Hunan’s The Greatest Love pairs celebrity with their parent

Aww. This upcoming variety show, The Greatest Love, is gonna make me cry. It has invited six pairs of celebrity-parent to stir up some parental love this winter. And I’m in total agreement about the sentiment. No matter how much money you spend and how much love you shower your parents with, nothing will ever measure up to the time and effort and love your parents gave and will give for the rest of their lifetime. Some of us are very lucky to have both parents involved in our life, and some of us, like myself, have the greatest single parent in the whole world. Then there’s a special group of people who gets to bond and build a family of their own. Parents get older and weaker, let’s show them the love.

Sending a collective hug towards one of our members, Miss Keane, who is struggling by her mom’s side. ♥♥♥

**ADDED 10-PREVIEW*** The cast is attending a press conference today too 1/19.

Chen Qiao En and her chic mom. 8D

 photo Love 22.jpg

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Oh dear… hehe.

 photo Love 41.jpg

Zheng Shuang and her handsome dad!

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 photo Love 38.jpg

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OMG. He dotes on her for real! So cute! She has played this scene with Yang Yang, Boran, and even Zhang Han before in her dramas. hehe.

 photo Love 34.jpg

Du Chun and classy dad.

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Gary Chaw and his dad. They are linked together by a “red” thread.

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Bao Bei Er keeping his mom close. You know what all moms say, a man who treats his mom right is a good man. 🙂

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Huang Xiao Ming and his beautiful mom.

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 photo Love 5.jpg

HXM’s face when the production crew asked him to hand over their phones.

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———- 10-Minute Preview ——-

The Greatest Love premieres on Hunan on the 23rd of January, following the slot of Fresh Man.

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  1. 6 thoughts on “Hunan’s The Greatest Love pairs celebrity with their parent

    YES!!! Chen Qiao En will be on this! I love family-oriented variety shows. After the amazing and adorable series 3 of ‘Dad, where are we going?’, I really wanted to see how the mother-and-child relationship would be portrayed.

    ‘Up Idol’ sort of did that with the sisterhood relationships but it was a git of a disappointment when the producers made the show seem more materialistic and competition-based. They did not exactly achieve their “goal” (mentioned in the trailer or the first episode) that was to make the celebrities into normal, everyday citizens of society.

    • 6 thoughts on “Hunan’s The Greatest Love pairs celebrity with their parent

      I love how this is like Dad, where are we going?, no matter what age, a parent’s child will still be their child. What makes me like Dad, where are we going? is not only the cute kids but the relationships between the dad and the child. In DWAWG the relationship is still budding, however for The Greatest Love, the children are now adults. If The Greatest Love manages to recreate the parent-child dynamic with even more touching issues aquired through age and time, I’m sure The Greatest Love will be a hit with more seasons to come.

  2. 6 thoughts on “Hunan’s The Greatest Love pairs celebrity with their parent

    i didn’t grow up around my parents so…my aunt and uncle are my parental figures. they are great as some might remember my conversation in the cbox. i love them and now they have a child of their own. feeling a little left out. lols.

    im looking forward to this show!! they got a good cast!! despite zheng shuang’s negative news she still gets cast in many shows. so funny. im sure she’s a nice person but lets see whether this show is better for her image.

  3. 6 thoughts on “Hunan’s The Greatest Love pairs celebrity with their parent

    I too ADORED all seasons of Dad where are we going. Also, The promo pics of this show are sooo adorable! I think the parental relationships with be SO precious! Especially since all of these guys have a really great real-life persona. Like while people say (and oftentimes I agree) that CQE and ZS’s acting aren’t great, (ZS’s more internal, but my point stands) their personalities (esp CQE and HXM) are so lovable and awesome. SO EXCITED! Btw there’s a sneak peak of Chen Qiao En and her relationship with her mom on Happy Camp’s next episode. They all look so close; they’re soooo past the stage of being embarrassed by parents.

  4. 6 thoughts on “Hunan’s The Greatest Love pairs celebrity with their parent

    will be waiting to watch this variety. I believe can get something from this variety…

  5. 6 thoughts on “Hunan’s The Greatest Love pairs celebrity with their parent

    Haha now that I think about it, I think Gary’s the only with kids. Two, in fact. That’ll probably put a very different dynamic on there relationship as opposed to like, Zheng Shuang relationship with her dad. Parental relationships probably take on a whole different side when you have your own kids that rely on you as much as, maybe more than, you do your own parents.

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