Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

Lots of drama, fighting and romance this week on Legend of Fuyao~~.

Join the crew of IMOmusings, Iridescent, Enid Bee and linjaturtle as we embark on this 66 episode long journey with weekly recaps.

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Series Information:

Chinese Title: 扶摇
Episodes: 66
Genre: Ancient, Romance
Broadcast Source: Tencent Video, Zhejiang Satellite TV
Airing Schedule: 2 eps a day, Mon-Thur
Current Progress: 66/66

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Character List

The main character factions are used as label headers for each tab, however, the tabs will only be updated for new characters that show up in each recap roundup.

MainXuanyuan SectTianquan KingdomTaiyuan KingdomXuanji KingdomTiansha KingdomFufeng KingdomTen ForcesOthersAncient FirmamentCorrelation Chart
Born from the divine lotus petal and a member of Xuanyuan Sect. Originally disregarded as a member of the Xuanyou Division (servants), at the age of 16 she was able to learn the Sect’s long lost fighting technique, the Ninth Heaven Breach.

After defeating her martial brother in the Tian Dou Competition, she left the Sect to find herself and justice. On the way she meets a man with whom she falls in love and they join together to take down the forces of chaos in Taiyuan Kingdom. Helping to defend the people’s peace and gradually revealing their life secrets along the way.

Yang Mi as Fu Yao

 photo Fuyao.jpg

Ethan Ruan as Zhang Sun Wu Ji/Yuan Shao Xu

 photo Ethan.jpg


Crown Prince Wu Ji of Tianquan Kingdom, the illegitimate son of Empress Yuan and Prince De. Chosen by the heavens to prevent eternal doom from falling upon the Five Kingdoms.

He is courageous and resourceful and willing to do anything for those he loves. On the journey with Fu Yao, they fight side-by-side and grow together through mutual encouragement and affection.

With a mysterious connection to the Firmament, he has a lotus birthmark on his hand.

Li Hong Tao as Yan Lie
Huang Ming as Yan Jing Chen
Li Yi Xiao as Pei Yuan
Liu Luo Xi as Ah Lie
Jiang Long as Xiao Qi
Sang Yan as Uncle Zhou
Gao Han Yu as Jiang Feng
Wang Jing Song as Zhang Sun Jiong (Emperor of Tianquan)
Juan Zi as Yuan Qing Yi (Empress Ci’en)
Song Jia Lun as Zhang Sun Jia (Prince De)
Zhao Chu Lun as Zhang Sun Ping Rong (Prince Yi)
Gao Hei Ping as Lei Yuan Shan (General Jun Wei)
Sun Wei as Duan Tong (Prime Minister)

Zhang Dong Shen as Xuan Yuan Ren
Liu Da Shen as Xuan Yuan Zhai
Quan Pei Lun as Xuan Yuan Min (Real)
Liu Yi Jun as Qi Zhen
Liang Zi Mu as Yun Hen
Lai Yi as Zong Yue
Chen Xin Wen as Yu Wen Zi
Zhou Li Wei as Shi Lan
Yuan Yu Xuan as Qi Yun
Liu Guan Lin as Gao Hao (Prince Xiping)
Zhong Wei Hua as Cao Cheng (Head Eunuch)
Sun Qiang as Zhang He Nian (Imperial Censor)
Hu Ke as Xuan Yuan Xiao
Li Ya A as Tang Zhi Rong
Wei Hui Ni as Jian Xue
Liu Zhi Wei as Gao Pu Rou
Wang He Run as Fo Lian
Zhao Xin as Qiao Ling (Fo Lian’s personal maid)
Gao Li Wen as Feng Jing Zhi (First Princess)
Lin Jing as Feng Xuan (Queen of Xuanji) and her twin, Feng Qi (True Heir to the throne)
Li Do as Feng Wu (Fifth Elder Prince, Feng Xuan’s brother)
Chen Jun Yu as Tang Yi Zhong (Guard of Feng Yin Pavilion)
Xue Yu Ru as Yu Mei Sheng (First female General of Xuanji)
Cao Wei Yu as Yu Heng / Meng Shuo (One of the 10 strongest immortals. Feng Qi’s husband.)
Vengo Gao as Zhan Bei Ye
Liu Qiu Shi as Ji Yu
Sheng Wu as Lin Yi
Zhang Yi Cong as Zhan Nan Cheng (King of Tiansha)
Gu You Ming as Zhan Bei Heng (Prince Huan)
Chen Ying as Consort Jing (Zhan Bei Ye’s mother)
Yang Zhen Yu as Gu Ling Feng (Commander of “Gold of Tiansha” army)
Liu Yang as Attendant Li (Head Eunuch)
Tan Xi Zhi as Eunuch Hua
Zhang Ya Qin as Ya Lan Zhu
Liu Xuan as Fei Yan

Liu Ying Lun as Tai Yan

 photo correlation chart.jpg
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Wu Ji tells Fu Yao he’s figured out the family secret and that her identity might be tied to it. (Gee, really? Wonder what it could be… *bangs head on the coffee table*) He tells her that they will need Yu Heng’s help since he knows the most about the palace and Wu Ji has made a deal with him. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

In a flashback, we see that Yu Heng told Wu Ji why he’s been serving the Queen and asks for Wu Ji’s help. Wu Ji tells Yu Heng that he’s pretty sure Yu Heng’s daughter is alive, but doesn’t mention that his wife is dead.  photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

We find out that Yu Heng didn’t know about his wife being dead because he was at a battle when she was killed, (Wait, wasn’t there this big deal funeral for her? And the guy still didn’t find out from anyone?!) and Wu Ji shares all the other information with Fu Yao that the rest of us have already heard (twice). Guards arrive and Wu Ji fights them off (but of course, we don’t get to see any of this because they wanted to save time for more exciting talking).  photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Queen Crazy Eyes is lighting incense and pouring wine in remembrance of the Eldest Princess, all the while rationalising being the worst mother in the world, and hoping that her daughter will look over her from heaven to help ensure she can retain the throne. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

The Queen later wakes up in pain, wondering what’s wrong. Her doctor tells her that she’s been poisoned, but she refuses to believe it. She’s been taking a pill that keeps her from being poisoned. Of course, Wu Ji arrives in time to inform her that her pill can’t defend against Qiongcang poison. She makes the servants leave and then demands to know why he is poisoning her, and he asks her what her motive is for pretending to be poisoned and causing panic in the Kingdom. When she threatens to tell on him to his dad, he reminds her that she’ll have a lot more to answer for to the Emperor with all that she’s hidden. He demands to know what happened in the palace 19 years ago, but she refuses to speak of it. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Yu Heng arrives and the Queen tells him to kill Wu Ji, but he ignores her. Realising that he is aligned with Wu Ji, she tells him to go ahead and kill her. photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Princess Crazy Eyes arrives with guards to take Fu Yao to be executed, and is angry to hear that Fu Yao has escaped. But, when Fo Lian tries to go with the guards to find Fu Yao, Lady Fei Yan shows up, upset with her disciple for disobeying her. She knocks out the guards and takes Fo Lian away. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

The Queen tries to use her history with Yu Heng to get him to not trust Wu Ji, but it doesn’t work. She then tells him that, if he kills Wu Ji, she’ll tell him everything. Yu Heng hesitates. Fu Yao arrives and Yu Heng, at first, thinks she is Feng Qi, but then sees it’s Fu Yao. Wu Ji tells him that Fu Yao is his daughter.  photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

When he asks the Queen if it’s true, she is angry he would believe strangers and then tells him that his daughter died all those years ago, but the Queen never told him to save him from the pain. Then she tells him to kill the two liars. Yu Heng isn’t sure what to believe. When the Queen tells them there is only one way to verify it, they decide to go with that.  photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Fo Lian finds herself kneeling near her mentor at the edge of the Purple Phoenix River. She tries to get Lady Fei Yan to kill Fu Yao or let her do it, and is upset when she finds out her Mentor doesn’t want to kill Fu Yao, wondering why everyone wants to protect her. And then a lot of back and forth between these two and what’s going on with Fu Yao and Wu Ji goes on for the rest of the episode. photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

The Queen shows Wu Ji ancient documents showing how to verify kinship by burning hair from the child and parent with the gallbladder of a phoenix. If black smoke appears, they are not related. Of course the Queen uses her powers to make black smoke appear. Angry at everyone for lying to him, Yu Heng turns on Wu Ji, who dodges his blows, but does not strike back. photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Lady Fei Yan explains that the Phoenix of Flames is suppressing an evil entity in the river and she needs the heir to Xuanji’s throne, as they are the only ones who can suppress it. Princess Crazy Eyes insists that she’s the true heir who was born with a lotus in her mouth, and who carries the divine sign of the phoenix, but Lady Fei Yan knows better. To her amusement, Princess Crazy Eyes starts praying, trying to call out the Phoenix to no avail. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

Somehow, Wu Ji and Fu Yao have ended up in some underground part of the palace by the Phoenix altar. Wu Ji reminds Yu Heng of what the Phoenix of Flames is guarding and what it could mean if the true heir is not found. He insists that Fu Yao really is his daughter, but Yu Heng doesn’t believe anyone now. Surprisingly Wu Ji now has his sword, as does Fu Yao, and they fight off Yu Heng, though Fu Yao gets cut and the couple end up tossed on this huge phoenix seal. photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Princess Crazy Eyes is freaking out that she can’t make the Phoenix appear and is even more upset when her mentor calls her a counterfeit heir. When she demands that Fu Yao be killed, Lady Fei Yan tells her that eventually, Fu Yao will be, but not yet.  photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Fu Yao’s blood drips on the seal and it starts to glow. As the sound of a phoenix calls out, Fu Yao suddenly rises up in the air, causing both men to stop fighting. Wu Ji realises that the third tier of the spell is being removed. As it is lifted, Fu Yao gets her memories back and cries out in agony as the Phoenix of Flames appears. photo vlcsnap-00033.jpg

Lady Fei Yan tells Princess Crazy Eyes that Fu Yao is the true heir as Fu Yao falls to the ground and is caught by Wu Ji. Yu Heng finally believes she is his daughter. Lady Fei Yan laughs maniacally.

