Matt Peeranee and Nadech Kugimiya at costume fitting for You Who Came From the Stars

Looks good. The Thai Remake of Korean series You Who Came From the Stars has cast Matt Peeranee and Nadech Kugimiya as the leads and they had a costume fitting yesterday and both look amazing, especially Matt Peeranee, she’s feisty and those eyebrows – they slay. Filming is due to begin in October!

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Thai Remake of You Who Came From the Stars casts Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peranee

Ah, Kim Hubby’s drama, You Who Came From the Stars, gets a Thai Adaptation, securing actor Nadech Kugimiya and Matt Peranee in the leading roles. Interesting, to me the original is totally owned by Jun Ji Hyun so it will be a challenge for another actress to top or come close to her perfect performance as the famous starlet who lives next door to our male lead, a 400-year old cynical alien with super powers. I don’t know much about Thai dramaland and a quick google tells me both of the Thai actors are under 30! So young despite their more mature faces.

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Time to love a foreign invader: Kim Soo Hyun in Man From Another Star

Weeeeeeee! Finals were over exactly 12AM on Friday (an essay). I spent yesterday sleeping and making some big and small decisions. Today, I just got home after shopping with Mama Bear. Then I realized that Rich Kids is finally over….which means that Kim Hubby’s drama is coming this Wednesday. YAY! Please be good. I’m dead serious. If it’s bad, someone will be pushed out of this ship! All I ask is a decent drama. I tried Best Time with Wallace and Janine, and I face-palmed several times during the first 15 minutes. It’s not my cup of tea. I like Wallace but my soft spot for him is thinning because all this love stemmed from his lovable character in The Four Detective Guards, and that drama was 10 years ago. Janine doesn’t fit cutesy type role, so all I see is her teeny bopper tantrums, throwing away her career just to get closer to a man. Sigh….

Anyway, I checked out the writer behind Man From Another Star and I haven’t watched any of her dramas. Should I be optimistic? (sayyessayyes!!)

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