Martial Universe: Episodes 01-06 Recap

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Demons, love at first sight, cheesy flirting and lots of blood this week on Martial Universe.

Join the team at AVV as, once again, we embark on this recap journey. This time a 40 episode long journey of Season 1 with a purported 20 episodes to be broadcast in Season 2.

Let’s begin Week 1!


Series Information:

Chinese Title:武动乾坤
Episodes: 60
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance
Broadcast Source: Dragon TV (Oriental TV), Youku
Airing Schedule: 2 Episodes a day, Tues – Thurs via Dragon TV (Oriental TV)
Current Progress: 06/40 (Season 1)
(Season 2 will have 20 Episodes for a total of 60)

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Character List
MainLin FamilyLei FamilyYuan GateYan Cheng SectNine Heaven's Tai Qing PalaceDao SectOthersCorrelation Chart
Yang Yang as Lin Dong
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Zhang Tian’ai as Ying Huan Huan
 photo Ying Huanhuan.jpg
Wang Li Kun as Ling Qing Zhu
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Wu Chun as Lin Lang Tian
 photo Lin Langtian.jpg

Lin Xiao (Lin Dong’s father)
 photo Lin Xiao.jpg
Lin Qing Tan (Lin Dong’s adopted sister)
 photo Lin Qingtan.jpg
Lin Mu (Chief of the Lin Clan)
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Lei Li (Second Young Master)
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Attendant Lei Fu (Lei Li’s Attendant)
 photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg
Lei Zhong (Eldest Young Master)
 photo vlcsnap-00035.jpg

Mu Qian Qian (One of Three Sect Leaders)
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Master Yan
 photo Master Yan.jpg
Xuan Su
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Shen Qing
 photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg
Su Rou
 photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Ying Xuan Zi (Sect Leader) 
 photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg
Wu Dao
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Little Marten
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The story opens with a narrator giving us some backstory. There was a Dimension Gate that separated the mortal and alternate realms. One day the Yimo, demonic creatures, invaded the mortal realm and chaos ensued. A mortal known as the Emblem Ancestor used all of his power to create an Ancestral Emblem to seal away the Yimo and when he died, the Dimension Gate was closed. The Yimo managed to break the seal and are now looking for the Emblem so that they can reopen the Dimension Gate. Humans are looking for it also, as well as the one who can wield its powers, but no one knows where to find either of them.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

At the Steel Wood Manor’s Mountain Arena, people are crowding in to watch the fights. The Arena is run by Lei Li, the second young master of the powerful Lei Family Clan. Lin Dong is one of the fighters. He is attempting to fight a guy much bigger than himself and initially is knocked down. Undeterred, he does his best to keep out of his opponents grasp, making him chase after him, avoiding his blows as much as he can, as his foster sister, Qing Tan, cheers him on, icy vapor coming off of her body. She attracts the attention of Lei Li who notices the strange vapor. photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Lin Dong is able to get in a few blows though he also takes some as well, but continues to run. After headbutting the guy, he suddenly figures out his weak spot. He sneaks around him to tap him on the arm to confirm and then punches him in the shoulder from behind, knocking him out. Many people lose money, having assumed Lin Dong would lose. His sister tries to get him to stop fighting, but he knows if he can win a sixth one in a row, then they can get enough money for the medicine needed for their father.

Lei Li asks Attendant Lei Fu who the guy is who won, but he’s new to the arena so Lei Fu has no idea as he’s been too busy counting all the money they’ve made. (The money, in this case, are Yang Yuan stones, of which the nicest are being set aside for Lei Li to refine into several hundred Yang Yuan pills.) Lei Li tells his attendant to bet on the boy for 20 times the regular rate. When it’s announced that if the challenger loses, everyone will get paid double, but if he wins, everyone will be paid 20 times the amount. People eagerly bet on Lin Dong to win and Lin Dong sends Qing Tan to go get their current winnings.

But when his opponent is revealed, everyone regrets their bets. It turns out his opponent is a hungry and angry Fire Python Tiger. Lin Dong runs in terror trying to get out of the arena, but none of the guards will let him go. He tries to outrun the tiger and avoid its swipes but is not terribly successful. Then he tries to bargain with the tiger, finally getting it to back off when he promises to catch and feed him forest demons if he’ll pretend to lose the fight. Suddenly, black clouds appear over the arena which surprises everyone and brings back the tiger’s anger, but then Lin Dong manages to punch him and knock him out, spouting off some pithy lines before running out of the arena. Once out, he realises that the increase in winnings was not for him, but rather with the hopes that the tiger would win. People eagerly collect their winnings as Lei Li tries to figure out who the siblings were and telling Lei Fu to find them. He seems especially interested in Qing Tan. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

The siblings walk back to town with Qing Tan trying to convince her brother to stop fighting, but he needs to get enough money for the Vermillion Blood Clotting Fruit that their father needs to heal from his injuries. A wind picks up and suddenly Lin Dong sees a fairy (Ling Qing Zhu) and he’s in love. He tries to follow her, but with his sister calling out to him, he has to go with her to the apothecary. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

An old woman is wailing about her husband disappearing and her only finding his bloodied clothes. Qing Zhu inspects them and then an item on her belt starts to vibrate. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

In the Nine Heaven’s Taiqing Palace, Shen Qing is making a lotus bloom when she gets a summons from the Dao Sect. She tells Su Rou to get Qing Zhu and go with her.  photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Arriving at Dao Sect, Shen Qing is angry to hear that Qing Zhu has left the palace and is not answering messages. They are greeted by Ying Xuan Zi, the leader of the Dao Sect. They wonder how the Yimo have returned and worry about how to deal with them. Xuan Zi wants to discuss the matter with her and the Yuan Gate’s three sect leaders, but just then Mu Qian Qian arrives from Yuan Gate on behalf of the sect leaders. It’s obvious she looks down on them; even teasing Wu Dao, a member of the Dao Sect. She tells them that Yuan Gate sect leaders are already working with the empires to deal with the issue and there’s no need for them to do anything. She thinks the Emblem and the Ancestor are myths and can’t resist pointing out that Xuan Zi’s daughter lost to the Taiqing Palace’s Princess in the Triple Sect competition to cause tension, but they refuse to give up or stop believing.  photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