Fu Yao tells Wu Ji the story of her childhood: Queen Crazy Eyes killed her mom, her mom’s personal maid hid her away and was raped by creepy servants just to keep her safe, and then she met little Wu Ji.

Fu Yao’s backstory continues: Fo Lian revealed Fu Yao’s existence to the Queen, who had the maid killed and told the guards to kill the girl, but one guard felt sorry for her and let her go, and then suddenly, she woke up in a creek being rescued by Uncle Zhou and her memories were gone. photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Queen Crazy Eyes arrives with her maid, Tang Yi Zhong and a bunch of Purple Cape guards. They all see Yu Heng call Fu Yao his daughter and says the blame for all that happened is on him for being more worried about his career than his family, and declares himself to be a bad father. He asks Fu Yao if she blames him and she talks a while of all the things she used to feel about her unknown parents until we finally get to the, “Hi, Dad. Do I look like Mom?” bit and they hug for the first time.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Queen Crazy Eyes then goes full crazy eyes. Declaring Fu Yao a witch who has bewitched everyone, she demands that the guards arrest her, but they do nothing. Instead, Tang Yi Zhong reminds everyone that only the true heir to the Kingdom can reactivate the altar and bring about the sign of the phoenix. He declares Fu Yao the true Queen and kneels before her and everyone else, except Crazy Eyes, kneels as well. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

However, Crazy Eyes is not going to let it go, so Wu Ji details some of her crimes before everyone. When she asks for proof, her brother, Feng Wu, appears, asking if she wants him to provide the proof or detail even more of her crimes. She is angry at Yu Heng for not killing her brother as she ordered.

When she tries to get Yu Heng to kill her brother, he still refuses. So she, again, tries to go all temptress with the, “I’m the only one who really loves you” bit. (Lady, those eyes would scare off a blind man.) But she’s saved the best crazy eyes for last, trying to convince him that she was better than Feng Qi, and then telling him that it’s still up to her if he can reunite with his daughter or not. (Um, that ship has sailed, crazy eyes.)
 photo d38754f4-7d42-419e-a361-ddc3b7df17dc.png

Yu Heng laughs. Her threats have no power over him now. He tells Fu Yao that Crazy Eyes made him take a magical oath that linked both of their lives together so he couldn’t go against her will. The Queen tries to use this oath to make him kill Fu Yao, but he fights it. Fu Yao and Wu Ji use their powers to help break his oath so that he won’t kill himself, which ends up making the Queen spit out blood. Finally realising that she’s lost, the Queen mumbles about stars, and then dies, crazy eyes still in full effect. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Lady Fei Yan returns to Illusion Hall, thrilled that Di Fei Tian will soon be returning. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Xiao Qi is here, which means there’s more exposition to be told. He is thrilled that his friend is going to be Queen and has finally found out who she is, but Wu Ji looks worried at the dark clouds that appear. He explains that Di Fei Tian’s consciousness was split in half, with one half put in the Purple Phoenix River and the other half in Qiongcang’s Mount of Nothingness. There’s no way to destroy it so they have to keep the two halves separated to keep everyone safe. But, despite the true queen being found, the abnormalities are still occuring. Wu Ji worries it means that Di Fei Tian’s consciousness cannot be contained for much longer, but Xiao Qi, ever the optimist, feels that all the masters in the Five Kingdoms will be able to suppress it. photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Fu Yao is looking out at the lotus pond and remembering her childhood. Wu Ji appears and she tells him that she’s tired, and she’s wondered about what might have been. He reassures her that he’s here now to take care of her and takes the blame for how bad her life as been. Then she tells him that she doesn’t mind the hardships she’s been through since she was able to find him. photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Fu Yao has to say goodbye to her father just after she’s found him. He wants to go to a temple and pray for forgiveness for his sins. He tells his daughter to cherish her true love, now that she has found him, and Wu Ji promises to take care of his daughter. Fu Yao recites a verse that Wu Ji taught her as children. It turns out to be something that her mother wrote to her father and gave to her. It’s a bittersweet moment for the father as he says goodbye. Fu Yao is sad to see him go, but Wu Ji reminds her that the palace has bad memories for her father and he needs to do this. photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Now it’s time to reunite the Scoobies…

King Zhang Bei Ye is helping his Princess down the stairs. (Did he knock her up already or is she really clumsy in the snow?) Eunuch Hua brings a message from Xuanji, giving them the news about Fu Yao. photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Zong Yue (yaaaaaaaaaaay!) and Qi Yun are tending to patients in a little village. He gets a message from Fu Yao giving him the news and inviting him to her coronation. He tells Qi Yun he has to go. Now that she is better, and doesn’t need the Dragonscale Armour, she’s free to go wherever she wants. Qi Yun wants to stay in the village as it’s the first time she’s able to take care of others and likes it. As Zong Yue is about to ride away, she tells him that by the time he returns, the shrimp should be nice and big, so he tells her to wait for him to return, and then he’ll eat all the shrimp she can cook for him. photo vlcsnap-00025.jpg

It’s coronation time. In echoes of her last walk as Queen, but this time with her entourage intact, Fu Yao walks to her throne. Her new Uncle, Feng Wu, with his status restored, participates. Wu Ji gets to be the one to hand her the divine sceptre as Xiao Qi looks on with glee. Wu Ji also tells her that the Imperial City would be willing to establish an “eternal friendship” with Xuanji Kingdom, which she tells him she’ll think about.  photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Cutting open her palm with a dagger (Linja: I am always amazed they never flinch when doing this. I cry like a baby when I get a papercut), she holds on to the scepter and her blood causes the Phoenix of Flames to appear.

With the coronation over, Fu Yao sits alone in her throne room, thinking about the past. And so we get a three minute recap of the previous 58 episodes. (Ok, if they only showed one episode a week, I would get this, but couldn’t this time have been taken up with something… I don’t know… more interesting and relevant. Yeah, I’m ready for this series to be done now.)  photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Tang Yi Zhong arrives and immediately kneels, but since he is her elder cousin and her first friend, she insists that, when no one is around, he not use such formalities. He lets her know that they have still not found Princess Crazy Eyes, who apparently went off the deep end and ran away from the palace. She tells him to punish Fo Lian’s accomplices the way that they usually would, but when Fu Yao hears they would be scrubbed to death (seriously?), she abolishes all forms of torture, which pleases her cousin. As he leaves, Wu Ji arrives, asking her how it feels to be queen, but she’s not terribly impressed and doesn’t understand how a position that requires you to be so on your guard and cautious to maintain your power, is coveted by so many. She thinks only the virtuous and capable should run things. Wu Ji hopes that she continue being like this. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

A decree is issued getting rid of the absolute monarchy in Xuanji and establishing a committee of seven ministers to run the Kingdom. The officials are pleased by this, but Xiao Qi is not as he had hoped to be appointed as a high-ranking official. Fu Yao tells him that he can be one if he has the talent for it. A servant announces the arrival of her guests and Fu Yao sends Xiao Qi to get Wu Ji. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

But Wu Ji is doubled over in pain. This time his mentor has taken him to that giant floating lotus and it’s revealed that this place is the forbidden area of Qiongcang, where his mentor trained. Still punishing Wu Ji for not accomplishing his task, his mentor reveals that not only is Wu Ji the reincarnation of the man who originally defeated Di Fei Tian, but that he’s known all along who the woman was and that Wu Ji has been protecting her. He warns Wu Ji, again, that if he doesn’t kill her, the Five Kingdoms are in danger.  photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu arrive to congratulate Fu Yao. Zong Yue also arrives to tease her and ask that the person impersonating him be punished. (Linja: Welcome back to the crew, doc. May you never leave again).

Wu Ji has just returned from his punishment when Xiao Qi arrives at his door to get Wu Ji. Wu Ji calls out that he’s fine and will join them shortly.

That night, there is a giant fireworks display. As they watch, Zong Yue asks Wu Ji what’s wrong, but Wu Ji will only ask about Qi Yun and the Dragonscale Armour, which she has once again. Zong Yue can tell his friend is not well. He has a guess about what may be the matter, though Wu Ji will not confirm. Zong Yue wonders if Wu Ji is sacrificing too much, but Wu Ji holds on to hope. photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Fu Yao is in Ruichen Palace, thinking again, when Wu Ji arrives. As Wu Ji is inviting her to go to Tianquan to see his father, a messenger arrives from the Imperial City. It warns that his uncle, Zhang Sun Jia, has gathered an army and many allies from the City, and is planning to attack.  Furthermore it is asking Wu Ji to return to help fight his uncle. Fu Yao goes with him and Tiansha Kingdom pledge their army, but Xiao Qi and Zong Yue stay behind. (Really, our hotty doctor rode all the way here to beg out of the battle?) (Linja: I spoke too soon. Goodbye, again, my doctor.) photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

At Tianquan Palace, a maid purporting to be sent on behalf of Zhang Sun Jia tries to get the Empress to leave the palace with her. At first, the Empress doesn’t believe her, certain she’s another trick by the Emperor. But after being presented with a jade badge and reciting some lines, she knows that the maid is sent by him. She is about to leave with her when she finds out he is going to attack the city and that Wu Ji is returning to fight him. The Empress decides not to leave as she needs to tell Wu Ji something. (Two guesses what it could be…) photo vlcsnap-00026.jpg

Officials report to the Emperor that Zhang Sun Jia’s army is just over the river from the city and asks for guidance, as his brother has managed to gain allies on the way, but the Emperor only wants to know where Wu Ji is.

