The Shenzhen Roommate Diaries stars Gui Gui and Show Luo

 photo Shen111.jpg

Yes! I’m still alive. It’s been two weeks since I last updated and I could tell you guys are slowing drifting away. Fine, just give me the bad Kaptain Award. 😉 School and clinical rotation are hogging all my time. It’s a beautiful Sunday so I’ll allow my bum to relax, stalk, and update. My sunshine girlcrush, Gui Gui, has recently signed up for a romantic comedy drama, based on a novel written by Song Xiao Jun, as the second lead. She’s starring opposite Show Luo, and the main heroine is played by Mao Jun Jie. I don’t recognize her but maybe you do. A press conference was held a few days ago, so here are some pictures.

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