In the woods where the seal is located in a bubbling pond, Qing Zhu is searching for…something. She is attached by a black smoke monster that talks backwards and she fights it off with a glowing sword.  photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Ying Huan Huan is dreaming that she is in the same woods, chasing after Qing Zhu, but instead finds a smoke monster dressed in her clothing which attacks her. She wakes up safe and sound. As she walks around the palace, she hears Su Rou and Shen Qing discussing Qing Zhu. When she hears that her former opponent has gone to Qingyang Town to look for the Yimo, she decides to head down there as well and try to find them first. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Outside, her father is presenting Wu Dao with special Dual Ice Blades which he created, but Ying Huan Huan grabs them and decides to take them with her to go find the Yimo. Wu Dao, who has a bit of a crush on her, tries to stop her, but she overpowers him. As she leaves, her father tells Wu Dao that even he can’t stop her. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

In Qingyang Town, Lin Dong and Qing Tan try to buy the Vermillion Blood Clotting Fruit, but the apothecary wants to know what kind of wound it’s needed for and how they got all the money. Lin Dong asks if the money is no good, so the apothecary says that he doesn’t have any of the elixir and they settle for buying the best medicine he has available instead. Secretly, the apothecary owner sends a messenger to the Lei Family to let them know that someone using Yang Yuan stones with their stamp is trying to buy the elixir.  photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Later back at a Lin Family Clan gathering, the clan chief, Lin Mu is standing in front a bunch of strangely shaped stones, trying to punish Lin Dong, but he refuses to see how he is doing wrong. When someone brings up Lang Tian, a member of the clan who is now part of the Yuan Gate sect, Lin Dong gets angry. He berates the chief and the clan for treating his father poorly when he was injured by Lang Tian, and only praising Lang Tian after he crippled his father when before they had never accepted him. He chides them for not caring about the weak and only valuing the powerful. When Lin Mu tries to punish him, Lin Dong easily gets away. His father, Lin Xiao, arrives and steps in between them, trying to calm down the Chief. photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

Outside, he drags his son away by his ear, much to Lin Dong’s surprise. He tells his son he’s just lucky and not strong and, when Lin Dong tells him to test him, he punches him, sending him on to the roof of a house. Lin Dong tries two more times, failing the next one, but then watching his father pass out before the third. When they take him into the house, Lin Dong realises his father is faking it. Lin Xiao says he’s hungry so Qing Tan goes to make him something to eat. With her gone, he has a serious talk with his son, wanting to know if the Lei Family recognized him. photo vlcsnap-00038.jpg

Lin Xiao is making sure the Lei Family didn’t recognize Lin Dong or beat him. He also warns Lin Dong that before he goes fighting again, he needs to cultivate his martial arts and to respect the clan chief. When Lin Dong gets angry about Lang Tian not being punished for hurting his father despite using dirty tricks, his father tells him that there were no tricks, he just lost, and not to bring up his name again. Lin Xiao also tells him that the medicine he brought won’t help him and to save it for himself, and then he whines that he’s hungry and sends Lin Dong to check on his sister. But Lin Dong knows he isn’t really hungry and tells his sister to stop cooking.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Lin Xiao tries to use his own Yuan pill to help with his injuries as Lin Dong, outside, remembers his father’s defeat and imagines beating up Lang Tian to pay him back for what he did. Frustrated, he goes around the yard punching, kicking and breaking things.  photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

The Yuan pill is not helping Lin Xiao due to his injuries and he gives up. Qing Tan gets her brother to stop destroying things. When Lin Dong wonders how to defeat the Lei Family, she points out the two oldest sons have strong martial arts skills and Lin Dong is frustrated knowing that he is too low in level to defeat them, but then wonders if there’s another indirect way to get back at them. He decides to capture a forest demon to feed to the Fire Python Tiger so he can make a deal with him. Qing Tan asks about what happened with Lang Tian, but Lin Dong tells her not to mention him again. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

In the forest, Lin Dong is up late waiting to catch a forest demon and is about to fall asleep. He makes strange calls when he knows one is near and manages to trap it, but then it gets away and he chases after it, catching and losing it each time. During the chase, he crashes into Qing Zhu, causing her to drop a pouch she was carrying. He follows after her as does the forest demon, though the demon is less annoying. But when the demon tries to run away, he catches it. When Qing Zhu hears he intends to feed it to a Fire Python Tiger, she draws her sword on him, causing him to drop the demon who runs away. Then he tries to be all creepy flirty again, but when a wind blows leaves in his face, she disappears and he’s alone in the woods again. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

The next morning Lin Dong is reenacting the encounter to himself at home while Qing Zhu goes back to find her pouch with the help of the forest demon. Unfortunately for her, Lin Dong found the pouch and has taken it home with him. Lei Li has come with a betrothal offer for Qing Tan. He’s interested in her Yan Energy and tries to claim he is keeping them safe by taking her, but Lin Xiao will not hear of it. Lei Li’s men attempt to capture both of them instead and Lin Dong hears the ruckus and runs out. He tries to fight off Lei Li, but is helpless against his lightning powers. When he suddenly is able to repulse them back on him, Lin Dong is overjoyed, but it turns out that Lang Tian, who has suddenly returned from Yuan Gate, was the one who caused the lightning to surge back on to Lei Li. Lei Li tries to get Lang Tian to join the Lei Family while Lang Tian argues with him, but Qing Tan doesn’t want any fighting on her behalf. She agrees to the wedding as long as they give them the elixir needed for her father. Lin Dong tries to stop her from going, but Lang Tian pulls him away which angers him. He tells Lang Tian not to meddle in their family affairs. When Lang Tian points out that Qing Tan was adopted and not really part of the clan, Lin Dong says she’s more of a member than he is. Lang Tian tells him he should improve his martial arts skills first and then binds him to a tree to keep him out of trouble. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Lin Xiao is binding up firewood and Lang Tian tries to help, though the man is not very interested. He confesses that after Lang Tian defeated him, he was going to kill himself. But then he found Qing Tan crying for food and he took it as a sign from the gods to not end his life. Lang Tian tells him that the engagement is a scheme and that he will get her back for them. Lin Xiao tells him that he considers him, Lin Dong and Qing Tan to all be his family.  photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