Jiang Feng is happy to see his master returning with Fu Yao and updates him on all that has happened. Wu Ji is immediately called to see the Emperor, leaving Jiang Feng instructions to warn everyone to keep away from his woman. photo vlcsnap-00028.jpg

Fu Yao is approached by a servant with an invitation to see the Empress, unofficially of course. Hesitant, she still agrees.

Wu Ji is trying to talk to his father about the pending rebellion, but the Emperor only wants to let him know about all the things in his chambers he’s leaving for him. He tells his son that he is too old now and that Wu Ji needs to take over the political and military affairs of the Empire now. He also reminds Wu Ji that people who commit treason, even family members, need to be punished appropriately. He also, this time, accepts Fu Yao (yeah, I’m not buying it) now that she’s royalty and claims to want his son to be happy with the woman he loves. Wu Ji is about to leave, but then, decides to make one last confession. photo vlcsnap-00030.jpg

Fu Yao meets the Empress and kneels before her, though the Empress is not having that now that she’s a Queen. Instead, she wants to ask Fu Yao a favour: to tell Wu Ji not to kill his uncle. But she won’t tell Fu Yao the reason. Fu Yao refuses, telling her that Wu Ji needs to make the decision for himself and that it’s not her business.  photo vlcsnap-00031.jpg

Wu Ji apologises to the Emperor on behalf of his mother for her affair and is surprised to learn that his father already knew about it.

The Empress is still pleading with Fu Yao, who just refuses to get in the middle of this family fight. Wu Ji arrives in time to hear Fu Yao tell the Empress that she trusts Wu Ji to make the right decision and that the Empress needs to stop trying to make decisions for him. When Fu Yao leaves the Empress’ chambers, Fu Yao is surprised to see Wu Ji and tells him to go see his mom.

Wu Ji goes in to see the Empress and apologises for making her worry. She tries to convince him not to kill his uncle, but before she can tell him why, the Emperor’s servants arrive with medicine for her, and Wu Ji leaves. photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Prince Yi is annoyed that his uncle made him wait so long to meet with him, even after their allegiance. When Prince Yi threatens to take his troops and go, his uncle is unphased. Prince Yi suggests keeping himself as a hostage to help him negotiate with the Emperor, but his uncle reminds him that after he tried to kill Fu Yao, he would not make a good hostage. When Prince Yi brings up the affair, Zhang Sun Jia is not pleased. He tells Prince Yi that he will not show anyone, not even Wu Ji, any mercy. This pleases Prince Yi, though Zhang Sun Jia wonders how his relationship will be with the Empress once he kills her son. Zhang Sun Jia insists she’ll get over it. (Yeah, because the death of a child is nothing…) Then he tells Prince Yi it’s time to proceed with their plan at the palace.
 photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Three men in black sneak across the palace grounds. The Emperor, about to take his medicine, confirms with his servant that their men have been dispatched. Three men in black kidnap the Empress. Three more men in black kidnap Xuan Yuan Xiao who has apparently returned to the Imperial City. (Guess which one is going to Zhang Sun Jia’s camp?) Three men in black carrying a woman are spotted by the guards who give a short chase and a bit of a fight, but then, let them escape. photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

Wu Ji is suspicious of this rebellion and feels like something is not quite right about it all, though he isn’t sure what it is. Suddenly, a messenger runs in to tell him that the Empress has been kidnapped by assassins. He gets up to help find her, but he passes out. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

It’s flower plucking time again. Despite Wu Ji’s pleas with his Mentor to let him go so he can find his mother, his Mentor couldn’t care less about anything not related to Di Fei Tian, knowing that if he gets free, the rebellion won’t even matter. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Fu Yao tells Jiang Feng that she doesn’t know what this illness is, but Wu Ji’s had it before. Jiang Feng wants to have Zong Yue brought to the palace, but she tells him that the Divine Physician knows of it and can’t help either. (But, we could see him and we would appreciate that very much. Sincerely, Team Hotty Doctor.) When Fu Yao asks who could have kidnapped the Empress, Jiang Feng doesn’t want to say, but she figures out it’s Zhang Sun Jia. As she sneaks around the palace grounds later, Fu Yao is also nabbed.

Jiang Feng is pleading with Wu Ji not to be so impetuous and hold off on charging out after his uncle for kidnapping his mom and girlfriend, reminding Wu Ji of his own advice to not act emotionally. Jiang Feng also advises Wu Ji that his uncle would not kill the women. The servant from the Emperor calls Wu Ji to see him. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

The Emperor is shocked (shocked, I tell you) that his brother would kidnap the Empress. Going on about how old and ill he is, he gives Wu Ji his sword. Then the Emperor tells him this long story about how his uncle and mother had been a couple, but his mother was power hungry and wanted to be Empress, but then later, had the affair and plotted with his uncle to poison the Emperor, which didn’t work. (I’m going to call liar, liar, pants on fire for this one.) Apparently, the hunting grounds incident (is this every going to be explained?) was supposed to have been a failed assassination attempt on Wu Ji planned by his uncle. He makes Wu Ji promise to kill Zhang Sun Jia himself. photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia enters his tent, expecting to see the Empress, but instead finds Xuan Yuan Xiao, who tries to kill him with a dagger. He easily thwarts her attempts and is happy to see his wife, but she is still mad at him. She knows his heart was only for someone else. When he points out that she was the one who left him, she realises he doesn’t know what happened to her or their daughter, and she won’t tell him.  photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Wu Ji meets up with Jiang Feng  with his army to face his uncle. There’s no word on Fu Yao. Prince Yi demands his Uncle tell him what has gone wrong with their plan, but his uncle accuses him of leaking the details of their rescue attempt and causing it to fail. When Prince Yi hears that his uncle has decided to go to war even though not all the troops have arrived, Prince Yi decides to pack his things up and go.  photo vlcsnap-00018.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up in chains and finds the Empress is with her. She tells Fu Yao that the chains can not be broken. They are in a secret chamber of Tianquan and no one will hear them scream. Fu Yao is angry that Zhang Sun Jia would trap them here to which the Empress responds, “Do you really not know who had you captured?”  photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Meanwhile, Wu Ji is scoping out the battlefield and trying to strategize.

Prince Yi is riding through the woods with his servant, Xu Lai. They stop and Xu Lai asks where they should go. Prince Yi decides to return back to the Imperial City. He plans to use the information he has about his uncle’s troops to help him get back on Wu Ji’s side. He doesn’t care what he has to do, as long as he can stay alive. But he finds out too late that Xu Lai also is looking out for himself and stabs Prince Yi in the back, letting him know that he’d already aligned himself with Zhang Sun Jia to protect his career, and he had orders to kill him if he should try to leave. (And no one was sad about it at all.) photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Jiang Feng finds Wu Ji still up late at night looking over battle plans. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Fu Yao can’t understand why and for what reason she has been imprisoned with the Empress. The Empress tells of how she wanted to marry Zhang Sun Jia, but the Emperor proposed before she could, and she wasn’t able to turn him down without implicating her family. She knew he didn’t love her and didn’t understand why he did it. She only stayed for Wu Ji. Just then, their captor, the Emperor, arrives, asking if the Empress wants to be with her beloved. He doubts her love story. photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

An assassin returns to see Zhang Sun Jia. He went to the palace to get info and confirms the Prince’s fears, advising that they don’t know where the Empress is being held. An official arrives to advise that Wu Ji’s reinforcements are on their way and asks what to do next. Zhang Sun Jia decides they should prepare to battle in the morning and that he will figure out what to do about things at the palace later.  photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

He goes back to his quarters, where Xuan Yuan Xiao is staying and tells her she can go. He accepts blame for not taking care of her in the past. But she wonders why he hasn’t asked about why she left or where she’s been. Instead, he tells her that he didn’t search for her because he thought she’d be better off without him.  photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

The Empress is upset that the Emperor is using Wu Ji in getting his revenge. The Emperor responds back that he also has been used by others. Then he decides to tell them a story about him and his younger brother – born of different mothers – who grew up together. The younger brother was well liked, while the elder was not good with people, slow, but studious. Even when the older brother was made the heir apparent, people preferred his younger brother. He thought he was the heir because his father cared about him, but then he found out the throne was jinxed, with emperors not living very long, and his father didn’t want his favourite son to be cursed. He took the throne anyway, because he then would have the power to control other people’s lives. He broke the jinx on the throne, at the risk of his health, to protect future generations. But he is angry about the Empress’ affair. She is surprised to find out he knows already, but even more so when he asks her who Wu Ji’s father is. (Geez, Emperor, what did you think would happen if you married the woman who loved your brother?)  photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia confirms that he did think Xuan Yuan Xiao had left because of his affair with the Empress. But in fact, that was not the reason. Instead, the day she caught them, she got lost in the palace and ended up overhearing Prince Yi’s mother wanting to know why Wu Ji was made the Crown Prince over her son when he isn’t even the Emperor’s child. The Emperor saw her and she ran away.  photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

In the woods, palace guards caught up to Xuan Yuan Xiao and her daughter and set the woods on fire as they hid. She was later rescued by Lady Fei Yan who, as usual, made a deal with her to take some years of her lifespan. But she couldn’t find her daughter at all. (Whoa… suddenly, I’m wondering if she might be Tai Yan.) But Xuan Yuan Xiao still blames him for all that happened and agreed to help the Emperor in return for finding out where her daughter is. Then as planned by the Emperor, she tells him that Wu Ji is Zhang Sun Jia’s son and he is stunned. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Wu Ji and his army arrive to face his uncle’s army as the Emperor tells Fu Yao and the Empress that he hates Wu Ji because of who his father is, but loves Wu Ji as an heir. The Emperor wants to teach Wu Ji a lesson by having him kill his birth father.  photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Xuan Yuan Xiao wonders how Zhang Sun Jia never suspected that Wu Ji was his son after such a long affair. He refuses to believe her as she tells him of the Emperor’s plan, years in the making, for this moment to happen. He is even more surprised that his brother spent 20 years working on this plan. His wife asks Zhang Sun Jia what he intends to do now that he knows that this has all been a trap, to which he says he will still wage war as he has no other choice. She thinks he only craves power, but he knows that Wu Ji will win over followers if he kills the traitor, so he plans to sacrifice himself as he never cared about the throne and wants to help his son.

