautiful couple. Athena is beautiful. Julian and his milky skin and damn those dimples! ;D

      1. Kim

        So glad there are some that think the same. I love the 94 version. Julian and Athena were indeed the eye-candy version of LOCH. They were so nice to look at lol. I can’t really comment on the 2008 or any of the other versions since I’ve never seen them, but I didn’t know there’s a 2003 version. How many versions do they have out there? xD

        For those who’ve seen most of the versions, which one is the closest to the actual novel?

        1. Luna

          Oh I love Athena and Julian. Athena was very pretty and cute there, while Julian was known as too good-looking as GJ *lol*.

          Regarding the closest version to the novel, I think that it should be the 2003 one? The 2017 seemed to follow the novel too, but the pace is a lot quicker and it has onle reached 4 episodes..so, we should see later.

          Anyway, gonna give my comments on this later, after all of the main casts show up.

        2. Luna

          Sorry I forgot. 1994 should be the closest to the novel too. I didnt know which one from those 2 that is closest

        3. Wuxia Rocks

          Fortunately, LOCH is lucky enough to have most of the adaptations stick pretty closely to the novel. Except 2008, which had some sizable changes. The rest were mostly faithful. The 94 and 2003 probably being the closest.

        4. Kim

          Thank you all for answering! 🙂 Well I’m glad the only version I’ve seen is one that is the closet to the novel. Now I have the urge to go watch the 2003 version given all these praises about it.

  13. DonD

    Come on subbers, don’t make me wait 6 months please 😀

  14. Xiaoshu

    As a fan boy, the most important thing I care about wuxia drama is martial art and so far this version did it pretty good.

    I guess fan girl mostly care about the OTP.

  15. cn115hd

    This the good dramas , you can watch full episode and more dramas here :
    CN115HD-Free Movies Online.

  16. Hary

    Hello my friend, thank you for your encode.
    This is really most anticipating wuxia series in 2017.
    Can i share your link in other forum? I’m from Indonesia.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Kappy

      You can Hary! Will keep the links alive for longer period. 🙂

      1. Hary

        Thank you so much Kappy.
        *keep the spirit of Legend of the Condor Heroes 2017, hope subs team would be sub this series soon.:)

  17. Kappy

    New LOCH 2017 song by Well Lee. Really like this one.

  18. Jensen Li

    I really like this actress that is portraying Huang Rong, really cute and brings out her own charm and life to this fictional character. Li Yi Tong is her name i think. All of the cast is superb but I dont like the person they casted as Ouyang Ke, the 2008 casting felt better, just me I think. What about you guys?

    1. Jensen Li

      * I meant to say the 2008 casting for Ouyang Ke

    2. Garmore

      I agree with you, she brings her own unique charm to the character. And since she is an unknown to me, it is a surprising delight. I am enjoying this adaptation so far since the last one i watched was the 1983 version (so many years ago). This group of cast brings out a different flavour IMO. I’m on episode 6, hope the drama continues to entertain.

  19. Kai

    Just watched ep1-8, I must say this adaption is pretty good. The story flows well so far so good. I like how hua zheng(Mongolian princess) is less annoying in this version, compared to 2008 version. I actually like her character more in this version.

  20. Kuio

    So episode 9-14 was released today, does anyone know why the increase in episodes? and are more episodes coming tomorrow?

    1. Kappy

      Qiyi “VIP” get 9-14 today (normal 9&10), tomorrow 15 + 16 (normal get 11&12). They won’t air on New Year (next week.) 🙂

  21. Jefferson Jones


  22. Arte

    No episodes this week right, On IQIYI VIP or just none on tV>?

    1. Hans

      No episodes this week anywhere because of Chinese New Year

  23. drago

    Do u guys knw if it is subbed yet or not

    1. Kappy

      No subs yet. 🙁

      1. Drago

        Also is there no sub’s for legend of ancient sword 52 EPs version

  24. SG

    Thanks for the uploads!

    when will be the new ep be uploaded?

  25. SG

    Thanks for the uploads!

    when will be the new ep be uploaded?


  26. jen

    I cant believe this isn’t subbed yet. It’s the only version of LOCH I’ve looked forward to. Hate 2008 Hu Ge/Ariel pairing. Her acting clever annoys me and I really think his acting is all over the place, and in LOCH 2008 it was not good.

    Come on Jin Yong fanboys!

  27. rien

    Would you mind to tell me where I can find the full OST for LOCH 2017?
    I really love the instrumental BGM of this adaptation.

  28. Tirta

    I hope the author reupload all link of episodes at The Romance of the Condor Heroes (2014), especially episode 2 & 3

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