As Lang Tian is walking through town, he senses Qing Zhu and calls her out, wondering what she is doing. She asks him if he hasn’t noticed the demonic aura coming from the Lei family and wonders if he would have even shown up here if Lei Li hadn’t barged in. Lang Tian says that now that he’s a member of Yuan Gate sect, that this place is no longer his home (despite earlier telling the Lin’s that he still considered it home). Qing Zhu suggests they work together, with him getting the credit and, her getting the Yimo. When he asks her if she’s acquainted with the Yimo, she refuses to say and asks if he will work with her or not. He tells her that the wedding will be tomorrow and it is then that they can get into their manor. We find out that the Yimo are looking for mortal bodies to take over until their Yuan power is restored. When Lang Tian invites her to his house, she disappears in another gust of wind. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Lang Tian goes into the clan meeting room where all the stones are and is not very happy when the Chief arrives. He, like Lin Dong, is disgusted by the chief’s tendency to acquiesce to those in power. The chief is trying to urge him to use his time at Yuan Gate to make friends with influential people who can help restore the Lin clan to their former glory. Lang Tian studies the stones carefully, apparently looking for something, and mentions that he is there on a task for Elder Mu, but does not say what it is. He also reminds the chief that at one time he had taught Lang Tian that only his fists could turn things around. (Oh, wonder if he had anything to do with Lang Tian defeating Lin Xiao.) photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

At night, still bound to the tree, Lin Dong is cursing out Lang Tian when the bindings finally disintegrate.

In town, Qing Zhu comes across Madam 48 who is selling bean pastries. She gives Madam 48 some money in return for a place to stay, but the woman can tell there’s more to her than meets the eye. When Qing Zhu asks where the Lei family lives, she tells her that they do not live in town. By herself, Qing Zhu remembers people bullying her because her father defected to the Yimo and fearing she will also become a traitor. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Lin Dong tries to set out to get the elixir and his sister back. Lin Xiao catches him, but rather than stopping him, tells him not to die.

The next morning, Ying Huan Huan wakes up in Qingyang Town, wondering how to find what she’s looking for. She’s also run into Madam 48 and buys pastries off of her before proceeding to offer money to anyone with interesting gossip. Qing Zhu sees her and is annoyed that she is there to cause problems. Master Yan from the Yan Cheng Sect is also a witness to the events along with one of his disciples, Xuan Su. He comments on how pretty Huan Huan is while Xuan Su tries to remind him of the task at hand. He and his disciple seem to have a somewhat flirtatious relationship, though the age difference is a bit creepy. photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Just as someone is telling Huan Huan about seeing the Fire Python Tiger at the Steel Wood Manor, Qing Zhu comes out to tell her to stop causing trouble. Huan Huan is not going to be deterred so Qing Zhu leaves, heading to the manor. Huan Huan is frustrated by the lack of info until Madam 48 points out that Qing Zhu is already ahead of her. She finally realises that the story about the beast at the Manor is important and sets out for the manor as the villagers dive for the stones she leaves behind. Master Yan also leaves, but he’s going after the Emblem instead and tells a frustrated Xuan Su to stay put.

In the woods, Lin Dong watches Lei Fu leading servants who are carrying large logs to the manor. He sees that the attendant also has the elixir they need. He sneaks in with the group of servants. No one notices that some Yimo have entered into the attendant’s body. In the manor, Lin Dong sneaks away from the servants and goes through the maze of hallways, evading guards. photo vlcsnap-00034.jpg

Lei Fu has gone to where the Fire Python Tiger is kept. The Tiger clearly doesn’t like him and tries to take a few swipes, but Lei Fu keeps him at bay with a spiked club. As he prods the beast, Lin Dong hears the beasts’ cries and remembers him from the arena. He waits for Lei Fu to leave and then sneaks in to see it. photo vlcsnap-00037.jpg

At the Steel Wood Manor, Lin Dong has found the Fire Python Tiger. The tiger at first is grumpy but then backs off. Lin Dong offers him a bone, but at first, the creature isn’t interested. Lin Dong apologises for not bringing a forest demon and says a fairy told him it wouldn’t be good for him anyway. He leaves the animal the bone and releases the chain on his cage before leaving to continue looking for his sister. The creature begins roaming around the manor. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Lang Tian and Qing Zhu approach the manor. Lang Tian wants to go over the plan, but Qing Zhu is just concerned about getting what she wants. As they enter the manor, Huan Huan, who has been following them, gets locked out and starts yelling to be let in, ignorant about what is going on. (And starting to get on my nerves quite frankly. How am I supposed to believe that she and Qing Zhu were even on equal levels when she is being so dumb?) photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Lei Li has Qing Tan in the arena and is taunting her and chasing her around. As she gets stressed out, more of the icy vapor appears which appears to be harming her. Lei Li, excited to see this, insists that they “join” their Yin and Yang energies to help increase his Yuan power, but a servant interrupts him to announce that Lang Tian has arrived. He doesn’t see the Tiger watching from overhead. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Lang Tian and Qing Zhu are greeted by Lei Li, who doesn’t understand why they are there. Lang Tian says he’s there for wine since he’s married one of the Lin women, and introduces Qing Zhu as a friend of the Lin clan. When Lang Tian asks why there are no decorations up for the wedding, Lei Li instead asks why they are even there as his guards surround them. When Lang Tian says he’s there to remove Yimos, the Tiger appears to attack Lei Li, causing the guards to run off scared. Lang Tian and Qing Zhu watch as the Tiger chases Lei Li and follow. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Lin Dong makes his way to the area above the arena and sees his sister. He calls to her.