The Emperor wants Wu Ji to suffer in pain and sorrow. Since he loves both women, the Emperor wants one to poison the other and for Wu Ji to live with it. Fu Yao still doesn’t understand why he would punish Wu Ji, who loves the Emperor and is innocent in all this. But the Emperor wants Wu Ji to be able to walk his path alone when deserted by all those he loves. He tells them that the chamber will be filled with poisonous gas. The only escape is if one of them takes the poison and then the other can be freed. The Emperor leaves them. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Both armies are facing each other and Master Duan wonders why Wu Ji is hesitating. An official tells Zhang Sun Jia that Wu Ji’s army has arrived and he needs to give orders to his general, but instead he tells him that he is riding out himself and to withdraw the troops, despite the official’s pleas. Xuan Yuan Xiao offers to help him put on his armour one last time and gives one last goodbye, as Wu Ji rides out ahead of his troops to wait for his Uncle. Zhang Sun Jia tells his wife that he believes their daughter must still be alive, and tells her to find her and live well.  photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Wu Ji is waiting for his uncle, who finally arrives. As Master Duan reminds the Crown Prince to kill the traitor as a warning to others, the two face off. Wu Ji warns his uncle that only one of them can survive. Zhang Sun Jia recognises his brother’s sword in Wu Ji’s hand and makes him promise to only hold Zhang Sun Jia responsible for this rebellion and not punish the others, which Wu Ji agrees. When his uncle wants to begin, Wu Ji asks where “they” are, at first he doesn’t understand, and then realises he means the Empress and Fu Yao. He tells Wu Ji that he has never and would never hurt them as he cares about them, too. They decide to face off, mano y mano, as both armies watch.  photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

The Empress and Fu Yao both dive for the poison. Fu Yao gets it first and takes it, despite the Empress’ pleas to let her take it, but Fu Yao doesn’t want Wu Ji to lose his only mother. She hopes that, given her past history with poisons, her internal force will save her so she takes it. (*sigh*whatever) Once she does, the chains disappear from the Empress. She tries to take Fu Yao with her, but Fu Yao urges the Empress to go alone.  photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

With the Empress gone, Fu Yao realises that the Emperor is probably watching and talks to him before she dies, telling him that she knows he just wants to kill Wu Ji’s kindness and hoping that she’ll let him hold on to just a little bit of kindness because of how important he is to Wu Ji. And then she passes out as she is saying Wu Ji’s name. The Empress runs across the courtyard and finds a carriage waiting for her to take here anywhere she wants to go, so she heads out to her son. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

A servant informs the Emperor that the Empress is on her way to Jiangbei and that Fu Yao isn’t doing so good. The Emperor wonders if he is too ruthless. (Oh, you think?!)

Zhang Sun Jia is surprised that Wu Ji and his moves, both learned at Qiongcang, are so similar to which Wu Ji asks why he forgot the other lessons from Qiongcang about brotherhood. Angered and looking at the sword in Wu Ji’s hands, Zhang Sun Jia attacks and takes the sword from Wu Ji, forcing Wu Ji to take Zhang Sun Jia’s and tossing the other one away. (At the very least, he doesn’t want to give his brother the satisfaction of having died by his sword.) Then, when Wu Ji attacks, they run at each other, the uncle without a weapon. Zhang Sun Jia stops to give Wu Ji the opportunity to kill him, but Wu Ji also stops short. When he sees his uncle attempt to finish the job by throwing himself on the blade, Wu Ji pulls it back and knocks him down instead. Lots of meaningful glances fly around as Wu Ji drops the sword. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

A figure arrives in the chamber for Fu Yao. It’s Uncle Zhou!!

The dying Emperor stumbles around his chambers looking for some pills. His servant announces a message from Master Duan that the rebels have surrendered and that his brother was captured alive by Wu Ji. The Emperor tells him to convey an urgent decree that his brother is to be executed on the spot by the Crown Prince.  photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Fu Yao wakes up on that same rock from thirty episodes ago, where Wu Ji took her to see that King of Muling that his family worships. She sees Uncle Zhou and is happy, but thinks that she is dead. Surprised to find she is alive and so is he, she hugs him and cries. He tells her that what she saw on Mount Xuanyuan was what he wanted her to see. He tells her he’s been keeping a watch over her from afar and knows of her travels and promises not to leave her again. (Lies!) When she worries about Wu Ji, Uncel Zhou tells her that he knows about that as well, but that she is too ill to go help him. She argues with him, but then passes out. He wants to help cure the poison, but he knows doing so will mean she is another step closer to her fate. He lifts off another tier of the spell as each tier was for each Kingdom. Once he does that, the King of Muling arrives to help Fu Yao.  photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

Fu Yao arrives at the Qiongcang forbidden land with the giant floating lotus and hears a voice that tells her about her destiny. She watches herself come out of the lotus, all in red just as Wu Ji did before. But then the lotus version of her is surrounded by black smoke and turns her clothes to black. The voice tells her that the blood on the five-coloured stone she had was from Di Fei Tian and has been directing her to remove the tiers of the spell so that, once removed, he will be awakened again by turning her into a witch to destroy the Five Kingdoms. Only her death can stop it and only Wu Ji can destroy her.  photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

Cue another musical montage of past WuFu moments.

Fu Yao is back on the rock again with Uncle Zhou and the King of Muling, as the voice asks her if she is prepared to accept this, but she knows she’s never been in control of her fate and would rather save the kingdoms. When she asks who he really is, Uncle Zhou reveals that he is Sheng Ling, the second of the Ten Saints. He tells how he found her with the stone when she was a child and added on the five-tier spell, rather than kill her, so that she could decide her own fate. He hid her at Mount Xuanyuan because it could restrain the powers in her. She tells him that she has no regrets because she met the love of her life and had many adventures.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

He hands her an object and asks if she remembers it. It is the transformed version of the stove poker he gave to her during the competition. It turns out it’s actually the Changqing Dagger of Qiongcang and he tells her to keep it. If she kills Wu Ji, no one can harm her, but if she doesn’t, her fate is sealed. He leaves the choice to her. photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

When Uncle Zhou starts to leave, Fu Yao chases after him, but he stops her. He’s transferred his lifetime of powers to her and disintegrates before her eyes. Fu Yao is distraught to have to lose him for the second time.

Wu Ji sits alone, looking at his uncle’s sword and thinking. Jiang Feng arrives and tells him the Emperor wants him to carry out the execution of Zhang Sun Jia himself in front of the army, which makes him think some more. Outside, he sees his uncle standing ready for execution and tells Jiang Feng to bring wine and food. He goes up to the platform where his uncle waits, two executioners at the ready, as the imperial decree is read out of his crimes.  photo vlcsnap-00024.jpg

Zhang Sun Jia looks at the clouds in the sky and enjoys the sun with a slight smile on his face. He starts to laugh about the decree, knowing that’s not the real reason his brother wants him killed. Master Duan gets angry at him for speaking so, but he couldn’t care less about added charges as he’s going to die anyway. Wu Ji tells Master Duan to step down, but he refuses to slack off on his duties, so Wu Ji tells him to just stand and watch instead. Zhang Sun Jia tells Wu Ji that by killing him, Wu Ji will win over the people and gain the best reputation, and that it’s worth it to Zhang Sun Jia. He doesn’t mind losing to Wu Ji, only to his brother.

