First Impressions: Cinderella Chef (Cdrama, 2018)

While browsing through YouTube I came across “Cinderella Chef” (萌妻食神) a new series which recently started airing. It’s another “modern girl time travels to ancient China” webdrama and the show reminded me a lot of the series “Go Princess Go” and “Eternal Love”. When I saw a scene where the female lead thinks she’s ended up in a C-drama and asks the guys if they are at Hengdian Studios (which was where I happened to be visiting at the time), I decided to check out the first episode. Then I recognized Zhao Jian, whom I loved as Feng Ren in “Novoland: Castle in the Sky”, as well as the filming location they used, Hengdian’s Qing Ming Shang He Tu scenic area, and ended up watching the first weeks worth of shows. It’s a cute webdrama with potential for being a fun series.

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Movie Review: The Legend of the Naga Pearls (Cmovie, 2017)

 photo naga_poster2.jpg

The first Chinese drama I ever saw was “Novoland: Castle in the Sky” and it’s what jump-started my love of C-dramas, so when I saw the trailer for the Novoland-inspired The Legend of the Naga Pearl, it caught my attention. It also stars Crystal Zhang who was in my favorite comedy, “Go, Princess, Go”, and I’ve been wanting to see her again in something else. This is a visually stunning, fantasy and adventure movie about a thief, a detective and a prince who try to save their city, Uranopolis, from the apocalypse.

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Stairway To Stardom Trailer: Song Yi torn between Push Puttichai and Zhao Jian

Ohh. A trailer is finally out! Makes sense since they had a press conference today, but without the attendance of the male and female lead. The show-biz themed modern drama, Stairway To Stardom (逆袭之星途璀璨), features Song Yi and Push Puttichai in the glitz and glamorous entertainment world; one who is already at the top while the other one struggles to climb up the ladder. Broken friendships, seeds of jealousy, and many blooming romances await the fresh-faced rookies. There’s a scene in the trailer that gave me the heebee jeebee feelings. Ugh! Need a shower! STAT!

Can you catch all the cameos from various stars?

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Song Yi’s Stairway to Stardom lures fans with glamorous stills

The endless pretty, I’ve been compiling stills for Stairway to Stardom (逆袭之星途璀璨), a showbiz-themed modern drama, with Song Yi (The Disguiser) and Thai Actor Push Puttichai, for a while now. It’s over 70 whopping pictures for you to scroll down, down, down… Based on a text-based RPG (The Counter Attack Star Shine, thanks tokkita for the term) written by Wo Shi YT and released in 2014, giving you another look into the entertainment world, where our heroine needs to survive its lures and the hero. heh.

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Push Puttichai and Song Yi lead rookies up Stairway To Stardom

First set of posters are out for showbiz-themed idol drama, Stairway To Stardom (逆袭之星途璀璨), starring Thai Actor Push Puttichai and Chinese actress Song Yi. The title of this drama is like a decree of death or something. Lol. Stairways of any kinds in dramaland lead mostly to…. misfortunes. XD However, they found plenty of pretty to fill up the rookies and veterans roles.

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