While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 1 – 8 “Adorable characters!”

Am I dreaming?! I have time for a drama! Columbus day, thank-you! Great characters in that they are not what they appear to be at first. Some people need time to groove into your dance and show you their best side. Patience is a virtue! 😉

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What’s the drama about?

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The show begins with the premise that our heroine, Hong Joo (played by Bae Suzy), has vision of the future events. She is, however, helpless by herself, and stops attempting to change the events ever since her father died tragically under the hands of an armed escaped soldier. Her hopeless days come to an end when our hero, Jung Jae Chan (Lee Jong Suk), reveals his crazy confession on Valentine’s day – that he, too, has visions of the future, almost another perspective but shorter in length compared to hers. They don’t know this but we know that they are connected by having fathers killed by the runaway soldier many years ago. To complicate matters, our second lead, Han Woo Tak (played by Jung Hae In), also shares the same power – but his dreams offer an alternative to Hong Joo’s. Now, how does he fit in the connection of fate Kdramas love so much? Is he simply a cop who got saved by Jae Chan on Valentine’s Day or is his father also a victim of the past? He does share resemblance to the armed soldier (in my foggy eyes) and sports a batman sweater in his home. I love him already.

What I love so far?

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Sisterhood and Motherhood at its Best. We need more dramas that celebrate the loyalty and camaraderie in the name of sisterhood. I love Kim So Hyun and am really upset she only has a cameo in here. You guys know I adore Suzy because of her oddball personality on variety shows but I’m not blind to her limitations following Dream High. Suzy’s petty fights with So Hyun are hilarious to watch; I just love how protective Hong Joo is of So Yoon – she always takes her hand when things become difficult for the young girl. So Yoon is also hysterical in her I-wanna-help-and-show-gratefulness-but-must-look-cool behavior, like any other growing teenager out there. The mothers are also a lovely watch together. Hong Joo’s mom’s quote about not needing a husband to raise a kid is so true! I was fist-pumping the air when she raised the obvious solution to the trashy human being in the form of our villainous lawyer.

The other reason that I relate instantly is how far the girls will go for their mothers.

I can live without playing the piano, but I can’t live without my mom.” – So Yoon.

Same with Hong Joo who is deathly afraid of losing her mother (in one of her dream premonitions) that she’s willing to risk it all. I’m very, very, very close with my mom so the girls get brownie points from me for displaying such passionate determination to protect their mothers.

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Brotherhood, Bromance, and Fatherhood. Shin Jae Ha plays Lee Jong Suk’s little brother, Seung Won, and I love how he’s the moral compass to his brother’s not-my-business tendencies. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jong Suk’s character, Jung Jae Chan, because he’s not the genius or a character of utmost perfection (previous dramas). I was never able to finish his dramas before but this one looks like a stealer. He feels like an average guy with great potentials if pushed and encouraged, thus he reminds me of…..Courage the Cowardly Dog so much. LOL. The funny thing is everybody else feels the same way, like they are just living their own life, minding their own business, until a domino piece comes along to ignite their sense of justice, like the case of Jae Chan’s misunderstanding of his criminal investigator, Choi Dam Dong.

Then we have the third party of our Three Flying Dragons of Dream Seers, Woo Tak. I love that what Jae Chan isn’t able to do outwardly (giving compliments to our heroine), he does it readily, which makes for a fun dynamics to the center romance. But it irks me a little that the main romance seems set from the get go and there’s no angle for Woo Tak to inch in. But it’s wicked cute how Hong Joo’s mother is keeping points for each approved behavior of her potential son-in-laws. HEHE.

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The reunion between Page Turner babies – Kim So Hyun and Shin Jae Ha! Imagine my surprise to see them together here. They were so adorable in PG that I wanted a full-length drama with them in the future. And we got this. A short, fluffy loveline ending with the writer sending her cameo character overboard. *cries* WAE!!? It’s hilarious that whenever a Kdrama wants to rid a character kindly, they get sent to live in the States. Lol.

Writer-nim, please, please place this two on your list of future OTP. Please.

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And the kiss – or not a kiss. I’m not upset because they are not at that point yet. I appreciate how Jae Chan steps back because it shows he’s seriously considering his feelings and how he should choose to show it. Had he kissed her in that moment, then he would have acted because of the dreams and not because of his feelings. (We all know she’s adorable and he’s a goner but I want natural progression, thank-you very much!) So far, their chemistry is not the passionate and sizzling type, but it’s pleasant, bright, and homey.

We also recently learn that our heroine has a job, she’s a reporter on break, which completes the perfect picture of crime-solving as our hero is a prosecutor and the second lead is a cop. More importantly and even more scarier right now is whether we would have an overarching villain in the series….who might have visions of the future too. That’s wicked awesome and spine-tingling to think about. YES?

  1. 4 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 1 – 8 “Adorable characters!”

    I really like this drama. It’s been awhile since im so into kdrama. But the problem is i havent finished anything with LJS and Suzy. I just hope they wont make this drama with lots of twists like W.

  2. 4 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 1 – 8 “Adorable characters!”

    I haven’t started the show yet, but I’m so in love with the OSTs, especially Eddy Kim’s When Night Falls.

  3. 4 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 1 – 8 “Adorable characters!”

    Amazing how we think alike! I have stayed away from KDrama for a while now, preferring to stick to CDramas and variety shows to fill my time. But this drama caught my eye and I started on it since it aired. So far, it shows promise. But I am apprehensive. Decades of KDrama watching experience tells me that the chance that this might turn out flat towards the end is as high as 85-90%!!!! What I could see in the works now is a villain with the same ability to see into the future and the solving of the mystery of why these 3 have the ability to see the future. Perhaps the reason why the soldier went crazy killing in the past have something to do with it? Just as there are many good possibilities with the storyline, there are also many ways how this story can go wrong, like W (another drama the male lead starred in)- a total disappointment from the middle to the end when the beginning started out very promising. I sure hope my first KDrama after a while will turn out to be an excellent one! *fingers crossed*

    • 4 thoughts on “While You Were Sleeping: Episodes 1 – 8 “Adorable characters!”

      W tried to be too smart for its own good. When you make rules and keep changing the darn rules, stakes become meaningless!

      I hope this turns out at least coherent! *finger crossed too*

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