Wu Ji pours out some wine for his uncle. Though Zhang Sun Jia knows he will be listed in history as the worst traitor, his conscience is clear.  photo vlcsnap-00027.jpg

The order is given for the execution to begin, but it’s stopped as the Empress arrives, calling out for them to stop. Zhang Sun Jia is upset she is there. Master Duan declares that the Empress is demeaning herself and will disgrace the royal family, and tries to get Wu Ji to take her away, but Wu Ji refuses and accepts responsibility. He walks away and lets the couple talk. photo vlcsnap-00029.jpg

Master Duan tells Wu Ji that his mother is disgracing the family, but Wu Ji allows his mother and his uncle talk as Wu Ji steps down from the platform. The Empress is surprised to find out that the Prince knows Wu Ji is his son, and promises to beg Wu Ji to spare him so that the Emperor’s plot will fail, but Zhang Sun Jia won’t let her and tells her that he has to die to keep her safe.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Of course, they are yelling this to each other to keep this quiet from Wu Ji WHILE HE’S STANDING RIGHT THERE WITHIN EARSHOT! (Kind of wish we’d just done GIF recaps as that would make this more entertaining and convey my frustration much better. / IMOmusings: sadly I haven’t learnt, nor do I have the programs to make gifs xD otherwise we’d get crazy eyed mama and daughter gifs every week / Enidbee: ooo, I can help with that for our next show…)

Then Wu Ji steps back up on the platform, as they are still arguing in loud voices not to tell Wu Ji anything. His uncle insists that Wu Ji hurry up and kill him, while the Empress is begging him not to die. Suddenly, Zhang Sun Jia grabs the sword out of Wu Ji’s scabbard and kills himself in front of everyone, knowing that he has to die to help Wu Ji succeed as the future Emperor. Wu Ji is stunned and his mother is distraught.  photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Wu Ji sits outside his tent, sad and deep in thought when Fu Yao arrives. He asks if his uncle abducted her, but she only asks if he’s talked to his mother. He lets a few tears fall and asks if the Emperor was behind all of this, but Fu Yao doesn’t want to be the one to tell him. (So even the Empress is not surprised Fu Yao survived?) photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

The Emperor’s servant tries to get him to get some rest as he’s been waiting all day for news. Finally he gets the report that his brother has been killed and he is happy to hear that he is dead. He stumbles and falls to the ground as his servant calls for the Imperial Physician. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

The Empress is burning paper money for Zhang Sun Jia. Wu Ji visits her and she finally tells him that Zhang Sun Jia was his birth father and how the Emperor had plotted for years to have him kill his “uncle”, and also made sure to wipe out all his closest kin. Wu Ji goes outside and starts laughing and crying, processing all she told him about how the Emperor wanted him to be betrayed by his family and supporters. He’s angry that only now she has told him this information. Fu Yao can only watch from afar.  photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

In the morning, Zhang Sun Jia’s body is burned on a funeral pyre, witnessed by just a few. That night in the woods, Wu Ji secretly burns paper money for his birth father. Fu Yao joins him. He’s not sure of his identity anymore after all this. Fu Yao tries to give him advice and console him. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

They ride back to the Imperial City where officials are waiting outside the Emperor’s chambers as he is dying. Wu Ji goes inside to see him. (And suffocate him with a pillow?) Wu Ji thinks the Emperor will eventually recuperate, but he doesn’t agree and wants to say goodbye one last time. The Emperor comments on how Wu Ji has always taken on things alone and never leaned on anyone. He leaves the throne to Wu Ji and warns him it is the most hated position and that people will think he’s wrong no matter what he does. But Wu Ji just wants to know why the Emperor did what he did. When the Emperor confirms that everything his mother told him was true, he is surprised. Even more so to hear that this has been the Emperor’s life goal.  photo vlcsnap-00020.jpg

The Emperor admits that the two people he hates most in the world is his brother and himself. He married the Empress only because he knew she was the one person his brother loved most, since his brother had always gotten everything else he wanted. The Emperor doesn’t know why he wasn’t able to kill Wu Ji as a child and, instead, raised him to take over the throne, despite him being a reminder of his brother. However, the Emperor also admits that he knew Wu Ji was the only choice to be the heir. He wanted to make him as cold and miserable as himself, so that he’ll be a wise emperor, but it didn’t work out as he’d hoped. (Tell him Fu Yao’s still alive. Ha ha! That plan didn’t work.) As he wonders why he couldn’t make Wu Ji more like himself, he dies and Wu Ji does more of that laugh/crying thing as he remembers the only father he knew. He kowtows to the Emperor one last time. photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

A decree is read out announcing the Emperor’s death and proclaiming Wu Ji as the new Emperor. The officials come to court in mourning wear to see Wu Ji, but Jiang Feng tells them to go home. The officials are frustrated that Wu Ji hasn’t taken care of state matters in days, but Jiang Feng can only tell them that, due to the sudden death, Wu Ji is not ready and they will have to take care of matters themselves.

Wu Ji, also dressed for mourning in the Emperor’s chambers, thinks of his mother who has abolished herself from the palace and will now be known as Yuan Qing Yi, and live in Wanxin Temple on Mount Green Pearl. She wants her son to be with the one he loves and never deal with the heartache she had. Fu Yao joins him to update him on the funeral guests and plans. She also went to visit his mother at the temple.  photo vlcsnap-00023.jpg

Fu Yao joins Wu Ji in the Emperor’s chambers, where he is mourning, to update him on the funeral guests and plans. She tells him about her visit to see his mother at the temple. She also tells him that she secretly snagged two of Zhang Sun Jia’s robes, when his home was raided, in case he wants to erect a cenotaph for him. Wu Ji admits that he had doubted his parentage in the past, but had been too afraid to seek out the truth. He admits he never cared about the throne and only wanted to please the Emperor, and is hurt to know that the whole time his father hated him. Fu Yao tries to console him, promising to never betray him and always be by his side, but he doubts even she can prevent that. When she reminds him that the Five Kingdoms need him and so does she, he knows she is right and that he has responsibilities now.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

The next day, he goes to meet the officials, although without bothering to shave.

On the Mount of Nothingness in Qiongcang, the Qiongcang elders have realised that the sealed rock of Di Fei Tian is underneath Changqing Hall. They know that the spell keeping it there won’t hold on for much longer. Tian Ji wants to discuss what to do next to keep it safe. They realise that they need to join forces to reinforce the spell and keep this half from joining the other one. But the dark forces in the rock are growing and an elder points out that their powers will not hold it for long and that it is up to the gods. Regardless, they circle the large rock and do what they can to reinforce the spell. But cracks appear in the rock and black mist creeps out of it as they struggle to keep it contained until the circle is broken. They have given up half their life for nothing. When the other elders ask if Wu Ji has found the witch, Tian Ji doesn’t tell them. Wu Ji is their only hope. photo vlcsnap-00003.jpg

Silently, Tian Ji sends a plea to Wu Ji to complete his task and kill her. He says to bring Fu Yao to Changqing Hall, but Wu Ji wonders if killing her really is the only way, and isn’t sure what to do.

Fu Yao is standing on one of the towers overlooking the city, looking at the blade from Uncle Zhou and remembering his advice to kill Wu Ji to survive or to be prepared for a rough road.  photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Wu Ji joins her, wrapping his outer robe around her to keep her warm. She knows he hasn’t been sleeping and wants him to get some rest. They talk about the view and how hard life is, and how fickle people are. And then, there’s more flashbacks to them meeting and getting to know each other. Fu Yao also admits that, after pretending to be so many people, she’s not sure who she is. Wu Ji tells her that she is his Fu Yao and nothing else matters. Fu Yao tells him to promise that if one day she is no longer around, to be a good and wise Emperor, and Wu Ji immediately worries she is up to something. But she lies and insists there is nothing to worry about. Wu Ji tells her that if, in the end, there must be a tragic end and there’s nothing they can do about it, he just wants to be by her side forever. They both remember the dire warnings that she must die or doom will fall on the Five Kingdoms, but won’t talk to each other about it. photo vlcsnap-00007.jpg

The mourning period is over. Wu Ji has been coronated and gets another fun hat to wear, though this time, he resists the urge to play with it like he did in Taiyuan. The officials, including Jiang Feng, all kowtow to their new Emperor and get down to business. Wu Ji wants the winter ritual for the solstice held at Mount Green Pearl. An official reminds Wu Ji that an envoy has to be sent to Qiongcang to retrieve his decree of coronation and gives a list of candidates, but Wu Ji already has decided who should go.

Fu Yao is talking to Yuan Bao about how Qiongcang wants her dead and wants Wu Ji to be the one to kill her. She knows he won’t do it, but that if he doesn’t, it endangers everyone else. She is worried about Wu Ji and doesn’t want him to live in guilt, but also doesn’t want him to put everyone at risk. She’s decided that she will go to Qiongcang and gives Yuan Bao some of her hair in the hopes that one day he can bring Wu Ji to kill her, but mousy doesn’t really want to be the one to do that. photo vlcsnap-00009.jpg

As Fu Yao goes to leave the palace, we get more flashbacks as she composes her goodbye letter. She is walking through the woods but ends up running into Wu Ji, who tells her that she can not ever again leave him without saying a word. He tells her never to go to Qiongcang without him. He never wants to live in regret again and that he will always go wherever she goes. If this is all destined, they agree that they should face it together. photo vlcsnap-00010.jpg

In Changqing Hall, Tian Ji looks at the lava rock when a disciple arrives to tell him that Wu Ji has come to Qiongcang with a woman. Tian Ji dismisses him, pleased that Wu Ji understands his place and that the witch has come. But then, another disciple arrives to say that Wu Ji has disappeared and erased all his tracks. photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Lady Fei Tian is in Illusion Hall receiving a message from a crow and tells it to go find the couple. photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Wu Ji has taken Fu Yao to a place that looks like Shangyang Palace, but is in Qiongcang. He built it with his powers when he was training and it is the safest place he can think of for them to hide. They talk about his sad, lonely childhood for a bit. Then Fu Yao sees a letter on his desk. It’s a sad poem he wrote. When she asks who he wrote it for since he is hers, he teases her for being jealous and then kisses her. It’s the first time she’s called him hers and he’s happy.  photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Tian Ji is in the forbidden land, looking at the giant lotus. A disciple appears and announces Lady Fei Yan has arrived. He is surprised as Changqing Hall and Illusion Hall, while both in Qiongcang, have never interacted in centuries and he wonders why she would visit. He agrees to meet with her in hopes to help protect the Five Kingdoms. (Surprised he hadn’t kept such a close eye on Di Fei Tian’s disciple.) photo vlcsnap-00015.jpg

Wu Ji tells Fu Yao about his mentor’s view of the mundane world as transient and unimportant when compared to eternity and that he used to agree until he met Fu Yao. (Wait, didn’t he give this same speech about two times before already?) He knows that Fu Yao is determined to die, but he won’t let her, as he thinks there’s a chance she doesn’t have to die. She, too, refuses to accept this fate.