In the dungeon, Lei Li, who has gotten away from the Tiger, beats a guard and demands to know how the Tiger got loose and send his men to find it. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Huan Huan is still outside yelling to be let in and trying to climb the walls of the manor as a horn blows.

Lin Dong helps his sister as they climb up the wall of spikes, but when he gets to the top, Lei Li is waiting for them and steps on Lin Dong’s hand, causing him to fall back to the arena floor. He then offers his hand to Qing Tan to help her up, but she’d rather join her brother and lands on top of him when he tries to catch her, injuring him. Lei Li starts calling for his attendant when he hears the Tiger and sees it jump into the arena with a large piece of fabric. The siblings hold on to the fabric as the Tiger pulls them out of the arena while Lei Li runs away. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Qing Zhu and Lang Tian arrive and Lin Dong is happy to see his fairy again, but then is pushed aside by Lei Fu who throws the Tiger into the arena and chases after the siblings. Lang Tian and Qing Zhu realise he’s possessed by a Yimo and chase after them. Lei Li yells at Lei Fu not to let his wife get away.

Outside Huan Huan sees Lin Dong and Qing Tan run by followed by the attendant. When she sees Lang Tian and Qing Zhu run by also after them, she assumes that Lin Dong must be the Yimo since it appears everyone is chasing him. She is determined to get him first.

In the woods, the siblings run from the possessed attendant but slip and fall. The Yimo uses lightning powers to attack Qing Zhu. Lang Tian starts using his own weapon to attack the Yimo, with Lin Dong and Qing Tan caught in the middle of his attack. Huan Huan sees Qing Zhu and attacks her, determined not to let her win. She clearly doesn’t take any of this seriously.  photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

The Fire Python Tiger has escaped the manor and runs until he comes to a cliff.

The Lin siblings run and hide in the tall grass and don’t see the Yimo sneak up behind them. Lei Fu’s eyes go all black when he sees them and he’s about to attack when the Tiger appears and tackles him. Then Huan Huan appears, accusing Lin Dong of being the Yimo, only to be attacked by the Tiger. She starts having a hissy fit because she’s all dirty now from being knocked into the mud. The siblings laugh at her and run away, but the Yimo attacks Lin Dong and, when Qing Tan tries to pull him off, the icy vapor she exudes scares the Yimo back and the Tiger chases him away as Huan Huan continues to whine. photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

More of Lang Tian’s bolts come down and Lin Dong is trying to dodge them as the bolts pin down Lei Fu. Qing Zhu realises his attack is getting weaker and demands to know why as she is worried the Yimo will get away. Finally, Lei Fu is killed, but a cloud of black leaves his body; the Yimo have escaped. When Lang Tian accepts blame for the failure, Qing Zhu asks if he was scared to hurt his brother, but he will only chalk it up to his skills not being better. photo vlcsnap-00032.jpg

Lin Dong and Qing Tan are sneaking back to the body of Lei Fu so they can get the elixir for his dad. They see the Tiger and Lin Dong tries to get him to leave since he’s now free. As the Tiger goes, Huan Huan appears again and knocks Lin Dong out, proud of herself for getting the Yimo. Qing Tan demands to know why she did that as Qing Zhu arrives and tells her that Lin Dong is not the Yimo. When Lang Tian arrives and also confirms, Huan Huan still insists he is. They tell her she’s keeping them from capturing the real Yimo and she can either go with them to look for it or go home. But the spoiled brat is determined to catch it on her own.  photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

Realising the dead attendant will cause issues with the Lei Family, Lang Tian knows what to do and, when Qing Zhu asks about Lin Dong, he suddenly awakens and starts clinging to her, trying to be all cute with her. (I’m guessing this is supposed to be funny, but if he’s going to be the hero, can he hurry up and grow up a bit?)

Lei Zhong is working on his cultivation and Lei Li watches as he achieves the next level (while wearing one snazzy dress). Lei Li wants him to hurry up and tries to get a guard to interrupt him for him, but he’s too afraid. Finally, he does try to tell him that they have guests waiting but gets shot across the room. photo vlcsnap-00037.jpg

Lin Dong, Qing Tan and Qing Zhu wait for the Lei’s to arrive as Lang Tian calls out to them. Lei Li pleads for his brother to stand up for him, but elder brother is in no rush. He finally arrives to greet his guests, annoyed to be interrupted. Lang Tian apologises for the attendant though Lei Li doesn’t believe he was possessed by a Yimo. Lei Zhong agrees to forget the matter, but Lei Li is annoyed. When Lang Tian says he only betrothed Qing Tan to his brother to draw out the Yimo and now wants to withdraw the betrothal, Lei Li gets upset. But Lei Zhong, who was not aware of the offer, agrees. When Lei Li admits that he just wants her for her energies, Lin Dong calls him out on not being sincere towards his sister. The siblings happily leave as Lang Tian thanks Lei Zhong. photo vlcsnap-00038.jpg

Lei Li wants to know why his brother would allow them to go, but Lei Zhong knows who Qing Zhu and Lang Tian are and doesn’t want to risk offending him. Plus he knows that if they aren’t careful, they could lose their land to the Lin family.

Lin Dong is flirting once again with his fairy. Qing Zhu asks him if he’s seen her pouch, but he denies it, suggesting that there’s only one way he could have seen it… When she gets offended, he suggests he talk to his dad so he can take responsibility by getting engaged to her and she knocks him into a wall. She tells him off, but he won’t stop being an ass.

When Lang Tian tries to give him a hard time, Lin Dong accuses him of being a coward who didn’t even try to save Qing Tan and used his family as bait to go after these mysterious Yimo monsters only to end up with nothing. Lang Tian tells Qing Tan to go home and then invites Lin Dong to fight it out. He tries, remembering what he did to his father, but still can’t defeat him. When Lin Dong accuses Lang Tian of playing dirty, he is unapologetic and says “But I always win.” When Lin Dong promises to shut his mouth one day, Lang Tian warns him it will take a while.

