Xu Hai Qiao and Song Zu Er looking adorable in The Dark Lord

Stills, press conference, BTS, and a trailer! Quite a few goodies for the upcoming novel-to-drama adaptation of The Dark Lord (夜天子) written by Yue Guan. I’m late into the game cause I’ve been trying to read the novel every night and fell asleep after a few paragraphs….then proceeded to not remember what I read. Lol. It falls under the ancient comedy category and features Xu Hai Qiao (Lost Love In Times) and Song Zu Er (Boyhood) as leads.

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Official Posters and Stills:

Joe Xu and Song Zu Er. You might remember Song Zu Er from Divas Hit the Road Season 3 or you might remember her as a cute child actress (she’s 19, Joe is 34). Joe plays a prison guard, a title/job which is passed down in his family. He has an elder twin brother too but the man is too timid and kind to work as a prison guard, hence little brother who’s sharper and smarter took on the job. He’s asked by a high-ranked official (who’s on death roll) to deliver a will back to his hometown. The official only has one daughter (our heroine, I suppose?) with a mistress and hopes she’s well-off to get married. The job is of utmost importance because he goes as far as cursing our hero if he doesn’t fulfill his dying wishes. Sure enough, our hero meets his daughter who’s kicked out of the main house by the main wife. When she’s caught with our hero alone, main wife has an excuse to label her misconduct in public, hoping to secure the inheritance to herself. Our hero narrowly escapes the inheritance fight and is caught in another ploy, coerced into playing a magistrate for selfish means, which leads to his ascension in the ladder of politics.

 photo Lord 10.jpg photo Lord 11.jpg

 photo Lord 29.jpg

 photo Lord 31.jpg

 photo Lord 33.jpg

 photo Lord 36.jpg

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 photo Lord 30.jpg

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 photo Lord 39.jpg

Yu Tong, Wang Zi Tong.

 photo Lord 1.jpg photo Lord 5.jpg

Jiang Qin Yun, Fei Long.

 photo Lord 2.jpg photo Lord 6.jpg

Hao Shuai, Liu Guan Lin.

 photo Lord 7.jpg photo Lord 3.jpg

Gallen Lo, Liu Pei Qi.

 photo Lord 23.jpg photo Lord 24.jpg

Fang Qing Ping, Chen Zi Han.

 photo Lord 25.jpg photo Lord 26.jpg

Wang De Shun, Hong Jian Tao.

 photo Lord 27.jpg photo Lord 28.jpg

Official poster.

 photo Lord 9.jpg

Remade poster. LOL. Good job production team. HEHE. I hope I ruin another project for Nell!! HAHAHA. 😉

 photo Lord 12.jpg

 photo Lord 13.jpg

 photo Lord 4.jpg

 photo Lord 18.jpg

Press Conference 9/3.

 photo Lord 19.jpg

 photo Lord 14.jpg

 photo Lord 8.jpg

 photo Lord 17.jpg

 photo Lord 22.jpg

Our OTP looks so adorable. The glasses and the earring and the green future sweater! Adorkable!

 photo Lord 16.jpg

 photo Lord 20.jpg

 photo Lord 21.jpg

 photo Lord 15.jpg

Trailer and BTS Video:

Directed by Chen Hao Wei (The Fatal Mission) and written by the novel writer, The Dark Lord is still filming with 40 episodes in planning.

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  1. 3 thoughts on “Xu Hai Qiao and Song Zu Er looking adorable in The Dark Lord

    Song Zu Er was ADORABLE in Divas Hit the Road 3. This is a rare development, but for once, season 3 of a reality show was my absolute favorite of all seasons, and I really liked season2. I think with a younger cast, they got to do more adventurous things, and as a younger group, they got along better as a huge group of friends rather than stilted ginger interactions with other established, but ultimately unfamiliar, colleagues (aka season 2…season 1 was kind of unmemorable for me). Season 3 was ultimately VERY fun and any conflicts they had were quickly confronted very quickly – brought to the surface and resolved within the next 20 min of the show. They were comfortable with each other and comfortable with talking about their problems with each other. I really did love seaosn 3 of DHTR. Ok endorsement over.

    Bottom line, I quite liked Song Zu Er in that and didn’t know of her before. She’s super cute so excited to see her leading a new drama! She looks so adorable in the stills.

  2. 3 thoughts on “Xu Hai Qiao and Song Zu Er looking adorable in The Dark Lord

    Love the character posters! Nice vibrant colours, customised for each character, and no one looks weird.

  3. 3 thoughts on “Xu Hai Qiao and Song Zu Er looking adorable in The Dark Lord

    I became a fan of Xuhaiqiao after watching Lost love in time as prince zhan. I can’t wait to see more of his drama as the main lead. I hope this drama will be a good one.

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