As they sit together, they hear the caw of crows and see a black cloud. Wu Ji knows it’s Fei Yan looking for them. Wu Ji tells Fu Yao that he’ll go visit his mentor and tells Fu Yao to stay so that she won’t get hurt, but she asks if his mentor will spare him if she goes.

Linjaturtle: Finally, we get some answers to Fu Yao’s forgotten past and another layer or two gets lifted off. I actually can’t wait to see her turn witchy. Need some excitement after Bei Ye’s boring arc.

Okay, it’s still a snooze-fest. This whole mess with the adults is terrible and the poor kids are shouldering the consequences. I say this saga of a mess is all the Empress’ fault. Even if she was in a loveless marriage, she is still married, and having an affair, getting pregnant and passing it off as the Emperor’s kid, was the beginning of this suffering she put upon Wu Ji, herself, and the Zhang Sung brothers. Second to blame is Zhang Sung Jia. He was married, had a daughter and still got involved with the Empress. Or are they equally to blame? Affairs cause a ripple effect of destruction to all connected. Stay away from them, please.

And lastly, I don’t know who’s worse. Wu Ji’s mentor or the Emperor.  

Enid Bee: Please, someone send sugar, lots of it. I need something to keep me awake. These final episodes are putting me to sleep. Shouldn’t it be getting more exciting at this point? Instead, it’s all long-winded dialogue and people taking forever just to get to the point. I have serious Fu Yao fatigue, but hanging in there since there’s just a few episodes left… I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more Divine Physician. But sadly, not this week so hopefully in the finale… a little… pretty please…

Iridescent:  I kind of understand Wu Ji’s mentor’s view point.  Like if you can trade one life for thousands, or millions even, it’s understandable why you would want to.  I felt really bad for Xuan Yuan Xiao.  She was used and then she found out the man she loved never actually loved her, and then she had to send him to death.  All the while she never got anything in return, she loved him to his end and never found her daughter. I’m just so glad this show is over.  The ending left much to be desired, I wanted to see everyone happy, not just our main couple, but whatever.  It’s over, I’m done.

Click To View: Spoiler Recap of the Finale Episodes

Disclaimer: Since we are not professional translators, the following may not be 100% accurate, but we wanted to give those of you who watched the raw version of the finale already a better idea of what happened. We’ll do a final recap of the subtitled version next week.

Episode 65

Wu Ji and Fu Yao hear the caw of crows and see a black cloud. Wu Ji knows it’s Fei Yan looking for them. Wu Ji tells Fu Yao that he’ll go visit his mentor and tells Fu Yao to stay so that his mentor won’t hurt her. She asks if his mentor will spare him if she doesn’t go with him and adds that she won’t allow him to swap his life for hers. She wishes that from now on, regardless of what obstacles there are, that they’ll face them together. He tells her to listen to him this one time. Although his mentor is stern, he is still an open-hearted and upright person who has the interest of the world in mind. If his mentor can find another solution to this crisis, he definitely will not want to harm innocent people. Wu Ji promises to find another way even if his mentor can’t. Fu Yao pauses for a while before telling Wu Ji that if all does come to down as predicted, she wants him to kill her and be a wise Emperor to all the kingdoms. He promises to return the next day, wanting her to promise that she’ll wait for him, which she agrees to. Then he leaves and the tears she could not suppress anymore, flow.  photo vlcsnap-00001.jpg

Lady Fei Yan, and Tai Yan, arrives at Changqing Hall claiming to aid the elders in the predicament of the arrival of the witch who threatens the end of everything. Tian Ji says they have everything under control. Lady Fei Yan casts suspicion on Tian Ji by claiming he knows Wu Ji has been with the witch the whole time but he still has not done anything. The other elders demand to know why Tian Ji kept that info from them. Tian Ji says even though Wu Ji is his disciple, but for the sake of all the kingdoms, he will do what needs to be done. Lady Fei Yan says she hopes so too, and leaves.  photo vlcsnap-00002.jpg

Back in the Illusion Hall, Lady Fei Yan and Tai Yan talk about what is going to happen. Tai Yan says the elders clearly don’t understand what her mentor has in mind. Lady Fei Yan says, of course they wouldn’t. What each wants is the opposite of the other. The elders want Fu Yao dead, but she wants Fu Yao alive. Wu Ji has become problematic to her as he keeps hanging around Fu Yao. She went to Changqing Hall to egg on the elders so that they will restrain Wu Ji. Lady Fei Yan has her own plans on how to deal with a mere witch. Tai Yan flashes back to when she helped out Wu Ji pretending to be a prince and the times Wu Ji kept saving Fu Yao from her attacks. Lady Fei Yan notices Tai Yan in deep thought and reminds her that the most useless thing in the world is affection/feelings.

Wu Ji arrives at the gates to Qiongcang. Tian Ji asks where Fu Yao is and is angry when Wu Ji has not brought her. He kneels before the gate to plead his case and kowtow. But Tian Ji is not appeased. Wu Ji asks to be put through the Nine Illusion punishment. Apparently one who survives it then will be forgiven their crimes and receive the backing and assistance of Qiongcang. Tian Ji refuses to let him, but Wu Ji is able to trigger it anyway. Illusions of four Qiongcang disciples appear to fight him, but he evades them at first, though ends up being hit with some of their powers. Then chains appear from the sky and surround him. photo vlcsnap-00004.jpg

Wu Ji has not returned by the allocated time and this worries Fu Yao. She asks Yuan Bao to find him. She then begs Yuan Bao to take her to find Wu Ji.  photo vlcsnap-00006.jpg

On top of the Mount of Nothingness, Wu Ji is hanging from the sky in chains with stakes buried into his shoulders, forearms and gut. He comes to and sees Tian Ji there, chastising him for disobeying.  photo vlcsnap-00008.jpg

Tian Ji tells Wu Ji he doesn’t want to resort to this but has no other choice. He demands Wu Ji tell him the whereabouts of the witch. Wu Ji wonders how it is that he’s been told to have a heart for the world, but the world would want the death of an innocent girl. What is the point of the existence of Qiongcang? Tian Ji refuses to entertain Wu Ji and demands to know where he’s hidden the witch. Wu Ji screams that it’s unfair and pleads for his mentor to please find another solution that will allow Fu Yao to live. Tian Ji says the world is unfair and doesn’t Wu Ji know that Tian Ji has already tried thinking of other alternatives, but there is no other way except the death of her in return for the peace of the kingdoms. Wu Ji refuses to accept that and goes on about ever since falling in love with Fu Yao, he will do anything for her, including giving up his identity and life. Whether it’s this lifetime, or the next, as long as she’s there, he is too. He is sorry he has disappointed his mentor as a Qiongcang disciple and accepts the removal of his skills/powers as a punishment. His mentor hits him with qi and says he’ll give Wu Ji one more chance, but Wu Ji is unrelenting. As Wu Ji’s powers painfully seep from him, he flashes back to all the lovely dovey times he had with Fu Yao and all the promises he made to her. (So they claim Wu Ji is their only hope, but then wound him and take away his powers?) photo vlcsnap-00011.jpg

Fu Yao arrives at the gates of Qiongcang with Yuan Bao. Before she can go in, her friends arrive as well. Xiao Qi, Zong Yue, Zhan Bei Ye and Ya Lan Zhu are there to help her save Wu Ji. Apparently Yuan Bao messaged them as well though Fu Yao doesn’t want to involve them. Bei Ye tells her they are all friends and it’s a given they will help. It is because they are friends that Fu Yao doesn’t want to implicate them, since it will be dangerous. Hotty doctor cooly ignores her and heads towards the gate, with the rest following. photo vlcsnap-00013.jpg

Wu Ji is now chained to a block of ice. Tai Yan appears to try and free him to no avail. Tai Yan is upset to see Wu Ji tortured. Wu Ji doesn’t want her implicated. She says she had known they wouldn’t go easy on him, and that’s why she’s here. Wu Ji says as long as his imprisonment allows Fu Yao to live that little bit longer, he doesn’t mind. Tai Yan yells at him for not valuing his own life. Wu Ji says being with Fu Yao is the best thing in the world, yada yada yada. Wu Ji thinks what he is doing is for the best and Tai Yan tries to talk him out of it. photo vlcsnap-00014.jpg

Fu Yao and friends make their way up the Mount of Nothingness to a wooden suspension bridge over a deep canyon. They hear two disciples talking about Wu Ji’s punishment as they cross the bridge. They knock one out and then get information on Wu Ji’s whereabouts from the other one, as he warns them that they’ll never be able to reach Wu Ji, but they knock him out anywy. The team crosses the rickety bridge as more disciples appear. Fu Yao’s friends send her on ahead to help Wu Ji as they fight off the disciples. (Finally some hotty doctor kickass action scenes! So hawt!!) photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Tai Yan brings forth the mirror item Wu Ji was looking for previously in hopes the mirror can offer a solution but Wu Ji says it is useless as only disciples of Changqing Hall can activate it. Then it dawns on Wu Ji that he is a reincarnation of that dude, forgot his name, and tells Tai Yan to smear his blood on the mirror to activate it. He sees his predecessor hovering over a lotus and saying these two lines:
由吾始, 由吾生 you wu shi, you wu sheng
由吾生, 由吾终 you wu sheng, you wu zhong

(Possible rough translation: From the beginning came my life, from my life comes the end.)