That evening Lin Dong is working on his martial arts skills when his father comes out and sees him, scoffing at his attempts. Lin Dong is frustrated that his father won’t help him improve, but his father tells him that it’s his anger and hotheadedness that are his problem. He demonstrates a move for Lin Dong and how it’s done. Lin Dong tries to copy him. Suddenly his father collapses and Lin Dong tells him to stop acting strong which upsets Lin Xiao. He asks if Lang Tian beat him up again and Lin Dong is embarrassed that he knows. Lin Xiao again tells him that there’s no reason for revenge and no wrong to be righted. As Lin Dong again accuses Lang Tian of almost killing his father, he starts to feel pain of his own and, again, his father teases him, but then tells him again that he needs to perfect his technique before he starts getting into more fights. photo vlcsnap-00041.jpg

Lin Dong asks why, in other families, the daughters do the housework, but not in their family and his father reminds him of the family saying that it’s not his sister’s responsibility to take care of everything. Because of all she’s gone through, she needs rest. Lin Xiao tells Lin Dong to make dinner for her, muttering under his breath that Lin Dong knows nothing about how to treat women (So true, but who’s fault is that?) and then runs off with some wine as his son works.

At night, Lin Dong and Qing Tan go back into the woods to retrieve the elixir from Lei Fu’s body. They start heading back home when they see Qing Zhu looking for her pouch so they hide.

Lin Dong and Qing Tan are hiding from Qing Zhu and notice the entirely not sneaky at all Huan Huan go hide behind another tree. Lin Dong wonders what both of them are up to as Huan Huan wonders what Lin Dong is up to. Qing Tan figures both women are looking for Yimo and Lin Dong wonders what it is, but realises the elixir is more important right now. They sneak off and Huan Huan realises she’s lost her prey and goes to find him.

Somehow Lin Dong has managed to find a torch and is leading his sister through the woods. They hide in a cave and seeing Huan Huan, start making fun of her (loudly enough for her to hear and find them even though she doesn’t…). Lin Dong, having never seen this cave before, insists on exploring it when his sister sees something.

Lang Tian has also come to the woods and joins Qing Zhu who still doubts him because of what happened earlier that day. They inspect the body and see a mark on the man’s neck left by the Yimo. When Qing Zhu remarks on the Yimo’s fear of Qing Tan, he tells her that she’s been afflicted with an icy poison all her life and wonders if the Yimo fears it.

Lin Dong explores the cave and, when Qing Tan gets nervous, he teases her for being afraid of the Yimo.

Lang Tian and Qing Zhu continue looking for the Yimo and don’t notice a black substance sliding down a tree trunk. Lang Tian wants to discuss Qing Zhu’s father and how his betrayal, on behalf of the Yimo, affected her family in an attempt to figure out why she is hunting the Yimo down. She just wants to focus on the task at hand. photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Lin Dong goes down one passageway, but his sister stays behind. Frightened by something, she screams. There is blood on Lin Dong’s face. Freaked out, Lin Dong screams as the icy poison starts to build up in Qing Tan. In an effort to save her, he forces her to bite his finger and drink is blood. (All the blood drinking in this show so far is kind of grossing me out.) When a drop of his blood hits the ground, the cave starts to shake violently. They run out of the cave and jump into a pond where Lin Dong spies something on the bottom, some kind of rock. Swimming down to get it, his blood hits the stone first and, suddenly, he finds himself in a large empty space with…himself…two of himself. Suddenly he finds himself pulling a Fu Yao and learning martial arts by watching himself make the moves and following as a voice instructs him. He manages to finally gain all Nine Echoes (cue the NZBZ training montage) before finding that he out of the pond. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

On a hilltop, Master Yan sees a light shoot out from the woods and realises that the Ancestral Emblem has been found.

Qing Tan who saw Lin Dong accomplish all Nine Echoes, celebrates with him as he describes what happened and how, now, he is filled with power. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Lang Tian and Qing Zhu end up trapped in a smoke bubble made by the Yimo, which doesn’t respond to any of their attacks. They realise the Yimo have gained more power and soon they will be no match for them.  photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

As the sun rises, Lin Dong reminds his sister not to tell anyone what happened. They notice that the rock he found is glowing, but then hear Lei Li who wants to know their secret. He has brought his guards with him. Feeling brave, Lin Dong has no fear. As the guards try to attack, he waves the rock and is able to repulse them and Lei Li. He’s even amazed by his own power. Lei Li asks what black magic it is and Lin Dong claims to have made friends with the Yimo. He goes to leave, but the guards attack again so again he waves the rock and knocks them down. Certain of his own power, he gives the rock to his sister and runs at Lei Li. But without the rock, Lin Dong is helpless against Lei’s lightning powers. Lei Li grabs Lin Dong’s sister and the elixir and crushes it in his hands.  photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Suddenly, the Yimo enter Lei Li. Qing Tan, seeing this, gets loose and gives her brother the rock which he uses to repulse the possessed Lei Li. Just then Huan Huan, who has been following Lin Dong, comes up to attack Lei Li as the siblings run away. His eyes turning black, he becomes a smoke monster and scares off Huan Huan. She then finds the siblings and traps them with her ice powers, certain they are working for the Yimo. She doesn’t trust Lin Dong. (Probably due to his annoying flirting.) And when Lin Dong starts comparing her to Qing Zhu, she gets angry and leaves them to die. Qing Tan wonders how she could be so dumb and heartless, but Lin Dong feels certain that she’s not completely heartless and has his sister pretend to be suffering from the icy poison. It works as Huan Huan returns to set them free, concerned about Qing Tan. But then Lin Dong uses his new powers to knock her out and the siblings run away. photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Qing Zhu and Lang Tian are still trapped when Qing Zhu finally realises that they only need to find one small flaw to escape the bubble. She turns one of her hairs into a long needle and flings it at the bubble, causing it to shatter. They continue after the Yimo. photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Back home, Lin Dong studies the rock. He tries burning it and biting it. Then, when he drops it in boiling water, he later finds the water black and the stone cleaned off to reveal a symbol on it. As they wonder what the secret of it is, he tells Qing Tan not to tell anyone about it, even father.  photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

