The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

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I’m so happy they are happy. *puts on smirk*

A recap becomes a chore when I spend 10 minutes staring at my notepad without writing a single word in it. And this is exactly what happened. The charms of the first four episodes have disappeared for a while now. Instead we have a group of friends role-playing a character that they suck at. No, I don’t love you, but I’m just gonna look at you with googly eyes. Or I have already moved on, but I’m just gonna stick around when you’re sad so maybe we might have another one-night stand? Or I am strong and independent because people say that I am therefore I must be

So I apologize beforehand for this is not a proper recap.

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The Way We Were: Episode 7 “The first crack of friendship.”

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Honestly, this episode is quite lousy to me. The preview at the end of last episode is basically all the exciting scenes of this one and that is basically five minutes. The whole hour circles around the same group of friends having tea party at different houses. Worst is that they reminisce about the same things over and over again. I geddit. Can we please move on?

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The Way We Were: Episode 6 “Unbroken Connection.”

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I enjoyed this episode since I had a recent meet-up with a few friends and while many things have changed, we settled into our old jokes and niches in no time. I’m sure many of us can relate to the emotional highs and lows of our group of friends as they reunite after a long separation, for better or for worse.

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The Way We Were: Episode 1 – 4 “Charmed.”

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I finished all four episodes in a day! I wouldn’t call it crack…yet ’cause I wasn’t in a hurry to marathon them at the same time. But it just happened that I had time today and the sparkling chemistry between the leads is irresistible.

This isn’t a conventional recap but merely a summary.

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Our Precious Pearl Princesses return to the small screen

When I say Pearl Princesses, the immediate image that should pop up is of these two. If not, we are a generation apart! Since Vicki Zhao and Ruby Lin share a connection and massive popularity back in the days (you youngins won’t understand, heh), I thought it was appropriate to put their news together, with both returning to the small screen at around the same time. Wouldn’t it be great to have them in another drama after 15 years?

The fun in counting wrinkles! 🙂

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