They both ponder over the meaning of those two sentences. Tai Yan still insists on breaking the chains but Wu Ji tells her she’ll only implicate everyone. He will not allow it. Tai Yan says Wu Ji considers the life of everyone except his own. He says because he loves Fu Yao, he is being a little bit selfish as well. Tai Yan says liking someone has always been a selfish thing. Wu Ji mutters the last line, still thinking, and, as Tai Yan repeats after him, she finally realises what it is he plans to do. Wu Ji says if death is inevitable and fate cannot be changed, then he will die with her. photo vlcsnap-00017.jpg

In Changqing Hall, Tian Ji and the other elders discuss the affair and what to do. Tian Ji asks about Wu Ji’s status and the disciple says Wu Ji is still holding out. The disciple is told to keep an eye on Wu Ji and immediately report changes. The elders say they must do something soon or the witch will barge into the Hall, but they do not know where she is. Tian Ji says he is sure she’ll go looking for Wu Ji and, no matter what, she must die. (If I had a penny for every time Wu Ji’s mentor says “she must die” … well, I wouldn’t be rich and afford a house, but I’d probably be able to buy me a pretty little dress and bag.)

Xiao Qi tells them he will stay so they can go help Fu Yao. Despite Bei Ye protesting that it’s too dangerous on his own, Xiao Qi says he will stay behind to block them off. Zong Yue offers to stay behind with him, but Xiao Qi says Fu Yao really needs their help. They’ve always protected him and now, it’s his turn to protect them. Bei Ye shouts to Xiao Qi to stay alive and then heads on with the rest.

Episode 66

Tai Yan is trying to rescue Wu Ji, but he is more focused on the message from the magic mirror. He thinks he knows what it means. Wu Ji says if death is inevitable and fate cannot be changed, then he will die with Fu Yao. Tai Yan says if that is the decision he has made, she will help him to the end. Realising what Tai Yan intents to do, Wu Ji desperately tells her to stop. He made his decision to allow everyone else to live. He does not want any more people to sacrifice their lives for him. Tai Yan says she also has her own selfish wish and no one can change it. She leaves with Wu Ji begging after her not to do it.

Disciples appear on the other side of the wooden bridge and see only Xiao Qi. The disciples tells Xiao Qi to move out of the way and they will spare his life. Xiao Qi is like, over my dead body. They charge forward and fall into Xiao Qi’s trap as he had cut some of the boards loose and they fall in to the canyon below. Xiao Qi thinks he’s safe, but then one of the disciples rises up and attacks. Xiao Qi fights as best he can, but, in the end, can only take the guy over the bridge with him to protect his friends. (Saddest death in this whole series.) And another music montage… Yup, everyone gets one when they die…
 photo vlcsnap-00005.jpg

Tian Ji and other elders watch Wu Ji from another peak. One of the elder says, as long as Fu Yao’s fifth tier has not been lifted, she really isn’t a true witch yet and won’t be able to revive Di Fei Tian. The five of them will prevent that from happening or otherwise, all hell will break loose.  They await for her arrival to save Wu Ji.

Fu Yao arrives to try and save Wu Ji, apologising for causing him trouble. He tries to get her to leave, but she refuses to go and tries to free him.  She’s says she’s also experienced such pain, at that he’ll definitely be able to go through it to. He screams at her that this is the Nine Illusions and not the Realm of Nothingness (the one she overcame in episode 4). She asks how he knows that she was referring to the Realm of Nothingness, before she pieces together that he was the one that helped her that time. He tells her it’s not worth mentioning events that have passed. She apologises for owing him too much.  He tells her he never wanted her to repay him for the things that he’s done and that they were all for him to attain the things he wanted.  He adds that he no longer needs her, trying to push her away.  But she (and anyone really) can see through his words, as she leans her forehead on his.

Behind them, Tian Ji and the elders arrive to kill Fu Yao, telling her that even if she wants to leave she can’t. Wu Ji tells her to go, telling her she’s not their opponent, but instead she turns to face them.  Fu Yao says to the elders, she figures there is no room for negotiation. Tian Ji tells her to put her sword down or they will not show mercy. Fu Yao wonders why they didn’t show Wu Ji any mercy. Tian Ji says it’s her fault. Ever since meeting her, Wu Ji has been defying everything and everyone, and has ended up in this state. Fu Yao turns around to thank Wu Ji before telling the elders that she will agree to their terms as long as they let Wu Ji free. They say for the peace of the world, they have no other choice before knocking her out. But then black smoke appears and takes out the Qiongcang elders. Lady Fei Tian and Tai Yan have arrived.

 photo vlcsnap-00012.jpg

Apparently, these elders didn’t realise she’s on the side of Di Fei Tian. (So you thought she took over Illusion Hall to make fluffy bunnies and happy thoughts?) They are shocked she wants to revive Di Fei Tian and call her a coward for attacking from behind. Lady Fei Yan says, as the only remaining blood line of Di Fei Tian, of course she would, and soon he’ll be able to reign again and the Five Kingdoms will be theirs.  Tian Ji tries to attack her saying she will bring the world into destruction, but she easily defeats him. Then she tells Tai Yan to kill Wu Ji. Tai Yan pretends to agree, but then aims her sword at her mentor, who is not easily fooled. She flings the girl on to the ground. Lady Fei Yan says she can easily see Tai Yan’s affection for Wu Ji. She knows Tai Yan is always leaving at any opportunity to help him and she can see that she’s a simple girl and tells Tai Yan, Wu Ji does not love her. Is everything she is doing worth it? Lady Fei Yan has always reminded Tai Yan that to fully learn the sword skills, she must let go of all affections. Tai Yan tries to kill her mentor again, even as Wu Ji tells her to stop. Lady Fei Yan says if she’s not going to listen, then she can only send her off to her death and flings Tai Yan over the side of the mountain. Then Wu Ji, in anger, threatens to kill Lady Fei Yan.

Wu Ji watches as Lady Fei Yan goes to Fu Yao’s unconscious body, and he starts to laugh and taunt her. He tells her she’ll die today as well, saying perhaps if she didn’t use so much of her powers today, it might not have been her death day, but she’ll accompany him in his death even if he goes. The dark energy inside her starts to come to the surface and she tries to kill Wu Ji, but Fu Yao awakens. Seeing her awake, Wu Ji is able to break free of his bonds and repel back Lady Fei Tian. Fu Yao helps him up as their friends arrive to help.
 photo vlcsnap-00016.jpg

Zong Yue, Lan Zhu and Bei Ye challenge Lady Fei Tian, who laughs and then attacks them. Try as they might, they are not able to overcome her, so Fu Yao charges after and, after some fighting, is able to stab her, but this is what Lady Fei Yan wanted. Fei Yan says they’ve underestimated her. She will use her lifeforce to lift Fu Yao’s last tier. Her lifelong wish of reviving Di Fei Tian will finally come true. Fei Yan turns into a black mist which goes into Fu Yao to complete her transformation. Her body is flung up in the air, her eyes turn red and when she lands, she is no longer everyone’s friend, Fu Yao. (A sure sign that someone has turned evil: they wear dark colored lipstick.) Wu Ji goes to check on her when she drops back to the ground, only to get choked by her as their wounded friends watch helplessly.
 photo vlcsnap-00019.jpg

Zong Yue says she’s transformed into the witch and can no longer recognise anyone. They are merely now obstacles to her reaching Di Fei Tian. Fu Yao whisks Wu Ji back to Changqing Hall, where the rest of Di Fei Tian’s consciousness lives. The lava rock in the Hall is shaking and vibrating. Evil Fu Yao is ready to complete her task. She makes her way to the other half of Di Fei Tian’s consciousness to reunite them. Wu Ji tries to stop her, but she easily tosses him aside. He keeps yelling at her to stop, so she stabs him to shut him up.
 photo vlcsnap-00022.jpg

Her stab evokes flashes of memories of the two together in her mind. He persists in calling to her, trying to get the real Fu Yao to remember him. She cackles hysterically and slices and stabs him across the chest, but as she does, more memories start coming through and she begins to struggle, at first not successfully, as evil Fu Yao attacks Wu Ji again and again. However, the memories continue to come. The real Fu Yao starts to fight back and drops the sword. She and Wu Ji hold hands for a moment, but then evil Fu Yao gets the sword back. She continues to struggle between the evil Fu Yao and her true identity, as the flashes of their memories continue. As she is about to stab Wu Ji, the real Fu Yao is able to take control and stab herself to save him. The black mist leaves her body and the lava rock explodes. No more Di Fei Tian.

The wounded couple lay on the floor, desperately reaching for the others hands, before they manage to hold hands. Fu Yao says she’s finally overcome her fate. Wu Ji says he thought he was going to lose her. He tells her not to do anything like this again. Fu Yao says everything started with her so it must end with her. She jokes she used herself to save the world and he jokes that the witch is no more and only Fu Yao remains. They are proud they were able to overcome their fate and be together forever. Wu Ji rambles on about making her his Queen and giving her all the nicest things to eat and taking her to all the best places in the world. Wu Ji says he will grow old with her. Fu Yao says they’ve suffered so much and now it’s time to enjoy good times. They are both happy they met each other.
 photo vlcsnap-00036.jpg

The End.

 photo vlcsnap-00037.jpg



Ok, not really.

