Character Posters for Ren Jia Lun and Tan Song Yun’s Jin Yi Zhi Xia

Jin Yi Zhi Xia (锦衣之下) is based on the novel written by Lan Se Shi starring Ren Jia Lun (Glory of the Tang Dynasty) and Tan Song Yun (Mr. Mermaid) in a costume series about two investigative bureaus during the Ming Dynasty. He serves for the imperial secret police group called the Embroidered Uniform Guards and she’s a female Constable from Liu Shan Men, a government branch responsible for safety of the capital (remember Zhang Han’s The Four?) Our two leads meet when funds raised to repair a river went missing and her people are tasked to provide assistance to his people. She’s of course huffy puffy about working under him and he’s too proud (son of the leader). Motivated by self-interests, he doesn’t treat her kindly and things come to a climax when she finds out the Embroidered Uniform Guards were involved with her parents’ deaths.

Me: *imagined tiny teeny Tan Song Yun as a cop*
Me: *found a footage of her as a cop*
Me: LOL. *Uploaded!*

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Character Posters:

Ren Jia Lun.

 photo yizhi 1.jpg

 photo yizhi 3.jpg

Tan Song Yun.

 photo yizhi 2.jpg

 photo yizhi 4.jpg 

Han Dong.

 photo yizhi 10.jpg

Ye Qing.

 photo yizhi 8.jpg

Yao Yi Chen.

 photo yizhi 9.jpg

Xi Xue.

 photo yizhi 5.jpg

Han Cheng Yu.

 photo yizhi 6.jpg

Lu Hong.

 photo yizhi 7.jpg

This clip is so adorable. She’s a peanut cop!! LOL.

Directed by Yin Tao (The Glory of Tang Dynasty), Yi Zhi Xia Guan plans to have 50 episodes.

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  1. 2 thoughts on “Character Posters for Ren Jia Lun and Tan Song Yun’s Jin Yi Zhi Xia

    Ooohhh…. Interesting… I’ve yet to find a drama where I like Ren Jia Lun, but I have been watching a lot of Tan Song Yun’s dramas. After finishing My Mr. Mermaid, I watched The Fox’s Summer and I liked it. She was AWESOME (and soooooooo beautiful in that drama). She really gave off a mature and feminine vibe in TFS. Hopefully, she is like this in this drama, too!!! ^_^

    • 2 thoughts on “Character Posters for Ren Jia Lun and Tan Song Yun’s Jin Yi Zhi Xia

      She can definitely play mature characters but because of her youthful face and short height, she gets a lot of student/younger roles.

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