Promos for Yan Zi Dong and Jiang Zi Le’s Till Death Tear Us Apart

Till Death Tear Us Apart is based on the novel 愉此一生 written by Nan Zhi. Director Chen Peng brought his group of boys to the republican period and let them continue their love story. Liu Yu Sheng (Jiang Zi Le) hails from a rich family. After studying abroad, he returns home to find his asset/inheritance stolen by his other family members. To make a living, he has to work as a teacher at a small school. In this hopeless state, he meets an old friend in Zhou Yao Hua (Yan Zi Dong), who harbors a crush on him for the longest time. Thus begins Yu Sheng’s rounds of difficult choices.

I don’t know much else but the beautiful costumes and teasing song = Gimme!

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Chen Peng to adapt Butterfly Lovers into a Boy-Boy Romance

Chen Peng may be a young director, but he is certainly bold in his approach of promoting gay dramas. Graduated from Capital Normal University, he’s the chairman of his own production company. Recall that he was the director for two webdramas, featuring the same leads in the first ancient gay drama (Love is More Than A Word) to a republican series (Till Death Tear Us Apart). And here he goes again, remaking one of the four Chinese classic folktales, The Butterfly Lovers (梁山伯与祝英台) into a boy-boy love story.

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Love Is More Than A Word drops trailer and reveals wedding

Nice. The trailer proves to be the opposite of what I expected. Instead of humorous and wacky situations, we have political intrigues and mysterious murders to solve in the first gay Chinese ancient drama, Love Is More Than A Word (识汝不识丁[Shi Ru Bu Shi Ding]), adapted from the novel written by Su You Bing.

**Fixed Link to Trailer & BTS

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First Gay Ancient Chinese Drama: Love Is More Than A Word

Well, you know the rules. The more you want people to stop doing something, the more they want to do it. Not sure how this will turn out in the end for the production, whether they can air the series or not, but here we go. As you know, I don’t read novels so I was surprised to learn that there is a category specifically made for novels with the focus on male OTP called Dan Mei (耽美), which means a liking towards pretty things (Lol, the crime we suffer under!) Love Is More Than A Word (识汝不识丁[Shi Ru Bu Shi Ding]) is a novel written by Su You Bing and a skim of the synopsis suggests that humor (besides the pretty boys) is its strongest draw. It’s the first drama adaptation of a dan mei novel in ancient setting (what they say.)

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