Instead, we next see them alive and well, running around some gardens at the Imperial Palace. Wu Ji is giving Fu Yao a piggy back ride. And then, it’s all cute couple time and we don’t get to see anything of anyone else. Wu Ji is telling Fu Yao how much he loves her and wants to be with her in the mortal world. If there is turmoil, he will hinder it. If hell opens up, he will deal with it. If the people tried to stop him, he would just pass over them. If the whole world is mad at him, he will tell them that everything is for her, and that for her, he is not afraid of anything. They kiss and then she leans on her shoulder, before it pans out to the rest of the kingdom.
 photo vlcsnap-00039.jpg

The End.
 photo vlcsnap-00042.jpg

  1. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    First of all, I would like to thank the site writers for patiently recapping Fuyao, even the story started to get out of place.
    Now for my ramblings. Oh my the ending (face palm)… So did they reincarnate with their memories intact? I saw a scene in the first look trailer where in the end, Fuyao, with Wuji on her side, seemed to act as if she was registering that the previous scenes were flashbacks. So I hope that some scenes got deleted. Yes the leads needed their happy ending but I was expecting a closure for the other surviving characters (curious about how Zong Yue will live out his remaining years) and a brief look on how the five kingdoms ran after Fuyao and Wuji’s sacrifice.
    Something that also bothered me was that the drama was more “tell and show” which definitely slowed down the pace and cut down moments which could be explored more closely. And Fuyao’s development was inconsistent because she still did not throw away her reckless behavior. A female lead is not “strong” just because she has perfected her martial arts but when she knows how to think and calculate every situation carefully before acting.

  2. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    So did they really ended up being together in after life or in mortal world? I was also confused with the last ending.

    • 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

      I thought that I was the only one confused with the final scene, and I have seen a few comments reflecting the same opinion. In that last scene, it looked like they could have been “spirits” in the Heavens. Wuji talked about being with her in the MORTAL WORLD. Where have they been for the last 66 episodes? In the NOT MORTAL WORLD?

    • 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

      Hi, from France and excuse me for English and the possible misunderstandings, but I understood that they would really die in the world of mortals, because a lot of this fraternity of friends seems to be dead (where are the others to a moment so happy?) … at the end of the scenes, they seem so happy, but it is not a happy ending, they are in eternity, but in reality they really die. And this is the true victory of their love. They die and go through their dreams and everything possible. it’s a way of saying “anyway, Fuyao and Wuji are invincible, neither wounds nor death can destroy their love”. This terrible fate is ultimately the result of this supernatural love.
      It remains an ambiguity, because it seems that they are between two worlds with the possible choice to return to the real world
      But, even if it is the really best Wuxia drama i have ever seen, I did not really like the way the end is treated. It is quite abrupt and even if it offers to everyone make their own opinion, it is somehow like a little sloppy !

  3. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    Guess i’m the minority who didn’t mind the abrupt end since wufu say/settle everything they need to in the last few episodes already in regard to their relationship…I kind of like the time jump to the end of them on the bridge it’s was cute…whether it’s a dream or reality it doesn’t make a difference…Only thing I don’t like is the unnessary dead of Seven why writers do this arrghh…
    Drama has a lot of flaws, but if you’re on the wufu ship it quite enjoyable watching these 2 relationship develop and how much they need/understand each other so well they are truly each other half…The weakest links are probably ZBY/ZZ and Wuji 3 crazy selfish parents story arc…Really don’t like his mother, wish she would just kill herself…

    • 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

      Yeah I did not like the ending but now that you’re saying it, Wuji and Fuyao loved and trusted each other till the end, which is better than dying while not knowing each other’s feelings and sacrifices. So I’m now less bitter about their conclusion 😊
      God, Wuji’s parents were indeed terrible. I hated the Empress because she could not take responsible for her actions and thinks she has the right to think of what’s best for her son. And she did not know the Emperor was informed about her affair?! Talk about being in charge of Imperial Harem, full of schemes and secrets… I hated Prince Zhang Sunjia is so devoted to her to the point he’d abandon his wife and daughter.

      • 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

        I was very surprised that Empress did not kill herself, after her beloved Prince De killed himself. I thought that they were soul mates in life and death. When she said that she would check into the nunnery, I said, “What is she hanging around for?”

        The Deep Water kingdom dragged. Zhan Bei Ye’s kingdom dragged. WuJi’s kingdom dragged. Fu Yao’s kingdom dragged. If the director had opted for no redundant flashbacks, removed some of the FILLER, and put the entire five kingdoms on the fast track, the drama would have been elevated from VERY GOOD to EXCELLENT.

    • 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

      I have to be on your boat with the dummy for a mommy. She never stop to ask herself, am I being self. The answer is yes. She lived in self pitty. Why to much. You made a choice and now you make your son reputation suffer a major blow.

  4. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    Wuji’s declaration at the end is kinda strange since it’s the dialogue from the novel (the prelude to the whole novel) where he speaks as an immortal to another immortal about finding Fuyao in the mortal world. I mean he’s speaking to Fuyao about it in the show so it’s a bit odd but it’s a nice piece of dialogue so I’ll accept it. Also similarly like how they included from the prelude, Wuji’s dialogue about highest heaven is the loneliness (They included it in the show as Wuji’s poem). Makes me think they ended up being reincarnated or they both ascended as immortals in the show (But I dunno). It’s hard to reconcile the novel with the show since they are so different.

    Man we totally missed out on a true adaption (with great leads Yang Mi and Ethan Ruan) due to “regulations” and poor rewrite of the plot. But man was there some A+ relationship dialogue. Seems like they spend all the effort there. Also shoutout for Fuyao’s hundred outfits, they looked amazingggg.

  5. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    I think they didn’t die. Alot can happen between that moment when they were bleeding out and when they were playing on the bridge. We all know how no matter how hurt Fuyao or wuji is they always bounce back. So am sure they were treated and are now in a happy place. Cuz where they stood they could see the kingdom which means they became empress and emperor. As for zong yue and others they were neatly ended in the previous episode. In the course of the 66 episodes, they all got their conclusion. At least we know that zong yue has achieved his goal and is even not at peace with his enemies daughter. They actually didn’t leave any character without a closure. Seven’s death is sad but someone has to die anyway. All in all. Legend of Fuyao was a great movie. If the book is in English I will love to read it. The love of Wuji and FuYao. Wow. It can only exist in book and drama world.

    • 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

      *previous episodes*
      *now at peace*

    • 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

      Yep, they didn’t died…book is very different from the drama…but drama do keep some of the element and spirit of it so it still enjoyable to watch, epecially the OTP power couple ^_^

  6. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    I watched ep 1 to 64 somewhat diligently, skipping some boring parts sprinkled throughout the drama. Because of the lull (Friday to Monday, noon) between ep 64 and ep 65 and the final episode 66, the momentum dropped. Once I started watching ep 65, I was rushing to get to the end. I glazed over the boring parts about the Ugly Lava Rock. Ep 66 seemed to be a messy execution, but my brain might have been on auto pilot. After Fy Yao and Wu Ji’s goodbyes, as if they were dying, there was an abrupt FADE TO BLACK. That seemed to signify DEATH. Then the final scene kicked in; a bright, surreal looking place, and WuJi and Fu Yao were dressed prettily. Wuji was talking about following her to the MORTAL WORLD. So, where in the hell, have they been, over the last 66 episodes? In the NOT MORTAL WORLD? Are they really alive, or dead, and in some astral plane?

  7. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    I too do not like rush endings too common in a lot of historical C drama after a death and battle scene, but I believe they are alive as mortals in this drama. Why? For one Wuji being a blood descended of that first disciple is powerful. Even the elders were in awe that he was lasting while being tortured. Keep in mind according to those other lower disciples, Wuji was supposed to take over for the supreme mentor eventually (though I do not know how he was suppose to do that and run a kingdom.) Then on top of that, he was able to get unchained to attack Fai Yan. That showed me that not all his powers were erased. He was weakened but not done for. Remember, in one of the past episodes, he told the doctor that loving Fuyao would give him an even greater strength figuratively speaking of course. In the case of Fuyao, she was given the lifelines of her “uncle” who was the 2nd of the ten saints before he disappeared and she is also the offspring of the ten saints. So she should be stronger physically for it. Finally, let’s not forget the mouse who can help transport people to where Wuji is. For those reasons I do believe they are in Taiquian and that she is now his empress. Like Wuji said when he sets his mind to something he usually gets it. Also, I read somewhere that in the novel she bore him children I would like to think that he teasing her about her weight is a way of including that idea without coming out to say it. I think what throws every off is the dialogue they chose at the end.

  8. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    Hi, from France and excuse me for English and the possible misunderstandings, but I understood that they would really die in the world of mortals, because a lot of this fraternity of friends seems to be dead (where are the others to a moment so happy?) … at the end of the scenes, they seem so happy, but it is not a happy ending, they are in eternity, but in reality they really die. And this is the true victory of their love. They die and go through their dreams and everything possible. it’s a way of saying “anyway, Fuyao and Wuji are invincible, neither wounds nor death can destroy their love”. This terrible fate is ultimately the result of this supernatural love.
    It remains an ambiguity, because it seems that they are between two worlds with the possible choice to return to the real world
    But, even if it is the really best Wuxia drama i have ever seen, I did not really like the way the end is treated. It is quite abrupt and even if it offers to everyone make their own opinion, it is somehow like a little sloppy !

  9. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    I believe that the last clip of the ending, when they were in the beautiful garden looking down on the kingdom, was actually
    the beginning. If that makes sense. They were both “immortals, gods” that went into the mundane world. When wu ji said he were would follow her no matter how much they suffered… It explains them meeting like fate, their strengths, going through sufferings, and overcoming obstacles together.

  10. 17 thoughts on “Legend of Fuyao: Episodes 57-66 Recaps [COMPLETE]

    Fuyao was nice but its very slow and at times I really couldn’t continue the drama as I have gotten real bored trying to catch up. Much thanks to the author for the recap and save me from forcing myself to complete the drama. Also, its a good thing that I didn’t finish the drama as the ending seems crappy.

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