Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

This episode was worth the wait. I watched without subtitle and found it entertaining and intense. A lot of guests are invited to challenge our Running Man team. I didn’t recognize the new idols, except for Kwang Hee so their names will be added later when the official list is out. Lol. I might write more to this post if I’m not too tired after work tomorrow. For now, enjoy the gifs and the real men moments. 😛

1. Yoo Jae Suk and his facial mud wash. Screw honor! The two clean freaks, Dong Wan and Hye Sung, run for their lives. Lol.

2. Kim Jong Kook and his fighting spirit. There is an awesome sequence where he performs a spider man swing. AWESOME. The two idols against him are worth mentioning for their strength and determination.

3. HaHa’s quick thinking always saves the day.

4. Kwang Soo’s luck is finally here? He did his best throughout the episode!

5. Ji Suk Jin and his head business with any flying objects. Remember the volley ball and heavy towel? heh!

6. Kang Gary is awesome in today’s dodge ball game. His precious will be lucky to have him. ^^

7. Ji Hyo is always Running Man lucky charm. 🙂

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    love the gifs!! gary!!! ROFL!

    moments that i noticed:

    – running man team abandoning ji hyo. hahah so mean
    – the idols are crushed completely!! that kid saved himself instead of his queen. LOL!
    – i laughed so hard when suk jin hat flew off. he’s always doing something funny with his head!!
    – there was this fierce competitiveness all episode. i think running man didn’t want to lose to shinhwa again, scripted or non-scripted.
    – that human ladder game is terrible! omg… their shoulders might have hurt real bad. koreans like to play dangerous games for peoples backs and necks. i remember that game on xman where they jump on each other’s back. owwwwwwie!! jong kook should have been first since he’s strong and muscular. kwang soo is too skinny to be the foundation
    – ji hyo’s so bad at MC-ing. lols. she doesn’t know what to say in the right moment. maybe the only thing she’s bad at. hehehe i cant believe they won’t at least make her hair pretty and stuff

  2. 13 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

    hi! this episode was so much fun to watch! laughing like crazy even without subs, will be so much better with subs.

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    Finally watched with subs! Thoughts:

    – OMGosh. I’m so embarrassed. Turns out the young idols are from the same group. The group that Kwang Hee belongs in! He did it! His team is now noticed! The camera seems to love Hyung Sik a lot. I recognize him as the new actor with Nam Ji Hyun in the KBS weekend drama. He was onscreen a lot but it’s the two guys who went against Jong Kook, Tae Hun and Dong Joon (now I know their names), that were impressive and quickly became my favorites. Is it me but Tae Hun looks like Park Ki Woong’s younger brother?
    – Strong teams should have been Jun jin & Andy, Jong Kook & Gary, Idols were perfectly chosen
    – I got so pumped up when they played Big Hero 6’s themesong, Immortal!!
    – Kwang Hee hanging onto the queen for dear life! LOL
    – I was having back problems and shoulder pains when they played the human ladder game.
    – Loved how Ji Hyo picked all pluses. She didn’t make any team feel bad and still help her team win the game. 😀

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      Haha, I thought the camera loved Eric more than everyone else. He’s so hawt ><
      Also, I recognised Hyung Sik from Heirs, Woobin's char friend. And, Kappy, your GIFs summarizes it all!

      • 13 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

        Oh yes. I think the PDs from X-Man days are Eric’s fangirls through and through. I’m not a fangirl of Eric but I can see how he appeals to the ladies. Just the way he lets the moment go instead of dwelling on his awesomeness makes it swoon-worthy.

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    do someone know song title when Haha jump :)?

    • 13 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

      Warriors by Imagine Dragons. =)

      • 13 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

        Do you know song title in 47:35?

  5. 13 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

    Hai,do you know the song title when ze:a team face to face with kim jong kook?? Thx before.. 🙂

  6. 13 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

    Do you know the song title in 47:35

    • 13 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

      Crush – Pendulum (:

  7. 13 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

    please tell me the tittle song in this ep.

  8. 13 thoughts on “Running Man: Episode 236 “Real Men.”

    what’s the song before the dodgeball game started, when Shinhwa was explaining the game to Julie? Thank you!

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