Wu Jin Yan and Nie Yuan clash again in Happiness Will Come Knocking Again

Happiness Will Come Knocking (幸福还会来敲门) is a modern drama reuniting Wu Jin Yan and Nie Yuan – she’s a policeman and he’s a doctor. Our doctor experiences the low of life – in both career and love, and suddenly finds himself a frequent visitor at the police station.

A lot of dramas are airing soon, stay tuned ~

Airing 8/12!

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Chinese Stars at 69th Annual Cannes Film Festival

Films from all over the world getting their sneak peeks and previews. And stars decked out in all sorts of finery and bling bling. Still lacking in colors but nothing crazy.

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The Shenzhen Roommate Diaries stars Gui Gui and Show Luo

 photo Shen111.jpg

Yes! I’m still alive. It’s been two weeks since I last updated and I could tell you guys are slowing drifting away. Fine, just give me the bad Kaptain Award. 😉 School and clinical rotation are hogging all my time. It’s a beautiful Sunday so I’ll allow my bum to relax, stalk, and update. My sunshine girlcrush, Gui Gui, has recently signed up for a romantic comedy drama, based on a novel written by Song Xiao Jun, as the second lead. She’s starring opposite Show Luo, and the main heroine is played by Mao Jun Jie. I don’t recognize her but maybe you do. A press conference was held a few days ago, so here are some pictures.

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