Song Yi’s Stairway to Stardom lures fans with glamorous stills

The endless pretty, I’ve been compiling stills for Stairway to Stardom (逆袭之星途璀璨), a showbiz-themed modern drama, with Song Yi (The Disguiser) and Thai Actor Push Puttichai, for a while now. It’s over 70 whopping pictures for you to scroll down, down, down… Based on a text-based RPG (The Counter Attack Star Shine, thanks tokkita for the term) written by Wo Shi YT and released in 2014, giving you another look into the entertainment world, where our heroine needs to survive its lures and the hero. heh.

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Song Yi. Hard-working and full of energy. Our bubbly heroine joins the entertainment world to chase after the idol of her heart (Yan Xi) only to find herself signed under Male lead’s company and begin her bumbling journey as an actress.

Looks so beautiful!

 photo Stars-58.jpg

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 photo Stars-64.jpg

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 photo Stars-66.jpg

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 photo Stars-68.jpg

Push Puttichai. Third son of the CEO. Our heroine’s boss, prideful and domineering. I see the word immature in his poster. HAH.

 photo Stars-51.jpg

 photo Stars-50.jpg

 photo Stars-49.jpg

 photo Stars-52.jpg

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 photo Stars-56.jpg

 photo Stars-57.jpg

Han Xue.

 photo Stars-48.jpg

 photo Stars-47.jpg

 photo Stars-44.jpg

 photo Stars-43.jpg

 photo Stars-46.jpg

The manly man, Hu Bing.

 photo Stars-69.jpg

 photo Stars-70.jpg

 photo Stars-72.jpg

 photo Stars-74.jpg

 photo Stars-75.jpg

 photo Stars-77.jpg

 photo Stars-76.jpg

Yan Xi.

 photo Stars-79.jpg

 photo Stars-80.jpg

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 photo Stars-78.jpg

 photo Stars-83.jpg

 photo Stars-84.jpg

 photo Stars-86.jpg

Zhong Dan Ni.

 photo Stars-88.jpg

 photo Stars-92.jpg

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 photo Stars-90.jpg

 photo Stars-87.jpg

 photo Stars-93.jpg

 photo Stars-94.jpg

 photo Stars-97.jpg

 photo Stars-100.jpg

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 photo Stars-102.jpg

 photo Stars-111.jpg

 photo Stars-110.jpg

 photo Stars-109.jpg

Zhao Jian.

 photo Stars-106.jpg

 photo Stars-107.jpg

 photo Stars-108.jpg


 photo Stars-113.jpg

 photo Stars-112.jpg

SNH48’s Huang Ting Ting.

 photo Stars-105.jpg

SNH48’s Li Yi Tong.

 photo Stars-104.jpg

 photo Stars-103.jpg

Posters Released on Valentine’s Day:

So beautiful!

 photo Stars-32.jpg

 photo Stars-40.jpg

 photo Stars-39.jpg

 photo Stars-37.jpg

 photo Stars-38.jpg

 photo Stars-33.jpg

 photo Stars-34.jpg

 photo Stars-35.jpg

 photo Stars-36.jpg

Directed by Yang Lei (Novoland: The Castle In The Sky) and written by Zhang Tan, Stairway To Stardom wrapped up filming in January.

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  1. 4 thoughts on “Song Yi’s Stairway to Stardom lures fans with glamorous stills

    Seems the ban on Korea results in more actors from Thailand being flown in. It is just so hard for the Chinese Government to put a stop to foreign influence… Sarcasm aside Put is major eye-candy from Thailand so it is a win for the audience.

  2. 4 thoughts on “Song Yi’s Stairway to Stardom lures fans with glamorous stills

    The Valentines Day posters are gorgeous! ? I’m looking forward to watching this for Put, even though the plot sounds kinda meh… Hopefully it’ll surprise me in a good way!

  3. 4 thoughts on “Song Yi’s Stairway to Stardom lures fans with glamorous stills

    I’m glad Song Yi is getting leading roles! She looks so pretty and I love that red gown on her. Stunning.

    Don’t know about the Thai actor but he’s eye candy. I’m eyeing the Zhao Jian guy. Handsome.

  4. 4 thoughts on “Song Yi’s Stairway to Stardom lures fans with glamorous stills

    She’s one of the most outstanding new actresses nowadays… Such a breakout in Disguiser. Soo, kinda have an expectation.
    And… P’Push is one of the promising actors in Thai. I’m not surprised seeing him in C-drama for an international career. But, i used to hear him in Thai…
    Plus i really dislike the dubbing for foreign actors in Cdramas… most of them were tragically failed in my opinion.

    This story reminds me of Barbie Hsu, Peter Ho and Huang Xiao Ming’s drama. Summer’s desire? Correct?

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