The wind kicks up and two visitors appear, Master Yan and Xuan Su. Lin Dong wonders if they are the Yimo while Master Yan declares Lin Dong to his liking. Master Yan asks about the stone, but Lin Dong plays dumb though Master Yan knows exactly where it is and is able to make it glow to confirm where it is. Then he offers 500 Yang Yuan Stones in exchange for it. Lin Dong takes the money but asks for double when Master Yan insists he is a collector of stones and appears to really want this one. Master Yan agrees but then is surprised when he and Xuan Su suddenly find themselves tossed into an oubliette with Lin Dong using the Emblem to lock them in. (Finally, a reason to use my favourite word!) Master Yan is impressed with Lin Dong’s mastery of the Emblem already and that he is unswayed by money.  photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

Qing Tan wants to let the man go free, but Lin Dong thinks he is a sign of trouble. Master Yan is hopeful about Lin Dong’s potential.

Lin Dong wonders why it is the man wants the stone. He looks at the scroll that was included with the bag of money and tries to read it. He realises it’s a Spiritual Movement Manual full of martial arts moves. It’s bait that Master Yan has left for him.

Lang Tian and Qing Zhu find the dead Lei family guards. One who is still alive warns them that Lei Li is possessed before he dies.  photo vlcsnap-00043.jpg

As Lin Dong reads the scroll out loud, he notices that the stone begins to glow. He rushes to show his sister and tells her that it released spiritual energy. Master Yan and Xuan Su listen in. Lin Dong wonders if the stone also might have healing powers to help their father. photo vlcsnap-00042.jpg

Lin Xiao is walking through the woods when he sees Lei Zhong with his guards headed for the house. He hides from them and then follows, wondering what he’s doing there. photo vlcsnap-00045.jpg

Lin Xiao arrives home and warns that the Lei Family is on their way. He grabs a hold of Qing Tan to leave, but Lin Dong looks out the window in time to see Lei Zhong use his lightning powers to damage the house. Xuan Su tries to get Master Yan to use this chance to escape, but he’s interested to see what happens. Lin Dong runs outside to find out what is going on and Lei Zhong accuses him of harming his brother who has gone missing. Of course, Chief Lin Mu shows up to suck up to the Lei Family and try to convince them that Lin Dong has no powers. But while the Chief is eager to suck up to the powerful family, Lin Xiao is not one to back down. When Lei Zhong asks the Chief if Lin Xiao and his family still count as part of the Lin clan, he won’t answer at first as Lang Tian watches from the background. When the Chief finally says that Lin Xiao and his family have been exiled, Lei Zhong orders his guards to seize them, but then Lang Tian steps in and tells him that he and Qing Zhu found his men in the mountains.  photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

At the main hall of the Lin Clan, Lei Zhong forces Lin Dong to look at the murdered men and admit he killed them and his brother. Lin Dong knows that the Lei Family won’t believe him if he tells him what happens. Lang Tian points out that Lin Dong has no real power so Lei Zhong tests him by shooting him around the room as Qing Zhu inspects the men. She turns to look at Lin Dong and sees the glowing coming from his robes just before he is able to ward off an attack and knock Lei Zhong into the deformed rocks which the Chief proclaims are the Ancestors. Lin Dong tells them that Ying Huan Huan can prove he is innocent but then has to reveal that he knocked her out and left her in the woods, but Lei Zhong still won’t go for it and is certain that Lin Dong’s powers mean he was able to harm his brother. When his family is threatened, Lin Dong tells him to go ahead and blame him, and he proposes that his punishment be that he go to the Demonic Beast Valley and retrieve the demon crystal from a black panther that lives there which can bring back the dead. Lei Zhong agrees but says that if he fails, he will kill the entire Lin Clan. Everyone is certain he will fail and that they are doomed, but Lin Dong is confident. The Chief begs Lang Tian to think of something, but he brushes off the old man, telling him to ask his ancestors. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

At the entrance to the Demonic Beast Valley, for some reason, they’ve bound Lin Dong’s hands. Lei Zhong and his guard,s along with Lang Tian, are there to watch him go in. Lin Dong refuses to act afraid in front of the Lei Elder. Lang Tian gives him a dagger made of mythical steel to help him and then walks him to the entrance. Lei Zhong smirks as he watches him go in. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Having forgotten that he has a dagger, Lin Dong tries using the surface of the rock wall to cut loose his bindings. He and Lang Tian both think back to the days when they were friends. (So he was that annoying even back then…)

Qing Zhu finds Lang Tian and asks him what he plans to do. He wants to find Lei Li to prove Lin Dong was innocent and she tells him that Lei Li is in the Demonic Beast Valley as well. When Lang Tian mentions surprise at Lin Dong’s skills and wonders about the artifact he seems to have, she says nothing. Then he asks for her help. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Lin Xiao is starting to clean up the mess at the house but finds Master Yan doing it for him with his powers as he and Xuan Su materialise in front of him. When he asks who they are, Master Yan will only say that he’s a friend of Lin Dong’s whom he refuses to recognize and then leaves. Xuan Su asks if Master Yan is going to save Lin Dong, but he wants to save Huan Huan instead. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Lei Zhong orders his men to release all their beasts into the valley to ensure Lin Dong fails and sends them to surround the Lin Family so that he can get rid of the clan right away.

Lin Dong finally remembers he has a dagger and wonders what he’s supposed to do with it before he finally cuts the ropes free. (The stupid. It burns!) Then he hears beasts.

