The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

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I’m so happy they are happy. *puts on smirk*

A recap becomes a chore when I spend 10 minutes staring at my notepad without writing a single word in it. And this is exactly what happened. The charms of the first four episodes have disappeared for a while now. Instead we have a group of friends role-playing a character that they suck at. No, I don’t love you, but I’m just gonna look at you with googly eyes. Or I have already moved on, but I’m just gonna stick around when you’re sad so maybe we might have another one-night stand? Or I am strong and independent because people say that I am therefore I must be

So I apologize beforehand for this is not a proper recap.

Episode 8 Picture Commentary:

We begin with Jun Jie sitting uncomfortably at his desk, reading the note Rui Rui gave him after the naughty night. Does anyone want to explain WHY he’s KEEPING it? There’s no rational answer other than the writer needs Jia Ni to find out in an elegant way.

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Then Jia Ni tells him about her pregnancy. A soon-to-be father’s first reaction is important. Look at him:

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Then she goes to Rui Rui’s office to personally tell her about the happy news. Same reaction:

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Because it’s the time to drink slushies and smoothies…

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Rui Rui walks around campus by herself.

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Because they will die if they don’t eat together.

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Classic behavior of I’m just a character who stirs SH!T UP! What’s he revealing this time? That Wei De used to take lots of pictures of them, especially of Jia Ni.

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We need to place this precious moment in a frame! SMILE PEOPLE!

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The ladies meeting at the market and Ge Qing hears Jia Ni’s ringtone. Yep.

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WHEN DID HE BECOME SO STUPID? Not knowing why Ge Qing is mad when he REFUSES to change his ringtone. Yea, because every girl wants their boyfriend to have the same ringtone as his former crush. Especially, when the lyrics say, “Let’s not be friends anymore, we are closer than that.” Lol. I made that last part up but you get the gist?

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Wei De and Jia Ni just happen to meet each other on campus of their old college because yunno, in this drama, people frequently visit their school for nostalgia’s sake.

And then….they flirt? I really don’t understand this scene.

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Jun Jie’s company is merging with another company to save their butts. A dinner to convince the big boss that their small-potato company is worth his investment. Lo and behold, the boss’s wife is the same chick that tried to return stuff at the supermarket and caused a rumble when Jia Ni asked her to line up and provide a receipt.

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Argument at home of course. Jun Jie explains his inferiority complex: “I’m speaking the truth. You went from a student to a manager. Fang Wei De is an icon of his company and was sent to Taipei for work. You guys always climb faster than I do and always stand in front of me. You guys never know how a loser like me feels! In your eyes, Fang Wei De is always before me. As long as Fang Wei De is in front, I am always the loser.”

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Jia Ni thinks otherwise: “Do you know? The one who can’t get rid of him is you, not me.” YEAAAAAAA WE BELIEVE YOU JIA NI!

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The big boss’s decision: He will merge companies on one condition – Jun Jie must leave his job. He complies and looks rather miserable at the park after applying for multiple jobs.

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Oh Rui Rui….

 photo WWW8-47.jpg

Oh Ge Qing….

 photo WWW8-49.jpg

Wei De finding out that Jun Jie is unemployed after the latter lies about coming to this company to check on their financial account. Secretary: “Please bring your resume to the Human Resource on the third floor.” *shakes head*

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——————————————— END ———————————————

Kappy: That’s it, that’s all you need to know to skip this episode. Though I would say that Episode 7 is the worst episode, the representative of inaction and repetition.

Despite my snarky attitude, I don’t hate Rui Rui and Jun Jie because it’s most likely going to be a one-time mistake. But if I were Rui Rui, I would not put myself in situations where we might be alone EVER again. I don’t even know why she brought him to her house and onto her bed. That’s like planning the scene to propel sexy times. And like I said in my last recap, this drama does not bother fleshing out the secondary characters, making them the cookie-cookouts of every situation. We don’t care much for them if their only function in the drama is to stare with googly eyes at their crushes for 10+ episodes.

 photo WWW8-39.jpg

That conversation at the cafeteria between Wei De and Jia Ni is just plain weird to me because the sexual tension is so dense that a knife could probably get a slice. I feel like these people are no longer characters of themselves, but role-playing a role that they no longer care about, so they can say what the heck they want. The worst part is they don’t know they’re hurting the people around them. Really?!! How could they say the stuff they said when it’s obvious that their feelings for each other are boiling right before their eyes? I’m baffled, maybe someone has a better explanation because I don’t and I care even less now.

It’s ironic that I feel sorry for the second leads even though they are the ones who did wrong. Perhaps it’s because they are true to their feelings while the main leads have been circling around theirs for the last 8 episodes?

Pity Ge Qing. She’s We Dei current girlfriend but she can’t escape his troublesome past. She’s trying too hard.

Jia Ni’s character in particular, is upsetting me. The drama needs to SHOW more than TELL. Everyone keeps harping that Jia Ni is strong and independent but it’s becoming less convincing because when you think about it, who supported her when she broke up with her boyfriend? Who fished her out of her depression? Who took care of her when she was sick? Who comforts her when she’s down? Her friends. How many times have she comforted Rui Rui on anything? The equation is unbalanced and I don’t think the writer bothers to add dimension to their friendship in the first place because everything is *about* Jia Ni.


  1. 7 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

    Depressing,…everyone is with the wrong person in their life ………

  2. 7 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

    i dropped this drama!!! bye bye!! they are totally milking the nostalgic element, to the point that i don’t EVEN LIKE when they are talking about the past anymore…..

    lol@pregnant cake!! HAHAH

    Ruby does look like she’s saying those words to ge qing. hahha 😀

    • 7 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

      How could you drop this drama Frea! I’m still hanging in there! Get back in here!

  3. 7 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

    1. I really love ur recap style, very hilarious and new.
    2. Can’t wait ep.9 . Ruirui & Junjie’s that one-night revealed!!
    3. I guess Jia-ni will miscarried the baby after accident. ( no more happiness between Junjie and Jiani)

    I really wonder what’s happen after ep.9
    No clues at all even 22 minutes long trailer.

    • 7 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

      Aww thanks! I just do what feels right – moments where my brain completely shuts down while watching an episode. Being snarky with pictures is easier to do than squeezing words out of my brain. Glad you liked it. 😀

      I hope it’s time for the future in 2013/14 cause I’m done with the past.

  4. 7 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

    i downloaded the latest episode, but haven’t finished watching the 1st episode.. LOLs. my bad..
    but Frea’s comments make me thinking about it again.. should i continue watching this? *sigh*
    i dislike this kind of relationship… love in friendship.. oh JUST ANOTHER CLASSIC RELATIONSHIP, haha.. oops..

    but like AllenM said, your recap is hilarious.. haha.. the classic moments, lol..

  5. 7 thoughts on “The Way We Were: Episode 8 “Role-play.”

    Just finished watching this episode. I cant wait to see the next episode when finaly Jun jIe’s affair was revealed. Can be when Jia ni call Wei De for help, he is in the moment with Ge Qing? if it is true, that will make Ge Qing mad, for sure Wei De will directly come to Jia Ni.
    And i hope also later Jia Ni will end with Wei De..

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