Master Yan brings Ying Huan Huan back to the village as Xuan Su criticizes him for saving her until he informs her that the girl is Ying Huan Huan. He’d recently been asked by her father to watch out for her and when he saw her before, hadn’t expected that she would be in that village. Xuan Su is worried about the Emblem and the scroll, but he is not concerned. Huan Huan wakes up from a nightmare as Madam 48 brings water. She vows revenge on Lin Dong until she hears that he’s in the Demonic Beast Valley. When she hears that he’s been accused of hurting Lei Li, she tells them what happened and decides to go save him first and then get revenge on him. When Madam 48 warns that the valley is a place of death, she is undeterred. Xuan Su wonders if Master Yan meant to send Huan Huan to help the boy and he admits he did. And then there’s some more creepy flirting. (Yeah, this thing has really got to stop.)

Lang Tian has talked Qing Tan into helping them catch the Yimo though Qing Zhu doesn’t want to involve her. When Qing Tan asks why Qing Zhu is not afraid of the Yimo, she says it’s because she thinks it could just be one person. (I’m guessing she’s looking for her father?) Qing Tan tells Qing Zhu not to worry about her and that she is willing to help if it will save her brother. Then they go Yimo hunting. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Lin Dong sees Huan Huan in the valley, calling out for him, but then he sees Lei Li following her and goes to save her and they both get hit with his lightning powers. But Huan Huan is able to chase him off with her ice blades until Lin Dong calls her back. Lin Dong asks her why she is there instead of sleeping in the mountains and she gets mad and says she’s there to get revenge. He tells her they should find a way out first. Still the brat, she whines that her foot hurts, but when Lin Dong throws her over his shoulder, she demands to be put down. He leaves her again and she starts to get scared, but he has secretly snuck around behind her. He gives her a piggyback ride through the woods as he complains about how fat she is.

The black panther comes out of a cave on the mountain and runs down into the valley. photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Qing Zhu and Lang Tian have found Lei Li and they trap him in an energy field as Qing Tan uses her icy poison to scare the Yimo out of his body. Qing Zhu worries for Qing Tan’s safety, but Lang Tian insists she’s fine and to hold on. No longer willing to wait, Qing Zhu tries to stop him, causing the force field to weaken and the Yimo to use Lei Li’s powers to break it before jumping out of his body and trying to possess Qing Zhu. Lang Tian is able to scare them off though Qing Zhu seems disappointed when he does. Qing Tan is upset to have failed and worries about her brother while Lang Tian tries to keep Lei Li alive to help save the clan before he goes to help Lin Dong. After he leaves, Qing Tan kicks the crap out of Lei Li, like you always should when some creepy dude tries to rape you in an arena. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

More of Lin Dong calling Huan Huan fat and then he finally puts her down and wonders about food. When he sees a jar that Huan Huan dropped, he thinks it’s food, but it’s a ruby-powder her father made that can heal wounds and, in large doses, put someone to sleep. He starts using it on her ankle which annoys her as she feels it’s too precious to use on such a trivial injury, but he doesn’t want her slowing him down. Then he goes hunting and brings back a rabbit for them to eat and goes back to teasing her. photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

As he is cutting up some more rabbit to eat, the Emblem glows and something shoots out of it. Huan Huan finds a cute little ferret. But then it speaks, calling himself a Celestial Demon Marten. But Lin Dong is not impressed by it. Then it jumps on him and takes the Emblem, suddenly turning into a man, albeit with claws, and runs away with the Emblem. Lin Dong and Huan Huan catch him and he insists that the Emblem belongs to him, but that he got sealed in it when he tried to master it, but Lin Dong can tell that he is way too scared of them to be the stone’s true owner. The Celestial Demon Martin tries to run off, but Huan Huan uses her ice blades to stop him and Lin Dong gets his emblem back. Huan Huan realises that he’s a demon spirit, but Lin Dong doesn’t know what that is. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Lin Dong gets his emblem back from the demon spirit and Huan Huan tells him that demon spirits need Yuan Power to remain in human form, otherwise they revert to their original form. When Lin Dong suggests they give the Marten to the Lei Family, the demon spirit insists that he is nowhere on the level of the black panther’s demon crystal and offers to take them to the panther. Lin Dong agrees and starts calling the spirit “Little Marten”. He gets upset, insisting on being called “Grandpa Marten”, but as the owner of the Emblem, Lin Dong gets the last word. Huan Huan sets the spirit free and they go to look for the panther.  photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Lin Dong is trying to be all macho about the whole thing until they come across the panther by a lake and they all hide, with Little Marten seeming not too trustworthy. Of course, Lin Dong and Huan Huan can’t seem to shut up though the panther doesn’t hear or see them despite them being within earshot and not at all hidden from view. Lin Dong remembers the ruby powder can put people to sleep, opens it and tosses it out at the panther, who passes out. (And why didn’t he pass out when he had the jar open earlier?)  The three squat around the panther, trying to figure out how to get the crystal out when Little Marten attacks Lin Dong. He had been hoping to get the crystal for himself to help keep his human form. Lin Dong suggest giving him half of the crystal for helping, but the demon spirit doesn’t want to share. Of course, as they fight, the panther awakens and goes after Huan Huan, who stabs him and gets covered in gook again. The panther then turns on the demon spirit as Lin Dong checks on Huan Huan who is back to whining about being covered with gook and spits up on Lin Dong. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Lang Tian arrives to save the day, though Lin Dong insists he can take care of the animal himself. Lang Tian gets trapped by the beast and is surprised when Lin Dong knocks it away. Just before the panther can attack him, the Fire Python Tiger arrives and fights him with Lin Dong cheering him on. Suddenly, the Emblem begins to glow and Lin Dong feels power surging through his body again. Lang Tian recognizes that he is suddenly jumping up in levels and manifesting his Yuan Power seed and instructs him on how to use the power he is feeling. As the panther runs at him, Lin Dong gets ready and punches the panther, knocking him out and getting knocked back himself in the process. Huan Huan is worried about Lin Dong, but he’s back to being his cocky, confident self. Lang Tian, in the meantime, gets the demon crystal out of the panther and tosses it to Lin Dong. They then notice the Tiger digging at the ground and discover that under the dirt is a giant Yang Yuan Stone lode.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Lin Xiao sees Lei Zhang and his men headed to town. He gets together other Lin Family members and runs to the main hall. The Chief, freaked out of his mind, is praying to the ancestors for help, but Lin Xiao tells him that’s useless and he needs to stop submitting to the Lei Family as they’ve come to kill everyone. Instead, it’s time to fight. Lei Zhong walks into town with his men and faces down Lin Xiao. As he gets his guards ready to attack, everyone is surprised to see Lin Dong appear. With him are a woozy Lei Li and the demon crystal. Huan Huan tells Lei Zhong about Lei Li being possessed and killing his own men. As members of the Dao Sect don’t lie, Lei Zhong accepts her word and turns to leave. Lin Dong starts to hand over the crystal to him but first makes a deal, telling him that they want ownership of the Demonic Beast Valley as a place to live. Lei Zhong agrees, looking forward to using the crystal to aid his cultivation.  photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Once Lei Zhong leaves, Lin Dong tells everyone about the lode, spilling a giant bag of stones for the whole town to share. The Chief, however, doesn’t seem pleased by this. Qing Zhu also doesn’t look good. Realising that she is ill, Lin Dong carries her to the lake where he had found the Emblem, Huan Huan watching sadly as he leaves. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

By the lake, for some reason, Lin Dong smashes his finger with a rock so he can force feed Qing Zhu his blood. (What happened to the dagger? And why the blood? I thought that was just for the icy poison? And just…ick!) When Qing Zhu wakes up, she does what any sane person would do and start spitting the blood up and Lin Dong goes back to be super annoying, apologising for touching her. She wants nothing to do with him, blaming him for her troubles and for making her lose something important. He remembers the pouch he found and gives it back to her and then leaves her alone.  photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Back at home, Lin Xiao is beating Lin Dong for risking his life. Lin Dong cries out that his hand has been hurt, but it turns out to be a ruse. After more running about, Lin Xiao tells his son that he should go with that man that was in their basement (Master Yan) and see the world and learn things, but Lin Dong doesn’t want to leave his family. He pretends to be mad, but then they huddle together for family time as Lang Tian watches from afar. Qing Zhu wonders why he helped Lin Dong, but didn’t watch him face down Lei Zhong and he says he doesn’t like crowds and leaves.

That evening Qing Tan goes to visit Lang Tian (she’s got a crush). He’s half undressed, dealing with a wound from the panther on his chest. She offers to help take care of the wound and mixes up an ointment for him. She mentions she had practice taking care of Lin Dong’s wounds. When Lang Tian says that her brother is too impetuous and tries to get in fights, she tells him that he got in fights while defending his father from bullies and Lang Tian feels like a bit of a jerk. He apologizes for putting her in danger. She invites him over for dinner and asks him to bring Qing Zhu since her brother likes her.  photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Lin Dong is walking through town and runs into Huan Huan. She teases him about Qing Zhu and he teases her about the poor food she’s eating and drags her with him to his home for dinner. The others watch in amusement as Lin Dong flirts with the annoyed Qing Zhu. When the fairy won’t drink with him, Huan Huan offers to drink with him instead and then they start chasing each other around the house like kids as Lin Xiao sneaks off with some wine. Outside he finds Master Yan drinking some wine of his own. Master Yan has heard of Lin Xiao before. They watch the kids playing around as they drink. Lin Xiao wants to know if Master Yan has his eye set on his son, but he won’t say so they go back to drinking.  photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Later everyone in the house is asleep or close to passing out. Lin Dong wakes up and sees Qing Zhu walking around, so she leaves and he is too tired to follow. The black Yimo smoke arrives, crawling through the house and surrounds a drunk Lin Dong. The Emblem starts to glow and Little Marten jumps out, desperate to wake his master. He then wakes up Lang Tian and Qing Zhu comes out of hiding and they hear that the Yimo were in the house. They leave to chase after it as Lin Dong finally wakes up, half aware of what’s going on. photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

The black Yimo smoke heads back to the Lei family manor as a now awake Lin Dong walks through town wondering where everyone is, still insisting that Yimo are not real and wondering where they are. Master Yan comes out, offering wine. Lin Dong recognizes the man and gives him back the scroll, asking what it is about. Master Yan tells him that those who learn the manual can become Emblem Masters in the Emblem Master Guild. Xuan Su tells him that the Emblem Ancestor who sealed the Yimo was also an Emblem Master. Lin Dong thinks being an Emblem Master sounds powerful and is intrigued. photo vlcsnap-00021.jpg

Enid Bee: Well, the music choices are… interesting. I like NZBZ, but the rest of it…I’m not sure yet. But the gaps in story consistency are annoying me. First, the Tiger is chasing Lei Li, then suddenly he’s not. But then he is again. People wander through the woods empty handed and then suddenly have a torch five minutes later. Lang Tian gives him a dagger, but five seconds later Lin Dong’s trying to use the rocks to cut the rope from his wrists. But Wu Chun was shirtless for a bit so at least there was that.

IMOmusings: I started the novel not too long before the release of this drama and I hold so much regret now. Anyone that has read the novel will know just how much the drama has completely detroyed the storyline and character relationships thus far. Going into next week, we end up having characters completely removed when they aren’t meant to be. They’ve also spent a good 6 episodes on basically nothing with no forward momentum in the first arc. Lin Dong’s character, as much as Yang Yang is doing well at his portrayal, is not meant to be as he is seen. I’m not sure what the scriptwriters are doing to all the characters but I’m hating it already. I don’t know how I feel about this being 40 episodes long if this is the rate of development. Not to mention, this is only season 1 with another 20 episodes season 2, to follow.

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    I’m enjoying this drama. It’s not ur usual “pretty” drama so it takes some time to get used to but at least it’s different. Although I think the costumes will get a lot better once the characters aren’t so povo anymore. It should get a lot better from ep 7 onwards from the spoilers I’ve seen which makes lin dong grow and mature himself.

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    I tried to watch the first four episodes with an open mind, but the mugging and face contorting (especially Yang Yang), the bad editing (the sequence of what people are doing in scenes) and the infantile humor is bugging me – a lot. So far, so nope…

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